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Dreamweaver Chapter 122




I’d been so preoccupied with whether or not Asakura would be mad at me that I’d forgotten the most obvious question of all…how did Rina switch bodies with Asakura?! Or was it something else like just switching outer skins? Or was it switching almost everything except brains?

It could literally be anything, depending on the type of magic the person who made the potion specialized in. If they specialized in necromancy they would have been fucked up. But if they specialized in alteration it might be OK. There were other schools of magic too.

I’m glaring at both Asakura and Rina now. They are facing each other and giving each other serious and very odd stern looks. Neither is concerned about being naked but I still have to keep them from hitting each other. I also have to keep steeping between them. But I’m also distracted by all the cum running down Rina, who looks like Asakura’s, legs. And by the milk dripping down the boobs of Asakura, who looks like Rina now.

It’s been like this with a staring contest for a little while now. And they are both angry and curious at the same time.

This is like every man’s dream to have two women fighting over him naked, except for the stress of the noise and not wanting your women to fight. And it’s completely flabbergasted me that I can have this situation when probably in this whole world there are very, very few that could have this euphoric dream of two super babes in front of him.

I’d also been in denial about how hot Rina was even before she switched bodies with Asakura, because I was so in love with Asakura and trying not to be unfaithful. And that was partly why I’d had a hard time coming down on Rina, though I hated admitting it.

“You know this is so weird looking at my own body. I mean wow…freaking holy crap wow. Do I really look that good?” the real Asakura who looks like Rina now is saying while looking at herself. She paces around her. Every time she takes a step her massive boobs wobble like crazy.

“I know…”I” look pretty awesome in this body don’t I?” The one that looks like Asakura, but that isn’t says. She looks sort of confident but is trying to not be too smug. But then says, “But damn. If I looked that fine why did you resist me in the first place Shun? I don’t see why I had to look her for you to fuck me. I shouldn’t have had to switch with her for you to be willing to fuck me,” she said staring at her former body.

I’m afraid to say anything. “This isn’t my fault. I didn’t know! I thought it was you,” I said defensively to the real Asakura who tried to just wipe away her lactation just now with one of the bed sheets. Within seconds its all back from the running faucets again.

Asakura put a hand on my shoulder affectionately. “I know Shun. I’m not mad at you.”

But how do we resolve this?

“How could you steal my body?” Rina…I mean Asakura asked while dripping milk all over from her thick nipples.

Asakura…I mean Rina is too stunned to even respond. “I…don’t know why. I lost my mind. I’m sorry. Seriously I was really like gone for a while there. I think it was like I was on autopilot some of the time. Shun, you have no idea how dangerous those pheromones are. I mean the times she stopped me from joining you in the baths so many times. When she did that, it was like I was sleepwalking and she woke me up.” She does look like she’s actually feeling bad about it, and surprised with herself.

“Please don’t hit me,” she added.

“We aren’t going to hit anyone,” I protested.

“A spanking wouldn’t hurt,” Asakura said with a naughty smile.

Instead of a peaceful standoff discussion it’s going badly. It will be worse if we wake up the dwarven camp, since it’s still early in the morning.

It ends up both of them are tugging on each side of me and trying to get me to believe each is the real Asakura.

“You just want him for yourself!” says Asakura that sounds like Rina.

“Of course! Why wouldn’t I?! he’s my man! I’m his first wife!” says Asakura that looks like Rina.

“But he belongs to me! I was with him long before you ever came along! That makes me the first wife!” says Asakura that sounds like Rina.

“Bullshit! I can smell you aren’t me! You didn’t copy my smell and certain other subtle things. You aren’t fooling us! I know who you are!” says Asakura that looks like Rina.

“I’ve always loved Shun! You always take him from me and won’t share!” Asakura that is really Rina, is now crying. She’s vulnerable now and wouldn’t even care if the Rina doppelganger did her in.

