Dreamweaver Chapter 121






Reader help reminder; Chapters 118 to 120 were in Dream State, 117 was with the dwarves in reality; 121 resumes after MC and party wake up. It won’t be unusual for chapters to alternate between the dream state and reality.

**In a dwarven military tent while marching en route to aid dwarven sieges from the goblin invasion**






Back to reality after waking up…

I’m not in pain and I feel really warm now. Around me Asakura is plastered against me. It’s also like super early before others are even up. There’s nothing better than waking up to one of the hottest women I’ve ever seen cuddling up against me naked.

I need more sleep. I’ll just take a few more minutes. Damn, I feel so tired lately.

And…so is someone else? It’s Rina I think behind me. I can feel her breasts pushing into my back while she’s asleep. Weird…they feel bigger than they normally would don’t they? Maybe it’s my imagination. But I can’t exactly reach behind me and look to be sure and check things out and see her face because of how tightly we’re packed into each other.

I almost cried out because I’m in shock. Both of them are very naked while keeping me warm, which is very cool because it’s cold underground at night…and day too its also very cool. We have to bundle up in blankets at night to stay warm, or else it feels like sleeping in someone’s fridge. That’s why the dwarves like full clothing head to toe with thick wool like thread materials or furs.

But when did Rina get in our bed? She’s fast asleep. And I don’t want to wake her. When did she sneak into our bed anyway?

I can also feel I’ve had a massive erection for probably half the night and Asakura is deeply embedded it into herself with the blanket over most of her body and face while she’s trying to get me going.

It’s natural that I’ll wake up daily with my…tool…impaled inside Asakura and this is just like every other day and this is our normal wake up routine, and it’s been that way ever since we acknowledged each other in the gnome cave or whenever that was? In fact there hasn’t been a single night so far that this hasn’t happened.

I felt relief that I’m my male tool is impaled deep inside a really wet Asakura and not Rina because I don’t know how Rina got in the bed and I am not always clear about if Asakura initiated sex or I do on certain days of the week. That’s so freaking dangerous, that she got in here…but for now relief. And I don’t want to move because we’re all so tightly put together that I’m afraid that any movement will wake up Rina.

But last night was a close call I think, as I’m lying there. Why didn’t I be more careful?

Wait actually it was more like…I need to tighten my control over the demon genes and it’s like they force feeding on their own sometimes. They must have tried to push me through sexual hunger before I’d realized it. That’s why I have to be careful about consistent feeding several times a day, which makes it so I need to have my own tight party and be careful about partying with others.

I can’t believe it! I’m healed! Oh man, do I feel relieved! It was a pain of having my bones crushed that was so awful I wanted to die. But now my wrist and hand are completely fine. Those…fairies? Yeah, I think they were fairies have done so well that it’s like my maimed hand and wrist never even happened.

Still…it’s like the skin on my hand is slightly different than the other hand now.

I have tears of gratitude.

It’s all thanks to the fairies. They appeared right after we’d imprisoned Doppel-chan.

They did leave before I could work out a way to contact them again. They did that on purpose but if I could have talked to them again it would be interesting. Maybe I could have learned more about their magic system or this world…

But that’s out and I’m feeling edgy and disappointed.

They all ended up pooling their power and rewrote my flesh and sewed it all back together. Now my right hand has a pale beautiful slender like skin almost…but that’s impossible right? I can’t possibly have fae like skin! But that’s how it is on that hand. It’s not too noticeable unless you look for it, but my right hand and left hand don’t match. Even the bones are thinner and more slender in the fae like hand. I wish they’d make the two hands match better but they didn’t.

I wasn’t even sure if fae was the right word…but I’d gotten a look at the small fairies and the hand looked like theirs. And if they rewrote my flesh together then it stands to reason they might accidentally ‘heal’ it too much to the point of making it more like theirs by thinking the job wasn’t complete until it was as good as their own.

