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Kidnapped to Another World, Chapter 223 Part E / update on other projects


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What a day in the life of the fae stronghold can be and random
conversations of a particular day in the life of Shun.



Random event...

"Hey what's that?" Rina stops us in the middle of the central avenue travel road and

We'd been going for a walk in the fortress town's 'human section'. Actually not many
even know what the 'fae section' looks like yet.

Currently Shun, Sunghee and Rina are walking together in town to go to lunch.

The street is crowded with bustling vendor trade, mercenaries, adventurers, soldiers,
and others are all moving along with wagons, by foot, and by horseback. The occasional
dwarf rather than riding a horse will ride a large mountain ram, and they even use them
to pull their own wagons.

"What's what?" Sunghee asks.

We follow Rina's line of sight.

I'm scratching my head looking at both of them. I'm not sure which thing she's looking
at. In part this is because we're still learning about the differences between this
world and Earth.

"That sign over there," Rina said.

She sniffs the air a bit. "I smell meat! Something delicious of going on over there!"

She starts lightly skipping towards some unknown characters on a sign that go into a
commercial building and yard.

Come to think of it, I am still not up on this country's writing system completely. I
depend on Sunghee for that mostly, which is partly why around town she accompanis me
the most.

"...the one that says meat packing plant?" Sunghee asked.

Oh, meat packing plant, means a slaughter house in many countries; it finally
registered into my brain.

"Yeah, I think thats it," Rina said.

"Um, she's wandering off stop her," I said.

Already Rina is going into the commercial yard area of this building to smell the meat.
The implanted catgirl genes on her aren't going to be fun to manage. Something like
this would draw her in.

And come to think of it, I see other neko beastmen tribal types also with right and
left swishing tails staring over the fence into this yard like being hypnotized. They
are leaning up against the brick wall with only their heads and necks able to lean

They look like they want to jump over and enter the yard.

"Eh what is this? A slaughterhouse?" I asked Sunghee.

"Yep. I don't see why this is so interesting to be honest," she said in dull tones.

"And it's for cattle?" I asked.

"Not just cattle but also beef. They'll do any monsters corpses here," she explains.

But to the neko type beastmen this is pure heaven and better than a pizza stop or
burger joint. I can see one of them with a lot of drool going down his neck, but the
others are more restrained.

Just then the number of neko beastmen staring into the yard while leaning on the outer
wall fence increased by two newcomers. It's now up to five of them on the left of us
not counting Rina.

"So, why is this place right in the middle of town?" I wondered scratching my head.

"Oh, I didn't tell you about this did I?" Sunghee said while trying to restrain Rina
from going into this place. She's dragging Rina, who is fighting back trying to get
loose away from the front gate area.

I also noticed this place has some bouncers out front, probably because of the neko
beastmen types loitering around. They are staring at the neko beastman, and look ready
to stomp them down with fierce gazes, big muscles, and tall statures.

"It is weird for it to be in town," I said.

"Well you would think that because you and I are from Earth. But here the perspective
on slaughterhouses is different," Sunghee explains.

"And? How?" I scratched my head.

"Well if you look carefully you can see that in the back this place connects with the
backyard of the reception desk area and storehouse of the adventurer's guild."

"Oh right, I can see it now. There's a bouncer there still to keep out the cats I
guess. And i see a hinged push door like you'd see in an old West style saloon. That's
it right?" I asked.


"OK, so why?"

"Normally when adventurers hunt they turn in their quests and loot at the adventurers
desk. They'll sell the monster parts back to the adventurers guild right then and
there. The governments have it this way to both eliminate middlemen jacking up the meat
prices and prices of other things that people need to survive. That keeps the place
affordable for anyone who needs raw materials. People making leather goods, meat goods,
food stuffs, merchant contractors, and all kinds of stuff depend on the adventurers
guild prices being kept reasonable, but also they have to make sure they can put the
raw materials and goods right back out on the market quickly before they spoil. A hide
that was just cut from a demon beast for example, needs to be processed quickly both
because of rot but also because the smell can draw other beasts," Sunghee explains.

"So if the smell was on the edge of town it wouldn't be just neko people hanging on the
fence," I noted.

"Right," Sunghee chuckled.

