Dreamweaver Chapter 125





The Dream State;



It feels good to dream, when it happens.

But lately I’d been wondering how things work in reality while I’m in the dream state. Our situation had been so desperate for so long that I hadn’t been able to even stop long enough to think about anything really. Asakura says I’m still there sleeping and the pocket dimension is in fact a mix of a pocket state and a dream because she would know if I wasn’t hugging her while sleeping anymore.

So that must mean there must be some kind of like dream tether where my spirit is like wandering away while I sleep and drifts into this dream state which using mana presents itself as like a second reality? I’m not sure how to even wrap my head around that. When things bend physics, it makes them harder to comprehend.

Regardless, I’m a bit tired from having too much fun with Asakura and Rina…before going to sleep. Like…lots of fun. They both are too high on pheromone big dose injections to care about being seen by each other.


Right after that I entered the dream state.

I had gone over to Sunghee first to make out because my demon genes had been making my teeth hurt from severe hunger. When my teeth hurt the only thing that works is to have sex or a good make out session. And for some reason it’s not always when I’m hungry but when I’ve already been on a good binge.

“Hey Shun,” Sunghee walks over to me wearing the school uniform blouse tied up daisy duke style and the short micro mini skirt.

“Hey, I’m happy to see you,” I said.

Wow she looks good.

“Really?” Her eyes light up and she sort of giggled.

“Yeah,” I take her by the hand. Already I’ve my hands around her waist. She pulls me into a big hot French kiss. Our hands are roaming all over each other, and before I know it she’s lost her shirt. I didn’t know you could do a slip knot that’s purposefully designed to have a wardrobe malfunction.

Her long legs are already wrapped around my waist in no time while she grinds into me. Sunghee’s eyes are filled with love and not only lust.

“Suck my nipples,” she said hoarsely. Then she jerks my head down to her chest. Sunghee has the best nipples of any girl I’ve ever seen. Huge thick dark monster nipples over an inch long and I have no idea how they got so thick either.

“Oh gosh that’s soo good. Yeah like that, keep it up,” she moaned.

We continue to snipe at each other with half fake bites and kisses. 

She’s getting into it rubbing herself against my crotch. She keeps up squeezing me with a furious but constant and guided pace.

“Oh Shun…I can’t wait much longer. Please,” she cried out.

“We need…to train. Come on. We can do this after training,” I groaned.

“Please! I need this. It’s been so long,” she gave me puppy dog eyes. She’s already trying to fish it out of my pants.

It really hasn’t been that long actually.

“Fox…wants us to help her…” I groaned again.

She’s pulled her thick nipples out of my mouth and is now sucking on my tool. Blowjobs aren’t bad but I prefer the real thing. But she stares into my eyes while she’s going up and down on the tip. It makes her boobs shake wonderfully. I love watching those huge thick nipples bouncing around. And with her other hand she’s playing with her clit.

“Come on I need you inside me,” she said with a feverish look that’s both intense and happy. “You know how happy I am to see you.” She winked at me.

“How? How did you do that?” I wondered.

Somehow before I was even ready she’s impaled herself up to the hilt on me in one move after jumping on me and wrapping her legs around me while leaking fluid all over me so much it’s like I was slimed. She’s feisty and strong with wiry arms that roam all over feverishly.

“Yes! YES! Keep that up,” she said while rolling her hips around. She’s somehow able to make her boobs flop around in a really tantalizing way.

I can feel the power as she’s trying to really get into it. And she’s so addicted to it that she can somehow almost defy gravity. Plus the way her legs are totally split sideways makes her figure look more tantalizing and show that much of her tunnel swallowing my train in power strokes as she tries to slam against me. Each stroke means feeling like strong powerful suction and she has really strong muscles in her hips from something like kegel exercises or some mysterious power from who knows where. The micro mini skirt is now pushed up to her hips.

She’s sometimes laughing like she’s drunk while she gets into this. “Wooooh!” she yelped.

