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One day previous...

(In a random room, deep underground. A large ritual chamber room for mages in a sorcery tower shows an astronomically huge crescent shaped table around the central ritual site.)

Hooded mages in black robes, and red masks and sashes to complement their outfits are gathering around the ritual site.

My lord, the preparations are almost complete,” one of the lieutenants tells the main boss while on his knees, humble. (They were also careful. They knew the fate of the past lieutenants that had displeased the boss.)

The main boss is at the head position of the room in a palanquin style chair, held up by four nearly naked but (fairly ugly by any standards) ogress women with only loincloths. Since they are strong enough they can easily hold up the palanquin chair with no trouble, while the mage up top acts like a king. Strange symbols matching the ritual area also match the designs on his robes.

A sickly strange voice answers back from the boss. “Did you check the site a second time? Did you have our experts check and make sure the astral coordinates and spell equation symbols are perfect?”

Yes, master!”

What about a third time?”

We checked it twice!”

Check it once more. A spell of this magnitude can’t be lightly made. If there’s even a single mistake, the resulting backlash of a failure would rupture a hole in the planet’s crust and turn this whole fortress into a lake of magma,” the sickly boss voice tells them.

The two lieutenants rush to carry out the order. They were also alarmed at the last part of what their boss said. Most spell equations didn’t have that much energy to have such a devastating failure.

When they get a bit further away from the boss, the one is talking to the other.

I wish he’d appreciate us more. There are only about 7 experts like us in our whole daemon prince fortress realm that can even write the spell equations of something this deep,” lieutenant one says to the other.

I know right? We’re so underappreciated. But if we go to work for another daemon prince our lives are forfeit,” the other shakes their head sadly.

We could ask for a raise?” the one said.

Oh shit. He’s looking this way. Look busy fast!” the one says to the other.

They both bend over acting like they are checking spell glyphs on the pentagrams of the ritual site.

They waited a few minutes before going back to talking.

I miss Earth. Fuck. I sometimes wonder if it was worth it to get magic. It seems like I only work all the time with no benefits,” the one spell master lieutenant tells the other.

Despite being lieutenants they both also are spell masters. They just aren’t as powerful as the one above them that has all the glory in the palanquin and four ogress women.

Wow, you came from Earth too?” the one said.

Yeah the summoning event 42 years ago. My school was summoned by this same guy. I wonder why they never change their tune. Its something about high schools. I try not to think about it because it makes me crazy thinking about what I’m missing out on,” the former Earth wanderer now evil mage lord lieutenant tells the other.

Hm...well they like to do high schools to get sex slaves summoned. The men become soldiers like us,” his friend said.

So you’re from Earth too?” an eyebrow was raised.

No. But I’ve heard of people like you. A lot of them end up in higher ranks, so if you survive and level up eventually you start running into them all over the place in ranker oriented positions. Summoning from another world is the classic differential to power scenario. Something about warping souls from another world and another star system makes them pick up extra fate points.”

I thought they said not fate points but extra evolution?”

Do you ever study? Fate points in your status screen determine evolution! So its the same thing. But fate points are the base modifier!”

Oh shit, look busy again.”

I need a drink...”

A few minutes later they were summoned again before the boss.

Imbeciles! Must I do everything myself?!” the harpy like sickly voice of the centuries old mage lord boss summoned them.


We’re checking it boss, I swear!” the other chirped.

The boss accidentally had a fit, and threw the ogress that was sucking his old fungi spored cock to the ground like she was trash.

(What? How did he do that? He looks so old and weak? But that ogress he threw was easily eight feet tall and all muscle? He threw her like a rag doll, thought one lieutenant.)

You two, almost missed a mistake in the magic circle,” the lord said.

The other two below him are now frightened. The boss always punished those that fucked up.

Also they noticed the former cock sucking (censored by staff) ogress isn’t getting up. Her face is crushed into the cement like material of the room.

Both swallowed.

An hour of furious work and tons of stress later, they came before the boss again.

I-I think its finally ready boss,” they both said variations of this.

Send in the executioner, and my adviser Ryzzym,” the head mage lord said.

(Could it be? Are we finally going to try again?)

Most of the staff were jealous of Ryzzym’s position. The boss even allowed him to have nearly as much wealth as he himself, including his own ogress palanquin bearers; which also doubled as bodyguards.

It took several more minutes for the servants and other mages with the head executioner and advisor Ryzzym to enter the room with all their trappings, and their own servants.

With them a caged cart with bars on the windows with naked sacrificial offerings inside.

Help us!”

Let us go!”

Where the hell are we?! This doesn’t look like London!” one of them was saying.

What the fuck is a London?” one of the servants whispered to another.

I think its a place,” the other said.

Shut up! If you speak again, we will cut out your tongues,” one of the whip wielding hobgoblins pushing the cart spoke up while flicking his whip through the cage bars.

