Dreamweaver Chapter 135






We finally quit screwing like rabbits non-stop a few hours later.

Sunghee invited Fox to join us a couple times but Fox rejected the offer. I wouldn’t do this in a relationship that wasn’t permanent though. It seems to sacred to just give away, but the implication is that some day we know Fox will be part of this group.  She still didn’t stop playing with her clit though while naked and watching, and doesn’t mind me seeing her play with herself. But she somehow forgot that she usually won’t go topless in front of me, even though she’s exposed from head to toe completely. Plus she was facing me directly the whole time no matter what other action was going on.

The girls have been trying to recover and rest up while they are on the bed here in Sunghee’s room.

“OK, so we need to talk business now,” Fox said.

“We do?” Asakura and I both said at once.

“Yes,” she reaffirmed, shaking her head.

“Well what’s this about?” Sunghee asked questioningly.

I noticed the other girls stay completely naked.

At the same time Asakura’s exposed boobs have milk dripping out of them still, which she doesn’t clean up.

“First let’s form a circle so we can talk to each other properly,” Fox said, waving her hand in a circular motion.

“But Shun’s the boss not you,” Rina protested defiantly.

“It’s OK Rina, Fox is like my advisor and councilor,” I said.

“Oh really?” Rina brightened up.

“Fox is also his magic teacher and master,” Sunghee explained to them while Fox is looking embarrassed.

“Ahh, I was wondering about that. I remembered him mentioning he had a teacher, and I remember hearing your name but I didn’t get that you were connected to that and other things,” Asakura said. She smiled at Fox.

Fox again blushed, “thanks. You guys are too nice.”

“Hey you aren’t going to be nice to that tit monster are you? You are supposed to help me defend Shun against her,” Rina said defensively.

“That’s enough. No fighting or you won’t be allowed to have sex next time,” I said.

Rina looked horrified at that threat, like it was going too far. I didn’t like saying it like that, but it had to be done. All the girls were instantly pushed into obedient mode. “No! Anything but that.”

“I’m getting along with them Shun. I’ll always do what you want,” Sunghee said, acting like my pet. She even had a look like she expected to be petted and rewarded right then. The others briefly look jealous but then calmed down. Even Asakura isn’t totally immune to jealousy, so that’s no small feat that Sunghee has accomplished.

“So what’s on your mind Fox?” I asked.

I couldn’t help but notice Fox’s skirt is still around her hips but strangely she’s got it folded and wrapped up so it won’t be able to cover herself and is caught up around the waist area. And she doesn’t care. I think she wants to be in the harem now, but is afraid to admit it to herself.

Then I notice Sunghee mouthing, ‘don’t push her,’ to me. Sunghee knows her a bit better than I do in some ways. I’ll trust her judgment. I wink at her while the others are still getting comfortable on the bed.

“So first order of business, you have to keep cow tits here in the dream realm,” Fox said quickly.

“What?! That’s so unfair!” Asakura said in protest.

“Well I think she’s right,” Rina admitted.

“What you too? You are supposed to be on my side. You know me more than her! And I’m the number one bodyguard,” Asakura protested.

They are all looking at Asakura. They then laughed. “There’s no way someone will believe that with cow tits like that. Nor will they believe you are fully human anymore either,” Rina said with a smirk.

“I think I get it. I agree,” Sunghee said suddenly.

“At least you should be happy they don’t look too saggy or distorted. They’ve kept a nice shape and still look perky,” Rina said to Asakura.

Asakura isn’t sure how to react to that, “Umm…thanks I think?”

“Huh?” I said.

“Do you want to explain it or should I?” Sunghee said to Fox.

Fox looks conflicted. “I realize I’m not in the harem yet. But if you will hear me out on this I think you will see that I’m right.”

Again, she said not yet, but is acting like it’s a given. This is getting interesting still.

“Go on,” I urged.

Fox looks really apologetic and doesn’t want to say it.

