The Rise of the Winter Wolf

The Rise of the Winter Wolf

by WolfShine

Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity
  • Traumatising content

What would you do if your entire life was suddenly changed at the drop of a hat?

The entire population of the world that you were born into suddenly transported to another planet along with the rest of the intelligent inhabitants of the Milky Way Galaxy.

A strange System talking to you about abilities and levels without a care for your opinions.

Thousands of monster spawning dungeons placed around the new world without a care for the new inhabitants.

And if those weren't bad enough, a forced invitation for one thousand random individuals to compete in a livestreamed competition within a dungeon with the rank of Administrator as the prize.

You don’t know?

Well, it’s actually pretty simple.

You survive.

Wolf Adler is a seemingly average college student who is still living with his family when he, along with every other human on the planet, are faced with a strange blue box filling up their vision warning them about an upcoming reappropriation of every being of sufficient intelligence to a new planet for the initialization of some sort of System.

Now, what would an average person do if they saw this?

Ignore it and act as if it didn’t happen?

Joke about it perhaps?

If that’s the case, then maybe Wolf Adler isn’t all that average after all.

Not unless you count him and his family all rushing to grab something they can use as a weapon before a small countdown on the bottom of the box reaches zero as average.

There is only one main protagonist, but the story does have more than one perspective that it is told from. It's mostly first person from the main protagonist and third person perspective for the livestreams.

Feedback of all kinds is always welcomed! I do make edits if your suggestions or criticism makes sense, whether they are from reviews, comments, or private messages!

The release schedule right now is at least 1 chapter a day, with most days having two chapters. The chapters themselves range from 1800 words to 3300 words each, but the average chapter length is around 2000-2700 words.

This is my third story as of now.

The gore warning on the novel might not apply, but I am keeping it on there anyways just to give me room in case I ever do write something someone might consider too graphic gore wise.

I do not write sexual content or harem stuff. I am also not very interested in writing romance, so if you think you might see some romance, then you are probably wrong unless it's only a slight hint at romance or a slow romance very far into the story.

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Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
B1 | Prologue ago
B1 | Chapter 1 - The New World - Aegis ago
B1 | Chapter 2 - Monsters ago
B1 | Chapter 3 - A Welcome Surprise Amidst The Chaos ago
B1 | Chapter 4 - The System Store ago
B1 | Chapter 5 - An Interesting Discovery ago
B1 | Chapter 6 - Trouble at the Safe Zone ago
B1 | Chapter 7 - System Communications ago
B1 | Chapter 8 - Class Selection ago
B1 | Chapter 9 - Another Tutorial ago
B1 | Chapter 10 - Arcadian Live ago
B1 | Chapter 11 - The Administrator Dungeon ago
B1 | Chapter 12 - Murderer with a God Complex ago
B1 | Chapter 13 - Expanded System Store ago
B1 | Chapter 14 - Lucky Days ago
B1 | Chapter 15 - A Nice Nap ago
B1 | Chapter 16 - Winter Wolf ago
B1 | Chapter 17 - The Surprise Visitor ago
B1 | Chapter 18 - Dungeon of Deepfrost ago
B1 | Chapter 19 - The Second Floor ago
B1 | Chapter 20 - Competitors ago
B1 | Chapter 21 - Dungeon Clear on Aegis ago
B1 | Chapter 22 - Zombie Knight and the Mysterious Benefactor ago
B1 | Chapter 23 - The Fallen and A Surprise Meeting ago
B1 | Chapter 24 - Pandora's Box ago
B1 | Chapter 25 - Aftermath and Ghosts Galore ago
B1 | Chapter 26 - Ghost Hunting ago
B1 | Chapter 27 - Third Floor and A Siren's Interview ago
B1 | Chapter 28 - Catching Up and Watcher Ghoul ago
B1 | Chapter 29 - Why didn't it have a mouth? ago
B1 | Chapter 30 - Level 25 and A Strange Meeting ago
B1 | Chapter 31 - A Poisonous Twist of Fate ago
B1 | Chapter 32 - Answers ago
B1 | Chapter 33 - Sword Shopping, A Pharaoh, and Vulcan's Weakness ago
B1 | Chapter 34 - More Undead ago
B1 | Chapter 35 - Warning ago
B1 | Chapter 36 - Sharing Information ago
Preview for my next series ago
B1 | Chapter 37 - Close Call ago
B1 | Chapter 38 - Ankle Biters ago
B1 | Chapter 39 - Shifted Priorities ago
B1 | Chapter 40 - An Update and a New Record ago
B1 | Chapter 41 - Ice Flow, Vulcan, and A Miasmic Threat ago
B1 | Chapter 42 - The Seventh Floor ago
B1 | Chapter 43 - The Skeleton Troupe and The Temporary Company ago
B1 | Chapter 44 - Decision and Bones ago
B1 | Chapter 45 - The Castle Halls and the System Terminal ago
B1 | Chapter 46 - New Furniture ago
B1 | Chapter 47 - Mutation ago
B1 | Chapter 48 - No Longer Human ago
B1 | Chapter 49 - Figuring Things Out ago
B1 | Chapter 50 - New Rules and The Executive Stream ago
B1 | Chapter 51 - A Leisurely Nap and A Dangerous Encounter ago
B1 | Chapter 52 - The Invitation ago
B1 | Chapter 53 - Rejection ago