That’s different. She didn’t used to act like the pheromones made her drunk. This is a new symptom that wasn’t there when I first got them.

Sunghee is absolutely the best and the crazy funny Sunghee is even better. And that figure rivals Asakura’s and Fox’s even with their other supernatural traits and long slender legs. Then she starts to shiver for a good ten seconds.

“Oh yes! I love that!” she cried out like she’s at a party.

“Hey stay quiet. No noise,” I pleaded.

Instead she gets more aggressive. She’s rocking harder up and down and I’ve been forced on my back.

“C-can’t ….stop…” she said under her breath nearly crying.

“Stay in control,” I encouraged. “Don’t let this control you.” But that just made her laugh at me.

“Right…lust…not love,” she moaned. Then she laughed again.

“Wait did I get that backwards? I meant love first…but lust is OK. It’s an extension of…love…ooohhh,” She’s showering me with kisses and hickeys that are partially little nippy bites.

Sunghee just became a biter I think too.

I don’t really like the biting but the connection below is so powerful that it’s like being grappled like a freight train.

Within seconds she’s totally into this with hair flying and hypnotized eyes that can’t stay off me.

“We ….need to…train,” I said.

“No.  Not this time,” she said.

She climaxed again for the second time, this time with more cum than before. Her eyes rolled back in her head but she’s still grappled onto me.

“Hey are you awake?” I asked. I’m not sure if she’d done or not.

Then she snapped out of it. “Wait! Don’t go! I’ll be good. I mean…don’t…stop,” she moaned in a breathy tone. Her vaginal muscles are like steel. I didn’t even know there could be such power in that area and she’s squeezing me as hard as she can while climbing on me like a monkey.

“This…iss….s’hot, hic*,” Sunghee said.

“Hey you aren’t like tripping on me are you?” I said.

She doesn’t answer but instead starts shivering again. Then I climaxed in her at almost the same time.

Sunghee is moaning even more than before. She’s getting more aggressive each time she climaxes. Is it fair that they get to climax more than I do? When did that start happening?

We keep going for another hour like this. It’s getting louder and more vocal and I’m glad we aren’t in the real world. At some point she begs me to take her from behind. She’s then slamming back hard against me as we’re going in doggie style.

“Yes…more….moooree. Oh Shun…let’s do this all the time….no more…adventurin’ just …do this…all……”

Sunghee stopped. She’s climaxed again. And because of it she forgot what she was trying to say. If it can make you forget your train of thought, then that’s powerful.

“So….yeah…just….stay in here…all the time…retire and do this all the time yeah….” she started to say ten minutes of heavy sex later. She’s trying to persuade me to stop earning a living to fuck her full time?

Yeah…I better be careful about this…

But for some reason I need to feed today more than ever before. I’m secretly scared even though I can’t seem to stop. This would be like a vampire that is trying to drink blood non-stop.

Two hours later Sunghee is covered in slick juices on the insides of her legs and thighs. Her hair is a wild mess too from so much vibration. It’s still a beautiful mess though.

“We need…a break,” I said breathing hard.

“No we don’t,” she shuts me down too quickly.

“We need a break Sunghee please. I want…to train too,” I said while still slamming back and forth.

“Do I need to chaperone you guys?” Fox asked with a smirk coming out of nowhere. She’s in the doorway near us watching us. I thought I had her asleep?

Fox wants to get down to business.  

“Hey you two, cut it short. We need to train,” she demands.

“No. We’re going to retire!” Sunghee said.

“Training now! And clean yourself up dammit. You look like shit,” she said to Sunghee.

“It’s not that bad. This is just proof of love,” Sunghee winked at me while making her boobs flop around.

“Shun please be careful with her. She loves you so much she just wants to be accepted. Keep her sane please,” Fox said to me like an older sister.

We start moving…”pants,” Fox reminded me with a smirk.