“Basically her boobs are too big to pass as a human anymore,” Sunghee said for her.

“It’ll be harder to protect Shun if there isn’t some strong people in the real world,” Fox added.

“What? It’s not my fault!” Asakura protested again.

“She’s right though it makes my job that much harder,” Rina also said while sighing.

“But I’m Shun’s familiar! I go where he does,” Asakura said.

“Basically one of two things will happen. The Church of Gaia will want to test your humanity from your obscenely impossible proportions and then Shun gets revealed. Or number two, is they will think you are a cowgirl that had her horns removed and your tail hidden. Cowgirls are at an ultimate high price because of grotesquely obscene boob sizes such that they are kidnapped constantly. That could trigger almost the same trouble as having the church of Gaia after us,” Fox said.

“Damn,” I said.

Not having Asakura near me in the real world bothered me. I was in love with her probably the most because we’d started to be together from the earliest too.

“Yeah and who said you could have that title of being ‘the familiar’ or ‘number one’ anyway? Shouldn’t we get a chance to have that too?” Rina said to her with an annoyed look on her face. She didn’t stop there unfortunately, “I’ve had to be number two for like this whole trip to this world. And just when I find I’m getting accepted…I…find…there’s like …two or three…others and I have the smallest boobs,” Rina said. She was trying to stop crying and from getting emotional but finally she can’t hold back the flood of tears.

Sunghee hugs her and buries her face into her shoulder while she lets it out. Strangely she lets Sunghee mother her a little bit while hugging her against her chest on Sunghee’s lap.

“Oh man. It’s going to be hard to talk like this while she’s crying,” Fox said.

“I’m sorry, I’m truly sorry I hurt your feelings,” Asakura said bowing so low her boobs again drag against the bed. I think that just made it worse though. Not many girls can pull of a healthy boob look that doesn’t look distorted or mutated while having them drag all the way down on the bed when on hands and knees.

“Is that your ultimate pleading position? You did that to spite us didn’t you?” Fox looked at her suspiciously.

“I-I d-didn’t do anything wrong!” Asakura sits back up again.

Uh oh this is escalating again.

Fox scowls even more. Fox has a point kind of. When they are so amazingly huge that when you are on all fours they still strike the ground or whatever is below that person, the lure and appeal is off the charts if you can do it without them looking freakishly damaged or stretched while looking full and perky. But it raises jealousy factors exponentially too.

All of them are sitting on the bed normally now except we’re waiting for Rina to quit crying, while she’s against Sunghee’s shoulder.

“I think you need to take her so she can calm down for a bit,” Sunghee said to me.

“You’re right,” I said.

Although trying to keep them calm, the drama from the sex pheromones can be a little bit entertaining in some ways all these naked hotties.

Rina stops sniffling long enough to let me take her and I’m holding her against me. Too late, I stiffen in surprise as I realize she’s trying to bury my cock in her vagina.

“Hey, we’re holding a meeting,” I protested.


“Not now,” Fox said. “But we’ll let you hug him for awhile.”

So now I’m trying to not think about sex while Rina is plastered against me, her arms around me while sitting on top of my lap facing me. She’s still trying to not cry, but it’s a dangerous position since she’s sitting on top of my cock without it actually going in her, but so that its length is rubbing against her vagina horizontally.

“Oh, that’s…so ….wonderful…” Rina whispered while shivering.

Weird. It has a calming effect on her. Instantly she stops crying. I wonder if that same thing would work on the others in the same situation?

“Did she just say something?” Asakura asked innocently.

“It’s nothing,” I said.

“So what are we going to do?” Sunghee asked.

Both her and Fox are looking right at Asakura.

“So are you sure she can’t pass as a human anymore?” I asked.

“Yep, I’ll prove it. It looks like she might but her boobs stick out too much,” Fox said.

“OK…” Asakura still doesn’t get it.

“What are you going to do?” Sunghee asked dark with suspicion.

“I won’t hurt her,” Fox said.

