True World Online

by emeraldgem

Just another VRMMO Fiction I suppose.

The year is... not important, as the Dimen Company suddenly announces that they are releasing a fully immersive, Virtual Reality game. Simon Aden is one of the million people who managed to receive the first batch of game pods, and can't wait to play. And so, his adventure begins...

Disclaimer: If I happen to copy any names or concepts from anything, please know that it's probably because I've never heard of it before, or I am taking inspiration from it.

Many thanks to Albreo for creating an awesome fanart of Q (which is now the cover for this fiction. Full size picture can be found in chapter 22's comment section).
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Crusader of Fluffy Pink Death

Top List #400
Word Count (12)
6th Anniversary
Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
Chapter 000 - Prologue ago
Chapter 001 - Character Creation ago
Chapter 002 - Tutorial Shenanigans ago
Chapter 003 - Gaining Fame ago
Chapter 004 - A Learning Experience ago
Chapter 005 - Boss Battle! ago
Chapter 006 - A Bit of Hope ago
Chapter 007 - The White Flash ago
Chapter 008 - Picking Sides ago
Chapter 009 - Professions and Fetch Quests ago
Chapter 010 - The Violet Snack ago
Chapter 011 - A New Way to Play ago
Chapter 012 - Shy Girls and Strange People ago
Chapter 013 - Party Time! ago
Chapter 014 - Pretty Stones, Pretty Flowers ago
Chapter 015 - Survive and Thrive ago
Chapter 016 - The Island Has Eyes ago
Chapter 017 - The Merchant's Plight ago
Chapter 018 - Daring and Dangerous ago
Chapter 019 - The Cuddle Before the Storm ago
Chapter 020 - Brie's Real Strength ago
Chapter 021 - Event Battle Pt.1 ago
Chapter 022 - Event Battle Pt.2 ago
Chapter 023 - Aftermath ago
Chapter 024 - You Don't Mess with the Zeilan ago
Sidestory: Brie's New Friend ago
Chapter 025 - Surprise! ago
Chapter 026 - Gone Viral ago
Chapter 027 - Q & A ago
Chapter 028 - Field Boss ago
Chapter 029 - Under the Stars ago
Chapter 030 - Wolf Pack ago
Chapter 031 - Harder, Better, Faster, Softer ago
Chapter 032 - Triple Threat ago
Chapter 033 - The Forest of Fog ago
Chapter 034 - Village in the Woods ago
Chapter 035 - The Merchant's District ago
Chapter 036 - Magic 101 ago
Chapter 037 - Real Problems ago
Chapter 038 - Revenge is a Dish Best Served... ago
Chapter 039 - Fluffy-fluff Time ago
Chapter 040 - Silver Maid ago
Chapter 041 - Final Task ago
Chapter 042 - The Underground Library ago
Chapter 043 - Passing On ago
Chapter 044 - Moove and Groove ago
Chapter 045 - Moon Runes ago
Chapter 046 - Bizarre Experiment ago
Chapter 047 - Gold Guardian ago
Chapter 048 - The Underground Library - Again! ago
Chapter 049 - A Familiar Place ago
Chapter 050 - Interview ago
Sidestory: Phanos' Report ago
Chapter 051 - On Your Marks, Get Set... ago
Halloween Special - Walpurgis Night ago
Chapter 052 - Broom Race! (First Part) ago
Chapter 053 - Broom Race! (Second Part) ago
Chapter 054 - Spirited Away ago
Chapter 055 - Snatched Away ago
Chapter 056 - Nevermore ago
Chapter 057 - The Witch Hunt Pt.1 ago
Chapter 058 - The Witch Hunt Pt.2 ago
Chapter 059 - The Witch Hunt Pt.3 ago
Chapter 060 - Silent Village ago
Chapter 061 - Moving On ago
Intermission: Sophie ago
Chapter 062 - I Climb Mountains Because... ago
Chapter 063 - Run Away to Join the... ago
An Announcement ago
An Apology ago

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One of the best gender-bender fics that is actually tolerable!

The story really turned out well after Simon/Q finished the tutorial, which is when the true journey began.

Some people might hate the fact that the mc is OP, but there is a reason for it.


He is technically not the best, since there are others who are just as skilled as him; he is also playing the game just for fun and not for competitive reasons, such as being the highest leveled player.

This in turn made the mc to be someone likeable as he is carefree and friendly.


There are also other characteristics of the mc awesome, which completely makes the mc mesmerizing and inspirational, such as his intelligence, friendliness, and his fighting prowess.


Another reason why this fiction is great is because of the other characters, such as Helen(mc's sister), Brie(White Flash), Kukis(Violet Snacks), and etc.

These are all likeable characters that you would completely like them.


Final reason is the fight scenes. Seriously. One of the most epic fight scenes I've read here that I completely read word-for-word, especially the "Event Battle" battle scene. COMPLETE CARNAGE and I love it.

Another fight scene which is awesome is the Lure Island boss fight.