Awkward…this is a mess. I can’t deal with girls crying…

“But…I hate crying and getting mad at people. I don’t like arguing or fighting either…look what you did? This hurts me so badly!” the Asakura that’s looking like Rina said. Her saying that makes me feel bad too.

Both of them are hanging onto my arms while squeezing me between their boobs. If they weren’t crying and fighting it would have been a lot funner and this is a fun pose. Maybe I can think of some fun bedroom games that make them do this; this is really twisted and I feel ashamed because it’s also made me feel horny as hell but also shocked.

At least both of them are ignoring that we’re all horny as hell and it’s totally obvious.

“You want to tell me what the fuck is going on?!” I whisper as harshly as I can.

We still have to also keep it down because we’re in the dwarven military camp. We’re scheduled to reach a district capital later today, probably around mid-afternoon.

It’s admittedly pretty hard to tell them apart, because in my mind this shouldn’t be possible. Even with magic, I sometimes get shocked at what the different effects magic can do…as well as a lot of psychological fallout. She is also pretending to still be the real one or maybe wants me to believe she can be the same thing as she is. To do so she mirrors and follows every move the real Asakura normally does.

Yeah she’s going to get a lot of barehanded spanking. She does deserve this. I was never into BDSM stuff or weird odd sex but that might be the only way to curb her dark side.

“Out with it, you little skanky slut. How the little…oh jeez I don’t even know what to ask first…how did you get your slutty ass on magic to pull this off. And clean yourself off, you have too much cum dripping down your legs,” the real Asakura said in Rina’s body but with her own boobs.

“You are saying that while leaking milk everywhere? I’d rather be the cum queen, that’s a compliment to Shun’s prowess, rather than the milk queen,” the Rina in Asakura’s body said.

“The only reason I didn’t attack you is because I love Shun. I also see you need him to survive. I want you to change your life Rina,” the Asakura in Rina’s body said.

The fake Asakura is blushing crimson but manages to wipe away her tears. She uses a towel, but doesn’t bother to cover herself up. She’s trying to get me to look at her I think. Yeah, definitely... She’s trying to throw out all kinds of sexy posturing and pushing her boobs up while keeping her stomach tight. Well…it was tight already but still…

And the real Asakura is now copying that with her legs spread in a stand off stance. Because of the ghoul status from becoming my familiar and the body characteristics theft both women are hairless down below and I can see way too much. Both their vaginas are way too displayed with clits visible. I mean with no hair and posturing like this…I’m so going to have a hard time today while we’re traveling while trying to keep from feeding.

I study the differences…again. Did I miss something? Anything else?

OK, the fake Asakura (real Rina) is slightly skinnier now, come to think of it though she was skinny before. The Rina body with Asakura’s voice (real Asakura) also has the demon cosmetic features like the sharper dark colored nails and hair full of white streaks and red eyes. Plus her areolas are huge too as a consequence of all the size problems and gravity she’s fighting. On her tight small ribcage that makes the aurolas look even bigger than they were, though I think it’s about the same size.

“So…did you somehow trade something or get this through…Doppel-chan?” I guessed. I doubt this is the case but I have to ask to make sure, since Doppel-chan is that dangerous and does have body shaping abilities. She shouldn’t even know who Doppel-chan is yet though.

“Doppel-chan? Who is that?” Asakura…I mean Rina, the one in Asakura’s body, raised an eyebrow. Damn it’s hard to keep this straight.

“No. Who is that?” she asked.

“It’s a long story,” I said in response.

“Fine but you better tell me who Doppel-chan is” both of them said.

Ahh crap. That’s a new headache now by accident. The other Rina (Asakura) was in a hurry to fold her arms over her chest in defiance but her boobs are too big to do it quickly and bounce off them. She has to go under instead.

Wow, that was cool to watch. I wish I’d got it on tape.

“This is so weird…my body strength is there but I’m so skinny my boobs are now bigger than I am? This actually might be a good trade,” the Asakura in Rina’s body suddenly realized.

“Um…what did you say?” I’m surprised.

