Katsuro was walking on the road while thinking about what had just happened


“I would’ve never thought that Yuichi would attack me like that”


“I hope I didn’t kill him though, at the end of the day he’s a good friend of mine even if he tries to kill me,” thought Katsuro while wiping his tears


“It’s 5 am, the first day of the seven days I have to hold onto the coin while keeping my life”


Katsuro walked for about a mile, he needed another mile to reach the other town he was going to stay at


“After leaving Yuichi home, I decided it would be better if I were to go into another town and look for an inn to stay in.”


“I also might change my identity for my safety”


Half an hour passed and Katsuro made it to the nearby town named “Takayama”, Katsuro was wearing his hood up with a face mask and changed clothes since his other clothes had blood splattered on them from his short battle with Yuichi


“It isn’t as big as the city from where I came from but it’s a decent size”


Katsuro went into a store that was nearby and looked for hair dye


“I wonder if they have the color of dye I want”


Katsuro found the color of dye he wanted and paid for it. The cashier didn’t seem to notice who he was, he left the store and went looking for an inn to stay in.


Katsuro walked around in the streets of Takayama and eventually found an inn to stay in, it was a decent looking inn with a few cars in the parking lot


Katsuro entered the inn and goes to the front desk where a worker was at


“Hello, I was wondering if you guys had an open room for me to stay in?”


“Good morning sir and yes we do, would you like a single bedroom?”


“Yes that’s fine”


“Alright then, what is your name sir?”


Katsuro thought about changing his identity during the event and had thought of a name while his walk to the town


“It’s .. Hiraoka Keiji”


He came up with Hiraoka Keiji from two-game characters that he loved as a child


“Okay, Mr.Hiraoka”


Katsuro finished the transaction with the worker at the front desk and headed to his room


“Okay so far it looks like no one knows who I am, that’s great”


Katsuro got to his room and opened the door, the room itself was decent he didn't expect much since it hadn’t cost him much


He was only planning on staying there for the day till it hit night again and so he could move again


Katsuro went into the restroom and began to change his hair color


The color that Katsuro decided to go with was white, it was the opposite color that he had before which was black


Katsuro decided on this color since it was pretty average to see someone with the hair color white as it was rising in popularity at the time.


After Katsuro dyed his hair he went straight to bed since his fatigue was starting to hit him hard

A note from Yaee

Author’s words


This chapter was short since it was right after the first battle in the series, Katsuro finally got to settle down for the day since the event started. I apologize for not updating, since break is over for me I returned back to school I will be updating the series frequently though. The next chapter will be about his encounter with other people staying in the inn. I will also be trying to express the characters feelings more in the upcoming chapters


Thanks for reading!


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