Chapter 5 Humble Husband

“Too close,” murmured Axel to himself, now a few hundred metres away from the city. He wasn’t expecting to need a licence, so having Lenny there was lucky. Not only had Lenny saved the day, but the man now understood just who he was. Additionally, he was also on good terms with the other guards now.

Axel was aiming for place where all three paths merged into the one that led to the city. There were three starter villages surrounding Tresluna. If he could set up just before they merged, then he would maximise his earning potential.

The cart was heavy, and on top of his debuff, he was slowly pulling it along. As he struggled, he watched all the smiling faces pass him, only getting him riled up.

‘I’m gonna scam all you fucking happy people. You, you. . . And you,’ he kept thinking over and over again. Many of the people were already in teams; friends they had made in their gaming journey.

Axel couldn’t help think back to Jack. He had many friends in the past, but Jack was always the one he got on with best. Thinking about the endless days of fun he used to have, he started to grow sour once again. His skinny fingers clamped on the cart as he picked up the pace a bit. He needed to make money, and make it fast.

During the journey, he started to think of more ways to make coin. He knew that his class was going to be useful, it was the only one that would increase his coin income. However, to gain skill points and unlock more handy skills, he needed to level up; killing monsters would take far too long. Player killing crossed his mind, but he felt that it was going to a lot of effort to set up. There was still so much he needed to learn about the game in order to achieve his goal.

As of right now, he had three and a half days to get the money. He only had a few hundred pounds in his account left after the purchasing the game. He knew he could do it.

Finally, with sweat pouring down his face, he had arrived at the intersection. He set on the right side where they all merged together, and started getting all the food and drinks ready.

He cleared his throat, getting deep into character.

“Travellers! You must all be hungry after such a long journey! I have refreshments for all of you!”

He fit the NPC character well; the only problem was that no one was coming. Axel waited there patiently, watching the timer on the potion go down. His toes were wiggling more furiously than with the spell. He was nervous. He had a lot running on this investment.

After a few more minutes of yelling. A cute pair of woman came bounding up to him. They were a strange beast race. They were like tigers, only more feminine.

“Oh my god, what’s your race?” one asked. She was british, and clearly had a privileged upbringing.

“I am only a goblin, my dear,” he replied with a croaky voice.

“Aww, you’re so cute. Can we take a picture with you?”

“Ye- What is a picture?”

“Oh-” she fluttered her eyelids. “Silly me. Just stand still for a moment.”

He cleared his throat to hide his annoyance. “Sure.”

They both got in between Axel and brought up the hidden camera only players can see. Stupidly, he looked directly at it. But with a chance of luck, she didn’t look at it after.

“Ooo, what are you selling?” she questioned, glancing over the food and drink.

“I am trying to help my wife you see, she’s poorly,” he replied. Woman often liked to help people more than men. He was just hoping she was gullible enough to believe his lie; and she did.

“Awww, I’m sorry,” she comforted. “Clarissa, shall we help him out?”

“Oh yeah, this will be great for instagram.”

“Yeah, let’s do it.”

Axel imagined him beating the two with the stale bread. Their voices, their chirpy attitude- he hated it. But, they were about to help him. Axel knew sex could sell, but never this well.

“Come on, guys!” one of the girls shouted. “He’s trying to support his ill wife!”

And sure enough, a man with a beard for a neck showed. Axel’s mind turned to immediate predator as he examined him. However, he cared about the coin more.

“Hello ladies, how may I be of service?” the man asked.

Internally, Axel rolled his eyes.

“I’d love to help the NPCs,” the man lied. “How much for a piece of bread and drink?”

The two woman turned to Axel, who was still currently processing the price. With hesitation, he said, “Two silver.”

The man checked his wallet, finding 5 silver inside. “Sure, I can spare a bit.”

Axel hide the grin plastered on his face. “Thank you very much, let me get it for you.” He turned around, filled up a cup of the disgusting drink, grabbed a piece of rock hard bread, and then handed it to the man.