She winks at me and is suddenly happy. “Yeah, this rocks.” She’s looking over herself. She then gives me a sly look and purposefully shakes them wildly in a swinging direction back and forth to tempt me.

Its working…

“Bitch. I hate you for this,” the real Rina in Asakura’s body said.

“What?” I’m surprised at both of them.

“I thought you liked and wanted this?” the real Asakura in Rina’s skin said.

The fake Asakura is glaring at her maliciously and almost melting with jealousy.

“I can grow big cans too,” she protested.

“Love isn’t all about having the biggest cans Rina,” I said to the fake Asakura.

“Yeah then why do you love her more? Those things could put out an eye,” she shot back, terribly upset.

“Yeah? Well you just let me become like five years younger in addition to the thinner body and smaller ribcage. Actually this trade benefits me more than you. I won’t change back, this is wonderful,” the real Asakura in Rina’s body now said. She is still swinging the giant boobs back and forth in an erotic fantasy that most would never think could happen to them to see. She ‘accidentally’ dripped several big drops of milk on me.

“Dream on, Shun loves my milk. I don’t know why I didn’t get that too. I should have. It should be me lactating. But it won’t matter. That will show up too. My body just needs…time for the hormones to process it. Yeah…that’s it. I’ll catch up…soon,” Rina said in despair trying to defend herself.

“So I still am the one lactating, have monster sized tits, the thinnest body of all, and now I shaved tive to ten years off my life. I love this!” Asakura said…in Rina’s body.

“Shun, I love you. Without you this never could have happened!” Asakura moves to hug me but Rina stopped her.

“Wait…how long will it take me to start being a milk cow like you are?” Rina in Asakura’s body asked.

The real Asakura laughed.

There’s no reason to protest though, I don’t get why she suddenly is acting this way. And it’s shocking the real Asakura wants Rina’s body…Rina does have a nice body but still...and Rina (Asakura’s body) was still and is still supermodel beautiful in both face and figure. I think Rina has totally missed the fact that Asakura’s elegance was from her personality too and not only her looks. Whenever I think of Asakura I think elegant, kind, and wise. Not just hot body like she’s missed.

But it’s twisted that Asakura in Rina’s body are now getting off on this.

“I want the boob job too. Why didn’t the trade take everything?” the real Rina said.

“Screw you. You chose this. You sleep in the bed you made is the idiom right? I guess you did that too slut. Oh and it really fits for this case since you slept in Shun’s bed,” Asakura said.

The real Rina groans. “There’s nothing wrong with becoming another fuck toy for Shun. He deserves this. I belong to him now and always. I’ll serve him longer and harder than you ever will. I’ll make sure he’s so pleased with me that he doesn’t even want to go to work in the morning, but just makes me his cum dump.”

What? Did she just say that aloud? She’s totally gone in the head.

“I guess he is pretty great. I’ve already accepted that he will have more than just me once I realized how the pheromones work,” the real Asakura said.

“But I’m finally in! Yes! As long as I get to be screwed all day too, it’s OK that I didn’t get the biggest boobs,” Rina in Asakura’s body said quickly.

I better research if there’s a way to turn down the pheromone power. Conversations like this shouldn’t be possible.

The real Asakura in Rina’s body is laughing at her. Then she reaches down and hefts her own huge boobs up and then squeezes the nipples to squirt milk onto the naked Rina while mocking her. A thin milk water spray almost like a water pistol shoots Rina in the forehead. “Ahhahahahahahahahahaha. Who has the last laugh now?!”

We both stand there in awe.

“You know actually I had this fantasy of sex with Shun roleplaying like I was Rina. Now I can really do it too,” the real Asakura said.

The real Rina just laughed. I don’t get it. Wasn’t that to antagonize her? She took it better than I expected. She used to be mad but now she’s OK as long as she’s accepted? I scratch my head. And Asakura’s reaction…wow.