She’s not upset though, but just firm I can see as we study her expressions. She’d also been spying on me when I was making out with Sunghee and had leaked with her a problem with the dwarves…I was going to tell Fox later.

I swear sometimes it’s like Fox is pretending to not watch us when we make out. So she is interested. She just is trying to resist. How long will she be able to resist for?

“Fine…let’s get it over with. We were having so much fun though,” Sunghee said.

“Put your shirt back on please,” Fox reminds her on our way to go train.

“Do I have to? Just a skirt is good enough. It’s not like anyone can see us in here,” Sunghee grumbled.

“Yeah I know,” Fox replied quickly before I can feel sorry for her.


“No buts…either. Those need coverage too,” she again cut in.

“It’s OK, training will be fun,” I smiled at both of them.

“Um where did I put my skirt?” Sunghee is looking around.

“Um you are already wearing it…around your waist?” Fox quickly said with a lop-sided grin.

They both laugh.

“Oh right…I guess I forgot,” Sunghee blushed. She didn’t pull her skirt down though and is showing off her body a bit too much.

“That’s what happens when you have mind blowing super sex,” Fox admitted.

“She has too many rules,” Sunghee complains to me, jerking her thumb at Fox angrily. She’s upset at Fox and not bothering to hide it. Eventually Sunghee does put her shirt back on but I’m a bit disappointed actually. I liked her topless.

Eventually she pulls the skirt back down after winking at me one last time.

Minutes later we’re back at the arena. Since we know that once I’m in the dream state that some parts of the box are awake we’ve been reluctant to leave the caged Doppel-chan alone for very long without keeping an eye on her.

Sunghee still has an smile so big she could almost fly on it alone the whole time.

Of course Doppel-chan won’t speak to us and the girls are also reluctant to speak to her too. But she’s definitely watching everything we do and every step we take. We still tried but to no avail. She just gives us that sullen standoff cold face.

“She’s watching us like a cat watches mice that are just out of reach,” Fox said.

“Yeah, it’s not good,” I said.

“When are you going to let me out of this cage little boy? You know I can help too,” the metallic girlish voice said.

“Is she even a girl? Or is it more like a robot or alien?” Fox said.

“I’m not sure yet either,” I said.

“What are you talking about? We all saw her cookie, don’t you remember?” Sunghee said.

We all blush.

“Oh right, when she copied Fox’s cookie, and body parts,” I remembered.

“Shut up. I don’t want you to remember that part. That wasn’t my cookie. Really,” Fox is really embarrassed. Her face is so crimson right now…

“Well if you want we can check. Let’s see if her cookie is more like mine or yours,” Sunghee said to Fox. Again Sunghee has that smile so big it’s like a giant rainbow of love. Before we can say anything again Sunghee has pulled her skirt up showing off the goods again.

“What are you doing put that back on!” Fox yelled.

“But you wanted to check her cookie right?” Sunghee said with the unconquerable smile again.

I accidentally laughed until Fox glared at me so hard I shut up fast.

“Oh my hell can’t you keep your clothes on for five minutes?!” Fox yelped. She pushed Sunghee’s skirt back down with angry force.

“Sorry,” Fox looked apologetic at me. She doesn’t look sorry though. I get a wink instead.

This is a pretty good day actually. This is fun and crazy funny. It’s too bad Fox is like way serious.

“It’s OK,” I said.

“Don’t encourage her,” Fox steamed out viciously.

“Whatever!” Sunghee protested loudly throwing her hands up.

“You guys are kind of interesting,” Doppel-chan said.

We all suddenly look up.

“Shut up,” Fox and Sunghee said at the same time.

“If you behave and be nice and prove you can be trusted, we might let you earn your way out, but give it some time,” I said to Doppel-chan, who shrugged dejectedly. She’s still watching us.

“Well let’s work on your skills,” Fox said.

We go through a good hour of exercise and mana inducing meditation stances before Fox speaks up.

“You know… how come you haven’t been using the summon technique for Asakura? Or for Sunghee,” Fox asked.