It cost us the necklace and the fairy imprisoned in it, which I was reluctant to depart with. Hell if I’d known there was a fairy in there I would have been tempted to keep the fairy instead. With no other gain, but at least that’s something. It’s a good trade to be honest. But I kind of wish it hadn’t happened that way. It turns out the fairy bound in the necklace had been a massive mana regeneration tool and that’s why that imp summoner goblin shaman had been able to chain cast practically non-stop with practically infinite mana.

I should check the black market for tools like that. There must be a place like that somewhere to find cool stuff like that right? Gyle might know a guy, who knows a guy.

But as I study it, I can’t ignore what the fairies did…

My fingernails on my left and right hand are different now too I can see. They’d been getting slightly barely pointed on my left hand, and now they are just normal on my right hand except also thin fingered bones, though still about as long as they were before. At least it doesn’t look deformed.

Briefly as I look over the two I’m worried people will notice. Will they? I guess people won’t notice as long as I’m careful and I could stick with long sleeves if I really wanted. I could also do gloves on either or both hands if I were truly desperate but it isn’t that bad.

 Sure enough the rest of me is OK. I’m relieved that nothing else has changed.

Asakura is really getting into this. She’s sort of trying not to moan load while she’s trying to also shift position quietly to get on top of me. She’s getting too excited too quickly.

“Be careful, you’ll wake her up,” I whispered.

“Ahhhhhh hhaaaaaa,” she gasped. She’s already trying to bounce and roll her hip up and down. It’s now like her to keep the blanket up over her face though.

There’s also another change that wasn’t there before too.

I have a permanent boner in the morning, but I don’t think that’s the fairies doing, but part of the demon genes trying to get control. Daily…without fail it’s like that now. And if it doesn’t get fed it won’t go away. I’d been trying to ignore it the last few days but that had made it worse.

It doesn’t go away unless I do Asakura at least a few times in a row. And lately that’s made her hard to concentrate on the job.

She’s wide awake now and not half asleep like she sometimes is when this starts, and is already started moving while I have to reach my hand up under the blanket covering her to keep my hand clamped over her mouth so that she’s not heard.

Wait…why is she covering her face…I have a bad feeling. This isn’t good. Did I screw up?

I rip it off to be sure.

Thank goodness. It’s not Rina, I can see Asakura’s face smiling at me seductively with some kind of look of euphoric bliss like she’s never felt before. She has this deep intense look in her eyes as I’m pushing into and out of her.

And Rina is still asleep next to me though she’s asleep in a position where I can see absolutely everything…or I would have been able to if it weren’t so dark in here. When did Rina get so beautiful?

“Oh Shun…that’s so good…don’t ….argghh…don’t ..stop…ever,” she groans in a quiet hoarse whisper. She tries to hug me tighter, but she’s already been hugging me tightly so it’s almost like warm flesh iron is clamped around me…in more than one place.

She’s now moaning a bit too load, even while I’m trying to cover it up.

“Shhh!” I said again.

“Oh gosh! Don’t stop please! Never stop!” she gasped after biting one of my fingers. She’s also getting into it. Then she did something weird that she hasn’t’ ever done.

She bit me again! It was a savage shoulder bite after trying to mash her boobs into me when she was cumming again for the second time in ten minutes.


Do ghouls do that? I’m confused…she’d never bit me before…

I’ve also learned that I can barely keep her quiet if I force my hand over her mouth tightly the whole time but it takes a lot of strength and there’s a temptation for her to bite me. Because she’s pretty strong I worry about that too. Her face is flushed red as she is trying to exert herself and carry it further while her legs shake in spasms.

She starts up again quickly.

It’s been getting harder and harder to not wake up Rina in the morning too, and we’ve been taking care of this before anyone else is up.

After at least an hour, wait more like two hours of this hot beautiful non-stop love making I hear what sounds like a growl behind me. The growl started up after like the sixth time in a row Asakura has started cumming again.

That’s so weird.

Only Asakura growls like that. But I know its Asakura that’s deeply involved in non-stop hypnotic sex. Her eyes have even lost focus and she’s staring out into space.

