Caley Reid grew up without a home or family, an orphan in a system that was too busy protecting the children it watched over to actually care for them. To her, the words “family” and “home” carry a profound sense of loss and longing. She poured those feelings into her studies, walling herself off from the world and her emotions, becoming one of the best students her orphanage - and later her university - had ever had the pleasure of teaching.

When she learns that her father has recently died, and that she is now due to come into her inheritance, it shakes her to the core. Desperate to learn about the family just beyond her reach, she puts her studies on hold to follow the trail her unknown parents have left for her.

Now she must learn the secrets of her mother’s ancestral home…a home beyond her wildest dreams. And she must discover why her father sent her away when she was born, what ended his life, and what happened to her mother - before those secrets kill her.

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Not Royal Road’s usual fare

Reviewed at: Chapter 6

This is not a typical story for this site. This is not an LitRPG. This is not an isekai. This is not an OP protagonist growing ever more OP every chapter. This is the beggininh of what promises to be an wonderful fantasy fiction, well-written, with an well-constructed world. Grammar is excellent. Truly recommended.


Satisfying and slower paced

Reviewed at: Chapter 9

A satisfying and slower paced urban fantasy with a female protaganist.

Engaging characters and an intriguing plot hook in the initial chapters of Nexus show a lot of promise for this new, urban fantasy. We follow Caley, our female protaganist, as she comes to terms with the death and inheritance of a father she never knew. It is slower paced than RR's usual frentic fare, which is to its advantage as it allows the story to show its quality as it explores its characters and world rather than rushing through to action.

I would describe the story as rational-adjacent and progression-adjacent for people interested in those genres. It may become more than adjacent as it progresses, for it does have the potential to do so, but for now it is a compelling, interesting start to an urban fantasy novel. For those looking for a new story, it does have magic in what seems to be a similar way to Dresden Files so if that is what you're looking for then this could well be it.

I definitely recommend this to any fantasy fans and thank the author for the great chapter so far.

This was reviewed as of chapter 9.

Simone Calderari

I expect good things to come

Reviewed at: Chapter 6

This is an early review, since there ain't much still published to comment about, but I followed MagusJosh through two fictions already and I can confidently say that I saw only a wonderful writer growth. 

Still, while I said there ain't much of this still, what we see set up in Nexus, with its early chapters, is the potential to a very variegated story with a lot of different events and resolutions. While the wider plot eludes me (again, only 7 chapters out), what I read and the title says it all. This is Nexus, an intersection, with ever winding branches to come and go to. The intrinsic potential of the liberty those settings can give the author, while needing to be carefully expanded about (they're a doble edged sword), are too tentalizing to skip and I'm confident in the author to pull it off.

Give it a try, or wait it out to let chapters pile up, but definetly check it in on your bookmarks or read later. And while you wait, go check you Josh earliest work  or it's younger sibling, the gem that is   and see for yourselves the growth of this great author.


Patience is Rewarded

Reviewed at: Chapter 14

Sit back, get comfy in your favorite chair, and give this story a chance.  Take your time because this is one that is best slowly savored.  There is attention to detail, characters that are thought out and a setting that is actually more than that.

Do not expect immediate action or some sort of epic plot thrown in your face.  There is no OP main character.  Nothing really at all to annoy you (including good grammar), unless you're the immediate gratification type.  There are no stats or blue boxes to break immersion, with a magic system that is so far balanced in it's rules/usage.

I will add more as the story progresses.