I guess I hadn’t realized that women have this obsession with staying young for as long as they can. Asakura wasn’t that old but even she was aware of it. Is it like winning the lottery to shave off a few years?

This is so twisted…who the hell does something like this? And now Asakura wants to stay this way?

“Damn you. I should rip those fucking nipples off,” the real Rina in Asakura’s body says then she starts laughing again when Asakura shoots her with the milk water pistols again, this time both barrels. But they both laughed again right after she said that.

“Ladies stop it,” I said.

“Sorry Shun,” Said Asakura saluting. Is it just me…but she’s totally trying to wow me with how she shakes her boobs around.

“Please…stop that but only because Shun said so,” the real Rina said. She winked at me.

“You don’t like it when I show off your body?” Asakura in Rina’s body said.

“Well those are your boobs…oh wait their mine! So if you show anyone it’s your own shame. Besides if you mock me I’ll streak through the camp,” Rina said with a wicked voice.

“No, please don’t! You wouldn’t dare!” suddenly Asakura in Rina’s body is panicking.

Rina laughed until she sees Asakura.

“You want me to do it?” Asakura asked, pulling out a knife.

Now suddenly the fake Asakura is bawling and desperate, “don’t kill me please. I’ll be good!”

“Put the knife away. Also before either of you screws up any further…we need to figure out if this change is temporary or permanent,” I said.

“That’s a good question,” the real Asakura in Rina’s body said.

“Oh it’s permanent,” the real Rina said.

“Are you sure?”

“It is?” Both the real Asakura and I said.

“Well you made your bed, now you have to sleep on it while you get screwed literally by your own choices…” The real Asakura admitted. She puts away the knife.

“So I’m one of your fuck slaves now. You don’t get a choice. You can’t say no now that I’m in her body,” Rina stated firmly. She wants me to accept it without letting it be a question and she does it with like this super intensified awe.

I didn’t answer right away.

“I think you have to keep her now. It’s not just about the small stuff, but the pheromones will make her brain fried if you ever stopped. Even I’m scared of that,” Asakura grumbled.

The real Rina shakes a victory fist in the air hearing that. She looks like she’s ready to party and relieved.

“I am still trying to wrap my head around making sure she isn’t Doppel-chan or using her power somehow or how she got this worked out?” I said.

“I didn’t meet her…is she…” Asakura started to ask.

“But…only Doppel-chan can change her body. How is that Rina got hold of something like that?!” I exclaimed.

“Please, I just couldn’t stand being left out of the harem. I’m sorry but this was my only option,” she said to defend herself.

“I thought Rina didn’t have magic?” Asakura guessed.

We’re both staring at her. She’s still unable to change back to her real form. She still looks just like Asakura.

“But how?” I am so puzzled, it’s like up is down and down is up.

“I…sort of…bought a potion to change my genes with Asakura so I can take her appearance,” she mumbled while crying.

“Wow,” both of us say at once.

“Don’t kill me please! I couldn’t help it! The torment of being next to Shun day in and day out with those pheromones acting out all the time made me crazy! And when Yumi was no longer with us there was nobody to help me masturbate!” Rina, who looks like Asakura now said.

“That damn Yumi. If she wasn’t dead I’d probably make sure she was going there. She shouldn’t have been encouraging this girl’s kingdom bull shit,” I said. I hated the influence she’d been on her.

“Well…what kind of potion was it?” Asakura asked thoughtfully.

“That’s what I want to know too,” I said.

We both couldn’t help but stare at her still. The features were really so close that even the height was almost undiscernibly close.

“I bought two potions and mixed them together from a dwarven alchemist mage that was travelling through the last town. I checked out his references and he was well recommended. So I didn’t go through it blindly, but in the siege he couldn’t fight because his skills aren’t combat related. It was during the time that I was being hidden with the other women and children that I was able to find out about him. I asked the dwarves and they said he had a reliable good reputation,” she tried to explain.

Both of us groaned in frustration.

“You know mixing up potions is dangerous don’t you? It can mutate the effects and change things with unpredictable results,” I said shaking my head.

