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Dreamweaver Chapter 183





Mallory is finally relaxed.

It’s been about two hours of hot vampire sex since we began.

All at once; she sort of like used so much energy fucking that she passed out. I didn’t think that was possible but vampires’ enhanced senses can work against them in sex. She had a lot of energy, but nobody has so much energy that they don’t need to rest even vampires. Her energy was so high and so much so, that I’m a bit shocked. It made even sex with Sylvie sound weak in comparison. Mallory is a nymphomaniac partly through trying to overcome her bloodlust that she seems to hate about herself, though I don’t know if it has to do with being a vampire with super sharp nerve senses working against her or her personality in general.

It’s made her putty in my hands. Now I own her. It’s an instant conquer, but still it’s fun to see her reactions.

But it’s not like the others. I can’t ever let my guard down around her or I’m toast. Because of it, I don’t want any more vampire harem members I’m sure because it’s so much work just trying to stay alive with one. Luckily its night and the guards check on us less during the times we’re supposed to be sleeping. But they can’t stay away forever.

She’ll do whatever I say now, without even thinking about the logic of it as long as I take care of her needs now. I am trying to not feel smug. I do really like her and feel humble to have such a good woman even if she’s a vampire.

“Can you break the shackles?” I asked her.

Before I couldn’t get her to cooperate on the shackles but now maybe things are different. Now that I’ve made her bend to my will I can get her to do more.

“Hmm it doesn’t look good,” she noted seeing them.

“Just try.”

“I can try. But don’t pull out of me yet, OK?” she whispered.

Ahh right. She still likes having it in and us joined together as one. She’s also obsessed with that part it seems; pulling out even if I’m done is a sin. If that will keep a bloodthirsty vampire from going violently crazy I can live with that. And this way I don’t have to worry about bites as much as before. I didn’t think real girls would be like that but maybe it’s also a vampire thing, since they have vastly different internal structure and chemistry than normal people. She won’t let me pull out and so it made it difficult to get her to focus on breaking the shackles. Unconsciously she’s got one hand holding the back of my hip to keep it tight against hers from behind.

The first blow she does with one first doesn’t do much except dent the shackles. Plus she’s still trying to keep it inside her while trying to break the shackles. It’s weird to do it that way but she’s fixated on keeping it in and I don’t want to make her mad.

Nor does the second blow work. And it hurts with each hit, so I can’t have her crush my wrists either. Then she tried to pull them apart, and that didn’t work either.

“Damn,” she said.

“It’s not working,” I admitted.

“Any harder than that and I risk messing up your bone structure,” she said.

“I didn’t think the dwarves could make something this strong that even vampire strength couldn’t get through,” she admitted.

“What? You aren’t going to let them win are you?” I retorted.

That got her more determined. Vampires have a lot of pride. Plus after I said if I die, she can’t have anymore fucking then she got mad and furious to break it. She’s still trying to mess with the shackles for several minutes. At one point I was afraid she’d rip my arms off in the process.

But still no progress….

“Dang it. These are built too strong,” she said, frantic with worry.

I was almost crushed with the despair. Spellcasting is how I survive!

“Don’t worry we’ll work it out,” she assured me.

It’s ironic, but if she weren’t here I might have wanted to die right now; well a temptation fleeting on the mind but I wouldn’t have followed through with that thought.

“The guards will be checking on us for morning routine soon,” I warned.

“That’s why we need to get out of here now. They will undoubtedly try to kill us again. And it could be worse now that they realize how hard it is to control us. We need to get out soon, even if it limits my vacation time with you,” she admitted. Finally she’s working on the same page as me with her mind into it! This is getting somewhere!

“So do you have any friends that can help us?” I asked.

“They won’t risk attacking a dwarven prison. And the strong ones are already dead. The others sided against us, so it’s just you and me now. As for those outside, they aren’t stupid, and they know the war twins are thirsty to find find them; now that they finally sniffed out a few of us. Plus they might enjoy taking my position if they got to us. You can guess what that would mean to you and your future as a prince,” she scowled. She seemed upset when she said this.

“But they can tell where you are?” I asked.