Instantly, the man felt how hard the bread is. But he didn’t want to say anything to Axel because of the two woman standing by. “Thank you,” he said, handing Axel 2 silver. “I’ll be on my way now.”

“Hope you enjoy,” Axel added.

Soon, there were a bunch of hungry, predatory men standing in line. It was flying by, and he was making two silver per sale. He really wished he could put the two woman on a payroll. They were amazing; offering everyone a smile and doing it out of the goodness of their hearts. He even looked differently at them now. He forgot that not everyone was a giant arsehole.

Even when the two woman said they had to go, they had left a massive line of customers for him. By principle, the more crowds at a location, consciously persuades others to line up. Roughly 80% of the people coming into the city were lining up. And because of the crowd, if someone didn’t like it, they wouldn’t shout out in fear of being the odd one out. It was wonderful.

Every few seconds, two silvers were falling into his pocket. People were more interested in the drink than the food, so he started giving close to half full cups.

With 2 silver for a drink and piece of bread, he was expecting to make 600 silver. But as he gave less drink, and sold it for a silver alone, he was on the cusp of making 800 silver; 80 gold. That was 800$, £600. He had almost made double of what the game cost him in a matter of hours.

Finally, after what seemed like hours, he had sold everything. Literally, everything. He was about to pack the cart back up, when a flurry of notifications appeared.


{You have sold 503 drinks and 300 pieces of bread}

1329 Experience


{You have received the title: Salesman}


{You have received the title: Entrepreneur}


{Congratulations! You have levelled up. You are now level 3}

+1 Attribute Point

+1 Skill Point


{Congratulations! You have levelled up. You are now level 4}

+1 Attribute Point

+1 Skill Point


{Congratulations! You have levelled up. You are now level 5}

+1 Attribute Point

+1 Skill Point


“Holy shit,” he remarked. The experience was great. He could now get another skill that might help him. However keen he was, he was going to wait to look at the skills. For one, he wanted to get back to this city.

Axel took a deep breathe as he laid down on the cart. It was exhausting, he had to keep a smile for so long. His cheeks hurt. The rest didn’t last long, and he quickly hopped off. He started to make sure he had everything, when a small goblin approached him. It was a she, a woman playing a goblin. Ignorantly, he summed it up to being a fetish type deal.

She wasn’t a loot goblin; she looked slightly taller and with a bit more muscle. She was very striking looking. There were two daggers hooked on her waist.

“Oh, a goblin traveller, how do you do?”

She didn’t reply as she cocked her head. “Why are you toes wiggling?” she questioned. She had a british accent, but where she lived semed difficult to pinpoint.

“Uh-uh, undiagnosed medical condition I’m afraid,” he lied.

“Hmm. Are you a player?”

It flipped his stomach. “Player? I sometimes play chess with my uncle, if that’s what you’re asking?”

“No, no. I have yet to see any goblin NPC yet.”

“We like the dark,” Axel explained. He did like the dark. “My kind only venture out to earn coin.”

“Hmm, I don’t believe you.”

“Well I’m sorry, dear, I don’t know what you mean?”

Without saying anything more, she pulled her dagger from her sheath, and went to cut Axel’s forearm. He reacted upon impulse, grabbing her hand and knocking out the dagger. With flames in his eyes, he pulled in her close and whispered, “You better keep your mouth fucking quiet, or I will make your life a living hell.” He said it in his real voice, and with as much intimidation as he could possibly muster.

She stared at him blankly for a moment. Then giggled. “I like you, what’s your name?”

Now it was Axel’s time to be surprised. “You- I just- what the fuck?”

“I just asked you your name?” she repeated.

Axel blinked twice. “Did you not just hear me?”

She rolled her eyes. “Well, duh. I do have ears. I was just wondering why you were hiding your player tag.”

Axel gulped. He waited to reply as some players were walking past. “I’m trying to make money. Yes, I was hiding my tag. What the fuck do you want?”

“Can I join?” she asked.

“What? No.”