The prisoners inside screamed and cowered.

What the fuck?! This...where the fuck are we?!” some of them cried out.

This...doesn’t look like an amusement park! I thought I was on a cruise ship. What the fuck?!” one bawled.

Several whip lashings ensued; they silenced immediately.

Are we in hell? Did I die already,” one muttered while slapping himself trying to wake up.

Some of the hobgoblin slavers laughed at the confused prisoners.

You don’t understand how blessed you are. You get the holy sacred duty of being raw materials!” one daemon slaver told them, which made them bawl even more.

Slowly the cart was pushed forward closer to the central site.

Servants. Please all open up your cliff notes on the ritual summons spell that we’re doing today,” the head mage boss said. (He’d also replaced the now dead or half-dead cock sucker (censored by staff) ogress with another one, while still having 4 below his palanquin.)

The mages around the room went to the crescent shaped table and then began opening up their spell books.

Today, we’re starting the summon 999 human slaves from Earth spell, type 43B. Everyone make sure you are on the right page. This is page 137,” the head mage boss read.

Several pages all turned at nearly the same time.

The lieutenants peered at their ritual book pages. There were too many to have them all memorized, so they to had to reference the book.

Oh damn. This one takes 72 hours to complete,” Lieutenant Mage Expert A whispered to Lieutenant Mage Expert B.

The spell book also showed a picture depicting sacrificing human virgins over the pentacle, ...with lots of blood, tentacles, and knives.

Hey, how come we always sacrifice human virgins instead of ogress virgins? I detect a lot of mana in the boss’ ogre whores,” the one said to the other.

Fool. You never find any virgin ogres. Did you really learn to read?” his friend looked at him like he’d made a rookie mistake with disdain.

Right...shit, why didn’t I think of that?”

The head mage then picked up a silver bell. “Commence the summoning ritual!” his voice cried out as his bell chimed.

1 day Later

Monster village; Estate of the daemon twin sisters.

That’s enough, we have to get up now,” Shun told Asakura.

No wait please! Just a bit more. I’m almost ready to cum again,” she pleaded.

We have to get up.”

No please! Just a bit...almost there,” she gasped.

Her tits are flying up and down as she was...busy.

The knock on the bedroom door sounds for a second time.

Master Shun and party, breakfast is ready,” one of the maids said.

Five minutes later Mari came upstairs to knock on the door.

She pounds heavily on the door.

Hey! We’re eating now! Everyone is waiting on you!” she shouted.

She grew frustrated.

So she kicked the door open.

Oh wow,” she stopped.

The one she’d met called Asakura was bouncing on top of the human Shun.

Wait...he’s not human after all, the daemon sister noticed. Plus, she realized the amount of mana she smelled coming from both of them seemed abnormal and too high for human bodies.

That’s...she only saw it for a few seconds, but its clear that Shun had an incubus shaped and sized ‘tool’. She’d seen a few, but didn’t like them herself due to sleeping with one gave you big gaps and black spaces in your memories. People sleeping with incubi also seemed to never know what day or time it was also.

S-sorry Shun. We have breakfast waiting. Please come to the first floor dining area,” Mari apologized while blushing.

(So is that why I’ve been so horny this whole time, she thought. If he was an incubus sleeping in her same house then...she was lucky she woke up in her own bed. But it didn’t matter much anyway because she already had a man, who was out on a hunting expedition.)

As she left, Asakura finally came to her senses.

OH wow. Shun, I’m sorry. I don’t know what came over me,” she apologized.

You don’t need to say sorry,” Shun told her.


Shun shrugged. “They would have noticed some symptoms already.”

True...but usually I can at least stop when we’re near others,” Asakura meekly replied.

She gave him another kiss.

Get dressed. Let’s go down to breakfast,” he told her.

When they got to the basement level The daemon household was waiting on them.

The meal started out pretty basic. It looked like some kind of freshly made flatbread, and some kind of roast boar and other meats all over the table. Some of the fruits none of them recognized.

And everyone here ate together even the servants this time. It was clear that dark races had strong appetites.

So...Shun, when were you going to tell us you were the real leader instead of Mallory?” Mari said.

Shun almost choked, “wait what?”

Its clear. I can tell. I noticed when I accidentally found you two,” came Mari’s reply.

The Shun team began glancing at each other not sure what to say.

It’s OK, don’t worry. We have no intention of telling anyone. We just want to help,” Mari’s sister smiled big.

You want to help us? Why?” Mallory was suspicious.

Zynne was also unsure how to take this.

Gifts that seem to good, probably are.

What do you want?” Asakura asked.

We don’t want anything. We just want to be friends with strong people,” Mari’s sister spoke up.

OK...and you won’t blackmail us or ask for anything?” Shun asked.

Nope. Also you showed you were stronger than us so. Its all good,” Mari spoke up.

