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Alternate Title: The Snake Goes Ara Ara

By cruel trick of the fates, intervention of stupid gods, or just the apathy of an uncaring universe I find myself woken up as Orochimaru just after he had possessed a woman for his new host. Now I need to find a way to turn this hoard of sycophants and psychos into something that will not only keep me from an early grave, but also how to change it to a force of change in this messed up world.

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Humorous and Enjoyable

Reviewed at: Chapter 24

This is an extremely entertaining fan fiction. I started reading this when it showed up on the rising stars page, which I trawl for content every once in a while. I binged the entire story in one night, and am eagerly awaiting more.

The style is excellent. I'm really not entirely sure why, but I really enjoy reading the chapters on a level separate from the content. It flows and moves along at a very comfortable pace that appeals to me.

The story is probably the best part of this fic. The world of Naruto is realized in exacting detail, with the ripples from the MCs actions being clear and easily followed, and almost always hilarious. Seeing the way that the plot continues to develop in surprising and interesting ways kept me reading even when I really should have gone to bed.

The grammar is, for the most part, quite good, but some errors do manage to slip through. I would recommend letting patreon readers proofread a day or two before the chapters go live publicly.

The characters are, except for the MC, lifted straight from Naruto. I've never read or watched Naruto, so I can't say how accurate they are to their counterparts, but they feel like fleshed out and real people in this story. The reactions to the MCs are the driving force of the story, and seeing how the many characters react to her in their own unique ways that make sense with their character, is always enjoyable.

In summary, this is a very enjoyable fiction, and I highly recommend it.


Best fanfiction I've ever read

Reviewed at: Chapter 31

As someone who has watched an unhelathy amount of Naruto, I can honestly say I enjoy this version of events far more than the offical one.

Orochimaru was one of my least favourite characters in the show, but had Orochimama replaced him, she would have been my favourite!

This story is very well written and the author has done a great job of keeping true to the world Masashi Kishimoto created. By making only subtle changes, as Orichimama's actions and words cause small ripples, the story remains close enough to the original to keep you on the edge of your seat, while being different enough to keep the reader engaged.

Featuring some (or many) of your favourite characters the author makes small chages to the original story, so that many side characters, who didn't get much time in the original, are now front and centre. This change in perspective and increased relevance of previously minor characters makes the story feel fresh and new ... something that says a lot about the authors ability when that story has as much content as Naruto!

Overall a thoroughly enjoyable read for someone who's enjoyed (some of) the original Naruto story!

And even if you nothing about the original, this version is certainly worth a try!


One of the best fanfics I've read. Does a lot of things really well, but I'm gonna focus on the few flaws it has. 

The biggest flaw it has is the style, in that for whatever reason it falls into the same trap as lot of fanfics where it decides to use Japanese terminology for stuff that has perfectly usable English translations. Stuff like "Otogakure no sato" or "yondaime" where the meaning gets lost unless you are familiar with Naruto and know some Japanese. Why not just call it the "Hidden Sound Village", and use "Fourth"? The anime did a pretty good job of balancing what terms were left in Japanese like Akatsuki, rasengan, chidori, hokage, jutsu, etc. while translating stuff like shadow clone, tailed beast, water release/style. A good rule of thumb would be to translate stuff that offers information, for example hokage doesn't need to be translated because knowing what it's literal meaning is doesn't matter and it doesn't translate well into english, but knowing that the yondaime hokage is the fourth hokage does matter, and so it should be translated. Same with the villages, it's confusing to people that aren't super familiar with Naruto to call them by their Japanese names rather than their English ones. 

Also to do with style, very occasionally a line comes off pretty cheesy, but there's only maybe two of those lines so far, so it's not really that much of an issue.

Only other flaw I'll point out is that some chapters have a real issue with maintaining a consistent tense, particularly some of the action ones where it switches back and forth between present and past tenses, making it difficult to read. I'd suggest trying to keep to past tense.

Other than that pretty much everything else is great. Characters are good, story is good. Writing is good. Keep up the good work


At first, i thought this was going to be some sort of lewd crack-fic, only to have any and all expectations broken and now i'm looking foward to chapter uptades.