She nodded. “My ‘mother’ can. That’s um; I mean we call our parent the one who created me or us. I think you know what I mean. She’s far away though. We sometimes spread out in starting new branch families in order to ensure survival. So that means she won’t be able to help us. It also means that we only have one parent not two unlike humans usually. And it’s not unusual for vampires to be heavily into incest since we are all adopted and not actual genetic spawn of each other unlike humans and normal animals. At any rate, a vampire parent is the one vampire that can sense where their children are. It helps us keep each other out of trouble and one of the few things that promote vampires being family oriented since we are prone to killing each other as much as not. No doubt she’s wondering why I’m in a dwarven prison and has been puzzled how we got caught.”

“She wouldn’t rescue you?” I ventured.

“Probably not yet…and if so it would depend on if she had something to gain for it I think. And like I said, I think she’s too far away. And I don’t know what she’d do to you in the process. If she senses I’ve left the dwarven prison that could be another story however,” she said.

“She’ll be mad that I let myself get caught this easy,” she frowned.

“It’s not your fault. That guy was one of the greatest dwarven archmages to have ever lived. We’re lucky we even survived meeting him,” I protested.

“Well she might buy an excuse like that. But she’ll probably still want to punish me,” she sighed like she was totally helpless.

So this brought out more problems.

What happens when we meet Mallory’s mother and siblings? That can’t be good. And it’s obvious that Mallory is afraid of her mother when she’s already strong herself.

If we got out somehow, then Mallory’s parent vampire would then be a potential enemy. She’d for sure not like me having control of Mallory like she’s putty in my hands. Even if she doesn’t care for Mallory her proud would probably not like the idea of another creature ruling over their master race.

I’d heard Mallory in the past day already spouting of nonsense about vampires being a master race and above all other creatures except maybe elves and dragons.

Elves aren’t in the picture on this world anymore, I’d been told…

But lately I wonder if that’s actually true?

Dark elves aren’t extinct for sure. So does that mean there might be other loopholes on them? And if there were elves wouldn’t they use it as a survival tactic to make sure everyone else thought they were dead?

“So new plan. Can you break the door on our cell? First let’s just get the fuck out of here before everyone is awake. Then we’ll solve the shackles problem then?” I asked.

She nodded, “since you motivated me sure. And I think that’s the best policy too.”

But I then had to motivate her again.

“Can you um….feed me again first?” she asked staring at my cock that’s still inserted inside of her.

Mallory is a cum addict now too I think. It only took one big spurt in her mouth to get her to do what I want. But that costed us another half hour of feeding. And she wants lots of breaks. This girl is a pain in the ass now. She’s started to move slowly too compared to the others because of all her needy crap.

She’s totally freaking insane though so I have to use a carrot and stick routine and keep her from getting bored of the carrot and stick routine at the same time. She doesn’t care for clothes anymore even while we’re trying to escape.

Just now, she banged on the door hard.

“No luck. Also this making noise is for sure going to draw the guards,” she said to warn me.


“Try again. There has to be a way. I don’t want to stay here till they kill us,” I said.

More banging…her heavy but slender and small fist collided with the solid metal of the door.

If we keep banging the guards will eventually hear though they are far away; but how soon will it take them to get here? They are used to tantrums from inmates though, so they might think this is just that.

Her next blows also dented the metal but didn’t cave it in. Seriously for her to dent the metal is already something to make my eyes go wide. Seriously she’s freaking strong. Mallory is very scary. Now I see, she can pound huge dents into that solid steel door.

“I think we’re going about this the wrong way. Try the hinges or the stone around where the bars go into the ground,” I said as I looked for weak spots in the metal door.

“Ahh, good idea boss,” she leered at me while chuckling.

She’s weird.

Describing her as a lunatic crazed Goth girl sounds about right. She has unnaturally pale but beautiful skin and the body of a slim big boobed young woman with a loli face despite being at least a century old. What’s unnerving about her is the sort of weird natural make up vampires seem to emit as part of her glamour that makes it look like almost dark circles around her eyes.

She stares at me too much if I don’t tell her what to do.

She’s also reverted to an almost primal gait of being hunched over but with her gut and absence of stomach totally flat with her small abs showing. It kind of makes her look more exotic this way.

Somehow she tears at the hinges and the stone on the floor using her claws. It didn’t collapse right away but it did get immediate severe damage to the hinge. The problem is that hinges like that are built to take damage and still function. So we switched to the floor anchoring part of the stone holding things in. By the eleventh try she’s broken some of her wickedly powerful vampire talons but the first hinge caved.