“Sorry,” she answered.

“There’s no telling what’s in that potion,” I managed to say wanting to tear out my hair.

“Well what exactly did you specify for?” Asakura asked.

“I told him I wanted to alter my genes and trade them with another girl and take her appearance but not necessarily a body swap. So it’s like we’re in our own bodies but the outside skin and muscle tone is changed mostly? I think? Wait, even I’m not totally sure, just that he assured me it would work? Gosh it makes my head spin thinking about it. He suggested the gene changer was the best way,” she said.

“So you didn’t say you wanted to change your appearance but change your genes?” I asked to confirm.

“Pretty much,” Rina said.

“That’s different,” the real Asakura said in response. She’s scratching her chin in thought while with her off hand she’s plastered to my side and forcing my arm between her boobs. She seems insecure and afraid to go beyond a tight hug from me while studying the real Rina with a mixed expression.

“But how come she wasn’t allowed to steal my boobs too? Not that I want that,” Asakura wondered while testing to make sure her milk production wasn’t affected…right in front of me.

“I don’t know. I thought I’d get that too. And I wanted that especially for some of my cowgirl fantasies. I actually wanted that quite a bit,” Rina, who looks like Asakura said. It’s no secret that she’s staring at how huge Asakura’s boobs are, even as we talk.

“Oh…it’s probably because my milk production is caused by Shun and I’m tied to him as his familiar in the magic contract or whatever it is…so that maybe interfered with switching my boobs because it’s part of his life force and magic’s influence with the ghoul familiar contract,” Asakura reasoned.

I snapped my fingers. “That’s the only thing that makes sense.”

“Wait, how long is this going to last?” I asked with my arms folded.

Long silence…

“Um Rina?” Asakura asked.

“Sorry,” Rina said.

“For what?” I asked.

“Its permanent. I specified I wanted something permanent for sure. Permanency was an added effect with the potion too. That costed a lot too,” Rina said.

I wasn’t sure what to say.

“You know technically you were always pretty Rina. You just didn’t act mature. And now you just gave me like five to ten years of your youth. I hope you can live with this. It only benefited me,” Asakura said.

“I’m sorry. I just couldn’t take it any longer. But even though you say it didn’t benefit me it kind of did in a way. In front of people you will have to act like the sister while I can be the open wife. Plus he doesn’t have to worry about fucking me anymore,” Rina said.

“Do you feel good, having stolen my appearance? It was wrong you know?” Asakura said.

“But I just didn’t want to be left out!” Rina said, crying some more.

“You weren’t left out,” I protested.

“Are you sure?! Think about it Shun! I can’t even live without you! I have a weak body, and need your healing skills and treatment at least twice a day. If I separate from you even a few days my life is over! I still am weak daily, and need your buffs just to keep up with walking with the others without feeling the despair of collapsing in the street! Have pity on me!” she cried out bawling non-stop.

“She’s going to wake everyone up,” Asakura said looking at me to shut her up.

“Yeah, she probably has already,” I protested.

“Well at least we’re not talking in a language they’ll understand. Thank goodness,” the real Asakura said.

We were still trying to be quiet…kind of.

We changed the tone of our voices. Our tent was big and a heavier canvas type, but still…the whole camp was packed in pretty tightly to stay organized. We could still bet on the fact that only the ones with the language enchant could understand us but still.

To get her to stop bawling and for fear of discovery we sandwiched Rina between us. I was behind her, and the real Asakura in front of her while we lay down in a puppy pile of naked bodies; it’s easy to lose yourself to this sort of thing when you have demon DNA. We can’t get her to stop bawling still because she knows she’s messed up on being trusted, but she’s trying to be quiet while she sniffs while smothering her crying face in Asakura’s boobs which sort of makes me jealous; I’m still hugging her from behind. But she keeps rubbing herself up against me. And I’m dangerously close to having my tool slip inside her lower lips while she’s rubbing her lower lips against my tool which are slowly but surely prying apart.