Rina is trying to strain more against Sunghee holding her down, but Sunghee is
strongeer and keeps her restrained. But in the process Rina's skirt gets pushed up
showing off a lot of her athletically sculped thighs. Accidentally also Sunghee's huge
bust is pushed up against Rina's, which looks very similar to some lesbian scenes I'd
accidentally seen back on Earth on the internet.

"Let me go...jerk," Rina cried out dramatically while she's being restrained.

Accidentally she pushed out trying to get away and made Sunghee yelp as she
accidentally put her hand in Sunghee's shirt grabbing a nipple.

Wow...that was...luckily it didn't show for very long.

Sunghee got her wardrobe under control and looks like she's going to spank Rina.

This isn't the first time she's been spanked huh...

"Well uh...anyway, the slaughterhouse being in the middle of town is calculated. The
smell is concentrated in the middle of town and not the edges. This means less chance
of monsters attacking the city. And yes that happens to a lot of places. Some small
villages don't even like processing meat because of the smell luring monsters Shun.
Don't forget it, it's important. So you have many reasons why the slaughterhouse is in
the center of town on this world, instead of the edge of town on Earth. People would
rather put up with the smell of a slaughterhouse than deal with monster attacks."

"OK that does make sense. But many of the kills dissolve in the dungeon right when
killed..." Rina argued while scratching at the dirt to get away from Sunghee. It ends
up making her look like she and Sunghee are in a making out position.

Guys now have wide eyes, and are staring as they walk up and down the street at Sunghee
and Rina intertwined in mini-skirts, while hugging out openly in the street and with
Sunghee's cleavage emphasized more because of Rina's antics.

"Well the dungeon critters will dissolve into raw materials as part of the dungeon's
power and regurgitating energy. But things hunted on the surface of the world, or
outside of dungeons will still have raw material that has to be bundled up, stored, and
then given to the adventurers guild. Not everyone hunts in the dungeon or even trusts
dungeons. Dismantling of corspes is still necessary in all of those cases outside the
dungeons. And if you have adventurers do it then they lose time fighting monsters, so
the adventurer's guild is trying to help encourage them to have support personnel, and
'townies' take care of that part when dimensional inventory pocket inventories will let
them. So the slaughterhouse being connected to it by adjoining yards is necessary,"
Sunghee said.

"We better drag her away from here huh," I helped Sunghee hold onto Rina while we
dragged her away.

This was interesting to hear about. I'd often wondered what people do at the
adventurer's guilds to store stuff when adventurers sell it back to them because you
have to have space for that, but so much of the adventurer's guild ends up as lobby
space for relaxing adventurers. It turns out the warehouse is out back, in addition to
the slaughterhouse. And there's a really complex organizational system of transport
teams, worker bee errand runners and 'gophers', as well as teamsters that run the stuff
between buildings, and all over the town to be sent to leather workers, craftsman,
weaponsmiths, and all kinds of businesses.

It seems that a lot of goods are produced without the dungeon as source material still
like farms and food production of vegetables and so on. But a good half of the city's
goods are in some way linked to the dungeon raw material production, particularly



Random event #2

We heard from another adventurer and from town crier news reports that today a record
high number of neko type beastmen were arrested for loitering in front of the

It seems that arresting one or two per day there is normal, but they seem to understand
that neko type beastmen need a little mercy so they treat it like locking up the town
drunks and letting them go at the end of the day.

I wonder if the slaughterhouse was doing fish monster dismantling today? I wonder what
they were cutting up in there today that lured so many of them out though? We never
found out. We can't confirm or deny.



Around late afternoon we spied the other incubus briefly in a crowd of people across
town. But as soon as we caught a glance of him, we locked eyes briefly with him seeing
us at nearly the same time. Then he disappeared.

We tried to search frantically around for him, but after an hour of searching around we
found nothing.

I worry that this isn't the first time we've seen the last of him. And if he was in a
big crowd of people we need to get rid of him fast. He was probably hunting for young
women and mature full bodied women to prey on.

"I'm sorry Shun, I lost him," Sunghee said.

"Maybe we should split up?" Rina suggested with her tail twitching.


"Eh?" Sunghee noticed my extreme reaction.



Both gave me odd looks, so I explained more clearly.

"A guy like that has unnatural ability to snare women. I can't let either of you out of
my sight while we see that guy around. His being here is very serious. We need to find

"Ah, so you holding my hand just now was because of that guy huh?" Rina acted
disappointed just now.

I'd been holding her and Sunghee's hands while we searched for him. This was an attempt
to do some pheromone shielding against this guy while we searched for him.

