It was already 9 pm when Keji woke up from his nap, he fell asleep watching tv. Keji got up from his bed and checked time when he saw the time he got ready to move.


“It’s almost time for me to move, also it’s almost been a full day since the coin event was first started”


“I wonder how much people are participating”


These were a few things Keji was saying when talking to himself


As he was changing little did he know someone was already looking for him


“From the info, my grandpa provided someone spotted him in this town recently”


“He shouldn’t be hard to spot since I already know how he looks like”


“Now maybe if I stay on top of this building I might be able to view him from afar if he’s on the run”


Aika was on top of a random building viewing the town looking for the person who possessed the coin that she needed to win this event


Keji was ready to move, he had a black coat that he bought from a clothing store when he had gone out for food


“It’s almost time to go on the run, I just need it to hit 10 pm and I’ll move”


Keji was just waiting for it to hit 10 pm since that’s when many people were walking through the streets going home from clubs, jobs, etc


He knew he had to be careful since another announcement was gonna happen soon, one that Tatsuo didn’t mention when he first announced the event


The announcement Tatsuo was gonna announce was the person who possessed the coin information on who they are and where their location is


He told Katsuro this when he was on his way to Takayama, he suddenly got a call from him at the time


“Hello Katsuro”




“Katsuro I got to tell you something new I decided to add to this event”


“What is it?”


“Everday I will be announcing who has the coin and where their location is”


“I shouldn’t tell you this part but since I’ve taken a liking to you, so I will tell you”


“The coin you have and are protecting has a tracker which tells me your location at all times”


“It also identifies who possesses the coin”


“I wanted to let you know all of this as a heads up so your not caught off guard hiding somewhere you think your safe”


“I won’t announce your exact location but I will expose the area around you”


“Thank you, I appreciate it for letting me know in advance”


“No problem, well I have to go so good luck”


That is how their call went


“I still have time before he announces it so I should move during that period”


It was finally 10 pm and Keji went down into the lounge of the motel


“Hello, I wanted to return the key for the room early”


“Okay that’s fine thank you and I hope you enjoyed your stay here”


Keji exited the building and started moving


Since it was mid-winter, there was a bit of snow outside and it was a bit cold too


“Good thing for this black coat”


As Keji was walking down the street, he felt as he was being watched


“Did someone already see through my disguise?”


As he kept walking while trying not to be suspicious, someone was looking around for a certain somebody


“I’ve been up here for about an hour and haven’t seen him yet”


Just as she was saying that she noticed someone leaving a motel suspiciously


“Why does that guy look like he’s in a hurry”


“I’ll get closer to get a better look at him”


Aika left her spot at the building she was on top of and got closer to this guy


She was suspicious of the guy but he didn’t fit the description of the person she was looking for


Still, since she couldn’t find Katsuro who possessed the coin, she decided to go after this guy who looked weak for some quick money, she was right behind the guy


“I might as well do something while I wait for Katsuro to move”


She kept following the guy, it looked like the guy noticed her presence as he started taking narrow pathways towards the end of the town


“Is it a girl who’s following me?”


“Please don’t tell me she’s gonna attack me now”


“I guess I got no other choices besides fighting back”


“I need to fight her either somewhere private with little people around or outside of town, I don’t want to draw attention”


“That would lead me to me getting hunted by more people”


“That is something I’m not ready for just yet”


While they both kept walking, Aika noticed there were fewer people and thought it was now best to attack


“Hey empty your pockets and give me whatever money you have, if you do as I say you I won’t hurt you”




Just as Aika thought the guy went for his gun and tried shooting her, so he shot him


“That fucking hurt”


“You thought that would work”


“Do you know who I am?”


“I am one of the best assassins in this world”


Just as Aika ego was speaking Keji was thinking of a way to escape


“How can I get out of this situation”


Keji was trying to stay cool minded while losing blood in his right arm


“I might have to surrender, for now, I don’t know anything about fighting especially compared to an assassin” was thinking Katsuro


“Here this is all the money I have right now”


“Hopefully she won’t ask me about the coin”


Keji gave Aika a good amount of money hoping that would be enough


“Hmm not bad, I’ll let you go”


“You shouldn’t be out late you know, it’s only 10 pm but with the new event everyone is being on the lookout for the person with the coin to inherit the money”


“That’s some advice I’ll give you since there are other people who would kill you on the spot even though you gave some money”


“Thank you and I won’t be out late”


Just as Aika was walking away to go back to her hiding spot, Katsuro started talking


“My name is Hiraoka Keji, I’m participating in the coin event but I don’t know how to fight for myself, you were claiming just now that you’re the best assassin in the world”


“Team up with me and teach me how to fight”


“Why should I, what’s in it for me if I help you”


“You would be a burden for me”


“I know you’re right I would only be a burden but please I beg you”


Aika wanted to say no to him but the image of her grandpa popped up in her head as he trained Aika to fight for herself when no one else cared about her


“Fine I’ll help you but once I see you slacking off or you almost get us killed it’s over”


“Thank you, what’s your name if you don’t mind me asking?”


“It’s Ms.Aika”


“Okay, Aika I look forward to being your student”


“Please don’t call me that just call me Aika and show me your wound I’ll treat it ”

A note from Yaee

Author’s words:


Aika and Keji (Katsuro) are now a team while they try to look for the person who has possession of the coin, Keji and Katsuro are the same person just to clarify. 


Thanks for reading! 

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