Altura’s Defiance

Altura’s Defiance

by The Random Cat

Warning This fiction contains:
  • Profanity

[Volume cover by Aslikova]

A lonely girl finds herself transmigrated into a book she had dropped as a villainess. Now she must play Xianxia politics, run a duchy that really doesn’t want to exist, handle an overzealous MC with far far too many ‘love interests’, make sense of a System that really shouldn’t work all while making sure she doesn’t die because of simply existing. 

Are we sure dying is not an option?

What you can expect from the book

1) Kingdom Buliding

2) A person becoming a book villain

3) Xianxia Setting

4) System, stats and skills with Xianxia realms as levels

5) Weak to Strong

6) Female MC

7) Light Comedy, not the focus of the story

8) Non-Loner MC.

9) Action is a sub-theme of the fiction but is not the mainstay.

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Give this story a try.  I don't like to review stories this early on for the most part, but so far I've been pleased.  I think you may be as well.

MC is likeable and not OP.  Side characters need more time to develop.

Magic system could be a bit more regulated in it's usage (i.e. if you're going to rely on poems or simple rhymes, then more strongly correlate the outcome to it's quality).  Having minor flashbacks to Blue Adept

Direction of the story is interesting.

Grammar is mostly excellent with minimal spelling issues.

Kino Ametsuchi

I preface this by saying I am a huge fan of otome transmigration, reincarnation, and mental time travel (as in having an older MC mentally travel back to a younger point she was in with the knowledge of the future). Whether it is a background character, villainess, the rare villain (for me), or even rarer main character, I have always been fond of these.

I have recently gotten into xianxia and cultivation stories. In addition, I have always loved kingdom/faction/city building sections.

As such, one could say this story is tailor-made for me.

I have been following the author's other work on and off, and while I have issues with it at times, I realize it was not for me. However, Kitty cat here has improved a lot since they started writing. They are also more than willing to hear thoughts and complaints and how they want to improve.

Style Score: As I am a fan of the genres here, I see both new and old tropes and cliches. While I am at odds at times with how things are written at times, especially on a more historical/noble rank perspective, it does not take away from my enjoyment of the story. The Random Cat knows what to write and how to do it, or attempts to do so. For that, I currently have no game-breaking issues.

Story: It's in the very beginning stages, so I can't expand much into things. However, what I read so far I have enjoyed and am always eager to read more. 

Grammar: This is at a 4 or 5 for me currently. The authors has improved immensely from his first project but one can tell that English is not their native language. There are terms, phrases, and ways of arranging sentences that do not flow as well as they could. In time, this will improve. Currently rating at 4.5

Character: I enjoy the characters which often are one of my main deal breakers for stories. From talking to the author, and currently seen in the story, the villainess is not a villain or going the darker route. While I prefer darker or more realistic takes on the genre, this journey into the story is good. The MC seems to think before doing things, at least so far, which is always a plus.

Overall: I would rate this currently a 4-5. Nothing is perfect, not even the great classics, and there is always room to improve. However, this is one of the series I keep up to date on and eagerly want to read more. As such I put it at 5 for now.

Conclusion: I believe people should try this. It has a little bit of everything or will.

Evieleyn (Eve)

I really like the flow of this story. The way the MC is forced into action within the first half of the first chapter is very refreshing to see. The motifs of the MC and the other character (who shan’t be named to avoid spoilers) are clear and easy to understand thanks to the POV shifts.

This story assumes you’ve read villainess reincarnation stories before, and that you know what Xianxia is; meaning that it doesn’t spend hours explaining why there is a system and how all the different skills work, which is also nice to see (and goes back to how well this story flows).

However, the reason why I’m giving this 3.5 stars is because of the prose. It’s a bit bland, and the lack of variety in sentence length and structure makes it hard to get a good feel for the scenes. This also applies to paragraphs most of which are very similar in length.

But the plot has potential; I hope Altura won’t get herself into too much trouble (like “accidentally” kidnaping the love interest lol). And best of luck to the author for the competition 😉


Nice story, like The Mc. Could use more ice making inspirations. Refrigeration, ice drying food, icecream snowman army. Fire: Dragon stile Steam baths, sauna elementals, airfrying atacks, body heat stealing cultivator granpa, mystic artefakt burying services And anti possesion talisman crafters. I hate 50 words limit. Ihate 50 words limit,hate 50 words limit


Consistent Milk

A new advanced review. Truly a celebratory matter.

Reviewed at: Chapter 20- So, its time to go on a journey?

Things to keep in mind while starting to read this fiction: 

The fiction does have some grammatical and writing style issues that may break your immersion. The internal monologue of the protagonist might annoy you in the first two-three chapters. The multiple POV changes in each chapter might also bother some.

But, after you get a reading flow you will be hooked, because this title actually has a pretty thought out and well paced story, interesting characters and refreshing concepts that you will eagerly look forward to evolving in the future. 

The Review

Premise: A very very oversaturated genre, although being reborn as a villainess might not be that oversaturated as the whole Transmigration genre is - I am sure that is exactly what you are thinking - I thought that too. On the contrary, there are actually many things that this title does differently. 

