Tricked Into a New Life, God Must be Screwing With Me!

Tricked Into a New Life, God Must be Screwing With Me!

by Psycholor

Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity
  • Sexual Content
  • Traumatising content

"Of course my avatar should be female, they have better armor models!" That was George's creed when playing games that allowed for character customization.

Following his completion of a difficult achievement in a popular RPG, George receives a suspicious invitation to join a closed beta for an upcoming project. Against his better judgement he decides to register and starts playing with the character creator. Upon finalizing his character he finds himself whisked away into the world depicted by the game client.

Forced to start over as an infant, and inhabiting the body of his created avatar, George now finds himself attracting the eyes of gods and nobles as he tries to navigate his NewLife(tm) and come to terms with the reality of their situation.

This is a LitRPG Isekai with a heavy focus on consistency, world building, and character development.

Be advised that the story includes several dark themes as a facet of its world building and character development. Themes include Physical and Emotional abuse of children. Physical, Emotional, and Sexual abuse of adults. Graphic descriptions of torture. Racism and Sexism are also present. I as the author do not condone any of these actions in real life, and they are not portrayed as good things when they come up in the story.

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Frustration/Catharthis imbalance in story form

Reviewed at: Extra Chapter: The Watchers

While the writing isn't spectacular, it's solidly good. The world is reasonably interesting, though I think somewhat intentionally broken due to the setting. The characters are well fleshed out, though they can be rather facepalm inducing at times. The biggest issue is the story itself. At first it's pretty good, but towards the end of arc one it started building up frustation over the lack of logic the MC is constantly having to avoid using to allow the plot to go the way the author has planned. (And it VERY much feels like the author is pushing hard on the scales which is another issue) I decided, eeeh, it should start kicking some of the frustration after a bit, and went over to scribblehub to continue. It just kept getting worse. The frustrating 

(mind control skills used both on MC and others, MC literally dismissing seeing mind control skills used after finding out, MC using a skill to disable certain emotions in ways that push story rather than due to logic, Villain being an utter asshole and Word of God stating that MC is falling for villain anyway)


elements started utterly taking over all the rest of the story, poisoning what was still enjoyable about it. It wouldn't be so bad if the author understood how to have small wins for the MC here and there to relieve the frustration, but the utter lack of that leaves an entire arc as something I regret having put time into. If you're fine pushing thorugh poorly handled slave/mind control arcs, you'll be fine. For comparison, I enjoyed the three or so books in way of the shaman involving mind control, which is generally considered a relatively poorly handled version of the trope.


Each and every one of the toddlers in this novel speaks like a full-grown, well-educated adult. It is, and I do not exaggerate, one of the most jarring things that I have read on this website. Initially, the story seems to have solely the main character speaking this way, which makes sense as they're a twenty-something year old in a toddler's body, but no, as soon as other children are introduced, it is clear that they all, for some strange reason, speak like noblemen/noblewomen. The author's intent is clearly there, and the rest of the story around it is quite decent, but I cannot get past the magic toddlers.


So, I kind of enjoy it. I flipped over to ScribbleHub to read through the end of Book 1, and I'm going to keep reading it, at least for a bit. 

The core of the story is a reincarnated as a baby and becomes way OP.  And from about year 1 through 10, I think that's handle pretty well. A fair number of time skips, but it's fun.

I only have two real complaints. 

First, there's a little bit of an amateurish quality that is actually not noticeablee most of the time, but when it sticks out, it really stiks out.  This mostly occurs in the way that the story is structured, the most significant of which is that there are several scenes which are repeated in full from a second, separate POV. But, that's not uncommon with some LNs or webnovels, so some people won't mind, and I won't fault the fiction for it, though I will point it out for prospective readers. [EDIT: To be clear, this is most noticeable in the first arc].

Second, the first 3-4 chapters don't really work for me.  The whole thing is framed as a twitch streamer who does character creation for a new game in betatest gets sucked into the game as their character.  That premise really doesn't do anything for the main story or characters, and you could like skip straight to birth without missing anything crucial. And, there's probably at least 5k words spent just on character creation, and another 5k words on seemingly random interactions in the real world before he gets train-kunned into his new life. The first year of life is also a bit cringey where the protagonist's old personality is still dominant, and once a new personality kind of settles in around age 2 then it's a lot better. 

EDIT: there's also one character who is like an antagonist hidden in plain sight who is infuriating and it will be so satisfying when he is eventually killed. 

EDIT: I caught up on Scribblehub.  So, I am quite amused.


I've read book 1 and 2. After a rather long start book one introduced us to the New Life. The MCs current situation, Antagonists and goals have been somewhat established. Book two introduced new allies and enemies. But even with 2 books done, the story still seems to be at the prologue.

