Entry 2: Riloth 19th the 2nd

Dear Spellbook,

I don’t know why I’m writing here, but what else am I to do? Today has just been the strangest day. Everything is the same. Yesterday, I woke up dead to the world, with something that could be described as a bad hangover if the same way a kraken could be described as a big octopus. I think I was poisoned, I know I drank with Trish last night, but what did we drink? Well, whatever caused this also robbed me of any sleep, so on top of the head splitting, ear piercing pain, and nausea, I was so very tired.

That was yesterday, and today—despite falling asleep in my bedroll on the road—I woke up in my room at the Parlor, once more ill and exhausted. Is this real?

I left my room, in a daze, only for my confusion to grow deeper. I ran into Trish, and she—after mocking me for being in public in a robe and calling me an Apprentice Wizard of the Towel—acted as if yesterday hadn’t occurred. Daulf didn’t mock me, but he looked concerned and checked me over, but refused to do anything for my state, knowing that Trish and I had been up late drinking. Who knows where Roland was off to. I came back here to rest. I slept a few hours, and I still feel awful, but at least I can think a bit clearer.

Did I dream all this? It can’t be. It’s all so clear. I’ve lived this day before. Or was it some sort of vision?

That’s insane.


What is happening? What should I do?

I wish my parents were here, they’d have a plan. Well, my father would have a plan, and my mother would enthusiastically support it.

What would my father do if he were here? He’d make some theories to test. Well, he always said that the best way to come up with a good theory is to come up with a bunch of theories and rule out the bad ones.


  1. I am insane or dreaming and none of this is real.
  2. I am under the spell of some powerful being.
  3. This is real, the world is resetting each day and I am the only person who can remember the previous instances.
  4. This is real, the world is resetting each day and I am not the only person who can remember the previous instances

Theory one: What if I’m insane? If I am, I suppose this is all pointless since I can’t rely on my own mind to help me escape. If this is the case, I must hope Trish and the rest will find a way to save me.

The same applies for theory two. If someone is powerful enough to target me with an effect like this, I have no hope of defeating them alone. I’ll need to keep in mind that this all may be an illusion in case a flaw is revealed, but operating under the assumption that this isn’t real isn't an effective strategy of getting things done.

So how do I go about testing theories three and four? Three is probably the worst case scenario, but also less likely. Why would I be singled out for this? What’s special about me?

If this is real, four is the most likely, but in that case I may be in danger. Maybe some Forsaken forces are behind this and I got wrapped up by mistake. I better keep a low profile until I learn more.

If tomorrow I wake up, and it’s the same day, I need to start trying to figure this out. Hopefully if I lie low, I can catch other people aware of the situation and get some leads.

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