“The what?” Sunghee didn’t get it.

“You have a summon skill for your familiar. You can use it and you haven’t been. That was the whole point of how you trapped that thing up above us that’s pretending to be a people,” Fox countered.

Doppel-chan flipped us off when she heard it.

Sunghee just laughed and waved back happily.

“I do have that… but we just got it recently and apparently failing or mis-firing it can dismember or kill the one you are trying to summon. I don’t know if I’m ready for it again. That first time we didn’t have a choice. That makes me question if it’s viable right?” I questioned.

“And you haven’t gotten a chance to use it and practice it beyond using it to save Sunghee and there’s also a de-summon version too,” Fox explained. “Now I get it why you don’t like using it though, I think.”

“Yeah,” I replied.

“I didn’t see that one in the skill tree. Why is that exactly,” Sunghee said confused.

I shrugged. Why isn’t it in the skill tree? Is it because maybe I haven’t perfected it yet? Or haven’t consciously felt good about using it yet?

“Well he did gain it, and like he said, he only used it that one time to get you out of the cage. I think he’s scared of using it,” Fox answered back.

I didn’t answer, but looked down.

“See,” Fox gestured at me.

“That’s true,” Sunghee said.

“Well we sort of traded it for a gimp spell the dwarves use for their fixation on dismembering goblins. It isn’t something we’ve had very long and who knows if dwarf magic might have unintended tweaks or mutations so we had to take things slow to work it up. Maybe it’s because I don’t feel confident with it,” I said.

“Oh…” Sunghee gives me an odd look. “Let me take a look please,” she said.

I pull open the skill tree and she’s looking at it while I’m talking to Fox. Sunghee is looking at the blue screen carefully and going over everything while not listening to us much.  We also gave her the slip of paper that the dwarf had originally given us that had its coding written on it. She seems interested equally in both.

“Wow. The guy that wrote this…that dwarf…he’s good. The code he’s written here is very concise and very carefully patterned to have a clear sequence,” Fox noted.

“You can tell that from the code?” Sunghee asked.

She nodded, “generally a lot of low power new mages will use as few symbols as possible. This is opposite. He’s spelled out the effects, intent, everything, and even some boundaries,” she said.

“Doesn’t that make the spell longer?” I asked.

“It does but that’s good in that it will help make sure the spell flows in intended consequences rather than unintended consequences or mutations,” Fox said.

“But why are you acting like we’re re-learning that?” I asked Fox.

“That’s because it’s too generic based and that’s a low difficulty to practice type of spell and it will help you build channeling efficiency with. However, once you have a familiar you can try using a summon and de-summon spell at once with speed casting precision after acquiring this spell technique. And I saw acquiring because even though you have a spell it doesn’t mean you own it yet. You just have to have the right spell glyphs and know it so well you own it. It’s already based off your having a familiar so it’s pretty much an easy skill to master. You also need to get it practiced to be so quick and strong that you can just like snap your fingers and the spell is activated. That’s when it’s really battle ready,” Fox said triumphantly.

“I still don’t see how this is going to be a game changer,” Sunghee said narrowing her eyes.

“I suppose it could be? Let me think about it,” I said.

“Oh wait…it will be if I can de-summon and summon quickly in conjunction with your dimension door technique. You would be able to manipulate the field easily with the two together. With those two together if you can use them fast without losing too much mana you could totally hit and run someone with them having low opportunity to counterattack,” Fox countered.

“Oh sweet, that’s a good idea. Let’s work on it,” Sunghee is now excited. She gives an excited smile and even seems normal and cleaned up now. Even though she doesn’t know magic, she knows tactics and fighting.

I was really far from that still but it could happen in the future I think. Plus I didn’t know how to cancel a summon yet, so working it with two or three other techniques is a bit early; like putting away a toy when it becomes endangered. I also wondered if there’s some way if inserting a safety valve into the pipeline of code to protect me and whoever I’m trying to summon.

