I thought this might help with things so people have something to reference. This will grow and progress more with better details later, and more things being added, but I hope it helps some. 

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Dreamweaver Character List
MC – Shun - I’ve avoided putting a description so readers could put their own physical description in his place with their mind, when they read for story immersiveness. XD
Tanaka – Whereabouts unknown?
Aikawa – Male student (MC doesn’t know if the two Aikawas are related or not). Whereabouts unknown
Aigawa – Female - Female (One of a tight group of 3 girls that are friends). Whereabouts unknown
Inoue - Female (One of a tight group of 3 girls that are friends). Whereabouts unknown
Yoshida – Female (One of a tight group of 3 girls that are friends). Whereabouts unknown
Yumi – MC’s sister’s friend, often has red highlights in her hair, which she keeps long, but loose. Very pretty, somewhat close to being on par with Asakura sensei’s looks
Miss Asakura – the standard that girls compete against for their looks. Also …very blessed in certain proportions. People wonder why she teaches school when she could make tons of money in modeling or other opportunities. Sensei has a good heart and likes helping people, believes in the value of being a teacher
MC’s Sister – Rina. Very skinny but doesn’t look anorexic. Recovering from cancer treatments that ended recently. Pretty face but her hair is super short right now from just starting to grow back recently. Has status condition of crushing exhaustion and weakness. Rina is actually a year older than the MC, but he has been responsible for her due to her bad health. She is also very tall. He doesn't resent helping her and she has a pure heart, kind attitude which he admires. Before she got sick she did well in school, but she is really behind now. It's unknown if she will continue with her class or go in MC's class next year as a repeat. She has lost most of the school year so far due to her illness.
Mori – Mori & Abe and several other students are known to be in a juvenile gang. They haven’t done anything serious enough to get caught yet, thought teachers are aware they are trouble. (The others in the crew are yet to be revealed but there is more than just these two.). Whereabouts unknown
Abe – Abe doesn’t appreciate that Mori is only the leader because he is taller than he is, despite the fact that they both are on fairly equal terms in ‘boxing’ strength. Whereabouts unknown
Tanagawa – Yumi’s rival, not friendly to each other. Also very nice looking, and probably this may have caused rivalry with Yumi. Likes to do blonde streaks in her hair, which is normally black. Unknown status?
Miss Asakura’s class – There are 31 students total in the class. More information will be forthcoming as the plot reveals itself further.
Yamamoto Sensei – Wood and metal shop teacher, sometimes called Baldy sensei behind his back. Not too popular but solid skills, but heavy on discipline. Not good to make him angry. He’s currently wondering where the other teachers are.
Jin – The rebel who ended up getting himself killed by his own inability to follow the rules and cooperate…or perhaps it was natural selection removing the less intelligent from the gene pool?
The boy who vomited from stress – two seats in front of the MC…luckily the MC wasn’t hit by the spray or he’d have been scarred for life. Whereabouts unknown
Yuta – A little bit nerdy, but solid and a nice kid. He’s seemingly reliable in some ways.
Kenji – Close friends with Yuta, they are both a lot alike, though Kenji is a bit heavier and not in shape while Yuta is just really short and skinny.
Saito – Courageous small kid, has good fighting spirit. Short, thick eyebrows, a little weird, but strangely enough has a few girls that like him -  O_o (How is that possible?)
Akira – natural leader, and supporting MC in tactical areas. Seems to be really smooth. It’s rumored even before this all happened many girls liked him. Not really very tall but has good presence and a sense of coolness.
Yuriko – Really tall girl, in many sports groups for the school and acting as Akira’s shield, guard. Long ponytail, dark hair and eyes, nice looking.
Noru sensei – Dead…very dead in fact.
Principal – believed to be dead? Rumors were that someone saw him cut down in front of the school when the pigmen/orcs/pigfokkers attacked.
Vice Principal – Believed to be dead? The principal’s lackey…rumored to be trying to pursue and pressure Asakura Sensei for attention.
Several teachers missing and unaccounted for. Unknown status?
Hayashi – Dead
Ziggy – Jin’s brother – also dead. Common sense seems defective in that family’s gene pool
Sayako – dead, was very pretty…it didn’t save her
Several other deceased students that the MC doesn’t know names for near the stair area

1st floor of school – most students in classes here don’t have a very bright future right now…unknown but bleak status?

2nd floor of school - still many students alive, but uknown status ?

???? World / Planet ? - Unknown, but has 2 moons. Appears to have vibrant plant life so far in some places.

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