Seriously recommend people to read this fic and I hope that the author won't give up on this.


The twist is in the character

The style flows well and is rather interesting. The story could shape up fun but since we're not far into it yet (about ten chapters at this time) we don't have much of a plot to go off of besides the typical VRMMO with the small twist of the gender swapped MC. Grammar so far is one of the best I've seen on RL, which is noice. The characters so far are feeling very unique and fun, and this is coming from a guy that usually can't stand gender swaps.

Overall I'm very interested in what the author does with this story. So author, strap in and feed my addictions and may all forms of blocks, including but not limited to: writer's block, road blocks, and cock blocks; stay out of your future.

Ivanator The Great

The world of True World Online (TWO) set in a virtual reality World where the players have almost all the freedom they can get. AI is advanced that it is hard to differentiate them from players other than quest logs or windows.  The late patch of the game which adds a more realistic feel to the game other than the senses and the satiatry meter but also improving the already advanced AI, where they seem to have awareness. there is also the change in environment where it follow the real world’s ecosystem where the creatures don’t spawn in fixed points and hunting/farming them excessively can lead to extinction. The downside to the immersion is the meddling of the GM (Game Masters) they seem to have supervision on every player that catches their eye and wouldn’t let the chance slip in making things interesting for them and the game. The fighting is interesting because each player has unlimited potential for growth and their skills and magic isn’t limited to their profession but their own, real life potential and experience seems to be a factor as well as a player who’s knowledgeable of any form of martial arts or a weapon in real life  has the advantage. Truly befitting of the game title of an online game of a pseudo-true world.

What appealed to me most in this story are the interesting characters, they’re unique, has personality and so far we do not have enough of background of the characters which is understandable but the difference is that i, no we want to know more about them.  A game with a server that can hold players from around the world wouldn’t disappoint and the main characters have their personality quirks that fit them well(Who would’ve thought that a guy could pull off role playing as a bundle of fluff?). The side characters as well seemed to have been given a lot of attention by the author as some of them even roleplay as Dungeon and Dragon characters roleplaying as knights.


This fiction is still growing and so far it hasn’t disappointed it’s readers. So far it’s different from those VR stories where power-leveling is the highlight and being OP is the most appealing because  if you’re looking for an easy-going time full of cute and unique characters who just wanna have fun, then this is for you.



Only Sense Online(OSO) is one that i can relate to this without crafting as the focus.


It's a cute story and has some fun moments but there just isn't anything about the story that stands out.  I read up to chapter 32 and I just kept wondering why I was continuing since nothing particularly amazing or new popped up.  There were so many questions I had like why we never see their parents and why Helen was in the hospital.  I mean you don't stay in the hospital just because your legs are paralized you must have a serious health problem that needs constant care like a disease or something.  

Also I don't know about the gender switching it just felt completely unessesary.  I mean he just felt like a girl.  He didn't like being touched by women and he likes cute things.  I don't mind guys liking cute things but it just felt like he was basically a girl or an effemnate gay.  

Sometimes some mystery around a character can make things interesting but leaving too many things in the shadows just makes me annoyed as I know too little about the main character.  It makes it hard to relate to them and be interested in them.

Good luck with the story but I will not continue reading.


Was really good until the mc got a class. The class doesnt really suit her personality and made fights a chore to get through


The style is the typical limited third pov, so it's good but not unique. How the author uses it is fairly normal too. However, there are fun references and jokes and teasing so it gets a one-up from the normal 4! Also, the fun facts at the end of the story are good. I like them.

The story isn't exactly adventure, it's more slice-of-likey with improvements on the way. There's no goal, but that is what one likes. This is was posted on chapter 16, so it may change.

Grammar- Nothing to say. Very good.

Characters- This is a star point! The people can be easily differanted! Though its 3ed pov, we get a good view on how the people view the world and others. The people are fun! A slice-of-lifey thing here! A bit cliche, but not too much that they are forced.


Fluffy tails forever!

This story was an enjoyable read and over the course of it I could see the writer grow and improve.

The protagonist managed a balance of relatable and mysteriousness. The author wasn't afraid to write losses or tragedy, but never lost themselves in it.

I must now continue my quest for the softest cute things elsewhere!

The Autistic Author (AAA)

I originally had this big long review written out, but decided to make it short and sweet instead. It'll probably be sour, though that's besides the point. Simply put I really like the characters and their interactions. I also like the combat as it never feels dull and can be quite good during the Q vs. Brie match or any of the boss battles. Definitely one of my many favorite series on RRL.



Once you manage to look past the fact that the author is 1. a filthy weaboo 2. a furry (god hates you) you shall discover a great story, believable characters, and solid game-logistics.

*keepo on points 1. and 2. just in case


One of the best active gender bender novels out there, the character themselves have many secrets so its fun to unveil them.

my only complain in here is that the author uses a 3rd person narrator, but uses exclamations when narrating fights or stuff like that, so it ends up being akward on my opinion