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Femitokon - Internal Vision - Finale

East Ramaxia, Winter
Location – Classified.
2 Dubol (January) 2215


One hundred days ago, Sofita Kul awoke in a recovery room, every muscle aching after the implantation of the spheres.

Today, she barged into the sterile coldness of Phasics and, ignoring Fyla Uym’s demands to halt, stepped onto the shell injection platform. An invisible force raised her until the world beneath her feet vanished.

The cloud surrounding her became thick, and her body began spinning. Her hide felt like a matchhead dragged against the grain. Microscopic nanites cataloged her anatomy, twisting her around until she lost her breath in the rotary gale.

Suddenly, the world stopped spinning.

The cloud pulsed in time with her heart, several peaceful beats before a bolt of light pierced the back of her skull. A bone-shaking seizure rendered her unconscious as her limp body lowered.

When cold metal touched her feet, she awoke.

Naked, she marched off the round platform, passing through a gauntlet of smiling bizaki before making her way through the Divisional corridors. She reached the surface ramp, wordlessly ascending its incline while dozens of marixi, most old friends of her dead twin, whistled and howled cheerfully with raised pinkies.


Two miles below, in a dimly lit control room sprinkled with floating interfaces, two bizaki bio-techs and an hizak design engineer couldn’t muster the same excitement; they’d been this far before, with the deceased Fusada Kul.

Project Femitokon’s military chief, Primekomad Tyle Hibz paced the wall-walk, disgusted that her weapon now resided in a hizak. Kul’s superior intellect mattered little to a brute like Hibz, but it meant something to her prime, Uli Zag. A lifelong friend, Zag had approved the hizak’s request to join the next round of test subjects.

Still sore at Sofita Kul’s sudden success, the burly Ninth barely acknowledged the Shell’s designer when she appeared on the stairs.

“She’s got no business being out there,” Hibz reiterated. “We’re wasting our resources entertaining the whims of a grief-stricken scholar.”

“That grief-stricken scholar’s brain is what the Shell likes,” Fyla approached her occasional lover and touched the megalodon tooth adorning her bald scalp. “That alone earns her a spot here.”

Hibz softened. “The Shell chooses its host now?”

Fyla gave a knowing smile.

“I won’t discuss the intricacies of the Shell’s operative intelligence Primekomad, but I believe in Sofita Kul. Her reason for being here may be a misplaced sense of responsibility, but she deserves a chance.”

“Calm down, Doctor,” Hibz employed a bruiser’s habit of turning discourse around by accusing her opponent of overreacting. “I’m here, aren’t I?”

Tired of being at the beck and call of the Sorority of Defense, Fyla had been ready to shut down Project Femitokon, but then Sofita survived implantation.

“You better be, Primekomad, she’s all that’s left,” Fyla teased. “The other three you hand-picked over her, failed.”


Outside, wind caned Sofita’s hide.

She planted her feet and focused on the two glowing lines that formed a path over the tundra. After closing her eyes, she curled her hands into fists and sought something painful from the past. Scant few hizak had mastered immersive recall, and her former mentor now enemy, Ryo Uym, swore that internal vision did more harm than good, a snide observation born of envy. Memory is the killer, Ryo warned, but Sofita had died long ago.


Fusa’s towering figure appears with her arm pulled back, ready to punch. Suddenly, the back of Fusada’s little bald head comes between them.

After the screams and the blows, she glances up and finds Fusada peering down. Nose bloodied, the marixidoe’s smile splits her lip.

Blood drops into Sofita’s eye, stinging it.

“I can take a punch better than you, ‘Fita,” says Fusada. “I’m made for this.”



Miles below, the floating screens sprang to life.

“She’s activated it,” the first technician cried.

“Her sib kept it up forty seconds,” Hibz hopped down from the crosswalk and glanced over the tech’s shoulder. “Let’s see how long it takes the esteemed Doctor to putter out.”

“Sixty-second mark maintained,” the tech proclaimed. “The shell is inter-phasing with her neurology.”

“She’s retaining it,” the skin on Fyla’s arms tightened as a map of Sofita’s nervous system appeared on the central monitor.

Vital organs appeared first, followed by musculature.


Sofita touched the molded shield around her head. The moment she imagined herself above the ice, energy shot from her newly formed boots and lifted her skyward.

Focused on the enlightened path, she thought of gliding over it. Without warning, Sofita soared over the white until contemplations of slowing down enabled a reduction. Abandoning the test path, she barreled toward the coast.


“We’re moving over the ice,” a technician relayed. “Speed now exceeds our fastest known—”

“-How’s the body holding up?” Hibz demanded.

“There are no systolic anomalies,” said the hizak designer.

Abruptly, all screens went black.

A collective sigh of disappointment filled the control room.

“Fuck me, what happened?” Hibz shouted.

“She lost it,” Fyla whispered.

“She powered down on purpose,” the third tech groaned. “Readings indicate there’s a biologic in her path.”

Hibz growled. “She powered down on purpose?”


Near the coast, the seal stared at her from the ice hole.

“Let’s kill it, ‘Fita.”

Sofita closed her eyes.

“Cease using the voice of your previous host.”

“What are you talking about, ‘Fita? It’s me.”

“Cease using the voice of your previous host!”


“She’ll never get it back up again,” Hibz grumbled.

Fyla joined the others on the control line.

“Tell me you saved the ignition data,” she said, but before the first tech could answer, the screens bounced back to life.

“Subject Kul reignited,” said the hizak.

“This power-up required less time,” another bizak muttered.

Hibz stared at Fyla. “The host controls it that easily?”

“She’s supposed to, yes,” Fyla said. “By design.”

The live feed materialized on the main screen. “She’s no longer hovering, she’s running,” the third tech smiled. “She’s so fast. She’s barely touching the ice.”

“Astounding,” the hizak gasped. “Kul’s the first,”

Hibz’s voice boomed. “Kul’s the only!”

“Keep on running, Sofita.” Fyla touched the outline of her life’s work on the screen. “Keep on running and never stop.”

A note from WriterObscura

Hey there, I started with a flashback and I ended with one - the day Sofita activated the Shell. One scene was removed from Internal Vision and it involved Pitana Dag meeting human ambassador Deborah Chase. You can read that at

Thank you so much for reading this!



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