"Ah, so that's what you were doing! That was subtle Shun!" Sunghee chirped happily. I
noticed she also winked at me seductively.

"Well I do like holding hands. It wasn't only because of him," I said defensively.

"I guess so..." Rina is puzzled.

Sunghee's reaction is better. "You can hold my hand anytime!" she ended up plastered
against me somehow.

"We need to consider how to explain this guy hunting in the city to the fae
officers...but I don't know how to do that without having a good answer for how we
found out," I grumbled.

"So? That shouldn't be a big deal," Rina said innocently.

"Well...they do have truth seeker mages they use for crimes. Basically they use a 'lie
sniffer' enchant. Shun is right to worry about telling them about this guy," Sunghee

We kept searching for him for another hour.

Again no clues show up. But we know he's here and he can't be doing anything good.



We found out that having too many people in the team at once ruins the chance of 'rever
robbery' income schemes. Today the first hour we made nothing when I tried having
Sunghee, Rina, and Zynne together.

So I tried de-summoning them and Zynne alone.

Right away we made about 17 silver 89 copper in a half hour of staking out the bar in
town with the worst reputation for lawlessness. That was pretty good considering it was
still late afternoon.



But near dinner something bothersome happened. I had settled down at the inn table to
order dinner with Sunghee and Rina. This time of day adventurers are coming in here
like crazy now after a long day of hard work, and to spend their earnings. They often
order big meals and lots of alcohol and drinks.

Surrounding us are tons of tables full of whole parties. Most of them are rowdy, and
you can tell which ones had good hunts today. But a few of them are down trodden and
depressed; probably from coming up empty handed, injuries, or even deaths.

"Ouch ouch ouch...ouch!" I find someone twisting my ear as we're sitting at the table.

"Where have you been?! You've been neglecting your office duties!" a pretty fae young
office girl is standing there. She let go of my ear but is still giving me the evil eye
look. She's got her hands on her hips sizing me up.

She looks familiar...

She's glaring at me with a bunch of other fae girls, all in those same uniforms that
the fae inner stronghold use. They are looking at me expectantly.

"Huh? I don't know you!" I said.

"Uh huh sure...look at me again," the young fae woman said.

"Y-you didn't get another girl did you Shun? It's so fast to be..." Sunghee gasps in

Rina's jaw fell open also.

"It's not like that I swear!" I said to both of them.

"WHew!" both Rina and Sunghee breathed a sigh of relief.

"You should recognize me. Remember, I showed you your office in the fae castle?
Remember, the chest and staff? I was the one that showed you around in there," the
young woman said.

"Oh! That's right! I'd been so busy!"

"Uh huh, yet you have time to hang out in the inn," she glared at me.

The other fae women with her are with her as some kind of unit and supporting her. They
are more polite though and saluted and greeted us briefly, also in the same officer
type uniform that this fae in human skin girl has.

"We haven't had you report into the office for a few days. What gives?" she said.

"Eh? Was I supposed to report in?"


"I thought I had freedom of movement and that that was more of a side job?" I said.

"Yeah, but you still need to talk to us once in awhile! We didn't know anything about
where you've been!"

"I really have been busy. There's been a lot of hunting, oh right, and the other day I
did turn in several quests in one day," I reported.

"Well just remember that you need to show up to the office to get paid. Also we need to
get your involvement on some of the defense projects of projecting this fortress city
Shun. Please, I beg you! I'm sorry for pinching your ear but we need you please!" the
young woman is bowing and apologizing with everyone staring at us.

They'd accidentally created a scene.

But her humility is sincere now.

I guess she just wanted to attract my attention.

"Did you want to sit with us? We can talk about it," I said.

"OK, let's do that," she said.

She waved for the other fae soldier girls in uniform to go on to their next duties
leaving us alone with her.

Somehow it became; Rina, then Sunghee, then this girl, and me all sitting in one of the
round dining tables.

"We need to talk Shun. Please report more often to the office. There's a lot of
military mobilization going on with the demon sieges. After that fire salamander
battle, the others we think may try something next. We thought we have more time but we
don't. It's really important that we use every asset possible to curb the enemy. Shun,
we need you. You have the best casualty rate of every officer in the fae military right
now!" she hissed.

We quieted down while a waitress is delivering us food and drinks.