“You still have to work out the drawbacks,” Fox reminded me.

“Yeah that’s the part that makes this spell so risky. It’s kind of a problem,” I said.

“You just need to practice and not be reckless. Believe in you, Shun,” Sunghee gives me a big smile.

“Exactly! She is right,” Fox confirmed.

“I see,” I scratched my chin. I frowned. I don’t like playing with live bait.

“Good, that’s what we’re here to go over. We have to get this down so well you can do it in a snap. Remember that for future mage deals too. You have to get to where you own the spell as well as eating and drinking food and water. But just start slowly and carefully,” Fox nods in my direction. This whole time she’d had both me and Sunghee in front of her like we were her students with her facing us and us her.

“OK,” I said.

“I do remember a few mages I was around having skills that were kind of like that where they were obsessive on getting them down pat, just like that familiar summon thing,” Sunghee admitted. She wanted to hold my hand but was distracted by Fox; probably on purpose.

“Hmm,” I was a bit reluctant to talk about it. I felt weak. But finally I voice my question. “Is there like another thing after this one that it can open up or get you to unlock that’s based on this skill?” I asked Fox.

“Actually yes; it will help build a portal summoning box for advanced summoners but that’s probably years and years down the road. I don’t know if that’s you yet or not. You already have slave crystals though so you have your own system,” Fox said.

I’m not sure I understand what she meant by the term portal summoning box.

“But if he were to also learn the other method wouldn’t there be some advantages of some kind?” Sunghee asked for me before I could.

“Portal summoning box? What’s that?” I asked. It picqued my interest.

“It’s kind of like your demon box but less powerful. A holding magic containment skill or device that holds the creatures you summon. You have no idea how cheaty your current setup already is,” Fox answered.

“And?” I inquired further.

“It might make it so your summons will heal faster in ‘hibernation’. Also practice would lower the amount of mana you use. Plus building your strength as a summoner if increased should allow you to have more summon creatures,” Fox winked me.

“That’s very cool,” I admitted.

“Aren’t my boobs good enough for you? You don’t need other girls please?” Sunghee asked jealously.

Fox waved her off.

I needed to know this and avoided looking at Sunghee.

“Yours are wonderful,” I reported to soothe her fears.

“He has to get more girls. Its part of my archmage program, silly girl,” Fox rolled her eyes.

She bit her lip and had her arms crossed over her chest. “Whatever…”

“You do seem to be taking that rather well though. So let’s get started?” I asked Fox.

“So I want you to practice drawing these symbols,” Fox said.

“But when I look at the sequence drawn by you…and the syllabylary used by the dwarf isn’t this modified?” Sunghee said.

“It is actually. I’m surprised you got that,” Fox admitted.

“Well I don’t do magic but I can see extra words here in just looking at the linguistic sequence. Being on this world has made me good with linguistical analysis,” Sunghee said.

“But it shouldn’t be different. Did you make a mistake or what’s going on?” I asked.

“I modified it so you can use the same sequence for a version for a summon for Sunghee, and whoever else is in your summon creature book. It will make the de-summon safer too as I had previously mentioned. Plus I added a type of safety valve,” Fox chuckled looking proud of herself.

Dang. She’s good.

“And we just have to master it today?” I was really excited. I’d thought that I could use it for Asakura earlier, but my understanding was that I might not be able to use it for those that hadn’t become mine yet.

“This version you won’t have to wait and upgrade it later. It’s like it has a broader base but is less aerodynamic for ‘flying’ if that makes sense. You should theoretically be able to summon anyone in one of your slave crystals but I guess you kind of did that somewhat but you are feeling vulnerable,” she said.

“So how is this different? You said it’s like it flies easier but heavier as a cost? How so? We’re not just redoing what we gained earlier?” Sunghee seemed initially distrustful. Just like in school people sometimes were uncomfortable about difficult subjects and might ask about something in a different way later.

“It basically like adds a safety circuit into the spell sequence,” Fox said.