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Style - a lot of awkward phrasings, dialogue feels somewhat robotic and sometimes either lacking or, on the contrary, unnecessary, slowing down the flow of the story. Character perspectives split the relatively short chapters into multiple segments each, sometimes commentating on something relatively mundane that the main character did. In general, there's too big of a focus on creating a false sense of scale for each and every action the main character does.

Grammar - grammar is fine, excepting some of the aforementioned awkward phrasings. Nothing major though. In terms of how proficient the author is in English, the main problem is with the style.

Story - it's a reverse-isekai system apocalypse with an overpowered main character (or at least, the main character seems to be building up towards that). Nothing groundbreaking. The system seems solid, the abilities seem cool, and the world's a bit rudimentary. I might update this section once book 1 is done, since there really hasn't been enough time to tell.

Characters - the characters seem somewhat edgy and two dimensional. This has a lot to do with the dialogue being junky and the way the chapter segmentation is done.

Overall - It's not a masterpiece, not that great even, and certainly not something worth getting emotionally invested in. But it is fun as a turn-your-brain-off LitRPG fantasy so far. It's above average for RR in that department. I think that if what the author is aiming for is fun literary junk food, they've done a good job.

Kent Casandra

So far I've really been enjoying the story. I enjoy the quick pace and the no nonsense beginning.


Things to note:

Dialogue - Seems a bit awkward at times. If the author didn't add identifiers it would be hard to tell who's talking.

Characters - Same underlying problem with dialogue. Most of the characters so far have been a bit bland. Hopefully that resolves itself as we spend more time with them and figure them out. Right now though, they're a little samey. This issue is especially apparent with the announcers. There's not much difference between them honestly and if you exchange their names around for one chapter, I probably won't even notice.


Action - I've really been enjoying the fights. The descriptions make it easy to picture the moment to moment flow of combat. The clever use of and desciption of the environment during combat is a big plus for me.


Be wary but worth a try(gets better later on)

Reviewed at: B1 | Chapter 4 - The System Store

I originally gave this book a 2.5 but the author reached out to me and I gave him some tips to fix the first few chapters and they actually fixed it, if you can get around the dialogue which isn't the best as it feels so robotic and the pretty 2-D characters it's not bad, it's a reverse isekai a bit edgy but it's worth a try, it gets better later on I would recommend powering through


Really good Isekai/Litrpg book with a nice twist with the administrator dungeon. 

The story is a nice mixture of predictable plot mixed with enough twists and turns to make it interesting.  

The overall displays and presentation is really good and easy to read. Many authors have issues with this but not here.

I gave it a 4.5 for character and story score as some of the reveals (No spoilers) are a bit too unrealistic and are completely brushed off as if it's perfectly normal. The apparently unflappable nature of many of the main characters makes it almost seem as if they knew about the whole thing beforehand. I honestly would have put the story score lower because of these points if the rest of it wasn't so damn good.

The spectator aspect is really enjoyable and is a good way of explaining much of whats going on in a way that makes sense, further evidence for the high rating.