I didn’t even know someone could do that while crying.

It will only be a matter of time before we’re having a bunch of sex all over again.

Even though I have all these women I do still get jealous. Is that a demon trait to protect what’s mine?

“I should have predicted this would culminate so quickly. I’d already accepted it, and knew it was going to happen sooner or later, but just hadn’t put any urgency on it. It’s true that you are the only one she can really be with. Don’t you think this was inevitable,” Asakura said to me while fake Asakura is still trying to get back her emotional control. She nodded to me.

“So you knew?” I stated.

“Not entirely but…it’s readable,” she countered.

I can’t argue against her point.

It’s hard for me to control myself. Her ass is pushing against my rod even while she’s crying. Stop wiggling your ass at me, I think. I almost accidentally impaled her just then. And it’s a beautiful shapely ass.

“That’s…true…unfortunately,” I said.

“Yeah…” she replied.

“You aren’t upset?” I asked again.

“Once again, I’d already accepted this. The pheromones are too strong Shun. I don’t think you can have women around you long without having them drawn in without even a chance to escape. You musn’t ever live with someone or share housing with people of the opposite sex that you don’t want in your ‘family as a spouse’ Shun. Just be careful you aren’t around the wrong people very long,” she warned me again.

“So you aren’t mad at me?” I asked the real Asakura, who is trying to get Rina to stop crying from believing I hate her now.

“No. No I’m not. This isn’t your fault.” She held my chin with her hand, while stroking my cheek. “I’m just glad I know what love is. Even if the pheromones induce this, the love is real Shun. Do you realize how few people actually appreciate what love is? I know it’s generated from lust in this case, but a lot of the fact that its working is because you act responsibly and really care. Even if we’re poor I want to stay together always. You couldn’t have predicted something like this. You can’t feel guilty about this. And having a thinner ribcage makes my boobs look several sizes bigger and I get to be younger, just for being willing to accept Rina. This is so wonderful. So in the end I’ll get more love from you this way,” she said softly.

But she did have a thought,” Shun, ask her where she got the resources for this?”

We both look at each other in the eyes.

“So just answer me this…Rina…how did you find this guy and pay for it? We need to go over it again to be sure?” I asked.

It takes a few minutes to get it out of her.

Turns out there’s no way to find the potion alchemist guy or whatever he is. He was some kind of travelling merchant and he’d already skipped town. But we do have his rune mark. If we ask in other cities then we can find him then.

After acquiring it, she drank the whole thing right before we went to sleep, after tossing her clothes. Then she slipped in my bed after she’d gone to sleep.

As she explains it, we’re both stunned.

“I can’t believe this,” I exclaimed.

“I just wanted to be wife number two!” Rina protested.

“Well…that’s about as close as it gets without becoming wife number one. Come on Shun, you need to accept this so she won’t hurt herself,” Asakura said while snickering.

I couldn’t help acknowledge her pun.

But is she wife number two or wife number three? Wasn’t Sunghee wife number two? What happens when Sunghee and Asakura find out about each other too? Will that be a discussion too? It must be coming soon. Asakura accepts Rina because they’ve had a lot of time to accept each other and Asakura likes her. But she might think Sunghee is much more of a threat because Sunghee is just also elegant and graceful like she is and more mature. She might perceive the possibilities of a mature personality being a serious threat.

“So what happens now? Please don’t throw me out or abandon me! I’ll be good! I promise! I’ll never do anything stupid again. I just was going mad from the pheromones. I didn’t used to be this way before we came to this world,” Rina pleaded. She’s pleading to me now, facing me naked.

Technically what she said was true.

“I get it Rina. But being trustworthy is the cement that allows love to bloom. So no more bad decisions,” I said.

