Possible beastkin traits in beastkin girls or people; go ahead and click on what traits you like. If something is extremely wild you can feel free to also comment. I am hoping to use some of this to flesh out world building stuff. I know this is really big but I like to flesh out details well.
1) Horns / Antlers, may be demon shaped, deer shaped, or on forehead (once per day may be used to deflect head blows)
3.43% 3.43% of votes
2) Mane and/or barbs in either tail or fur (natural armor), could also have two tails for some species such as in Mythology Nekomata having two tails.
2.76% 2.76% of votes
3) Catfall / safefall ; Jump once per day to extra height (within reason)
2.42% 2.42% of votes
4) Multiple Body Parts ; 4 arms instead of 2 arms (evolutionary trait to survive)
1.57% 1.57% of votes
5) Multiple Body Parts; 4 Boobs instead of 2 Boobs, females experience lactation after puberty or after finding a mate. (evolutionary trait to survive)
1.8% 1.8% of votes
6) MPB; 4 nipples, instead of 1 per breast, females experience lactation after puberty or after finding a mate.
0.51% 0.51% of votes
7) MPB; 2 nipples instead of 1 per breast, females experience lactation after puberty or after finding a mate.
0.67% 0.67% of votes
8) Cloven hooves for feet, but with legs of human until ankles; also has a tail
2.36% 2.36% of votes
9) Reptilian skin, shed tail when grappled which may grow back later (takes several weeks) in exchange for automatic escape artist attempt once, or reptilian second eyelids for seeing underwater; Reptilian tail or reptilian claws, lays eggs when mating. Regenerates all last limbs though it may take a ridiculously high amount of time if the damage is extensive;
3.15% 3.15% of votes
10) Centaur like body or snake body (does this seem weird if its not just a race in the world but also a romance target? O.o)
3.32% 3.32% of votes
11) Tentacles, such as like a Scylla girl may have
1.8% 1.8% of votes
12) Acquatic traits; gills, webbed fingers and toes, breathe underwater, head hair is thicker and silkier because of adaption to function underwater; language seems to be partly sonar based to still be able to communicate while underwater(?); resistance to cold and cold water, but still not immune to ice;
2.59% 2.59% of votes
13) Bones are actually made from cartilage and not totally solid like an adult human should be. Bone related injuries heal better and more quickly. Can regenerate from most injuries although slowly.
2.02% 2.02% of votes
14) Increased horniness and constantly in heat once reaching finish of puberty growth spurt.
3.71% 3.71% of votes
15) Eyestalks with of course multiple eyes on the ends of the talks
0.51% 0.51% of votes
16) Slimegirl like body or slime body that can change shape for utility purpose but not shapechange into looking like another person; example slime girl may shape hands like weapons during battle or like tentacles but not be able to copy the looks of her friend Ezra to try look just like her. (Do people like slime girls? Would they be smart or ridiculous? Feedback requested on this one.)
3.26% 3.26% of votes
17) Insect parts, such as antennae, claws, or lower body possible, or abdomen like an insect. (Not my personal preference but curious about reader opinion.)
1.12% 1.12% of votes
18) Second row of teeth, only having canine or really sharp teeth (and therefore only can eat meat)
1.57% 1.57% of votes
19) Spots or stripes on skin
3.21% 3.21% of votes
20) Tribal society traits; Finds mate(s) by combat; can either be by proving manhood by kidnapping mate from neighboring tribes or buying mate with horses or cattle (the most cattle or horses are signs of prowess and wealth); mates may also be exchanged with duels (loser pays winner daughter to save face); May have rites of passage to reach adulthood.
4.39% 4.39% of votes
21) Tribal society traits; Live nomadically in yurts or teepees. Tribe also roams with large herds of horses and cattle which are the staple of the tribe. May not be adverse to technology but just not like the idea of being chained down in cities or controlled. Independent thinking
2.59% 2.59% of votes
22) Tribal society traits; warrior culture, people within this society hunt, fish, and war with neighbors constantly for independence and challenging each other for hunting grounds. This tribe may still have clear values of good and evil, and even be good people but live in a harsh world that has to raise young to constantly survive in battle in order to thrive in their environment. Warrior society determines pecking order by combat challenges and number of enemy kills.
3.15% 3.15% of votes
23) Tribal society; Polygamy and levirate style marriages are common to care for widows or because of loss of men; may include a chief leadership system with sub-chiefs and shamans.
4.95% 4.95% of votes
24) Society and culture of witches; they live in covens or coven family structures (are people more interested in witches being a race by their own of only females or having them just be like a class or job like knight, magic-user, etc?) (This could be tribal or like other societies around it.)
3.49% 3.49% of votes
25) Cow beastkin or cowgirl beastkins
4.39% 4.39% of votes
26) Cat beastkin
5.74% 5.74% of votes
27) Rabbit beastkin
4.95% 4.95% of votes
28) Boar or pigmen (had to ask pigmen are classic right? XD )
1.35% 1.35% of votes
29) Dog and wolf beastkin
5.85% 5.85% of votes
30) Fox and raccoon beastkin (not necessarily living together)
5.51% 5.51% of votes
31) Beastkin societies live within their own groups; in other words rabbit beastkin will have villages and towns with each other but usually won’t live with cat beastkin or cow beastkin unless they have a good reason.
2.81% 2.81% of votes
32) Beastkin societies here are mixed with each other with a village containing 2 or 3 beastkin types. Mark this one if you are opposed and want something opposite of choice 31.
3.6% 3.6% of votes
33) Beastkin are barren when mating with humans or other demi-humans
0.79% 0.79% of votes
34) Beastkin can reproduce normally with humans or other demi-humans, but offspring will be either full genes of one parent or the other but not mixed. Mark this one if you are opposed and want something opposite of choice 32.
4.67% 4.67% of votes
Total: 1778 vote(s)

So once again this is a survey but also a poll test run for me since things were converted to the new system. I tried to put this up a week ago but it was having problems. If someone could, please confirm that this is working, in addition to whatever other attention is needed.

Also a reminder that you can vote as many times as there are options. You aren't confined to only choose one option out of 34. This is sort of looking at reader perception and psychology of desired beastkin traits. 

Thank you.


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