Or as the Gods said, still at the tutorial, she hasn't gotten her starter item after all.

The way this is going right now, seems quite steady. Depending on how the next few books will proceed I'll either add this to my favorites or drop it. Action, adventure and strategy didn't really have their time to shine.

There has been some action, but nothing to write home about. Adventure hasn't been a thing because of restrictions and strategy will most likely be more of a focus in the next few books.

I initially liked this book very much, but the MC has currently been more reactive than active and heading towards a bad ending, or at least seems to, I do hope we'll get to see her be a bit more active.

One problem which I quite disliked were blatant info-dumps, there were blocks of worldbuilding which will most likely become more important in the future but I didn't have the patience to read through it all.

There is also a magic-system which gets elaborated on. Which will most likely turn into a 'cheat', so that might become more interesting.

I did enjoy this story quite a bit, but the grimdark is very heavy and the MC seems to be at a losing streak and considering how it's the first two books with her barely having accumulated any power (in politics and allies at least) I really don't know how this story will go.

I do recommend reading this. Even with the bad bits here and there it had a lot of good moments and everyone should form their own opinion at least.


Good, but slightly disappointing - Plus Spoilers

Reviewed at: 1-15 Epilogue

This is actually a pretty solid story.  I'm not a fan generally of transmigration into infants, so thats a negative immediately.  However, its done pretty well,  despite the inherent problems.  

There are some troublesome worldbuilding aspects, that make this a bit of a reach in terms of believability. First, that a ducal house falls, and there are minimal repurcussions on the kingdom.  This can be excused partially because obviously its being told from the perpective of an infant, and what does she know.  However its a huge deal that is barely mentioned.  I won't dwell on this, but its a major flaw.  2nd, the shadows.  Everyone knows about them, and yet all this goes on?  Thats a huge societal thing, again partially excused by pov, but not nearly enough for believability.  Finally, for a world like this, its lacking too much depth.  Its all flash, no substance.  It looks fun, but it needs to be fleshed out more.  Particularly if the plan is to take down a kingdom.  There is going to need to be tons of politics, but thus far there has been nothing.  Again this can be partially excused by point of view, but not at this level.

The MCs decision to take down a kingdom, literally by saying, I'm going to do it, no plan, no understanding, just its gonna happen.  This is not good enough.  She should be strategizing, planning, figuring out strengths and weaknesses, and how to apply pressure.  None of which she has done.

Overall, its a fun story.  I like the gender-bender aspects of it.  I'm hoping she will be eventually forced to marry and have kids despite herself.  Somehow I would find that amusing.

Lictor Magnus

This is a bit of an advanced review since I've read ahead on scribblehub.

A few weeks ago I happened to see this story on the recent updates and decided to check it out when I saw it had a bunch of tags that I usually enjoy. I expected to it to be another average isekai power fantasy that I could kill time reading, but instead I found one of the best written isekai I've found in quite some time.

The story is a reincarnation litrpg isekai where the MC is going from our world to live a new life use to the machinations of that worlds gods. The MC is well written and the the supporting characters all have enough depth to not make them one note archetypes. The author has obviously put a lot of thought into how this world works and it shows itself in both the lore that we've seen so far and how the system works. The system doesn't activate for everyone so people that have access to it end up a lot stronger, smarter, and more skilled than people that don't have access to it, which adds some tension to social dynamics in the world. The story does have quite a few tragic and violent moments so don't go in thinking it's going to be a happy feel good tale. 

The grammar and dialogue are great for the most part. There are a few typos in every chapter but nothing that pulls you out of the narrative. All the characters except for one (who has her reasons), speak naturally and make good decisions based on the info they have at the time, so there's been nothing that makes me cringe or wonder why someone is behaving out of character. 

All in all I've enjoyed this story a lot and look forward to seeing how things develop going forward. 


I think this is a well executed RPG story.  Many System style stories drop the ball without having enough plot.  In the first arc we are introduced to a few good long term plot hooks that provide a reason for our Mc to grind other than needing to be a power fantasy.

The dialogue and characters have been fun. Some are typical archetypes this far but there's definitely room for growth as they are just kids.  

The writing and dialogue are proficient with minimal errors that I noticed.

Overall I enjoyed myself and gave it the follow.

The plot revolves around a gender-swapped prodigy child, who due to some unforeseen circumstances vows revolution.  There haven't been too many political moves or the like yet, but we are only on the second arc as of this review, meaning the MC is a little young to be scheming and destroying noble houses and kingdoms yet.


Binge recommendation

Reviewed at: 2-3 Day Off

GREAT writing style, world building, character development and interaction.

The system has been well thought through and a slice of op-ness makes this an enjoyable read.

Please author dont drop this and please keep those chaps coming~

I'm not to keen on going on and on about this so just hop in and see for yourselves!