Quiescent (Lit-RPG) -Rising from Madness-

Quiescent (Lit-RPG) -Rising from Madness-

by Not_Important

Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity
  • Sexual Content
  • Traumatising content

This is the story of Daniel Templier, and his slow ascension from the deepest pits of hell through discovery, adventure, and family.

There are laughs, there are tears, there are smiles and there are screams, but for Daniel, all of it exists together in harmony. Or maybe he's just mad and this inverted world exists only in his broken mind.

(A longer synopsis would include spoilers)

[CONTENT WARNING] There is no sexual content in ARC 1, and profanity and gore are mild, but the first four chapters are some of the most traumatizing you could ever read (Don't believe me at your own risk), they are necessary for the story, and I advise not to skip them, but feel free to skim through the early chapters until chapter five if it is too much. [END OF CONTENT WARNING ]

This is a Lit-RPG story, almost isekai in nature... but isn't.

I can promise you that you will find everything you usually find in a Lit-RPG, while also promising that it won't feel like other Lit-RPG stories, which considering how many there are, is a big promise, I know. Try it, you'll see.

The main protagonist has a rich backstory and doesn't just pop into a new world with no explanation -> The first chapters are nothing like fantasy. Please go through the first seven chapters or so to have an idea of what this story will be about. It is a slow burn, but has zero filler.

The main protagonist doesn't discover this new world alone.

The main protagonist gains many powers through his journey, but is far from powerful. Only wits and luck lets him survive in this realistic system (and non-system) world.

There is some sort of gender bender happening, but quite a ruthless take on it.

ARC 1 (Almost 110 000 words) is finished so no worries about this getting a Hiatus!

Schedule is as follows, two chapters per week, one on Wednesdays 8PM Central Eastern Time, and one on Sundays 8PM GMT+1. The full story is already available on my Patreon.

Have a good read, and please comment, like and review my story! I have many other books written on this website, and my dream is to be a full-time writer, so every little bit helps.

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Gruesome Beginning -> Comedy and Thoughtful Isekai

Reviewed at: Chapter 15

To start, we really need to discuss the author's warning in the synopsis. Chapters 1-3 have a lot of gore, torture, and body horror, including genital removal/alteration.  Magic+science means you can just stick body parts on other people and it works.  I get what the author is going for in terms of narrative and character building (i.e., madness), but personally I think that those chapters can be condensed and made less visceral without significantly losing the essential points.  Absent that, to readers, I recommend reading the prologue, then going to chapter 4 (chapter 4 does have some torture but it's relatively mild, insomuch as that can happen). 

Now, this is a bit of a spoiler, but I think it's essential if anyone is going to want to read this:

The protagonist escapes their torturer, gets a companion, and is isekai'd to a System world with a little bit of magic and a lot of weirdness.  Some of the common isekai tropes are hit, but it's really well done and subtle, especially the meta-humor which can easily derail a story, but is well done here. The protagonist also went mad in the first few chapters, which is played for comedic effect.  And, in general, I would say there's a lot of comedy after the first few chapters, as well as a bit of adventure and heartfelt tears.  There's a mild blend of sci-fi and fantasy which is relatively well done. 

On a technical level (grammar, style), the story is very well written and is top of the Royal Road class. 

Overall, I do recommend it, with the caveats regarding chapters 1-3. 


Well, that was unexpected.

Reviewed at: Chapter 10

Ok so, here's my reaction while reading this :

"Ok, holy dude, that start, god fck f'ing fck,

then it gets better ? Ha ? No it doesn't...

What the hell, ho shiiiiiiit !

Well, it's not that bad finally, hey, it actually becomes pretty good !"


Altought the author warned me, the start start is really nasty. It gets better once the story goes on.

If you are here because you've read Chronicles of the Last Lein, on the same site, from the same author, the stop is worth it. You'll get the same depth on the characters, the same world coherence, altough entirely different from Lein. While you're at it, you should also try GrayWolf. When I think about it, I really wish to see the author published one day.


Attention readers, spoilers ahead, continue at your own risk, I've subscribed to the author's Patreon and got to read the whole first arc.

Basically, all hell breaks loose for the protagonists, who already had it pretty bad by human standards. A trauma is built, and a bad one. Then, by a pure stroke of luck, everything stops. The protagonists are left alone inside the infrastructure of their tormentor.

They need to set things right, to overcome the trauma on their body and in their mind. And they must deal with the aftermath of their tormentor's deeds.

Bridges between worlds have been set, and the word impossible lost in the void that separates them

Adventures and dangers await.