Hey Readers!


As always thank you very much for your support.

So tomorrow or next day I will try to do a real chapter.

But I had 2 items of business to go over.


First, I did put up a Witch Tamer, Book 1 set up on my patreon page.

This is

Its up....however patreon is a bit clumsy to use. And I'm still figuring it out.


These patreon people seem a little nuts to be honest to me lol. Like when you try to do anything with them or find links to how to set anything up it takes you to 100 links...but all 100 of those links are people talking about how to get rich, and be popular, and have the elite life style. LOL. Its seriously funny in a way because its like, what are these people smoking? Do they even care about value for people? To me value is important you know, because its also about if you are really looking out for people and being honest, not just trying to get stuff!

So I was very frustrated with it, and its sort of a cumbersome system.

But for readers the point is, "Can I give you something less cost than using an alternative and give you more value than the other current system?"

That's what I'm interested in. And Ama you know takes a huge chunk out of it. But patreon doesn't take that much. Ama zon is very easy to use and nice but it does not let us go outside the box or do things a bit differently. And it penalizes me for going cheap with readers; I don't like that.

So the experiment is going to be lets see if I can have 'The Witch Tamer, book 1' on Patreon, and see if people will take a bite there.

Please verify for me that its working, and it will come out as a PDF one shot ebook. So you go to the 'Tier' that says Witch Tamer, and its a one time $2.25. But if I do the same thing on Ama zon I have to charge $2.99 and they take a whole dollar.

So what does that mean?

It means I want to see if this ebook can be done on patreon for a bit if possible as an experiment, rather than on inflexible Ama zon.  

So you can help me with this experiment to make sure it works. If it doesn't then I will try something else.

But I think it can work. Its just a 2 step process. You do the Witch Tamer tier product on that site and then you have to be aware that you have to also click on the download after that. The way patreon works is that you do a small access fee and then you click on the rewards yourself, they don't auto deliver. (This part I didn't like as much; I wanted it to auto deliver to people but its clumsy. Maybe because those yahoos are trying too hard for the wrong things lol.)

Anyway, please help me with this to make sure it works and give me comments. If you'd rather just deal with Ama zon we can work that out too, but I really want to make things better for the readers as always. But I also want to test this method to see if Ama zon's numbers aren't stealing from people.

#2 business item is...

OK, I want to announce that I'm going to do a new cover for this story, Kidnapped to Another World! I'm very excited for this.

After getting the book cover set up for Elf Collector and for Witch Tamer, I was like, its really possible to get a really great looking cover! And I love the covers for these two books! I think I a cover does make things a bit fun to.

So I'm going to have a new cover started up for this book, something nice and a bit seductive looking but not too pornographic either. I think the readers will really like this! The old one wasn't bad but it just lacks a lot of draw in to you, you know?

I will post more on this after I have dates set up. But one slow thing is the better the cover the slower its ready.

Well anyway thank you for listening and please check out the patreon page and make sure it works.


Also, I had so much fun writing Witch Tamer. Its a good value for readers; 40 chapters, and over 150,000 words! (nice right? On a calculation of 250 words per page that's 600 pages. Lots of value.)


Support "How do you kidnap a whole school of kids to another world?!!"

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