“Got it,” she grunted as she’s bending back the metal that is creaking as she peels it away. With that she literally pries the solid steel door off like its tinfoil, using the weight and blocky door to twist against itself and literally tear off the second hinge quickly; although it did take several tries.

“Hurry, the guards could come by any minute,” I said.

But when we go to leave the other inmates can now see her. They are partly curious because she’s naked but also scared because they know what she is. Immediately there’s a commotion starting, not just because of her escaping but they are also like why the fuck is there a naked Goth loli like vampire girl running loose. Some of them are afraid to be within reach of us, even with their windowed doors in the way.

She carries the door with her like it’s a battering ram.

That’s when the guards spotted us. They had to notice sometime. I guess they don’t like to hang out here with the prisoners and thought this area was way more secure than it was.


This is the bad part. I was afraid that would happen. It was only a matter of time.

Dwarves aren’t weak. And they come with an elaborate collection of metal toys for all kinds of uses. Currently, they are shotting crossbows at us. Then they send in the golems to fight her.

The dwarves use a lot of steel and metal golems here in the prison to help ensure the survival rate of the guards. In no time at all it’s a full on skirmish of them sending shit down here to kill us.

Mallory’s intense gaze is scary as she literally kicks one of the golems down the hall ten feet and then smashes the face in of the other. Her other hand, holds up the remains of the bent up metal door to block the dwarves shooting crossbow bolts at us. The door is big enough to cover both of us at the same time.

“Can you keep us alive?” I asked.

“Yeah, just make sure you satisfy me later,” she licked her lips. She added, “master,” a bit too late with a smirk.

I feel like a puppet master. But in a way I’m a puppet too. Is this even fair? I also know so little about Mallory. What kind of life did she have besides being a slave to blood? Did she have her own family? How am I supposed to deal with such an oddball?

The dwarves have sounded an alarm while the other inmates are going nuts screaming at both us and the guards. They want us to let them go free too, but the problem is that I know most of these guys should be here in here. Most of them have really icky crimes.

And if I let them loose on innocents that’s on my head; even if I think all dwarves are traitorous little pricks right now, I have to do it a different way.

While everyone is yelling and screaming Mallory continues to fight using the door and throwing stuff at them when she gets a chance. She finally downs the second golem that was near us by smashing into its power unit, which looks like some kind of mage crystal setup in a battery chamber.

The guards are falling back but only so they can regroup.

Mallory pulls a crossbow bolt out of her stomach, which barely even slowed her down. She doesn’t like being shot at and hissed at whoever shoots at her nearly every time we spot new enemies.

“They made a mistake in not keeping me shackled. They were too greedy to have me kill you and the other vampires,” she said.

That means also that they must have had some kind of end game scenario to finish Mallory off huh?  

I guess we have to leave now no matter what.

We keep moving, fighting for ground every step of the way. Several times I wonder if we’ll get shot but Mallory is greedy and blocks every shot at not just her but me also. She’s quite good at blocking the dozens of bolts that shoot at us, and with the huge secure door acting like a shield, it’s effective at minimizing our risk as long as we use our brains first in deciding how to move and to not let the dwarves flank us for shots around the edges of the metal.

There aren’t a lot of areas here where we can use for cover so we have to move carefully and deliberately plan every step. We’re lucky she’s still using the metal door as a shield while the dwarves pepper us with crossbow bolts without any end in sight.

Mallory is good at blocking I can see. But who wouldn’t with a door that big made of metal that they are tossing around, both for defense and offense. Sometimes she has to bend the door more to make it fit through corridors and stuff when we’re rounding corners or going up and down inclines but she makes it happen.

Bolt after bolt is ricocheting off the door while we keep moving. They make loud pinging noises from the metal colliding with metal.

I’m behind Mallory’s back while she’s pushing forward. She puts out a burst of speed charging the dwarves. They scream in panic while yelling to get out of the way. I’m forced to follow to avoid getting shot.

She then intercepts two more golems. One of them she throws down the stairs behind us. The other she punches through its head, yanking out the mana core like she did to the other one. It dies instantly.


She could probably even beat Sylvie in a fight.