“Very cool. That’s just what we needed,” I said.

“Think of what’s after this skill that can be potentially unlocked and you have your answer too for why this is so much better than not doing it,” Fox confirmed.

“More than cool, she’s giving you a lot of power that you shouldn’t have for years,” Sunghee smiled. She squealed with joy, and gave me a quick hug.

It’s nice to see Sunghee happy.

“Thank you Fox,” I said.

She bowed. “Just remember to help me in return with my skills too.”

“I think I get it. So it’s just a slightly modified sequence of what the dwarf gave us?” I again confirmed.

“Yes, just remember the value of a safety switch added to any risky spell sequence. The switch acts as the failsafe. Rather than cause injury on a misfire, this won’t kill or maim but just has a part of the sequence that will terminate the spell early if that were to happen instead. It will cost more energy at first though until you own it, but that’s worth it to not have a teleporting injury…those can be icky,” she countered. 

Fox goes over what looks like three sets of drawings with us. It’s a complex diagram and hard to get over.  It turns out she’s going to work our ass off while we’re trying to get this worked out.

“No, no you are doing it wrong,” she said shaking her head. She stamps out the dirt where we’d been drawing them in the sand.  

Because we’re out in the middle of the wilderness we have to draw in the sand without paper. Even if we had a bunch of extra paper now, we’d have to be careful about using it in a world where paper is costly. So we draw in wet sand, using a bucket of water and an old board to clear and smoothen out the sand to draw in. Somehow it seems that Fox had installed a wall in the middle of the arena to work with as well. I wonder if that was related to her ability to alter reality? But she had somehow dug it by hand…

It takes a lot of time though even though we have the right tools. We have to not draw too deeply or too big and still be able to keep the drawing clear enough for Fox to critique. We have to keep clearing the sand with the flat board too, every time we have to redraw, in a way that’s very similar to how people flatten wet concrete into a flat shape.

“This is so tiring. I don’t understand why I have to study Egyptian too,” Sunghee said while using the board and water to iron out her old drawing. I’m still going again on my current one.

“Well if I’m not around you have to help him. And one of both the day team and the night team needs to have that skill. You can read the Egyptian but your brain goes numb and you forget when actually trying to draw them from scratch. That means you aren’t ready,” Fox said.

“So I need to get my foundation going. It’s just when the skill is slower than my native tongue it feels so…slow and sluggish like its heavy,” Sunghee sighs.

“Also remember that dimension door is a much harder and more advanced spell than the familiar summon spell. They are also from the same type of energy formation, so we need to try to get this spell ready by the end of today,” Fox said sharply.

“Oh really?” I said.

“So work harder and faster!” she barked.

We keep going and practicing working really hard.

In another ten minutes I’ve drawn the sequence wrong again.

“Wrong! Do it again!” Fox cried out.

“Crap,” I swore.

Ironically drawing Egyptian writing is sometimes harder than doing magic training and fighting monsters.

There are so many complex figures to go over that I always mix something up. One word might have little feather drawings stacked next to each other with a second and third picture mixed in and that was only one set making up one word. I hadn’t done the other second and third set right either.

“Do it again. You missed this part here, and here, and…” Fox goes on. After another fifteen minutes of drawing.

“Good that’s better Sunghee…but you still mixed the eagle symbol picture in this second set,” she said correcting her five minutes later.

“But my first picture is correct right?” Sunghee said.

Fox seemed reluctant to admit Sunghee was gaining ground.

“Both of you keep going until they are down pat,” she said while trying to give us a fierce smile.

“Wow, you guys suck. You draw like little kids too,” Doppel-chan taunted as she called down to us from above.

Until she said that I’d almost forgotten that she was there.

“He’s only been a mage a short time. He’s doing better than you give him credit for,” suddenly Fox is defending me from Doppel-chan, who has her skinny legs below the knees hanging out from the bottom of the cage while she rests her forehead against the bars…it’s the most freedom she’ll ever have.