“I’m a good thief,” she insisted. “I stole 12 starter weapons.”

Axel rolled his eyes. He picked up the cart and started heading back towards the city. She followed after him with her hands behind her back. She was skipping along next to him. “So, are you playing a villain. That’s pretty fun.”

Axel clenched his jaw, and took a deep breath in. “No, I’m not playing a villain.”

“It’s ok,” she comforted. “I like role playing too. We should be like a crime duo, you know?”

Axel hated how bubbly she was. She was smiling constantly, while he had a petrified frown. “Listen, whatever the fuck your name is, just leave me alone.”

“What? I don’t want to. You’re like the first person I’ve met who’s role playing a villain.”

“Listen!” he shouted, then suddenly quieting his voice. “I’m trying to make money. I’m not a villain, or trying to play a villain. And I don’t want some fucking cunt to get in my way.”

She opened her mouth as she stopped dead, while Axel continued to walk towards the city. But to his ultimate dismay, she skipped up to meet his stride. “You’re really rude,” she remarked, declaring she didn’t mind. “I like it . . . Sooooo, do you have like a cool underground base or something?”

Axel sighed. She was a parasite to him; slowly sucking his will to live.

“What do you want? Coin?”

“No, I just want to play the villain.”

“Holy fuck,” Axel complained, fingers bruising his temples. “I’m not playing a villain.”

“Oh, ok. But you’re trying to make money by scamming players?”

“Yes. I’m trying to make money.”

“Are you in need of money then?”

Axel’s jaw twitched. He wanted to turn around and beat her, but instead, held his tongue. “Yes.”

“I can help you if you want.”

“What could you pos-” Axel suddenly had an epiphany. She was a woman, not only that, but she wanted to join him. It was a perfect opportunity staring him in the face, and he had just called her a cunt. “I’m The Hoarder,” he said, extending his hand out.

“Jasmine.” She shook his hand, not lightly, but a firm grip. He now liked her even more. “Are you the famous Hoarder from Omegus?”


“Really? I heard you quit. There’s tonnes of forum posts talking about the stuff you wouldn’t sell. Then they really hated you when you sold it so cheap to everyone. They called you a complete and utter arse-”

“Yes, thanks.”

“I can’t believe I’m with The Legendary Hoarder,” she said to herself, her heart beat quickening. “This is so cool. Sorry, I should keep it quiet.”

“If you wouldn’t mind. So, what are your specialities?” he asked.

“I’m really, really good at stealing stuff.”

“How good?” Axel questioned.

She dumped out all the starter weapons she had accumulated. “I think that’s worth something, right?”

Axel grinned in his mind. “That’s not good enough to join me. I need someone who can steal far more.” He was wondering if she would take the bait, and she did.

“I-I-I can do more. I haven’t got to the city yet. Please please please please, let me join you.”

Axle pretended to bob his head side to side in thought. “I’ll need at least 10 golds worth of items. If you get me that, then I’ll let you join me.”

She nodded enthusiastically. “Where can I find you?”

Axel didn’t know how to answer that. Although, he had already planned on renting out a place in Bandits Hideaway. “Give me your username, and I’ll send you a location once you’ve got it.”

Her cheeks went red in excitement. “Is it your secret hideout?”

“Uh, sure, you can call it that.”

She grinned. She pulled out the notes in the menu and started writing it down. She discreetly then showed Axel, and he jotted it down mentally. “Well, Mr Hoarder, I hope I’ll see you soon.”

“I hope so too.”

And with that, she skipped off ahead towards the city, nabbing someones starter sword as she passed by them.

Axel shook his head, she was quite something. If he wasn’t trying to make money, he would have pursued her. She was cute and bubbly, and he loved that about girls when he was younger. Then he realised that there was a small part of his younger self still within him. It didn’t feel bad, but he didn’t want it to start second guessing his immoral methods. He felt it was good to keep that small part of his younger self. Otherwise, he knew he’d fall into a deep hole he couldn’t get out.


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