The Moment: Truly a celebratory matter - System

Story: The story starts with 10 year old Altura, our transmigrated protagonist, moving in as a ruler of a not so propserous land with her Lord Protector Aswelth. We immediately see various plot devices from xianxia, kingdom building, tranmigration etc in action. Although I was a bit suspicious at first about so many concepts being used, but the author has handled this quite well(up to now). Then the story progresses as Altura uses her knowledge as a transmigrator to turn things around for her and the original story where she was a villainess molds due to her action. 


Characters: All the characters introduced till now were interesting and written well. I especially liked Altura and Aswelth. There are stories where the main characters are insufferable, but fortunately this isn't one. Except for the annoying inner monologues of Altura in the first 2-3 chapters, I think she is a very well written character. As the World itself is an important character of any fantasy fiction, Altura's defiance does well in this front too. Its world seems unique and refreshing, and one that I would want to spend more time in.

Style: The writing style suffers a bit due to the multiple POV throughout each chapter, but the author has done enough to make sure that it is not immersion breaking. Obviously writing such a complex story with multiple POV and so many different concepts is a hard thing to pull off, but the writing style becomes more familiar as you read more and at a point you forget about it and only concentrate on the story and its characters. Although, some might even personally enjoy this. 

Grammar: Punctuation and overall grammatical errors are present in every chapter. This might be a turn off for many but it is not bad enough to not recommend this to other readers because the overall content diminishes the grammatical issues. 

Conclusion: Altura's Defiance is a refreshing and ambitious take on several prominent genres. If the author takes more time to polish each of the chapters to make the multiple POV more fluid and reduce the grammatical issues to retain the readers immersion, then this will turn out as a top notch popular story in the future. 


Overall this is very enjoyable and relatively complex plot, but not so many characters that you get mixed up.

Characters: MC is very well described and we get a good understanding of her thoughts and attitudes but we also have at least two other complex characters already well described at a fairly early stage.

Grammar: very happy with it, nothing immersion breaking for me.

Style: the story flows well, with no direct exposition. She has a tutor-guardian so short exposition elements can be disguised as conversations between MC and her guardian or her main supporter. It's well done and works well with the plot devices.

STORY The Plot runs very smoothly


MC soul-Transmigrates into young but capable female with a noble class (RPG style).

Female has been a "villainess", more like a spoiled brat but in xianxia maybe that's the same. The newly transmigrated MC js able to turn this around, under the guise of a fortuitous improvement in magic skills that can be associated with personality changes (lucky excuse there). Doesn't have any real difficulty getting away with sudden personality change.

She Starts off with a Powerful assistant-tutor-guardian but tricky politics there as they are contracted, and not like a "house-sworn loyal guard" type, more like a mercenary-slave. She Also a (Very) remote parent-supervisor. There are hints of an Important legacy and some reason why her parent/ ancestors are standing back.

Acquires her own fiefdom (noble class req for levels) - but with more local and not-so-local politics (nasty stuff too), and socio-economic woes = the 4S stuff begins. Lots of good plot developing from this.

Currrent progress: Heroine rises to the occasion and acquires some potentially powerful aides. So far an enjoyable MC, complex politics, decent side scharacters, promising plot, with local politics, building up, local exploration. Diverse and interesting.


Ruby Dragon

I personally like the story since it checks off many of the things I like in a story. Such as the main character being a ruler of a nation, there being magic/fantasy, well those are mostly it but its cultivation system is interesting in my opinion. It seems to be a blend of litrpg and cultivation. I also like the premise that in a story even the one dimensional villans and random people also have stories that can be told just are never seen my the MC.

 And the fact that there is another MC who is wildly OP is kinda funny even though they are not our MC.



You wanted a review,so: the story is one in the vein of several xianxia storys that came out recently. Subvert the expectatiobs from the start. Give us an "original mc" of the story before sending in a mc with foreknowledge. The differences between other storys seem at this point to be: Mc carey for people beyond "i have the obligation" or "they could be useful". Mc cant copy the cheat of " original mc" and, mc is not untalented. Aside from that its the usual ingredients, but well prepared and cooked carefully, to get the most out of them.









Despite there are occasional grammar mistakes it surprisingly written well for a new author. Not only the author quite well versed in cliche' but use them right and expand more, so some character is more to what they look rather than cliche' 2D characters. The mc isn't exactly OP with little cheat but isn't weak either.
There are also good detail on politic and how the mc going to outwit them, and the fight are decent compare to those cliche' yelling skill name cultivate novel, also with more interesting power system at that.
For the mc she at least do have her flaw and a bit inexperience which we see when she do end up almost die from that and the mc interaction with the 'original mc' she in and her guard is quite wholesome, too. But since there are only 13 chapters right now, I can't judge more, so will edit later when there are more chapters. Despite there are some hidden dark aspect/background, the story atmosphere are positive though so it a good read for relax while also good enough with detail + writing skill that you still can enjoy it quality wise.

Misza Mojcysz Schmidt

Nice setup for a kingdombuilding story.

Reviewed at: Chapter 8- So, it happened.

So far as of chapter 7, the story of this novel is [Arrogant Young Master Template A Variation 4] that dresses itself into a bizzare mix of tropes from Otome Reincarnation genre, but is also trying to act like LitRPG without being obvious about it. And of course it claims to be Xianxia.

The only thing it lacks is a Gatcha system. Now that I think about it the isn't any Gatcha Western Webnovel. I wannt one.