“Are you sure?” Asakura asked while nervous.

“It’ll be fine,” Fox said. When hearing it Asakura doesn’t look as defensive.

Fox walks over to the pile of clothes and briefly sifts through them. After a good minute of probing and sifting them, she comes back with Asakura’s shirt.

“Here, put that on,” Fox said in a neutral town. I couldn’t help but notice that Fox had bent over in such way picking it up that she was showing me her cookie again from behind.

“So you want me to get dressed? Why should I be the only one that has to get dressed in this heaven? The others should have to as well. I don’t want to lose face with Shun,” Asakura is looking back questioningly.

“I’m not getting dressed. I like being like this! How could you do that to us?” Sunghee said defensively rebellious and horrified.

Yeah this is getting out of hand. It’s warped their minds a bit too much. The pheromones are making them loony as hell.

“Yeah, we don’t need clothes,” Asakura said.

“Just do it for a second Asakura. It won’t take long. And the others don’t have to get dressed yet, just you,” Fox said.

“Don’t worry it’s just to see what she’s pointing out. Then you can take it right off again,” I reassured her.

“Fine, whatever. But only for a minute,” Asakura held up her finger pointed back at Fox in protest.

“Where is she going with this?” Sunghee whispered to me.

Rina doesn’t seem to care either. She’s still trying to hug me. I can feel her tears have wet much of my face and shoulder even though they stopped as they had to flow downwards.

“Don’t worry Shun. This will only take a minute. It won’t affect being able to feed you,” Asakura said, giving me a reassuring smile. She does look nervous though. She doesn’t understand what Fox wants.

Slowly Asakura puts her arms in the sleeves and then flips her hair back. Then she starts to button the blouse from the bottom up. For the first time I also notice her blouse is really thin and raggedy, from all the stretch marks of her blouse fighting her size growth. There are cleavage stretch marks on the sides near the side boob area where the material is looking almost see through, and in the front where it had been enduring the force of trying to stay together.

We patiently watch as she tries to get past the second button from the bottom. She barely manages to suck in her chest a bit to get the third button to go together, but it looks like it will come part at any second. Then she tries to do the fourth and the fifth buttons. “Hard to breathe,” she gasped, trying to hold it in. She somehow managed to pull it off but then suddenly the blouse tears and the buttons fly off in different directions with all the buttons forced apart.

“No way?!” Asakura exclaimed in shock.

“See? You have a problem. How is she going to pass for a human if she can’t even wear a shirt?” Fox said to me looking at me right in the eye.

“Wow, I didn’t think it was possible to do a trick like that. I’m so jealous,” Sunghee exclaimed.

“Me too,” Rina whispered.

“It-it’s all a mi-misunderstanding. That mu-must be so-someone else’s shirt by mistake,” Asakura said. She starts to get up to go get one of the other blouses but Sunghee stops her.

“Oh no, you don’t. I’m sure that was your blouse because it was the stretched out one. I won’t let you ruin my shirt too. I don’t want to be topless in the human town. Some of us need clothes for when we’re doing jobs even if we don’t need clothes in here,” Sunghee said angrily.

“Eh? We don’t need clothes in here?! Then I’ve been missing out haven’t I?” Rina said.

“But it can’t be right! That’s either not my shirt, or one of you sabotaged it,” Asakura protested.

“No one sabotaged it. In fact you have been lucky to have gotten this far,” Fox said.

“But….” Asakura is cut off.

Suddenly my…tool…is very swollen, underneath Rina. And she’s moving again, while trying to hide it from the others. It feels like its slipping in but at the edge of the lips still barely outside. She had also pushed it up against her entrance on the sly.

Oh wow…this is hard to endure. Wasn’t this supposed to be only business?

Uh oh…Rina has noticed too. Almost unconsciously she’s trying to put pressure from her hips around it. If I’m not careful it will slip inside. She’s also keeping an eye out of the corner of her eye so she can avoid being caught by Fox, and Sunghee is too fixated on the problem with Asakura to notice.