OK. Well we have nothing against you or your household. And we will be on your way but thank you for your hospitality,” Mallory spoke up saying the pre-fed lines Shun had given her a few hours ago early in the AM.

Wait, don’t go yet please! We want to cooperate!” Mari’s sister said quickly.


But we’re really busy. We have a lot on our plate,” Asakura said.

Where will you go?” Mari asked. “Can we maybe do some cooperative work? Maybe you can help us broker some trades for dungeon materials where you go?”

Um, we’re really busy, really. We don’t plan to be near any daemon allied towns for a while. We’re sort of working under the table,” Zynne managed to pull of a really good lie that wasn’t really a lie while trying to not squirm under pressure.

But we want to adopt Ayumi, either as a sister or a daughter candidate,” Mari said.

WHAT?!” The Shun party was shocked.

Adopt Ayumi?

At first they thought it was a trick but then after a few minutes talking it was clear the sisters were serious. But they also needed time to think about it.

Come to think of it, their reasoning wasn’t impossible in a society with different values than humans; they hadn’t run into racial types like her often. If she was a rare species and sub-species then of course others like her would want to cooperate with their own species.

Shun felt conflicted.

If they did this, it could drag them into anti-light element affairs and darkness. Or at least he needed to consider if it would. The last thing he wanted was to be fighting against good people and good raced beings on this world, because that meant serving evil. And he knew that even though he had incubus genes in him, it didn’t mean that he was committed to evil; the scarred fae had help him understand he had choices.

Please! There aren’t many like us. Please consider it. We wish for a better live and want to help you also. This is what family does,” Mari said.

And we could help you with other things,” the other twin sister said with a light smile. “Do you need a place to live? Or cash?”

We’re technically good with money and places to live,” Asakura told them.

But doesn’t everyone need friends?” Mari tried again.

What’s your purpose?” Shun asked.

We just want to establish ties with those of our own people. They aren’t very common on this continent,” Mari said.

I’ll think about it,” Shun said.

If you do, we have a mana crystal that we can give you to help level up Ayumi through second puberty. I know you are probably anxious to wear clothes and lose the spinal thorn spikes on your back,” Mari’s sister spoke up.

What?! Really? I can do that. Shun let’s do it!” Ayumi said before anyone could stop her.

Shun’s eyes widened.


Usually his summoning creatures were more restrained.

Or did she really need this?

We won’t ask for any money or military favors. We just want to expand our family. And we’ve already got a man that we share so we wouldn’t steal your Shun,” Mari said.

Should I do it?’ Shun thought.

But then a puff of black smoke went off in the room near the corner.

A voice was heard coughing.

Wow. That was so annoying. I must have used too much mana on that equation,” Lula spoke up while still trying to clear her throat. She had briefly picked herself up off the floor while clearing her lungs.

Lula appeared to be dressed fairly normal now, in mage robes and a witch hat, completely different from how she dressed at home alone with Shun. But unmistakably it was her. she doing here?” Mari asked.

The other daemon twin was also shocked seeing her.

Lula standing in the middle of the room was looking around trying to figure out what was going on.

Lula, you were supposed to be waiting for us at home,” Shun told her.

Yeah, what the hell Shun. I catch you out at some other woman’s house while you flirt with these daemon tramp whores?! WTF Shun! Are you cheating on me again?!” Lula swore openly.

Mari and her sister glanced at each other.

Shun would never cheat on us. You disrespect him again, and I’ll use your staff to spank you,” Mallory told her.

What? You wouldn’t dare?” Lula challenged.

We’re in front of a sensitive negotiation, and you show up acting like a brat,” Mallory rebuked.

The two daemon sisters were confused when suddenly Shun gives the OK for Mallory and Asakura to spank Lula in front of them on her bare ass.


What the hell is going on? Who is this Shun guy that he has THE emperor witch’s daughter with him and orders her around? Does he know he’s courting death?” Mari whispered.

This is fucking weird. We best just better get them the hell out of here. The rumors are that particular witch family has anger management problems.”

Good idea. Let’s get them on their way before she does something crazy. I’ve heard those same stories.”

But who is he that he was treating the emperor witch’s daughter like a slave?”

2 hours later while travelling…

Shun?’ a message was sent telepathically.

Yes. Ness is that you?’ Shun answered through the telepathy bond that was linked from Ness’ end and her skills.

Shun also noticed that Ness had summoned or transported herself back into the fae city fortress on her own.

What is it?’

I just came out of a military staff meeting with other mages. A defense warning has been issued, by the fae military. But that’s not unusual. However this time, the under the table talk is that they feel this time there’s something really going to happen. They’ve detected some kind of unknown activity at one of the daemon prince teeth spire fortresses surrounding us that began a short time ago. Something is about to happen. You should come home fast.’

What did it mean?

More war?


He also still didn’t have a chance to check what was on the Remi stats on her crystal, because he couldn’t safely summon Sylvie or Sunghee in a monster village.


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