Dear Spellbook (Rewrite)

Dear Spellbook (Rewrite)

by TK523

Live. Study. Repeat.

Tal never saw himself as an adventurer, but the call to adventure never much cared for his opinion. Despite his best efforts, his search for answers on the murder of his parents ever draws him into danger. Accompanied by a group of seasoned warriors, thus far Tal has gotten by on his own meager magical talents, but when one day he wakes up to find himself back in his bed of the night before, he is faced with a challenge he must conquer alone.

What to expect:

This story was born of an attempt to create in world lore reasons for many of the mechanics and tropes of D&D, but you do not need to know of them to enjoy the story.

It's a single POV time loop story with slow paced progression fantasy elements. The story is not one of fast-paced power ups and non-stop action, but as it progresses, the action picks up. There is a lot of magic system exploration on a system built to unify the diverse magic of D&D into one cohesive magic system. The setting is an original world with familiar races and monsters but with new unique origins and motivations.

The average chapter will be 2-5k words long, most being around 3k but there are a few less than 1k, due to the nature of the story telling device I used.

Book 1 is complete. Posting is on hold until I finish book 2.

Book 2 progress: 126k words written out of 140-150k planned as of 7/3/2022

4 chapters and 3-4 interludes to go!

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Table of Contents
50 Chapters
Chapter Name Release Date
Foreword ago
Chapter 1 - Dear Spellbook ago
Chapter 2 - Again? ago
Chapter 3 - Kobolds ago
Chapter 4 - No Vacationsies ago
Chapter 5 - Have You Seen My giant? ago
Chapter 6 - Clean at Last ago
Chapter 7 - Is This Dirt? ago
Bonus Chapter 1: Kordin's Chronicles ago
Interlude 1: Histories by Dwarves ago
Chapter 8: The Goat ago
Chapter 9: Salvation ago
Chapter 10: The First ago
Chapter 11: Count Your Blessings ago
Chapter 12: Memories ago
Chapter 13: The Cure ago
Chapter 14: The Report ago
Bonus Sketch 1: Spellbook ago
Chapter 15: Minions ago
Bonus Chapter 2: The Sea Tree ago
Chapter 16: Goblins ago
Chapter 17: Bearskin ago
Chapter 18: Benchmark ago
Chapter 19: Sorry! ago
Sketch 1: Bearskin ago
Chapter 20: Excrement? ago
Interlude 2: Project Proposal ago
Chapter 21: Mysteries ago
Chapter 22: Will Poisoning ago
Chapter 23: The Fall of Landing ago
Chapter 24: Debted ago
Chapter 25: Revenge is Okay Warm ago
Chapter 26: Breadth-First ago
Chapter 27: Love Struck ago
Chapter 28: Second Chance ago
Patreon Announcment ago
Chapter 29: The Best Defense ago
Chapter 30: Infiltration ago
Chapter 31: Preparation ago
Chapter 32: Hunted ago
Interlude 3: Mason Ants ago
Chapter 33: Descent ago
Chapter 34: Stone Eyes ago
Chapter 35: Teshiv ago
Chapter 36: Downtime ago
Chapter 37: Murder Most Accidental ago
Interlude 4: Mara ago
Chapter 38: Ensouled Artifacts ago
Chapter 39: Death and The Door ago
Interlude 5: The Dahn ago

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The concept is quite novel, not the time loop but the journal entries. The main medium of storytelling is also the magical macguffin which may or may not be related to the loop at all. Overall, well written so far with few if any grammar mistakes. Sentences flow well and nothing stood out to me as abjectively poor.

Skink tail

This is my first review had to review to keep this story in rising stars page :P  Onto the review. The world building is amazing, the character is interesting and not 2D the only complaint I have is that I have to wait for a year to binge read it :> thank you author!


A sorcerer writing in a magical book recollections of his adventures with a group of quirky adventurers.

Then one day he finds himself in a time loop. The same day repeat itself again and again. Only him and his book keep their memories of previous iterations.

The journal mode this story is written in is a style that might not please everyone, but I like it. It helps that the grammar is really good, and the universe very well fleshed with a complex story about the creation of the world by the gods.

The others members of the adventurer group have only been superficially explored until now. Which is logical since the narrator has a lot of secrets to hyde. So he avoid being too close from other people. I hope that the time loop will help him to discover more about them.

I know this story is a rewrite, but I avoided looking at the first version. Even if there are more chapters, having read the beginning when it was first posted, I remember that it was quite different. I might take the time to read it again once this new version has reached the same size.

Give a chance to this story, you will be able to know after 5 or 10 chapters if it is for you :) 


Cracking mysteries one loop at a time

Reviewed at: Chapter 4 - No Vacationsies

Tal is a sorcerer on the run that gets stuck in a time loop and tries to fix the mess he got himself in. 

The story is slow paced at times (which I personally enjoyed) and over time paints the picture of an interesting world with awesome characters that I got invested in and mysteries aplenty. It's possible that some might find it a bit too slow.

The main character can miss things just as any person, but isn't stupid and makes good use of what he has available (which sometimes isn't much). I've been annoyed by too many incompetent MCs already lol.

The style is a breath of fresh air, the book using a unique way of conveying its content. It can get a bit confusing at times, but it's all worth it when it clicks together.

I generally never like side chapters in stories, but in this one some are amongst my favourite chapters! The wait for the main storyline is still sometimes hard though heh.

Grammar is good with the occasional typo that gets fixed when pointed out.

I've read and enjoyed the previous version and have nothing to complain about with the rewrite. The review is written with what's to come in mind.

Anyway, great job TK and keep at it, looking forward to more!

Hope you also give this story a try :)


The rewrite changed a few story elements, but nothing major yet. I hope the author will continue beyond their previous stop and write more.

The magic system has a lot to offer and is in itself conclusive. The MC has their problems with it, which they hopefully can overcome.

The supporting cast have their own hopes, dreams and they feel alive. Not a cardboard copy of each other.

The reader gets only a few bits and pieces of the whole worldmap, but there is much to explore and if the author wills, they will send the MC everywhere.