Before I can say anything Asakura intervened stroking her hair gently from behind. “Shun won’t abandon you. You will get to be wife number two. But you have to grow up from now and stop being selfish Rina. No more pranks, no more being silly, no more acting on your own. Marriage means just that, to act for the benefit of the family instead of your own, and from here out you will have to live with the consequences of what you did. You did hurt our trust, you’ll have to make up for that and earn it back,” Asakura said.

“I’m sorry,” Rina said again.

“What? Who made it up to you to decide? Do you have any idea how angry I am right now?” I said to Asakura, the real one.

Asakura shrugged and looked apologetic. “Sorry Shun…but she has my body…what happens if she goes out and decides to use it to become a hooker or sell her body? I can’t allow that, it’s very disturbing to me because it’s like she would be selling me instead of herself. And if she dies, does that mess with the effect or cancel it? What would happen then? And she looks like me in every way! If she does anything…anything at all people will think it’s me! And she does really love you. For you, you haven’t ever experienced the pheromones on the receiving end so you don’t know what it’s like to go mad with wanting to fuck you to death. Do you want some perverted guy to sink his claws into my body even though she’s using it? If he does it to her in my body it’s almost the same thing! I can’t let that go! And this world is very strict about punishments! Nobody will think, let’s just check the town to make sure we have the right person!”

“That’s true,” I admitted, trying to calm down.

“Sorry Shun, but you have to fuck your sister from now on as wife number two. It’s something that’s been building for awhile anyway. It was going to happen eventually. Hell you didn’t even realize how many times I had to intercept her from jumping you in the baths. Guarding you from that alone was wearing me out and I couldn’t keep up with her tenacity coupled with the madness of the pheromones. We need more military power anyway and your pheromone soup will make her stronger, but I am afraid it’s affected her brain too much. She’ll have to stay with us always. Don’t let her out of your sight,” Asakura said, acting firmly and as if she’s the boss.

“But…” I protested.

“I take responsibility for this. But I can’t let her out of here with my body,” Asakura said.


“Don’t worry, I’ll punish her thoroughly. Lots of spanking, in fact you can spank both of us, and we’ll spank each other, with our tits totally hanging out all over. And if possible I’ll try to help her induce lactation too,” Asakura said.


“It’s Yumi’s fault. She kept filling her head with that girl’s kingdom lesbian nonsense. If you fuck her senseless like you did me, then you will also cure her of all the lesbian stuff in her mind too. I feel bad about not separating Yumi and Rina more back home at school when I was a teacher. I wish I could undo a lot too,” Asakura said.

I sighed.

She really is going to bat for her.

“You know I wanted a daughter. A sister sharing a man is OK too. Since I’m a ghoul in status then I can’t actually have kids. So have to adopt her,” Asakura pointed out.

No comment.

“Wait a minute…where did you get the money for that?” I asked Rina pointedly.

“Eeep…I’ll earn back every penny! I swear! I’ll pay you back, don’t be mad!” she pleaded.

“Ahh shit!” I swore.

We then found out, she’d gotten into my money stash one day when I’d fallen to sleep with the box partly open a little over a week ago…

“Well…how much money do have left?” Asakura wondered.

“Not…much! I’m sorry! I promise I’ll earn it back! Even if it costs me years of labor and intense fucking! Please forgive me!” Rina pleaded.

Wow, that was like weeks of income gone from slaying stuff…I’m worried now because there’s so little from what was in there before.

“You still think we can forgive her?” I asked Asakura.

I’m curious why Asakura is on her side and asked her as much.

“Think about it Shun. This world solves criminal acts by execution or slavery. If you turn her in they will turn her into a prostitute or chop off her head. A lot of thefts here they solve with maiming or public execution. What she did was wrong but she did out of love and just wanting love. There was a time period where I was desperate for my parents to love me after mom got sick and my dad was always working. I couldn’t live with not giving her another chance even though I’m really frustrated too. I’m also being compelled by the pheromones to expand your harem. That fact bombards my brain daily and I can tell it’s your pheromones working too. I would probably have not forgiven her if she’d managed to steal my boobs though,” she sighed.


