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Episode Six - Tactical Pursuits Arc

Central Control, Orta
8 Bamx 2228 - 2245 Hours

Hushed voices had led World Oceans’ highest ranking marix to her ready room, where she found two Tenth Gen Promad hunched over an interface screen.

“Don’t you see what this means?” said the first. “It means that we got a Primary and a Committee—”

“-That’s not possible,” the other argued. “Kul and Wram are dead.”

Uli Zag moved in behind them. “What’s the talk?”

The pair came to attention in front of the screen.

“We got an identifier-verification request from Pentox—”

“-By way of Sky Sister,”

Uli stepped between them, forcing them aside.

“Sky Sister?” she mused, studying the screen.

The first one clarified. “It’s a Tharso command function, PC Zag.”

“Is it coming from Tharso?” she asked.

The second one took a breath.

“It’s from an Ornithocheirus assigned to the Femitokon Division.”

Uli resisted laughing. Her hatred of Fusa Kul had started in Orta after facing off against the sadistic marix as a toob. Standing up to the gray-hided bully somehow made Uli an ally. Still, her dislike for Kul fermented over time, culminating in an absolute hatred when the brutal marix usurped her command during the Perth Incident. Uli hadn’t stood up for herself that day, allowing Kul to murder thousands of helovx using the Kasko. Nevertheless, Kul believed them allies even after her genocide and pressed Uli to participate in the Yulitat Coup.

Choosing to help Kul seize Orta had given Uli control of World Oceans, but it had been bittersweet. After the genocide, Kasko had slid into a functional depression. Minor systems failed first before the lifeform developed a total disregard for her crew. Once diagnosed, they decommissioned the TCS, and Uli often visited her, disturbed by the lifeform’s guilt. Euthanizing the old whale had been her first act as Prime Chair; other actions would follow that chipped away at her soul.

Primary Fusa Kul had perpetrated many reprehensible acts since Perth. Murdered zaxiri, countless rapes, and the covert terminations of citizens, they all paled in comparison to Kul’s treatment of her twins. The hardest for Uli to abide was the abuse of hizakidoe, Sofita.

Sofita’s existence had proved Kul and Fee Banto’s crime against the regal Fitax Kul. The young hizak bore an uncanny likeness to the male whom Uli once admired. Forced to swallow her rage over his murder, Uli took small victories in her Primary’s kermatic mishaps.

Kul’s pain over Fusada’s death had paled to her fury over Sofita igniting the Shell. Seeing the young academic succeed where Kul’s precious marix had failed, proved worth the beating Uli got for allowing Sofita entry to Orta.

“The hizarix comes out of hiding,” she whispered.

“PC Zag?” asked the first Promad.

“Primada requested?” Uli asked back.

“Yes, PC Zag,” she said.

Uli wondered, “What’s the generational code?”

The second Promad spoke up. “PRY1001.”

“PC Zag,” said the first. “Mainland Terminus shows a citizen fatality aboard the Ornithocheirus just before Sky Sister was accessed.”

The second added, “Perhaps they’re in a skirmish—”

“-Verify and validate,” Uli ordered.

“Prime Chair?” the first asked, unsure.

“Affirm the verification and validate the command request.”

Uli noted the joy in their eyes.


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