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I thought I would explain a few things to help people get a better understanding of this story and to clear away confusion. A lot of how the story review critics start in their rants based on wanting to sway or have things re-written to please their ownselves. Also in general a lot of people are just worried the MC will only have one weak skill and not be a true hero and their confused by what’s going on with not being able to read a skill or status tree yet.
For starters…
Don’t worry it’s all going to work out in the end. The main character is just starting from scratch and growing from a tiny seed first. This is called UNDERDOG mode and some people don't get it and its a crucial part of the story. It's very realistic that he wouldn't automatically be overpowered right from the beginning but he will become overpowered later on. People are just worried too much about instant gratification and need to understand that it will work out. 
I wanted to have this story have plenty of detail from all areas of life so it would feel real. Real means feeling lots of things; betrayal, innocence, children, families, romance, fighting, survival, villains, clash of armies, robbers, deceit, cunning, magic, defense, offense, defending a town…the list goes on. This means also slow buildup, because who wants a story where you spit and in one blow suddenly the demon lord explodes…the ending came too fast right? Some of the details are going to be appearing by degrees because it’s reflective of a group exploring in a world isn’t going to notice everything all at once. They will discover things piece by piece.

Part of being a life sim story is also that there will be some seemingly useless conversations as part of seeing what a fantasy sim life would be. Not every chapter is combat related.
I think that people are so used to stories where the hero gets everything within one chapter that they've forgotten how quickly that ends if there's no buildup or nothing else for him to do. 
If you want a fast paced story you can’t really experience a different world because by moving quickly you aren’t getting the details and by the time you’ve looked at the side of the road you are already in the next county. Plus you are so in a hurry going from one point to another that we didn’t even a chance to see what the road and towns looked like or felt.  For example, say you read the hero cut the enemy boss’ head off. That’s good but what did the boss look like? What was the hero and his side kicks / companions thinking and feeling? You want companions that talk and think for themselves right and feel like real people? For them to talk and think for themselves then I have to let the MC have them talk, but they won’t always know what to do or might sound weak because they are progressing like normal people do…so that doesn’t mean the hero is a wimp or not doing everything by plenty of people talking by him. It also means they feel safe enough to be around the hero to open up, and they feel a safeness and intimacy with the MC by willing to be open with him and get closer over time.
Of course I’m still working on that too, and imperfect…but we’re trying.

The point is each chapter is like a day in the life of the main character as a life sim. Not every chapter will have combat. 

Now here is another small detail I felt needed explaining;
How often when you read a story can you predict the ending right from the beginning? Have you ever had this happen to you? (Raises hand) Well I don’t like stories that you can predict the ending from the first chapter. That’s why there’s so much craziness going on. We need some distractions and some change in direction sometimes. Those are the parts that make it interesting. Don’t you put a book down when you can predict the ending from the start? (raises hand) It’s enough to say here that don’t worry the hero will get some interesting things going on with his skills, job, etc…but I want to try to have a chance to surprise people and let them have some excitement in the discovery.
Also here is another pattern I thought I’d explain…
A lot of predictable novels start out like this;
Hero or Main Character awakens a terrible OP skill > He suddenly dominates every aspect of life around him as a newbie > everything is too easy, free, and there’s no challenge (Oh he also did a home invasion, 2nd degree murder or manslaughter, assault and grand larceny in that lair of cute demihumans he just genocided). (How is it possible that he could be in a new area with supreme confidence suddenly without feeling or knowing anything in an area? And with no training? No trying to conquer adversity? How come he never has anxiety going into the enemy’s lair?) > Then later he still dominates all atmosphere around him (Again never any opposition, always hero is proactive but no opponents ever get proactive) > Atmosphere of hero dominance gets too predictable and story gets repetitive > Story is killed by repetitiveness…
So isn’t it more fun if it starts out;
Hero or main character is an underdog with other people and anyone of them could be a hero but nobody knows which one it is (What if they can feel how strong evil really is and scares the crap out of them?!) > Hero doesn’t immediately own everything in his atmosphere and is fragile and has to survive just like everyone else but will still get interesting powers and skills soon ( What?! What if enemies can be the ones that are proactive suddenly? It’s less predictable right?) > Hero is starting to build a team of existing survivors while figuring out what this interesting world is like(He has to be cautious. Sometimes in a real world with real villains the hero might be defensive for a few moves. It’s not real to always be the one doing offense.)  > Hero and team are starting to build relationships and trust slowly that will endure because they need each other (Oh they don’t fall for him all at once. They never get doubts that he loves them more than the other girl?) > Hero and team start to find the hero is unique and not just in character but also has indispensible skills they need to survive (Hero-san has a lot of counterfeits that look like him after all…wow I learned that today.) > The world is still a big place but the atmosphere and sphere of hero is growing steadily and building up and will continually build with unique flavor that isn’t predictable but will make it through adversity. The hero in this scenario will end up every bit as strong as the hero in the other story but will have more fun, be more exciting, have a better team with more real personality and still come out OK.
A few people have commented that some of the stuff in the school couldn’t have happened because people wouldn’t act like that. Here are some other links on how this world and story have a foundation below.
At any rate try not to get offended by I noticed some people jumped the gun and decided they’d say my story was unrealistic and some people wanted revenge for stealing their spot in the ratings so they are trying to give me low reviews, and some people are getting confused by these hateful types. It’s sad…
Also I wanted to point out, that I’m not threatened by other authors have good work. I appreciate other authors and I’m not threatened by them and willing to help anyone out that asks me for help. I feel grateful for what I have, so I’m willing to share. If any of you need help with your stories you can ask me for help, not because I’m better than anyone but because I’ve been given a lot I’m willing to share too. If you want me to support your story in some way I'm willing to do it because i see more gain by cooperation than hate. 
One point I want to nail down early on is that while this story is not a tragedy, not every character will survive to the end. And that I can't please everybody. Already several people want conflicting things very early on in the story.

Also slow build is a common element of this story. 



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