“Yeah, I kept getting all kinds of weird feelings to try to get you to fuck Yumi too. But I resisted because I thought she was a bad influence. If you pick girls that are a bad influence it can mess everything up for all of us,” she said quickly.

Wow…I didn’t know Asakura was having daymares of getting me to screw Yumi…

“It’s true she was a bad influence…I wanted to get rid of her awhile ago but she was Rina’s only friend,” I said.

“But now I have both of you,” Rina said hiccupping from post crying. She puts her arms around both of us pulling us all tighter together.

“You better earn back our trust Rina,” I said firmly and warning her with all the evil eye I could muster.

“She will. I’ll make sure she does…or else…” Asakura said.

“I regret hurting your trust. Please if you accept me I’ll not be anymore trouble now,” she confessed.

“You have to admit this is totally hot, the three of us all naked together. And don’t worry I’ll fuck you anytime you want to earn off my debt. In fact I’ll demand it once an hour,” Rina said looking a bit drunk.

“Once an hour means…we won’t get anything done,” I objected.

I’d forgotten that the pheromones might act weird on her…and apparently it’s true.

“So back to how much money we have left?” Asakura looked at me.

That’s another issue. We knew Rina had borrowed my money to do this.

I counted it out, laying out the gold pieces on the blanket between Rina and Asakura’s boobs. “We have enough for some lodging for like a month’s worth and food that’s all that’s left. We can’t buy any equipment either, but have enough for one adventurer license for me beyond that. We’ll have to be really careful with money for awhile,” I said.

“Crap,” Asakura looked grim.

“Well you can salvage weapons from the fallen. So that will work out,” Rina said. I guess she can think when she is invested in something.

“We had a lot of money in there. How could it all be gone?” I swooned thinking about it. I’d been neglecting counting it lately too because it was such a pain.

“Well if it was a permanent enchantment, then that would justify all that money,” Asakura said remembering how huge the pile used to be.

“Well…a normal potion wouldn’t cost that much, but the gene changer / appearance altering thing and permanency potions being added together with it were what ate up all the money,” Rina said pitifully.

“That actually makes sense. People would probably mass produce and sell little body modification potions that last like a week pretty cheap when they want to have a secret affair, go to parties, and pass as the person’s other. But to make it last a long time…like forever? That would cost much more because it would be really changing the tissue on a small minute scale to really be more than just an illusion and I think that’s what she ended up with. This clearly isn’t an illusion,” Asakura said.

We’d talked about it a few times already about a plan to settle down or to get adventurer licenses for everyone. So I’m a bit annoyed but we can recover and this is a minor setback. This will also let us commit to working our way up and learning more about this world. We’ll get involve with adventurer’s guilds and do everything.

Then before having breakfast we took turns spanking Rina so hard her ass was covered in red marks…which I re-healed several times, only for us to do them all over again, but I think she’s getting off on it because of the pheromones. Even when I started having Asakura spank her instead she’s still I think liking it too much. We finally got tired of it.

“But why are you taking this so well?” I asked Asakura.

“Well you have to remember I lost a lot of family members due to illness. I lost both my mother, an aunt, and a sister at a young age. To me Rina represents gaining back my life from what I lost and what had hurt me the most. And it’s to your credit Shun, that I can have that. So it increases our love. Maybe this is the closest thing I can get to getting them back,” she shrugged.

“You aren’t turning lesbian?” I probed further.

“Oh hell no. Actually I could use a good fucking right now,” Asakura said and then grabbed me.

“Just so you know, I don’t like sharing my toys…even with other toys,” I responded.

“Good. I’d be mad if you did. Nobody wants to be shared even if its within the same marriage. Those harems like you read about like the Arabic shaws did and others didn’t share their wives even with other wives for a reason,” she makes me bite her nipples.

“Oh…I could totally see Shun creating an Arabic style harem. That’d rock,” Rina has a fantastic look on her face.

Oh no…she’s got another pipe dream that I’ll have to take care of.


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