Kidnapped to Another World, 223 Part D

Lately it's been hot outside. This ...I'm weak to heat. I can't stand the summer heat. So to cope with it, we'd been doing heavy long naps in the time period between 12 PM and 5 PM.

Even right now I wiped some sweat off my brow.

"Can we go play in the inn some more?" Zynne batted seductive eyes at me and an innocent face with a deathly not innocent body.

"Yeah it's too hot."

"Yay!" she playfully said.

Then we do a lot of dungeon work between the night hours and early morning.

The adventurer quests are good too. Sometimes there are unusual things that we pick up. Today was one such case.

And the day wears on.

Right now it's me and her. I feel guilty about leaving Asakura and Sunghee especially to be with Zynne alone. But doing it this way will give me huge pay back in cementing an iron clad loyalty in Zynne right away by growing the relationship as fast as possible right from the start. And I can do that with 'incubus intimacy mind zapping her' related activities, but ideally some of it should come from showing her I could have done it without those skills also.


We approached the adventurer's guild reception desk.

Lately I have wanted to do more adventurer work and focus on stable income. My gold sack is nicely bulging and doing well. But I feel like I've been caught up in so much trouble that I haven't been able to build consistency at just being a 'licensed adventurer'.

Even if the fae keep pressuring me to help the government, I'd rather do adventurer work. Plus, I can look for jobs that are congruent to both the fae government's interests and adventurer's interests.

"Good morning," a cheery smile face beamed at me from a beautiful young late teenage girl. This receptionist girl is already looking us over. I think part of her being chosen for the job is the beaming pretty girl smile, that girls like her do in greeting people.

Still, her looks are below Zynne. She resembles an upgraded girl next door look. But Zynne resembles a hot innocent seductive queen. Their levels don't even compare.

"Morn- Oh wow! Is that a real dark elf?!" The adventurers guild receptionist stares in awe.

"C-can I touch her?" she asked me with wide open eyes and mouth.

"No!" Zynne and I said at the same time.

(Actually Zynne has no trouble with me touching maybe I'm making progress?)

"Sh-she's so cute!" the receptionist stares.

"Q-quit staring at me, lowly tavern wench," Zynne mouths her off. Zynne still did the breast jiggle thing though, probably trying to show off. In just the last few days of hot steamy...time together, I've seen that some of the dark elf reputation is actually putting up a show and a wall to keep others at bay. And maybe part of that is then also realizing they can get so many priviledges from their adult like 'super level' appearance 'stats'. Then it gets ingrained in them; that's my theory anyway. Even now Zynne, is trying to use her wiles to both have a wall, but still 'glamourize' for extra priviledges.

I better not underestimate her, even if she's new to adventuring.

Surprisingly the other party is too curious to get offended. The receptionist girl unconsciously is paying attention to Zynne. It can't be helped. They probably don't get many dark elves in here. She's still blanking out on a dark elf.

Come to think of it, without that black magic market, I don't see a lot of rare races often. It's natural that they'd get attention.

" often do you get dark elves in here?" I asked.

"Well, I won't say she's the first. I've worked here 2 years, and she's maybe the 5th I've seen ever. I don't mean five in number of people so much, as five times ever," she beamed her smile at Zynne.

"Whatever...what does a human know," Zynne huffed.

"Hey, I'll do the talking," I told her Zynne.

"Oh right, sorry darling."

"Oooh, well trained too. People will pay big bucks to teach them how to dominate dark elves. Everyone has 'that' kind of fantasy you know?" the receptionist whispered over the back of her hand to me. She winked at us in a way that makes us feel a need to shower soon.

"I bet they will. But she's not for sale. Neither am I."

"A pity..." she sighed.

"So, I was wondering about..." I started but the receptionist is in a curious mode.

"Did she just call you darling? That's kind of kinky. How did you get her to do that?" the receptionist leans forward to watch us.

Eh...I can't say anything. Dark elves have a wild streak geared on becoming subliminal to sex and especially those with serious seduction skills or sex demon skills. I can't even explain this. And I won't want to give up my secrets.

And instead of being happy about a pretty girl watching us, its off putting. She's one of those nosy types that can't stay out of other people's business.

"So can I...?" I'm interrupted again by the super curious staring one.

"Where did you get her, if you don't mind asking?" the receptionist girl asked.

"Hey sweetie, darling has a question, wench. I suggest you listen," Zynne licks her dagger.

Wow, I never predicted she'd do that. It's really hot.

Also, where did she get that dagger from? I didn't give her one of those yet.

The receptionist girl isn't cowed by that though, but is instead turned on by it. Well, I can't blame her on that either. Zynne's got way too much cleavage on display, and a killer nearly kyounyuu slim body. Licking the dagger wouldn't intimidate anyone but might make them do other things, and indeed it's had the opposite of her intended effect.

"How can I help you sir?" finally the receptionist is addressing me...

...but still staring down Zynne's chest line.

"Tch...why didn't it work like I wanted..." I heard Zynne muttering. She's holding her dagger and is trying to figure out why she wasn't intimidating.

"Um, we've got questions about one of the job chits in the dungeon?" I asked.

"Which job?" she replied.

"Job chit #47," I handed her the chit for reference.