Rina dips a bit closer, twisting her hip at an angle. Oh no…this angle is making it go in deeper. I held my breath to try and not give away what’s going on to the others. It’s just barely outside of her but could pop inside any second.

“So, you have to stay in the dream state for awhile. It’s no big deal; you can still train and protect Shun in here. While you do so, Sunghee or myself, will be out in the real world protecting him and acting as his bodyguard with Rina,” Fox exclaimed.

“Actually maybe her being here in this dream state that is a bent reality is part of it,” I said.

Fox’s eyes narrowed. “That’s actually a possibility. It’s already a twisted reality, plus all the other mana sources packed in and acting subconsciously on our desires.”

“Are you sure I can’t go out again? But he has a lot of threats lately,” Asakura again protested.

Rina angled her hip and pushed down just a bit more while we’re talking.

I think the pheromones are making the girls complacent. Suddenly Rina’s hand has tried to point my tool directly at her. If she…I think an inch just went to slip inside. Her fluid is now splashing me and lubricating while she’s sinking further, but she’s really tight again for some reason.

“But that’s not fair!” Asakura said again.

Now she and Fox are arguing.

“We have to make sure the group, the team, stays safe. It’s not about one person! We all need to cooperate!” Fox shouts.

“But it’s not my fault! Also I’m the strongest out of all of us physically. I need to be where I can do some good,” Asakura reasoned back.

Ahh…too late. It’s slipping in for sure. Soon it will be inside her all the way.

Oops. Rina somehow managed to hop up a bit and suddenly I find I’m all the way in. She’s so tight still that both of us are shivering. Because we’ve all been intimate together for so long and from all the pheromones in the air, the other girls haven’t noticed yet because of dulled alertness, but they will soon as they are caught up talking to each other.

“I can match you for close combat techniques, but just not for arm wrestling and raw power,” Sunghee said, interjecting smoothly.

“Be quiet, this isn’t your decision. It’s up to Shun,” Asakura fought back verbally.

“You have to do what’s best for Shun. We can’t all get what we want! I’m telling you this because as the advisor this has the best chance to work right,” Fox argued back.

“So the question is, can Asakura still pass for a human? We were discussing that,” I reminded them.

“Yeah I don’t see why I can’t just get new clothes,” Asakura said.

“That’s not going to work,” Sunghee said hefting Asakura’s boobs to size them up.

“People always do new clothes though,” Asakura said.

“But people will think you are a succubus or something,” Fox said.

“I’ve never seen a succubus so how do you tell?” Sunghee wondered.

“Succubi are real?” Asakura was surprised.

“Of course they are real. Though to be fair I haven’t seen one,” Fox said.

“I still don’t see why I can’t just get extra big shirts,” Asakura said.

“That is a legitimate concern. People do plus size clothes all the time,” I said.

“Yeah but plus size huge tits on the waist of the tiniest waist is going to attract the wrong people. I can see why people might think that’s actually a succubus,” Sunghee admitted.

“You think cow tits here can still pass for a human? There’s no way. She looks a bit paler than she used to and the giant boobs will cause her to be tested by anti demon enforcers like I said earlier,” Fox said.

“Eh? Wh-what’s that?” I managed to say. I was trying to keep my voice even, but Rina’s squeezing me inside her was almost too much. She’s holding her arms around my back so hard that I think she’s going to leave red sharp nail scratch marks for sure. And she’s trying to keep her movement subtle enough to not get caught.

“Yeah, there’s those too,” Sunghee said.

“Anti- demon enforcers?” Asakura asked.

“They work with the church of Gaia. They go around each town testing suspicious looking people or following demon clues or anyone that’s reported to not look right or not be able to stand out as a human,” Fox said.

“Wait a minute, how come we didn’t hear about those before?” Asakura asked in an upset voice.

“We did hear about the Church of Gaia, at least I did. But we don’t know much about how they operate or find people yet,” I said.

