Katsuro had woken up and it was now 3 pm when he woke up. He went into the restroom to look at his hair before leaving his room to go eat


“I don’t think it looks bad on me,” said Katsuro while playing with his hair


Katsuro then left his room and went to go eat, he was walking around looking for a restaurant to eat at


He eventually found one, it was a ramen shop, it looked decent from the outside. Katsuro walked in still trying to hide his face with a facemask when one of the workers sat him down at a table.


There was a small group sitting behind him, he was able to hear everything the group of men was talking about.


Katsuro ordered what he wanted and decided to hear what the group was talking about


“Hey did you hear about the coin event thing,” said one of the men


“Yeah, I already signed up for it”


“Yeah I did too”


“The guy that has the coin looks weak I think we could easily take the coin away from him”


“Since we all signed up for the event why don’t we try to win this together”


“Yeah we could team up”


“Yeah all of us could take that guy”


“I heard he’s from the big city Kitakyushu that isn’t too far from here”


“We should head over there to see if he is still there maybe hiding somewhere there”


“Let's go later tonight”


Katsuro was hearing all of that while enjoying his ramen, he was thinking about how much people were participating in this event.


“Will a lot of people come for me?”


This is one of the few thoughts that were going through katsuro mind during hearing their whole conversation


Katsuro finished his food and paid for his meal, he left the restaurant as fast as possible to not be caught by the men looking for him.


He went back to the inn and went into his room to hide in there until the night hit


Katsuro hadn’t checked his phone at all so he decided to check it while he was laying down on his bed


He noticed he had a call and message from his manager, the message read


“Don’t worry about your job just survive”


Katsuro was shocked at what his manager sent him but at the same time he was not since his manager and he got along so he was happy to see him still caring about him


He checked social media and saw that the coin event was trending, many people were posting, tweeting about the event.


Some of the tweets and posts were talking about how they wanted to win this event for their families or their greed.


“I want to win this event to help my family and support them”


“I want the inheritance to buy my dream car, designer clothes, and other things for myself”


Some other ones would talk about how they would get the coin to win


“I would try to take the coin away without hurting the guy first then if he doesn’t want to give it to me, I would kill him for it”


“I would kill the guy just to win and get the money”


Katsuro wasn’t surprised about the stuff that people were saying due to him knowing people would kill him just for the inheritance


Katsuro knew many people would come for him, he was a bit nervous about it but was ready to go against them.


Another thing Katsuro was thinking about was maybe having another person join him to help him fight back the people coming for him


“I think I need another person to help me defend myself”


“It would help in case I wouldn’t be able to hold myself against groups of people teaming up”


“Hopefully I could find someone trustworthy though”


Katsuro then noticed it was 5 pm already and decided to just watch tv to pass time until it gets dark

A note from Yaee

Author’s words: 

This chapter was just another short/slow chapter explaining Katsuro's feelings and what people around the world are thinking about the event. The next chapter will feature a new character and will lead to a small battle. 

Thanks for reading

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