Coin Event



Chapter 3 : The first battle (Pt 2)


After the announcement ended Katsuro looked back at Yuichi and saw he had a surprised, guilty look on his face.


They sat in silence and Yuichi was the one to break the silence by saying my name.


“Katsuro I’ll be right back”


Yuichi went into his room and left Katsuro there on the couch


“I think I should leave before something else happens”


Just as Katsuro was getting up from the couch, Yuichi yelled at him


“Katsuro stay there and don’t move”


“Why are you pointing a gun at me”


“Give me the coin okay”


“Are you fucking with me?”


“I’m being serious, hand me the coin”


Katsuro was standing now with his hands in the air, he kept his gun in his back but if he tried to go for it most likely Yuichi would shoot him


“Are you gonna backstab me already, it barely got announced, please Yuichi don’t do this”


“Yes I’m sorry it’s just with all that money I could keep my family stable and with the kid, we will need it”


“Plus I wanna invest into my business with that money, I could make it big Katsuro with all that money”


“Ria also agrees with me, she was the one to make my decision on what I should do and that is to get the money”


“People will come for you, for the coin”


“Are you really gonna do this to me because your wife told you too, I know you love her but I’ve also been there for you since childhood”


“Is our friendship nothing? All those years we spent as childhood friends growing up together?”


“I know I’m sorry but I know what I have to do and that is to win this event”


“So give me the coin now before I shoot you”


Katsuro was thinking of what to do but was disgusted with the fact Yuichi was saying all of it with a calm face like he didn’t care about what he was doing


“Here then”


Katsuro was going into his back pocket for the “coin” then he quickly pulled out his gun and shot Yuichi in the leg


“What the fuck man”


“I’m sorry Yuichi you were a good friend to me but you backstabbed me and acted like nothing ever happened”


Yuichi dropped onto the floor bleeding out, Katsuro was sobbing of course because that was his childhood friend but he understood when this event started things would be like this.


“Ria get the other gun and shoot him” yelled Yuichi


Ria came out with a gun but before she came Katsuro got Yuichi and had him captive


“If you don’t drop the gun I will shoot him” he yelled


“Just do it Ria shoot him don’t worry about me, okay, everything will be fine as long as you do I tell you” cried Yuichi


“I’m sorry Yuichi I can’t think of the idea of you dying, I need you to be on my side”


Ria drops the gun, Katsuro sees this and let’s go of his old childhood friend


There was a puddle of blood near him, it was a lot of blood to the point where it was concerning if he would still live from all the blood loss.


Yuichi was already unconscious from the blood loss and was just on the floor laying down there


Ria rushed to Yuichi and spoke to Katsuro about the situation


“Katsuro I just wanted to let you know that I was the one to convince him into getting the coin, he hesitated because you were his childhood friend but I kept telling him to sign up and go after you”


“So don’t be angry with him but with me”


“I just wanted to let you know that and there is something else I wanted to tell you”


“If Yuichi doesn’t make it out alive I will hunt you down until this event is over just know that”


She was crying and had an angered expression, after hearing that from her Katsuro decided to move quickly, it was a little over 4 am after leaving their house


“I need to move on quickly, I don’t have time to think about that (the situation with his childhood friend), I signed up to this when I decided not to give away the coin,” he thought while clearing his tears

A note from Yaee

I was debating if I should add a bit of action into this chapter and almost didn’t but in the end, did, I hope I made the right decision. The next chapter will start with our main character on the run, maybe he will come across a new character. I ended up releasing this chapter since I didn’t have much to do but just in case if I don’t release one tomorrow, happy thanksgiving, and hope you all have a great holiday with the people you are thankful for. 


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