The protagonist is interesting too, compared to the more... mediocre template most fan-fictions use i'm looking foward to the new life(?) that she'll have, spreading chaos everywhere, getting drunk, committing war crimes, cooking, and all the details in between.

Very well written too, character interacton is glorious, not cringe, consistent worldbuilding, good grammar (idk i didn't spot any mistakes), i can't predict what's going to happen next, and even when i do know, i look foward to see what happens along with character reactions and the inpact that her actions have in the world.


I read this on another site already but couldnt help but reread it here when i saw it. It is very good. The si/oc fuses with orichimaru gaining all of their power, memories, and reputation. This is both a blessing and a curse. Its difficult to use metaknowledge to save the day when everyone thinks you are a traitor with zero morals, so a rebrand is in order and hilarity ensues. 


This Is Really FUN!!!

Reviewed at: Chapter 33

Jumping in as Orochimaru is genius I haven't seen yet. The story is really fun just with the main character's charisma alone. After reading the frist ark it really showed this story's potential so if nothing at least read that and have a laugh, stay if you like or don't after that. Gave a advanced Five Stars to help the algorithm or whatnot, a realistic 4 Star so far over all.

I do have a minor critique from what I've read so far. It feels like the author doesn't know how dark they want the world to be. (See spoiler below πŸ‘‡)

You have this protagonist who is striving to build a hidden village with 21st century morals. Carrying the identity, emotional baggage and life experience of one of the most prolific and indifferent slaughters in the ninja world.

BUT, there are times where certain character interactions or even points of planning should be darker/more pragmatic to ground the story with the protagonist and world setting we have. I mean the Shinobi world is a place that deals death left and right as easy as people breathe in and out. So the character's currently "peaceful" approach simply cannot last and/or should be adjusted.

The character is just a bit too optimistic about how they deal with things. It leads me to question, will they end up paying for this by suffering a loss later on?? Will Author-nim address this by evolving the character into a dangerous but reliable leader that protects her village later vs the current smart funny fluff ball milf with spikes they are now. Or what? I'm not sure.

It wouldn't be a problem if this was pure light comedy. But it isn't. And I wouldn't enjoy it as much as I do if it were.

I look forward to the next chapter Author-nim. We are WAITING!! ☺️



I was very hesitant to read this. I'm not much of a Naruto fan, nor do I like most fan fictions.

I regret not hesitating longer, as I could've binged more chapters if I waited.

I like the sense of humor of the author, He writes fight scenes well, and everything makes sense.

At least to me, who isn't very well versed in the Naruto.

It's smooth to read, enjoyable, and It may be one of the causes of my mediocre grades in uni, as I should be learning for an exam right about now.


Every time a new chapter comes out it just makes me want to reread the entire story again. Characters are great and the language flows nicely.

Keep up the great work and be sure to check out the other stories!



Count to 5 with me 1 2 3 4 5



Couldnt put my phone down, its that good

Reviewed at: Chapter 36

I like the concept of the story and I love how Orochimaru trolls everyone. The humor is gold

I cackled at Kakashis situation in wave and how Naruto weirdly knows how Orochimaru thinks. Also, Sakuras action on the bridge is pretty bad ass, to protect Tazuna after being that badly hurt and sassing him into doing what she needs to keep them safe. Awesome


It's hilarious and well thought out

Reviewed at: Chapter 35

I came here expecting shit, I'll be honest. Now I'm angry it only updates one per month because I need more. I. NEED. MORE. It's great if you've read Naruto, and it's still totally enjoyable if you didn't I think. It's great. I can't say anything else about it.

No, I can. All characters are exactly the way they would be in canon if the original author used a shred of rationality and logic while writing Naruto. The main character is absolutely amazing, hilarious, with a backup plan for the backup plan, and trying to be objectively good although being known as the bad guy (girl), the original characters created by the author are exeptionally believable and pursue their goals in believable ways. The story seems to be going in unexpected directions and I want more. Did I say I want more?

I didn't see any grammar mistakes or even misspelling, which normally happens fast when writing. It's quality stuff.

I wouldn't hesitate to call it a piece of rational literature, until now there were no serious plot holes and all the canon stuff was blended in this new world beautifully in a way that made perfect sense. Congrats on that.