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Greetings dungeon explorers, and fantasy world survivalists!

Have you noticed how a lot of stories of THIS particular genre fall into 2 types; dungeon explorer type stories and fantasy world survivalists?

In some ways they are 2 different genres. Typically in fantasy world survivalist stories things are much putting your RPG game on super serious difficulty where the other type people want easy mode where the hero swings his sword and 30 goblins die in one hit...

I think the second type where its on easy mode is boring.


OK, about my absence...I'm sorry about that.

It wasn't my fault. A couple of months ago my computer broke. Then on the same day my second computer broke on the same day. It was freaking scary. Picture a whole lunch string of F bombs here filling the page and you can get about a 1% imagination of my pure rage and despair.

When that happened, I then found out my backups of the story were wrecked also.

I thought...oh jeez, I'm going to have to dig my own grave now because I've lost all of it.

I didn't know what to do. Also the donate buttons in this site are messed up because this whole time of 2 years of this story there hasn't been even one donation even though the donate thing is setup. I know that can't be 'write' (haha yes a writer pun...). At any rate I think this site isn't really giving the authors the donations that readers are doing here...but that's another story.

Anyway, the good news is that it took a long time but I did manage to salvage my work by recovering the hard drive, but it was ridiculously long and laborious to do.

So, this story will be able to continue! Yes! It's good news and I'm happy to announce that. During that time I had to counter my despair stat and raise my hope's level a lot while learning how to fix the computer. Then there was the bathroom and 'eat cookies' stat bar to manage also...

I will be putting up another chapter hopefully before the end of today.



I still only have 1 computer up now though and it's really old. The other one is still broken...what a pain. I'm also still working on my other projects and they are going and working out too. I'll be having some upcoming announcements on them also! 



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