But can I get control over her? Having endless sex drive to counter her bloodlust isn’t really controlling her effectively.

How do I do this without this running away from me?

We keep racing to the next intersection of tunnels while she’s blocking crossbow bolts left and right with the remains of the door.

How did she get so good at blocking? I’m not complaining about her blocking ability, that’s for sure. Over and over bolts ricochet off the heavy metal of the door.

She’s more of a combat expert than Sunghee is, and that’s saying something. But that’s not fair to Sunghee, who doesn’t have those huge vampire stat advantages.

The dwarves continue to fall back, using the golems to ensure their survival. They don’t’ want to risk a real death so the golems are falling like dominos now.

“I’ll kill them… I’ll kill them all….how dare they mess with us,” Mallory keeps saying over and over again.

I have to figure out a way to keep her from killing the dwarves too. I don’t like that they put me in prison but killing them would only prove that’s where I deserve to be. It will escalate things too. The best thing to do is trick Mallory into only killing the golems.

“Don’t kill them!” I hurriedly said when she was about to snap a dwarf’s neck.

She’s so shocked she lets him run away. She blinked a few times, barely listening to me in time. Then she sighed. “I can’t believe you are feeling sorry for them,” she spat while the dwarf that I made her let go runs away.

Surprisingly she’s mostly unscathed still. And so am I. It’s quite remarkable.

“Why?! Why not hurt those that hurt us?!” she screeched at me.

“Training. It will mess with their heads. They won’t know why we’re doing it. They’re thinking what’s up with that? Why are they only incapacitating us instead?” I suggested. A traditional because it’s wrong answer I calculated to not work with Mallory. She might like something like a game and masochistic training answer better.

“You aren’t making sense. It’s easier to rip their throats out,” she said.

“Nope. Vetoed. No killing,” I smiled at her.

“F-fine. I guess I can do that,” she gave me a smile back somehow.

Somehow to my surprise it worked! I’m laughing at her inside.

She snorted. “It’s….stupid. Fine. Wait, you have a point. We can do that. I like training. It’s good for preparing against mother…But I’m in charge,” she added.

So you think…

We know who’s really in charge…

You aren’t in charge at all…

“No cum for you unless you do what I say,” I said.

She hesitated and there was a visible flinching effect on her face when I said that. What I said shook her up so bad she accidentally let two crossbow bolts penetrate her ribcage.

“Ahh shit, I hate rib shots,” she muttered tearing them out.

“Ahh I’m so sorry! I didn’t mean to distract you!” I apologized. It does bother me that she got shot because of me saying that right before she was shot at.

“Well it’s kind of partly my fault. Don’t feel bad lover,” she insisted.

“I should apologize to you instead,” she said.

“I didn’t mean to distract you,” I said.

“It’s OK, but don’t say something like no cum. Its heart wrenching and causes a lot of hesitation. That’s like saying you’ll divorce me. It’s no wonder you got me shot,” she said with a fearful look on her face. She looked like I betrayed her with the look on her face, but it went away after awhile.

What a weirdo.

“I won’t do anything like that. I want to work things out,” I said.

She leered at me to study my reaction to make sure I was serious. “Really? You mean that?” she said.

“Yeah I do. I hope you will also not be mad at me,” I said.

“Ahh you are so nice to me even though I don’t deserve it. I’m so sorry,” she said sounding like she’s got real anguish.

This seems weird that she’s into cheesy romance stuff. It makes me even blink but I guess the pheromones have effectively lured her into my clutches.

“Um let’s worry about that later. Let’s get out of here please,” I said.

“Ahh you’re right,” she said.

She’s honestly so worried that I’ll ditch her that she’s letting them shoot at her. Most of the shots go wild, but she then snatched one out of mid air. She was almost shot again a few times before deflecting them again but the dwarves don’t always aim perfectly because they are stressed out too.

Wow, I didn’t know she had that ability.

As best as I can figure, Mallory can both deflect and block shots even without the steel door because her agility reflex is just that badass. It’s something a normal human couldn’t ever do, but a vampire could. But the steel door is for my benefit. She also has a night vision that has a longer range than even Asakura and Sylvie’s has. She can pounce and jump at least ten feet high in the air if she focuses her…energy; whatever energy vampires use.  