Ahh screw it. I can’t stop now anyway, even if Rina is waking up near us. I’ll probably yell at her later for sneaking in and growling in her sleep is weird too. It’s too exciting at this part anyway to quit and the beast inside me has been growing. I think that’s why I haven’t been harder on Rina. Deep down inside I was actually trying to keep from pouncing on her but it wasn’t working very well.

We’re trying to keep the noise down, and we’re helping each other keep our mouths from crying out but there is a distinct slapping of flesh going against each other in love making. It’s very intense and euphoric. The sound of flesh slapping was mild before, but with so much cum that Asakura has leaked everywhere and with more sex fury its grown in sound by a lot.

This is like my favorite part. I’ve also cummed into Asakura so many times that the sleeping bag is soaked under her from several sources. Well half of that’s her cum actually…or not. I haven’t measured.

The growling has intensified again. I thought it had quit. But why is Rina growling? She isn’t a sleepwalker.

But I’m having sex with Asakura…and she’s in front of me. How can she be growling from behind me? Only Asakura growls…


The growl sounds off again, this time a bit louder and almost like its territorial like a dog confronting another dog. That’s the sound she makes when Rina is doing something strange and off limits. Like I think it was a few days ago Asakura growled like that to keep Rina from sneaking in our bed.


Rina hasn’t ever imitated Asakura before…so this can’t be her…

That suddenly gives me a bad feeling...

I’d been pretty much unable to stop and even though this is like my twelfth time releasing into her I can’t help but need to rest as I peace things together. In some ways the sex demon genes can be fun because there’s no way I could have came that many times…but they won’t let me stop when they are in charge.

“Oh that’s …so good. I should have done that long ago,” Asakura said.

But something isn’t right. Her voice sounds off. I froze in fear. What’s going on.

Still she’s taking over who’s in charge in our sex and won’t stop even though I look very confused.

Then I bite her nipples.

More growling in the back ground…it sounds like its coming from behind me. Rina is gone from beside me.

That’s weird too. The appearance is normal in Asakura’s boobs, but there’s no milk? I thought her nipples were much thicker and a bit more rubbery, but these aren’t, I think. And I know for sure Asakura has a lot of milk. Since she started lactating she’s never had a even half a day where there wasn’t way too much milk for me to drink. And it looks like her boobs have shrunk like less than a third of their size.

To not even have a drop of milk? That’s so impossible.

I suddenly stop again, although she doesn’t stop or want to let up.

“Don’t….stop…aghhh so…good. I can’t…stop Shun…I can’t…” she’s now crying and her voice sounds like a younger woman’s and not like her own voice at all.

There’s suddenly a really angry increase in volume of the growl coming from behind me and I hear that person standing up. It sounds like 100 percent like Asakura…but that’s impossible because Asakura is in front of me.

This is so confusing. I need to stop and sort it out. It’s bad enough if Rina is behind me trying to watch us make love.

I’m sure of it. I wouldn’t accidentally put it in the wrong person and jeopardize my marriage with her. Well even if I did that the pheromones would compel her to still love me still. Even with the pheromones to keep her permanently glued to me relationship wise that would be an awful betrayal.

“Oh that was so…freaking awesome…let’s do it again. Come on don’t stop. It’s more fun if you are participating too, even though I can do enough for both of us,” Asakura in front of me says. She winked at me with a snarky open mouthed awe smile.

She doesn’t seem to let me up and pushes me back down. Because I’d lost so much energy last night against the doppelganger, there’s nothing I can do. I’m weaker than normal and the fairies had used a lot of my nutrients to reweave my flesh, so I have the strength of like a twelve year old right now.

Asakura is now trying to slam down on me as hard as she can as I’m trying to figure out what’s going on. Heck this is even violent with how hard she’s trying to fuck. Asakura usually isn’t violent in sex. She’s so caring that her personality won’t let her.

And how did her boobs shrink again?

I almost shouted in my crying out when I look up.

“Give it to me! More!” the Asakura in front of me says. But she said it in Rina’s voice. I hadn’t noticed it before but that is definitely Rina’s voice. The fact that its still Asakura’s body didn’t let me see it before.