“I suppose. But you know dwarf writing might be easier for him to start with,” she said.

“But if he’s a mage, he has to start somewhere and he can’t put off using the mainstream writing system of this world. If he does that he would be confined to only dwarven spell work, which isn’t everything out there,” Fox countered.

“I suppose that’s true, but at this rate it’ll be years before he’s ready,” she said.

“The bulk of a lot of the mage work is still written in hieroglyphic systems. He needs to start now,” Fox said back to her.

“Fine. As you were…” Doppel-chan wouldn’t say anymore after that.

We finally got our first written set of glyphs right about three hours later. It was the equivalent of drawing three maps from scratch, only they were sound maps. We’re so tired and weary and the wet sand has made the skin on my hands dry funny. The skin feels icky and chapped from all the rinsing of sand and water.

Fox stares at my drawing. “What? You got it?”

“Yeah, see?” I said.

She looks at it again skeptically hoping to prove me wrong. “Wait…”

Then she erases it with using telekinesis on the old board to flatten it out. “Sorry but prove to me you can do it again. Flawlessly,” she added.

So I do so again. I almost messed it up. But I caught myself.

“Too unstable. You would have messed up and misfired that though you got it in the end.

Sunghee is also curious how it’s turned out and is watching.

So Fox makes me prove it again and again mercilessly. After twenty more minutes she finally gives me a quick hug. “Sorry, I wasn’t trying to be mean. But magic can mean life and death if you misfire. I think you are ready for the next part of the sequence. She then shows me how to tweak the written form and the verbal change.

Then by doing it in reverse I can now de-summon something I’ve summoned.

“It turns out you are getting pretty good at this Shun,” Fox gave me a playful smirk and clapped her hands.

“Eh?” I wasn’t sure what she meant.

“You aren’t making mistakes and you are now on your way to learning the written code. You should be able to activate the real spell now,” she said.

“Try it Shun,” Sunghee said.

So I did.

We practiced summoning Sunghee various distances. What was interesting is that the mana cost was virtually the same as long as I summoned here somewhere within fifty feet of myself. I couldn’t yet summon her distance beyond that.

I didn’t want to leave Rina unguarded back home however, so I didn’t summon Asakura.

We then practiced the de-summon. Now it’s a solid form.

But I realized I’d been really stupid to not practice this hellishly before risking its use when we’d tried to capture Doppel-chan.

A blue screen pops up just then.

Sunghee reads it for me, “Obtained summon skill for owned demon summoner’s creatures only. Summons based spells gain additional mana conservation of 5%; applies to both summoned creatures and summoned equipment. Elemental resistance buff gain increase of additional 2% to total of 136%, or 36% beyond base. Starry missile spell damage up by 2%, for 19% increase total above baseline. 10% efficiency mana conservation gain unlocked for stealth spell masking.”

“See? Told you…you are gaining a lot of strengths quickly. Most people would gain that in a month and you got it within a day. How cool is that?” Fox said while beaming in excitement.

“It is pretty cool. You’re amazing Shun!” Sunghee hugs me tightly pushing her boobs around my face in motor boat position. She’s wearing a shirt but it’s so thin, I can feel the warmth.

“Hey stop that you two,” Fox breaks it up quickly.

To my surprise I can hear Doppel-chan also laughing nearby.

We all stare back at her.

“What? You guys can be funny sometimes,” she shrugged.

“Well that reminds me Shun…you have another skill we need to work on,” Fox said.

“You mean the sex morph form don’t you?” Sunghee said.

“Well…yeah. I’d been afraid to mention it before, but your stats were a lot higher and you were much stronger when you had that form back when you got stuck in Sunghee,” Fox admitted while blushing.

“I’m game for this. If it’s a sex demon skill someone has to provide the sacrifice right?” Sunghee ripped off her shirt before I could say anything. She actually likes showing her boobs off, since only Asakura can beat her in size and presence. Her nipples win in the end though.