The guards threw holy water on her, and it does burn her I found out at the next intersection of tunnels in the prison while we’re fighting our way out. But they don’t bother using garlic or crosses so I don’t know if that works on her. And she heals pretty fast; enough that a small vial of holy water just rolls right off her.

The prison guards continue to retreat while we’re pushing our way through the cell block tunnels. Still they keep coming over and over. I’m surprised they even had that many guards. Or perhaps some of them are soldiers from the city itself, I wonder.

We smashed up six more golems within the next half hour and we can hear the alarms of the prison blaring constantly. But then we heard barking too. The dwarves have brought out some sort of weird mechanical golem dogs that can track by sniffing. They are a golem version of tracker dogs?! How crafty!

I wonder how they did it? They also managed to bring in traits of real dogs’ ability to sniff…how could such a device be built?!

It surprised me.

Gyle would have gone on about such things for hours if I’d asked him. That is if he was allowed to. Dwarves have a lot of forbidden topics for non-dwarves and their security forces are probably one of them.

Mallory killed the first two easily by smashing their heads. Then the guards called off the others while we continue to advance in the tunnels. With each advancement an endless stream of ‘save me’, and ‘let us go with you’ offers come from other prisoners. In fact I have to avoid going too close to the other cages windows or doors, for fear of other prisoners trying to grab me to make me take them with us.

“They were foolish trying to cage vampires,” Mallory said with her intense expression. She still continues forward not caring about clothes anymore.

“Just don’t kill anyone if you can avoid it,” I said.

“Why? And if I can’t? I don’t get it. Don’t tell me you sympathize with those that want to hurt us,” she countered after our sixth skirmish.

“It basically proves that they don’t matter and that they’re below us. We want them to feel helpless. If we kill them, then we’re acknowledging they have skills and are on our level,” I suggested again.

“Huh? What kind of logic is that?” she protested.

“You’re strange,” she said.

She’s still blocking crossbow shots off both of us. She’s gotten so good at it that I don’t even flinch when shots are fired at us anymore. I still duck behind Mallory’s back and hip though.

Because she’s an undead she doesn’t even get tired. It’s weird seeing something beautiful, deadly, and slender that doesn’t get tired. She’s like the opposite of Rina in a way.

“Just trust me. Making them afraid of us is way worse than making them think they have power over their own lives,” I kept up the mind conditioning.

“I…still….don’t get it. We should still end them. You should totally let me be generous in giving you their clipped spines,” she said.

“Just trust me on this, stick to my orders,” I said again after we’d gone over this same argument like a half a dozen times.

“Fine…It’s a weird argument though. I don’t want you getting soft on me. And we still have to deal with when mother catches up with us,” she said.

“What did you run away or something?” I asked.

She didn’t answer after that. It made me suspicious about her relationship with this mother person. Are vampires all bad problem children?

We made our way down more tunnels, though this part of the prison seems older and feels like the air is mustier too with some areas in disuse.

Are we really on our way out or just going deeper in?

“I don’t know where we are,” I said.

I’m starting to get worried.

Not knowing where you are means you don’t know which way to go. And every second here fighting also means there’s a chance the prison asks the town for help in form of reinforcements.

“You…do you even know where you are going?” I asked.

“Well …not completely but I have an idea of what I want,” she said.

“We have to get to the tunnels under the dwarven town. These aren’t the ones I mean. I’m talking about stuff that hasn’t been touched by citizens above for like hundreds of years,” Mallory said.

Now she’s making sense. But I didn’t know there was such a thing. So I asked her. “EH? Is there such a thing?” I said.

She nodded while still blocking more prison guards’ shots. “It’s not a big deal. The dwarves don’t like to go down into a lot of the old tunnels anymore. They don’t know what’s down there and so most of it is sealed off because they’ve had a lot of people go missing exploring those spots and not missing from vampire attacks either. They believe much of it is already mined out too so there’s less incentive to clean it out instead of put their workers on the rich ore veins above the city and to the sides. There are things down there, even they are afraid off so there isn’t a reason to be there. There are even rumors of a race of albino dwarves down deep beneath us somewhere too,” she said.

Albino dwarves? How? Maybe that’s an urban legend or twisted up somehow?

Maybe she’s heard that rumor wrong.

“I don’t want to stay underground though. Can’t we go to the surface?” I asked.