The Author has a good rythm going and switches between various character views smoothly, making it a joy to read.

Good grammer and spelling, if there were mistakes they were small enough that I didn't notice them. 

Overall, a really good book with a lot of good ideas and some interesting, if a tad wooden, characters. Looking forward to the rest. 


There are some unique elements and mechanics in this story that I think work well. Given time to really flush them out, as the story progresses, will be beneficial. I appreciate not getting bogged down in every level and summarizing gains as Wolf progresses.

The dialogue and personal interactions are stunted/stilted but given the explanations in the Author Notes, it makes sense. Improving this area would probably be the biggest help in pushing up the quality of this story.

Still, there is enough draw to continue reading and following this story.


It is a good book not overly much swearing, but some, it is well paced and her world building skills are good, not the best but still pretty good. If you are under the age of 11 than I would not suggest it. There is a possibility of sexual content. ( I don't know i am only on chapter 22)


I've been quite enjoying this one, it's as the title says, but it's not only the main character but also his family, currently the author hasn't really built more characters.

It has a theme similar to the hunger games, but unlike the hunger games, killing each other isn't the primary goal, which is nice.

I like that the audience seems to want the players to do well, they don't seem terribly bloodthirsty which I appreciate.

It seems well done, hopefully it continues to be so.

That's all folks!


This is another reverse isekai/multiverse novel but the author takes a different take on this genre. Instead of just standard apocalypse on earth because our planet is being integrated into a multiverse most of the story is being focused on special dungeon where our MC and other 999 people from our galaxy have to climb all 1000 floors to win. If this was all it still would be somewhat similar to other novels of this type but what makes it different is livestreaming of our MC and the rest of the participants of this special dungeon to the rest of the multiverse in the form of a reality TV show. Where other stories focus on happenings in the new world, in this story it's just a sideshow with the main focus being that livestream. Maybe in the future, if our MC finishes the special dungeon the story will move on fully to the outside world but I doubt this will happen anytime soon if it will at all. Still, it's a fine read if you have some time and are a fan of this genre.


Story with no tension but lots of wasted potential

Reviewed at: B1 | Chapter 30 - Level 25 and A Strange Meeting

There is potential in this story but that makes it even more painful to read.

The good parts: pacing is okey, monsters are fairly interesting, system is different enough to be enjoyable, worldbuilding is quite good if fairly limited, grammar is good and you can understand what the author tries to communicate.

The general idea has it's merits and is uncommon enough to pick your interest. The story starts with an extremely fast initiation to the system where lucky or quick thinking people get the advantage equal to the usefulness of the items in their possession. It's a very good introduction to the story but the chapter suffers from mediocre writing - character interactions fall flat

She raises an eyebrow and says, “Because I needed to ask you something.” 

I pause before turning to her in surprise. 

Did she really sit at the front door waiting for me to show up just to ask me something? 

“What did you want to ask?” I ask her, deciding to ignore her strange behavior like I always do. 

Katie has always been a little strange in that she can’t focus on anything if she has something on her mind. 

“First things first,” she says before looking me up and down, from my black pants to my black jacket. “You should really add some new colors to your wardrobe.” 

I look at her for a second through half closed eyes before turning around and walking further into the house. 

“Wait, Wolf! Stop! That wasn’t what I wanted to ask!” she shouts after me as she hurries to catch up. “I was actually wanting to ask you if you have any plans to see Aidan over the break!” 

Wait, what? 

I thought she had gotten over her feelings for him over a year ago? 

“Seriously?” I ask her as we pass by the living room, catching the attention of our parents who are sitting on one of the couches near the fireplace. 

“Yeah! He’s still your best friend, right?”


