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Alternate Title: The Snake Goes Ara Ara

By cruel trick of the fates, intervention of stupid gods, or just the apathy of an uncaring universe I find myself woken up as Orochimaru just after he had possessed a woman for his new host. Now I need to find a way to turn this hoard of sycophants and psychos into something that will not only keep me from an early grave, but also how to change it to a force of change in this messed up world.

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Crafter of puns, guilder of innuendo

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I don't/didn't watch Naruto nor have I ever had much of an interest for the show.

But this is good, really good. Not good fanfiction good, just a generally well written book kind of good.

The characters and the world are well fleshed out, and though I can't speak for how much of that is from the show itself, the fact that it's written this way is still a huge plus. It's actually funny, lots of nose exhales on this one. And I just find it enjoyable enough that I lost some sleep over it.

I still can't pin down what specific quality of a book makes it so enganging, but this one has that in spades and you should read it.


I think the only thing that I would like for this story to add is a link to the characters wiki page or something because I have no idea who these people are. Most of the time it doesn't really matter since you can pick it up through context clues and just treat it like an in media res type story. But it would be nice, though that doesn't actually have anything to do with the quality of the story.



This fic could have easily become a power stomping SI wankfest but it manages to not be that. It has a bizarre premise but the characters in the setting regard it that way too. Seeing others reactions and theories has been what makes this story shine. All the characters feel real and with good logic that just doesn't understand the out of context problem that is the main character.

The MC also uses the flirting of the main character both for humor and strategically. Many times you can see plainly how the "Ara ara act" is an attempt to make people unbalanced and is absolutely a strategy of the MC. 

Overall, really great. There is the occasional missed word, but otherwise grammar is good. I reccomend for certain you don't let this slip by if you are even vaguely aware of the Naruto series.



Bad-touch-pedo-snake-man is now a prosmiscuous busty lady, mayhem ensues and everyone involved proceeds to have a stroke.

Its pretty good, better than it has any right to be, well written and incredibly entertaining, haven't laughed this hard in quite a while.

A few minor grammer issues here and there but nothing too bothersome.

Defintively give this a try if you read/watched Naruto.



A very great strange story and awful mental images

Reviewed at: Chapter 13

The Author got evil pedo snake man, Isekai'ed & genderbent him, and we get Orochimama.

It's as weird as it sounds, but the author puts in effort to make this more than a "ha ha, X evil character is now good, watch shenanigans"

Author is REALLY worldbuilding.

The Naruto manga isnt just a setting for this novel, its the world of this novel. You really feel that Orichimama is actually interacting organically with people, and changing things accidentally or purposefully in the timeline. Nothing really feels forced, no Deus Ex Machina.

The characters feel like people, not just excuses for "X shenanigan or Y funny reaction"

So far, this feels like it's own novel, and not a fanfic, as everything flows well, cause and effect is well in place, and the Author really puts in that time to make the story immersive.

Also we get to see Orichimaru drop innuendos, flirt and go "ara ara" , in addition to hilariously terrorizing Kakashi, and trying her level best to stop her subordinates from committing constant crimes against humanity.

Hilarious, believable, and the Author's style is honestly great.

Go read, you will like it a lot more than you think it will. 





Still Unreasonably Good

Reviewed at: Chapter 35

As Sininenblue points out, this is unreasonably good for a fanfiction.  A few ideal thoughts: 

1) I'm not familiar with Naruto.  And while I realize that this is a fan fiction, it's confusing for quite a while with the lack of background.  I'd suggest that for broader appeal, you include a 1-2k word forword laying out the background generally. E.g., "Naruto takes place in ___, a ninja world.  Ninja's channel chakra and can perform superhuman feats called jutsu, which can including creating elements, summoning creatures, and exceeding the limits of the human body. Ninja's form organizations called villages.  Hidden villages are ___.  Political power is concentrated in ___. ___ are beginning ninjas, and in rising seniority, you have ___, ___, and ___, who are the top ninjas, with only ___ in the world." Etc. 

2) There are far too many Japanese loan words.  Indeed, a good portion of the humor is even based around the phrase "ara ara", which despite my consumption of Japanese anime, I don't think I've ever heard that before.  It makes it quite hard to follow at times. 

3) The synopsis is remarkably unclear what the premise of the story is (which is why I took so long to actually read this). So here it is: Orochimaru is an supervillain ninja with a predilection for snakes and bodyswapping, and is one of the major antagonists of the protagonists in Naruto. Orochimaru heads a classic evil organization where actual power is concentrated in himself and his lieutenants, with everyone else being useless cannon fodder. They also love human experimentation, among other depravities. The premise is that this human female soul from Earth possesses Orochimaru (eats his soul?) just as Orochimaru is in turn body swapping into a female body (this may or may not make her a nesting doll). Disgusted by Orochimaru's past actions and his organization, our protagonist decides to turn his organization to good and improve the world and, if she's lucky, maybe get laid a few times.  Of course, Orochimaru's past reputation is so great that everyone thinks that her good actions are part of a broader scheme of evil (to many laughs) and our protagonist, despite being a self-proclaimed busty MILF, has zero luck getting laid (also to many laughs). 

4) Chapters 1-3 are terrible. I struggled through them and was about to put the story down as not for me. But I skipped to chapter 9, read that liked it, backtracked to chapter 4 and that was when things really started coming together.  So, persevere through those initial chapters, dear reader.


Give it a go, MAMAMA MAMA!!!

Reviewed at: Chapter 5

This is actually really good! Characters are in tune with their manga counterparts, which make for some hilarious moments. I recommend anyone a fan of Naruto to give this a try. Only complaint I may have is that some of the sentences are grammatically incorrect, and could use a comma or two. 


This author saw a glimpse of God

Reviewed at: Chapter 28

The bad? There are a couple of spelling mistakes in each chapter - like 1-2 small letter mistakes. He also doe not have allowed the reader correction comments, so it does not seem like they will be spotted and corrected soon. Another problem is the slight lack of descriptions of characters to make them more distinguishable from others. The author assumes the readers have a basic understanding of Naruto characters. The extent of this is: the characters are not described much or not at all. This is probably a non-issue for most tho.

The good? Everything else???? The characters are believable and the universe is portrayed beautifully so far. It is naturally funny due to the complete insanity of it all. This story is just ~~cheff's kiss. Just read it. The worst that can happen is finding yourself google searching characters of naruto.

Sometimes authors get a glimpse of God and the dimensions beyond. This creates ideas that are too good for this world. I will fight a puma bare handed if that makes the author continue clanking the divine printing machine.

Comments for the author: Just patreon and shuttle up and away brother. We require more of this.~Ara~Ara out.


It's just fun, and a very good fanfiction.

Reviewed at: Chapter 29

A fanfiction where a prexisting story is used and a author puts their own twist into the story or characters. This author changes a older Naruto villain nearly entirely, while keeping some small parts that are key to the character. 


I wish I didn't have to write 50 words for a story that only has 20ish chapters (so far).


FanFiction meets good writing and interesting plot

Reviewed at: Chapter 23

The title says it all, i normally hate fanfiction stories, because digging through the heaping pile of flaming garbage to find something actually good is way more work then i want. 

But this, this is golden. The story is hilarous, the characters even though they're all familiar are funny, the writing is actually good, all in all solid funny story that i can't wait for more! 


Great story idea, comes from an angle many have considered but often either go down the super villain path or too altruistic or idealized. 

This story has a nice balance and takes the time to flesh out the beginning and interactions.

Looks at multiple povs to see the reaction from other side which is very entertaining 

Hope you continue