Doppel-chan was also watching more intently than before seeing what we’d do. “Hey those could poke an eye out,” she joked.

We ignore her.

“But I’m not sure how it activates?” I said.

“Yes, but I think it’s time to move forward. Also you still haven’t tried to fix Ayumi yet. Ayumi…I think you called her Ayumi Sensei before right?” Fox asked to confirm.

“Yeah. But I’ve been conflicted,” I said.

“On what exactly?” Sunghee said.

“Well…is it forcing myself on them if they are trapped in here? I dislike forcing sex on women. That’s maybe why I’ve been afraid to face her even though my heal spell strength may have grown a lot,” I admitted.

“I see now. That’s true. I had felt like you were holding back. But Shun, these people can’t even have a life without you. They could be trapped in here forever if you don’t try to get them out. And every day stuck in here is one more day that their skills and ability to survive in this world are not getting proper attention. That can put them far behind you…to the point of filling them with despair,” Fox said angrily at me.

I was surprised she was angry.

“So what’s bothering you about it? You shouldn’t be this mad,” Sunghee said.

“Yeah sorry,” Fox said apologetically.

But then she added, “But we have to have more weapons for the next time we face Doppel-chan too. This is good but not enough.”

We’re reminded that she’s watching us even now from above but she doesn’t comment.

“Yeah we better get this in gear. Shun you need to fuck us more,” Sunghee concluded.

“I think Ayumi has a special skill too,” Fox admitted.

“Eh?!” both of us are surprised at once.

“You have to remember the orc boss originally claimed the best females in this school for himself. He took the cream of the crop and let the rest of his cronies take the others. Mostly he prioritized whoever he thought would be a good sex slave and the most beautiful. But at least one of the females in there that he chose should have a special skill,” She said.

“And you’ve been holding back on this?” I said with my hands on my hips.

“Well it wasn’t the right time. Also I had to make sure you wouldn’t become greedy and just start taking women from the sex demon genes affecting you. But I think your heal skill might possibly be close enough to get to where you need to, in order to save Ayumi,” Fox admitted.

“Wow, that’s cool,” Sunghee said.

“I’ve always wanted a new friend and sister. Not that I don’t like being with Fox. So are we going to practice the demon morph sex skill?” Sunghee said.

Gulp…I’m not sure I liked that one. I didn’t feel like I was in control of it.

Sunghee’s beautiful skin was totally exposed. Every time she took a step her boobs would bounce or shake too.

“But we still haven’t answered the question of how to activate the skill? I sort of did it by accident. I don’t actually know how to activate it,” I said to both of them.

“Maybe you should take Fox instead?” Sunghee suggested.

“No! No way! You can’t! I mean…I’m not ready for it!” Fox said desperately. She backed away throwing her hands up.

She was too late though, since Sunghee caught her off guard.

Sunghee had reached out and ripped Fox’s shirt, revealing the beautiful mounds beneath.

Fox stared at me in shock, while both Sunghee and I see her exposed boobs.

“Wow…nice! Why were you hiding those?” Sunghee said laughing crazily.

Fox dodged Sunghee then and kept running as she was being chased. Fox did manage to keep her shirt, but the sleeves were ripped off. So now she was running with a sleeveless dress shirt that was completely open while evading Sunghee who was laughing hysterically about it.

I guess Sunghee had a playful side too. And since she wanted to be my number one, she wanted endless pleasure too.

“Wait stop! I’m not ready!” she cried out.

They kept running around, while I decided to think about this while going over my gear.

The summon equipment spell hasn’t had any changes recently, but just the amount of bottled water and bottled milk bottles has increased. I decide to store them and a summoned rope inside my box when I caught sight of something else new…

My breathe caught in my throat with such surprise that the others caught on immediately.

“What?!” I exclaimed.

There was another change in my inventory…the broken slave crystal which I had earlier wasn’t broken anymore.

How was that possible?




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