It almost seems like all beings in the universe suffer from communication problem (even if they're a host of a very popular show). It's hard to articulate what exactly is wrong with the dialogue, it's just feels off. Maybe part of it is that the characters never actually find out anything from each other (which would be the whole point of having a conversation),

I'm still amazed how MC's family doesn't provide him with crucial information. When he gets stuck in the dungeon they prefer to message him about their jealousy over his breakfast instead of reporting to him who he should watch out for (one of the other dwellers is a cold-blooded murderer but I guess they don't think he should know that - even though his parents are ASSASSINS who should know the value of a good intel from trusted source)


or that they don't have an engaging answer to each other questions (you don't have to always answer with the most literal, laconic thing that comes to mind),

When the host asks MC "Where you always this laid-back?" instead of "yes, i think so" he should answer with something that could make him more sympathetic or give us insight into his thought process/emotional control or provide some background information like "It may seem like I was cool but, truthfully, I was terrified. But I knew that by panicking I would reduce my chances of survival and I couldn't just give up, not for the world. I have a little sister to get back to. I have parents, friends. Panic was not an option. So I gathered myself and fought. Fought like I was trained to fight. When that skeleton was down I was surprised how easy it was. I should have had more faith in myself. To be honest the hardest part of fighting right now is reminding myself not to be overconfident". I feel like if you had a response like that then you can have the host ask multiple questions and continue the conversation fluidly instead of needing to change the subject. The dialogue is a fantastic tool for exposition and I feel like it's just wasting away in this story.


or that the conversation never has any bearing on the story - it's one and done, we don't have any established inside jokes - hell, we don't even have a single reference to the past conversation, like "he told me he didn't have any feeling for her but I could see his eyes finding their way over to hers" or "well, he told her about the whole SP problem so it's now her turn to explore the system a little".

What hurts me the most in this story is the whole livestream/commentary/interview thing. That was the part that made me pick up this story but it's so badly written that the story would be better off without it.

It has no bearing on the story. What do we find out from these scenes? The names of his competitors? Occasional breadcrumb about monsters? This is it? I'd like to see a discussion about best strategy to pass the floor, comparisons to the successful players/floors/monsters/strategy in the past runs, maybe some statistics to really show us how the MC is doing, a charismatic host swaying the crowd to support/not support a character based on some political plays, crowd reaction to the events beyond applause.

Who do we get as a host (or rather hosts but it doesn't matter because they all act the same anyway)? An idiot that is surprised every second sentence, who doesn't remember what happened to the players a few days before, who just narrates instead of commenting (why does he need to narrate what is happening? THERE'S A SCREEN RIGHT NEXT TO HIM! THAT EVERYBODY SEES!)


There's a lot of other issues, mainly having to do with character development (or lack of thereof). All beings in the world seem pretty stupid and fight obsessed - that about sums it up. The MC get an additional description of being an introvert and liking cold. That's it. We don't even know what he studies despite his despair over unmarked finals being mentioned twice. And don't get me started on his family that doesn't seem to care for him at all (doesn't provide crucial information inspite of having the means to do so) and was created as a means to message MC about pizza. His sister is immature and his parents are ASSASSINS of all things (if the author wants to have an assassin parents in the modern setting he should explain it somehow instead of treating it like a normal carrier choice. Why couldn't they be FBI agents? Or material artists? Still a little bit too convinient but at least believe.) And what ASSASSIN USES A SWORD! IT'S RIDICULOUS! The author explaination for the sword is "yeah, it's a bit weird not to mention unpractical but let's move on and be grateful for the convinient sword master at hand".

The last big problem this story has is a lack of direction. The MC is overpowered from the start and is nearly flawless. The point of the story seems to be gaining power for power sake. MC doesn't have any motivation or ambition beyond surviving (which he doesn't struggle with since he's overpowered). There's no tension here.

What we do have is a subplot as to why the system initiation even begun but it's not interesting - it seems far removed from the MC's life and whatever the answer is the reader knows it won't have a huge impact on the story.


Plus the aforementioned lack of tension negatively impacts the quality of fighting scenes. They're entertaining enough but they will never be capable of influencing the reader emotionally.

This story isn't bad but it's definitely not good either. I'm tired and frustrated after reading it and will not continue.


I would recommend this book. The character building has little depth(my standards are high), but the details on the actions are amazing. The first few chapters were a little bit of a hard read for me because I kept on questioning how he was special(explained later on, if briefly). Once I got past the first few chapters I immediately got hooked. I am antsy for the next chapter and can't wait for more.

In summary it is a great action book. It gets to the action fast, and is set up for a great future plot. 

(To Author) Thanks for writing and can't wait for more! ^w^