What the fuck?!

And behind me Rina is standing there with her arms folded over her chest, asking what the fuck is going on in Asakura’s voice. But it’s Rina’s body that had been growling.

I pushed Asakura off me and she collapsed on the bed with her limbs all akimbo. Then I make them both stand in front of me. All of us are blatantly nude but something isn’t right here. Asakura with Rina’s voice looks happy while Rina with Asakura’s voice looks angry and resentful.

What the hell?

“You did this on purpose! What did you do! And HOW?!” the angry Rina with an Asakura’s voice said.

Asakura in front of me with the Rina voice is ecstatic, “Finally! I love you both so much! I love this! I wish I’d done this earlier! Gosh I couldn’t wait anymore! Wheeeeeee.” She keeps laughing.

There’s a long silence.

If the one that looks like Rina is glaring at the other…and the other one looking like Asakura is laughing and enjoying this weird shit…then she must be the cause?

“Why do you look like me?” The Rina body with the Asakura voice said with her hands on her hips.

Uh …what?

Asakura with the Rina voice looks embarrassed. “Eh…this worked better than I thought it did.” She has a really perverted look on her face even worse than Yumi could ever do. She’s also looking over her body like she just got a new car.

“So you say she has your body?” I asked what appears to be Rina with Asakura’s voice.

“Yes. That’s my body but I don’t know how she did this!” Rina who has Asakura’s voice answered back.

“I’m lost…” I think spilled out of my lips.

“I’m sorry Shun, but I was going mad. The pheromones are too strong. If I had waited another day I think I would have killed myself or lost my sanity,” the Asakura body with a Rina voice said.

I look back and forth between them while studying their features. Apart from their voices there are only a couple of minor differences. But you would only be able to tell them if you were me or the real Asakura.

The Asakura in front of me has boobs that are Fox’s size. Poor Fox…she does have nice shape still though even though her boobs are smallest of my team; that’s the first big huge clue…or should I say lack of huge since they are shrunk a ton and not lactating at all. And only Rina has boobs that close to Fox’s size while both Sunghee and Asakura have the biggest busts each. Yet the Asakura in front of me has also her hair done more like Rina does, except as long as Asakura normally has her hair; in addition to having smaller boobs. Plus she’s standing almost pigeon toed without realizing it and that’s how Rina stands.

The ‘Rina’ in front of me is super rail thin like she usually is…except has humongous boobs that shouldn’t even be possible. Its more exaggerated because Rina’s frame was thinner and smaller in the chest width and depth than all of the girls, including Fox. But now she has Asakura’s giant monster boobs, with Asakura’s posture, and dribbling milk all over herself. The milk has been dribbling down her boobs, stomach, and making a leaky pool on the blankets below. she doesn’t even bother to try to stop the leakage.

I think she’s got a production increase too or something but I don’t know why. Or else she’s just super horny.

But Rina shouldn’t be lactating, and only Asakura is out of all of the girls…yet this looks like Rina. The one that had been behind me wasn’t Rina at all even though it looks like her, but was clearly dribbling breast milk on my chest as she stood over me with a very seriously firm mad expression.

I’m still trying to wrap my head around it. The one trying to fuck herself to death in front of me…didn’t have breast milk but does look like Asakura still. But I noticed other details too that stood out. The real Asakura had beautiful silvery white looking streaks in her hair now, and the one in front of me didn’t. But Rina’s body with the dribbling breast milk has a few white streaks in it now.

This is bad. Really bad…

I’m in so much trouble…

I think I’ve got it figured out. I hope Asakura doesn’t blame me. This isn’t my fault. I feel like I want to cry too because I now know what happened and don’t want her to think I’m a cheater.

And Asakura is probably going to be mad at Rina and I probably shouldn’t leave them alone for awhile.

It’s not my fault right?


I have a huge lump in my throat. Oh crap, I need to sit down with Asakura. I hope she doesn't hate me now.




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