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Book One: Paranoid Mage

Callum had seen things all his life.  There are monsters and beasts living among people, but he learned very early not to admit such things, not if he didn’t want people to think him crazy.

It turns out that the supernatural is real, but at thirty Callum has no desire to be part of that secret.  Not that he has a choice when it turns out he is a mage, albeit one that hasn’t cast any spells in all his life.  There are requirements, duties, and education that the powers that be insist he be subject to.

To hell with that.

Book Two: Renegade Mage

After escaping from the Guild of Arcane Regulation and the Bureau of Secret Enforcement, Callum has lost his greatest protection: his obscurity.  Now the powers that be know who he is, and hiding is harder than ever.  Nor is hiding a plan, just a reaction.

Now Callum is forced to decide how he wants to approach the supernatural world, and how he’s going to keep himself secure when the apparatus of government is arrayed against him.  Even if he wanted to live as a mage, that bridge has been thoroughly burned, and even if he wanted to live as a normal person, he is far too deep to close his eyes to what he’s seen.

He has to make his own terms.

Paranoid Mage is an urban fantasy but it goes rather sideways from the normal stuff fairly quickly. 

Chapters are Fridays, 5PM EST, with approximately 5,000 words per chapter.

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Really enjoying the story so far. I like that there's an unexplained power, and that his spatial magic isn't super OP. Using "Mundane" Logic makes it very strong but it wouldn't have been as powerful 3-400 years ago especially before allot of the sciences weren't taught everywhere. Them being outdated will be their ultimate downfall. 


Great story, don't like the villains

Reviewed at: Chapter 20 – Defiance

Overall, enjoyed the story quite a bit, but I did find the villinas to be very lackluster. For one, the "muggles are inferior" point is hard to believe. If this was set in the like the 1800s I would completely agree, but the villians live in a society defined by technology. We have one example of them building something superior to regular people and a million mundane things that they could never create on their own. We have created ordinary and extra-ordinary weapons capable of destruction that we have no indication they could ever compete with. 

People are capable of an incredible amount of bigotry even when all the facts point in the opposite direction, but its hard to believe they have not even an iota of respect for mundanes despite hundreds of instances in their everyday life that prove mundanes have surpassed them.

The second point is the villains are dumb. Maybe this is meant to showcase how their bigotry of mundanes blinds them to curiosity and betterment (although I think I'm reaching pretty far there), but the enemies feel like they are never prepared or capable of critical thought regarding situations that there organization should have handled many times over their existance. 

Mark Long

Nice work. Unexpected and uniform

Reviewed at: Chapter 4 – Portals

A really great story. A good opener. The first few chapters hooked me pretty good. Then the story telling were logical and progression is uniform. There were places that skips on some explanations but it followed a logical progression. I love bed it. The twist were expected but also unexpected. 


Terrific Police Procedural/Thriller

Reviewed at: Chapter 18 – Surgery

The magical Police Procedural is not too well used a trope, but they make for killer stories. This one is no exception. The magic system is unique and is used excellently to drive the plot forward. I am hopping mad for more of this story. I even paid on Patreon to get ahead! Need I say more?


I think it was a good book overall so far, but it could use less poltics. The GAR, the shifter alphas, it is all too political. I think that if you tune down how political it is, it would be five stars, but it has tooo much poltics. It is good, in terms of the action and fantasy. 



I am not a fan of urban fantasy, but man, I couldn't stop reading. I loved the idea of discovering a magic system by himself. All his paranoia and the "government". A very good read. It feels a bit like 1984 and magic.
I already bought kindle version Please writing, keep the story going!


I love how this story is going, and I'm always excited to see a new chapter. I love how well the world has been developed, and how Callum is pushing back against the secret powers that want to control him.

I think Callum has been written well, he's smart and trying his best, but he still makes mistakes due to ignorance and the pressure he's under. I can't wait to see how the story progresses.

o n b

A unique Take on Magic and very well written!

Reviewed at: Chapter 17 – Introspection

An interesting story with some unique Aspects on Magic and supernatural Beings and very well written Characters.

The political interactions and resentmens are hillarious and so life-like it should not be that funny (but it is).

I enjoyed it very much and i will anxiouly await Book 2  


Great Story, Slightly Off Pacing

Reviewed at: Chapter 14 – Payment

I have loved what's there at this point (Chapter 14), and the story and characters are solid and fun.  I recommend it to anyone who likes fish out of water stories, hidden magical societies, and progression fantasy.

My only gripe is that the story introduces and drops characters very rapidly.  You do not have a lot of time to get to know most of the supporting cast before the MC flees and encounters new people.  This might be a product of how young this story is at this point, however.


This legit has only 14 chapters at writing, and i think its taken everyone by surprise.

So much and so little has happened, but its awesome.

MC gets a good and bad hand, but instead, just leaves the table instead.

Goes off, does their own thing, keeps stumbling into problems. As they explore we learn and its getting good.

Chapter releases aren't fast enough. Especially at the current arc where we aren't sure whats going to happen next!

Go for it!