“Yeah, that’s true,” Sunghee confirmed.

“They aren’t an actual Church though. They masquerade as one to get funds and followers easily. I have nothing against religion or people believing in God. In this case though they saw masquerading as a religion as the perfect staging ground to fight against demons; and they have done some good. But the problem is that they are utterly merciless on anyone suspected of being a demon. If they test either of you or Shun its game over. They may take some liberties with non-demon associates too if its convenient,” Fox hurriedly explained to Asakura.

“So what do we do? Just for the hell of it, and because she’s that good looking any male perv would try to test her just to cop a feel,” Sunghee asked looking at me to decide.

“Well we can have Rina act as Asakura’s body double. Ironically what she did will pull to our advantage. She can pose as Shun’s wife to hide Asakura. Through this concept, if the anti-demon search teams in the city have heard a rumor about Asakura then they would test her instead and she’d pass for a human and then we buy time doing it that way. Since the reports show Asakura being with him from the first and the longest as his supporter its likely they will test whoever looks like her first,” Fox concluded.

 I looked at Fox and Sunghee, “As long as we have enough in the real world to be out there with me protecting me to make up for the loss of manpower from Asakura being in here, then it could work.”

“That settles it then,” Fox said. it’s ironic that its her idea and she’s not in the harem yet.

When Rina heard that she could pose as my wife, suddenly she orgasmed while trying to still stuff all of my cock inside her. Then she was too excited.

“I’ll do it,” Sunghee said quickly.

“Eh? Are you sure?” Fox asked in surprise.

“It has to be me. I’m already tied to Shun. So I won’t get distracted, or want to escape, and if I get captured he can just re-summon me next to him,” Sunghee said.

“That’ll work,” I said.

“I don’t like it,” Asakura said. Sunghee is too much of a threat to her right now I guess.

“Well your boobs need to stop growing. It’s not our fault that they are too big for you to wear shirts now,” Fox said.

“That’s only temporary! You guys said so yourselves! I just need to get milked more and get the venom out,” Asakura fought back.

“Is it temporary?” I asked Fox.

“I-I th-think so?” she guessed.

That will work. And it will help me seduce Fox in the dream state at the same time, by forcing us all to have clothes off more often. Personally I didn’t like going naked myself, but seeing the girls naked was always fun.

“Fine, wh-…” Asakura had been protesting about to say, “Fine whatever,” when suddenly all three girls are noticing Rina moaning like crazy.

Rina is now trying to be reverse fuck me silly mounted on top of me and she’s completely lost it. She doesn’t care if she’s caught and I can’t seem to get her off, even though we were having a team meeting. That’s not good. If she’d acted like that in front of other humans then I’d have been caught.

Maybe I should try to recruit some fresh people to be with for awhile. The behavior of the girls is too reckless and too fixated with obsession for fucking and sex. If they keep it up, then I’ll surely be discovered. We didn’t get any training in either at that point. Too many of them wanted a turn after Rina was through getting her kicks.

But how did Rina get so strong? She used to be like super weak? But she can be feverishly strong in something like this.

And will Asakura’s boobs never stop growing? It’s a problem if I can’t summon her in town to defend me or can’t use her around other adventurer’s for fear of them seeing my ‘wife’ naked.

That’s it!

All I have to do is find a way to shrink her boobs. It will work! I can also have boob shrinking as a punishment game if one of them is too obsessive and not obeying. I’ll also start trying to get her to milk out the excessive venom in there that’s building up the pool inside of them.

The only other reasonable solution besides that is if I can get Ayumi and Haruka unlocked. And that will mean some kind of dungeon in the dream state, plus probably a boss fight. If Ayumi and Haruka can be recruited to compensate for Asakura’s growing condition then we move forward.

I don’t like boss fights. Even when you win, you realize how fragile life is. So unlocking Haruka worries me.

Or wait...was that? Could it be that that comment about succubi might have something to do with Asakura's problems?


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