Mallory frowned. “You know I don’t like sunlight. If you go to the surface then I can’t help you. Sunlight is…really bad for me. So I veto that. You can still be the prince and all that but I don’t want you doing something that hurts our relationship, my little bunny.”

Shit, did she just call me her little bunny?

“But I’m in charge or no cum,” I said.

“Fine…but still going to the surface won’t work. You can be in charge and I’ll still be your cum slut but no surface or sunlight. I don’t like sun and you wouldn’t either if it made you go nuclear,” she said.

“That’s not fair. I miss the sun,” I said.

“Sunlight kills me,” she sighed. “Like literally…”

“But if you don’t do what I say I won’t feed you…” I protest.

“Oh jeez you are so mean!” she started crying literally….

I was unprepared for it.

Somehow I ended up apologizing profusely, while she’s crying.

Also I noticed the urban legend of vampires crying blood is not true. Plus that would look weird anyway. I hadn’t meant to make her cry. She’s already so under my thumb that I didn’t realize not feeding her would sound so harsh. I mean to a vampire you would think that nothing would faze them you know?

“Um, I get that you need certain things, just try to cooperate with me OK?” I managed to get through to her after awhile.

Because both of us freaked out Mallory took three more cross bow bolts; two in the leg and one in the shoulder.

“Ahh screw it. Look what you did! You made me get shot again! Because you wrecked my concentration I got shot!” she protested. She doesn’t hesitate and just rips the bolts out. The skin has already closed over and healed up on her own wounds but I doubt she can just do that indefinitely.

She’s slowed down a bit too.

“Sorry about that,” I said.

“It’s ok, just don’t be mean OK?” she said like a kid. She’s even frowning in a pouty way.


“Ahh, here it is,” she said while blocking more crossbow shots.

“What is it?” I said.

“An airshaft; I can smell the air vapor here being different. Then I spotted it. If we go down here, they can’t follow us for sure. No more golems, no more shooty dwarves with prickly crossbows. They won’t be willing to go down there and it doesn’t smell like people have gone in there in years if at all,” she almost seemed like she would start wagging her tail at any minute.

An air shaft? Isn’t this dangerous? Who knows how far that goes down in a dwarven city.

“Can we even survive down there?” I asked.

“I don’t know…but I think there’s a chance to live this way,” she said.

“You’re sure? Because once we go that way it looks…open enough that we wouldn’t be able to climb back up,” I asked.

“Yeah, we have to chance it. They will keep pouring in reinforcements from above too. So if we go that way eventually there’d be too many of them,” she said.

We first had to get rid of the dwarven golems and scare off the prison guards.

She pulled off the grate over an air shaft. She shouldn’t have been able to do it really. It was a grate that had been permanently closed over. And it’d been bolted in but she ripped the bolts off. But she could feel and hear the air flow going behind it and that’s how she’d noticed it.

“But how far down is it?” I asked her.

She shrugged. “I could drop down?”

“If you do then how will I get down? Plus what if it’s too far and you break your neck doing so,” I asked.

“Ahh that’s a problem huh? We don’t have any ropes. It could be like hundreds of feet down there,” she admitted.

When we both look down we can’t see the end.

And then we had to stop to fight off dwarves. Already they are signaling each other where we’re thinking of going.

“I don’t think we have any other choice. They will have the bulk of their forces guarding the exit of the prison Shun. This is the only way out,” Mallory said.


We’re so screwed.

How do we climb down a vertical shaft with no rope? It looks and feels like a lot of space and air circulating out there, which would mean a significant drop to basically nothing or into the endless dark.

And while we debate it the dwarves keep shooting at us. We’re kind of getting pinned down as they just keep adding more and more shooters.

“Well I have an idea but you might not like it,” I said.

She frowned.

We had to let her purposefully get shot so we could take the steel crossbow bolts of the dwarves. We also noticed the bolts are poisoned with some kind of sleep or death poison but because vampires are undead she’s immune to it.

We salvaged six crossbow bolts and then use them for mountain climbing stakes while we go down. She stabs into the rock and then crawls down with me on her back holding her chest.