(Of which I'm trying to fake like being a light eater, and taking sips of water that
I'll somehow try to manage passing it through my system that can't handle human food
anymore. At the moment the fae girl is hungry enough in her human skin to not really
notice that I'm not eating much. I hope I can continue tricking her the rest of the

"So, are the fire salamanders making another move yet?" I asked.

"Not yet, and not them. But the mentality with the others is. Maybe if that guy opened
up a chink in the armor, then maybe we can have a chance too, kind of thinking. You
understand now right?" she asked sipping some fizzy drink for fae that I can't

"Yeah, that's a common strategy in history. Let one enemy soften someone up, and then
take over both," Sunghee agreed speaking up.

"So were there any projects on the table that you are most concerned about?" I

"I want to know too," Sunghee said.

Rina yawns and isn't paying enough attention.

"I don't have security clearance for Sunghee yet," the fae girl said to me nervously
and apologetic. She keeps crossing her legs repeatedly back and forth oddly and looks

"She's OK, she's one of my mistresses," I said.

"M-m-mistress?" the fae girl blushed.

Sunghee smiled even bigger. "That's right, I'm mistress number 2..."

"I thought you were mistress number 4 no? Sylvie is definitely either 2 or 3..." Rina
said in zealous tones with narrow dagger slits for eyes of jealousy as she stares at

Sunghee doesn't get intimidated by Rina's odd obsessive behavior though.

"I'm definitely above her!" Sunghee said in annoyed forced tones.

"Wow...that many? F-four?" the fae girl is surprised. "Humans are interesting..." I
heard her mumbling in scarlet colored cheeks.

"Oh there's way more than..." Sunghee and both clapped our hand over Rina's mouth
before she could state an exact figure.

The fae girl ended up laughing.

"You can allow security clearance for Sunghee but not for Rina yet," I said.

"Yeah I can see that," came an amused reply.

Rina glared at me the rest of the night for that. But I have to be responsible. At the
same time Sunghee is looking like she just got promoted with a huge undefeatable smile
and more erect posture.

"We have some fence work we need to do outside the stronghold. But when we do that the
enemy always tries to do some hit and run garbage. This whole month we'll be working on
that. Also, we need some help with basically anything that comes up as a security
concern Shun. So can you visit the office more?" the fae young woman in human skin

"Fine..." I sighed.

"So when you come in within the next day or two we can talk about that and some of the
other projects OK?" the fae girl adds.

"Sure, no problem," I shook hands with her.

She then smiled and shook hands with Rina and Sunghee.

"I'm glad to meet you too. Thanks for helping Shun," the very polite and cultured fae
girl makes Sunghee blush when addressing her.

They did give me that wizard staff not too long ago when I got the office. So it could
help some. I probably should help out.

She turned to me before leaving. "Good, can I expect you in tomorrow, or the next day
for sure?" she asked.


"And I need you to definitely report in at least twice a week, more if possible even if
you are doing dungeon duties," she pleads humbly.

Its hard to say not to pleading like that. She's even doing the whole prayer hands
plead and the eyes like that...

"OK...I'm not working for free though. You guys know that right?" more sighing.

"Oh no way! We won't do that to you Shun. You are a valuable piece that we intend to
culture a meaningful reciprocal relationship with. We understand that for this to be
well meaning to both of us, it does need to be 'reciprocal' in nature," she explains.


"Good, so we're in agreement then. I better get going Shun. But I can say I'm
impressed. Whatever made you this strong for a human is something we can use. I wish we
had more recruits like you in the Soldiers to Citizens program."


"You know Shun, this year we're going to have a lot of daemon incursions and magic
beasts. The civilian losses aren't going to be good. Please stay prepared for anything
at any time, OK?" she frowned.

I didn't say anything. Sunghee raised an eyebrow. "Anything at any time?" she muttered
something under her breathe.

The fae officer girl has already left.

"You still didn't tell her about that incubus guy," Sunghee noted.

"I'm working on that...I just have to come up with a clever story that can pass lie

I also need to clarify my pay with the fae castle people, if they are getting to the
point where they are that needy that they want a daily commitment now, and are sending
people out to find me when something big is up.

But I understand their point of view. They view the world as destabilizing and need
every bit of military help possible.


We keep getting busier and busier don't we?


(For reference; this is follow up from Chapter 220 where the fae gave Shun a staff, a
chest, and an office to try to recruit him.)


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