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Femitokon - Internal Vision

East Ramaxia
Exact Location Unknown
1 Jixak 2228 - 2340 Hours

Life was complicated, yet beautiful.

Standing naked on the ice, Uli Zag’s time to die was at hand. Someday, her enemies might admire her going weeks on the surface without food and water; they would understand her resolve, and the decisions she made.

Uli brought her blaster-covered hand to her mouth, but after many hours of standing at the ready, she could not jerk her thumb and fire.

“Donmat Balru, is it?” she asked as her assassin’s scent came on the wind.

Styba Balru, the Eleventh Gen’s finest, had spent her first eight years with Uli’s former toob-mate, Ziw Balru. Mindful and fearless, Ziw had spent her life standing up to bullies like Fusa Kul; someday, it would cost her, too.

Uli had been considered one of Orta’s finest, even after she and Pita Dag fell to Fusa Kul on the Trial ice. Her third placement would have been humiliating had it not been for Fitax Kul. The regal hizak refused to consider Uli anything but the best.

Primary Ixo Kul’s prized donat, Fitax, had revealed his gender to Uli the night of Orta Attack. Before that, they’d indulged in an intense flirtation by way of Uli’s extramural visits to the Primary’s estate. The Primary, who wished to instill future leadership etiquette among Orta’s top candidates, organized such social gatherings, yet Fusa Kul’s superior standing never warranted an invite; neither had her genetic relation.

Uli extended her arm so that her assassin might see the blaster on her fist, charged and ready.

“Primary Kul sent you to collect me alive, but Ziw raised you right,” she sensed Balru pause. “Do not falter, Donmat. You must carry out the orders of your Primary. This above all things is why we breathe.”

Uli felt Balru’s naked hide on her back, and though ready for the inevitable, she resisted. The younger marix was too strong, forcing Uli’s palm to her lips. Searing heat flooded her mouth and burned into her nostrils. Urine rushed the inside of her thighs as she fell back onto the ice, her last pained breath a smokey cloud in the dark.

Balru appeared in the haze, her neck and fronts covered in Uli’s blue blood. The naked marix raised a clenched fist to her muscled abdomen, a final salute to a fallen leader.

A note from WriterObscura

Hey there, saying goodbye to the old guard.

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