Of course before doing in, I was shocked when she squeezed my prick so hard I was worried it would pop. Then she inserted it into her love canal while making me ride her piggyback style. She won’t let me off now for any reason. Then she squeezed me so hard there’s no way I could even pull out of her love channel if I wanted to, and she keeps it clenched tight. I had to hold my shackled wrists and hands over Mallory’s neck and then thread her arms through between them so my arms are around her waist. Without trying to as I’m trying to hold onto her back, the only place I can put my hands is holding her breasts and part of her chest.

Once inside the air shaft it’s hard to see.

This is hard too because I’m sort of not quite below her but feeling the sensation of being close to falling but not falling yet. She managed to lunge down the first few feet against a sheer wall using the stakes while I’m trying to avoid freaking out. Then she stopped our fall again using both metal bolts which she uses as stabbing stakes. She did this because she knows the dwarves soon go to the air shaft hole above us to try to shoot down at us. And while she’s doing that I have the other four crossbow bolts in one of my pockets. At some point the stakes she’s using to climb down with will become too blunted and damaged from her using them to puncture sheer rock, and then she’ll have to switch to the others I am holding in my pocket.

Even though I have a night vision, it’s very limited compared to hers which is way superior over even the dwarves. I struggle to interpret what I’m seeing because of not being used to it. In this way I’m totally dependent on her climbing down for both of us. She’s the only one of us with enough strength and tenacity to manage it.

But that’s scary too because if she regains control and breaks free of my sex demon mind control then she could just rip my arms off like they are made of bacon. And she would probably enjoy that. So I try to cooperate with her as much as I can.

This doesn’t look good so far.

Several minutes later we’re still working our way down the vertical shaft. This shaft is really huge and long. It doesn’t go down horizontally even a bit. It’s completely vertical with only a few lips sticking out in a few places.

Strangely a half hour later of climbing I’m still hanging onto Mallory’s naked back and chest with my tool wedged tightly in her love canal, possibly only from enhance length coming from daemon genes or demon genes, whichever.

She has pretty good strength and doesn’t seem to complain while she’s concentrating. It’s weird that she can do this but that’s vampire strength for you. It doesn’t even bother her that she’s letting me totally feel up her big boobs half the time. I mean how do you ride a woman piggyback style with your legs around her waist without feeling up her private parts, especially when other parts are already connected? And if I make her too stimulated she could end up losing concentration and then we fall.

She’s trying to go quickly at first to put us out of range of dwarven shooters above us at the shaft entrance, but then resumed normal speed after we almost slipped.

It’s terrifying.

But after another half hour I realize she can do this without us dying or her falling. Her strength and stamina is absolutely beyond comprehension. She’s confident in her climbing, and she also doesn’t lose her endurance while staying mentally cool about it.

But then the dwarves got to the shaft and take turns poking their head down to shoot at us. They do this by taking turns and pulling back to reload while the next dwarf can shoot with a team of them keeping up constant fire on us. They are slowed down from the air shaft being a small area to shoot through but can alternate dwarves in position to fire easily.

Somehow we’re still fighting our way down. But it’s been several hundred yards since they were really within sight of being able to shoot us even though we were going pretty slow.

Mallory uses one hand to gauge and block the shots, though that is pretty hard to do and I think she’d only deflect the shot to somewhere besides her head and neck but we got lucky that they missed a few times and then we were too far below them though it was still scary when a shot got close to us hitting the cliff face or rock face we’re moving down. It’s a risky position where she has to protect our heads and even her head is vulnerable. This also exposes me more than her from such a disadvantageous position.

Then sometimes she has to help me keep my legs wrapped around her too so that my endurance doesn’t fail. She can do that by holding my legs wrapped around her or by holding my waist against her back for a few minutes.

The dwarves keep peppering bolts at us with their team unity. They can do that as long as we’re in sight because of some weird night vision extender spell they are using plus they have the advantage of gravity helping them get unnatural range on us below them.

Each step Mallory has to go slow to make sure the steel points she’s stabbing into the rock will hold, or else just use her own fingers and hands on the rock to grip which also works in some spots but not all of them. If she were to become wounded while blocking a shot, then it makes her hands that much slipperier in trying to get a grip; so even though we’re making progress and she’s superhuman in ability, there’s all kinds of hidden dangers still.

We lost a lot of time getting down. At some point we managed to get beyond three hundred feet. By this time the dwarven shooters are so slow between shots that we’re sure they will give up soon. But we don’t know if they have a work around tunnel at the bottom of this shaft that they can get to in other areas.

Mallory’s vampire genes allow her to be like my human spider mount. It’s kind of cool except for the near death all around us part. And she started to like it when I feel up her boobs, where before she was just being patient about it. But it’s hard to enjoy that with the shackles still on my wrists.

“They shouldn’t be able to follow us for awhile,” she said once we’re on the ground.

The airshaft opening is about four hundred feet above us by now. We can see little pinpricks of light. But it’s slow going down the near vertical drop. Any kind of fall here you’d break your neck before you even hit the ground.

There’s less chance that they can hit us from above but I still worry about the possibility that they have expert marksman among them.

Mallory keeps blocking while we move down the tunnels.

The weird part was that she didn’t let me get away from letting me piggy back ride her. She’s started to like it and insist on staying that way. As in somehow she gets off on it, and is rapidly developing a fetish for it. Is this some kind of problem related to vampires being partly mad I wonder?  A normal human couldn’t because it would fuck up their back to do this and their hips and legs moving would foce it to come out, but an obscenely strong undead body that barely feels such things might like pain since she has trouble feeling things in general anyway. Plus I have extended length and thickness that compensate for her moving thighs.

She holds my knees around her to support my weight while moving down the horizontal part of the tunnel that we reached.

Somehow we’ve escaped from the dwarven prison. But this place is dangerous.

Immediately we notice some things here shouldn’t be like this.

The first thing we’d seen that signaled the danger was a huge ass pile of bones at the bottom of the airshaft over thirty feet across and five feet high at the lowest part, but another fifteen feet high on the high end nearest the cliff face. None of the bones had meat on them, and had all been stripped clean.

Not to mention most of them look prisoners because whatever ate them didn’t eat the metal shackles on their wrists.

“Looks like we know what they do with the bodies,” she said.

“Yeah. But what ate them? There’s no rotting meat anywhere,” I said.

“Good, I hate that smell,” she shivered.

“That pile of bones is way bigger than I feel comfortable about,” I said.

“Me too,” she agreed.

If the dwarves had dumped bodies in the airshaft then there would still be meat there on the bones, but it looks like everything has been picked clean. Mallory noticed teeth marks from something with very sharp teeth on the bones plus many of the bones were just snapped in half from some kind of big bites. The teeth marks are so big in fact they’d be like bigger than our tongues, but it took her awhile to figure that out because most of the jaw bites snapped any teeth that would have had teeth marks on them.

Within minutes of being down here, Mallory has detected several scents of predators of other creatures that she doesn’t recognize. And they are big, bigger than people. Some of them I’m not even sure what they were.

Was it a mistake to go down here? I don’t like this one bit.

At least Mallory hasn’t attacked me yet. Well…she’s becoming more tame by the minute but is really aggressive if I try to even think about pulling out. But how long will it be safe to be with her?

And while I’ve got these shackles still on my wrists I am limited to one spell in a ten hour period. 

Dead rat skeletons are virtually every where down here. Also picked free of all meat and fur.

How are we supposed to live?

It takes us some time to inspect this area because it’s strange and unlike anything on the surface.


We can feel and see where we are going but we’re headed down a slope of like something like 20 degrees or so downward rather than up.

Shouldn’t we be heading towards the surface more? Or at least shouldn’t the tunnels head back towards the dwarven fortress town?

“Shh, quiet,” Mallory said.

She feels warm. This would be comfortable if not for the fact we’re in a scary place where big predators roam.

Did she hear something?

I’m still riding her piggy back style. She pulls my legs up tighter around her waist and hip. This position is also safer with her because she can’t be tempted to bite me if I’m behind her. She does ease up and lean forward so its easier for me to stay on, but that would wreck someone’s back if they weren’t undead.

Maybe that’s why she likes it?

I stay quiet. She’ll tell me what’s up when she’s ready.

Long minutes pass by. She’s holding deathly still. I’m also deathly still with her. She’s on edge and while still totally insane and crazy she’s got this look on her face like she’s in hunting mode. It’s a strange sort of intense look while she’s hunkering over looking at the terrain below and around us.

“We’re being hunted. Something is down here with us,” she said.


Before we were supposed to have a major engagement I was going to try to get these shackles off.

I feel helpless.



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