"OK right, I'll pull up the paperwork for that."

We wait a minute while she checks the magic crystal projection viewer.

"OK, I have the paperwork up. What's your question?" she asked.

"I want to know if the job has a minimum payout option," I asked.

"OK, let's see...chit #47. This job is an dungeon party rescue. The payout is sponsored by the insurance company. They want you to try to rescue a party of 7 that went in 2 days ago and haven't come back yet. Also there are two other teams working on this already," she reads off the screen to us directly.

"And the insurance contract had a mana beacon on their last known position?" I asked.

"Yes, that's right."

"Will you give to me?"

"Yes, it's..." she rattled off some numbers, which I had Zynne write down on some parchment.

Zynne is surprisingly docile.

But that's because of the incubus trait.

When I'm not with her, she's defiant and pushy to others. She's anxious to prove that she's a higher being in attitude, and might. She doesn't like orders, and even with the slave enchant she should be defiant except...

Dark elves are weak to erotic activities. This makes them as tame as kittens.

"Confirmed, I've written it down boss," Zynne confirmed.

"OK. Anything else?" the receptionist asked.

"Yeah, you didn't state the minimum payout income," I said.

"Oh right. 1 gold plus bonuses if you can bring someone back alive. Oh right, I see a clause also that if you can bring back some of the personal effects to some party members that will be another huge bonus. Apparently if they are dead, they really want to know and don't want it to go to chance," she sighs.

She's shaking her head.

"So you knew this party didn't you?" Zynne spoke up. Her eyes narrowed on the receptionist girl.

Actually I'm surprised she picked up on it. She's surprisingly alert. So bringing her has already helped a lot.

"I did...I-I can't believe they didn't come back. Their leader was dating my sister," the receptionist hid her emotional outburst and is trying to not cry.

Dang...that's the hard part of adventurer jobbing requests...when you see the victims and the pain.

"Sorry for your loss," I said.


I lightly elbowed Zynne next. "Ouffff...Oh right, I mean uh, sorry for you loss ma'am," Zynne said. She bowed a bit, which didn't help the other girl staring at her.

"If one of the other parties finds the remains, effects, or rescues them, we still get the 1 gold minimum payout right?" I asked.

"Yes. That's why its got a minimum."

"Good, I just wanted to make sure I wasn't cheated. I'm a bit suspicious of the bonuses though, that's not like an insurance company," I state next.

"That...right. It looks like from the payout that the main payeee is the insurance company, but it also looks like one of the party members has a wealthy family that wanted to 'up' the chance of bringing their son back alive. So that's why it looks like that."

"Good, because we weren't working for free. Got that, wench?" Zynne growled.

She's kind of cute when she threatens people.

Without trying to her bust line is pushed up a lot. I try to not get distracted but it's hard.

"Anything else?"

"Is there any trackers in the personal effects of the members? How will we know its their stuff? That's really shooting in the dark. I want the bonus, but it's hard if its something crazy," I said.

The receptionist then pulled out a box. "OK, this is a mana beacon recepter. It works similar to a compass. When you get close to some of the personal effects of the party members, this beacon will light up when you are facing the items in question and when you get close or touch them. The signal gets stronger the closer you get, and weaker the farther you are away."

"That's nice.

"It's just standard insurance options. Any adventurer can have this type of 'life insurance' option added for the right price," she said.

"I see. What do you think Zynne?" I asked Zynne.

In order to make her feel part of the team I'm trying to involve her.

"As long as the gold is real, darling. If so, then we should do it."

"OK, then. Good luck!" she started to say.

I stopped her though.

Both her and Zynne are both surprised.

"Boss?" Zynne raised an eyebrow and nearly panicked when she sees me putting two other job chits on the table at the same time.

"What the hell boss, I mean darling? That's a lot of risk you are taking on! There's a reason people only do one job at a time!" Zynne whispered through her hands covering her mouth while near my ear. In so doing she'd accidentally pushed her huge tits into my arm.

Her intention was 'private advisement' of danger though.

I waved my hand for Zynne to chill. She responds accordingly but is a bit confused.

"I'm ...I don't understand...this chit #47 is the one you want right?" the receptionist girl is confused asking us.

"That's right...and I want job chits #54 and #17 also," I confirmed.

"Technically, you can do that but it's not usually a good idea," the receptionist girl frowns.

"Y-you can do that?!" Zynne is surprised and wide eyes.

"Yes, you can," I smiled.

The Boob elf...I mean dark elf is blinking in surprise. "Boss, more than one chit in a day is dangerous. Even the weakest darl elf noobs know that. Greed equals death; it's a real formula used in 'shortness of life spans' in demi-humans and humans."

"Um, actually according to the rules I can let you have 2 chits maximum per day before requiring you to hand in one completed, or you give up one one or both before I give you another," the receptionist girl states.

"Why only two?" I wondered.

"Well it used to be one, but they realized that was penalizing people doing 'herb gathering' type of quests, who couldn't cash out on things that fell into their lap on the way in and they made an exception to the 1 chit rule."

"I see."

"Wh-what will you do boss?" Zynne asked humbly.

"Wh-what the heck did you do to her? I've never seen a dark elf so tame before? All the other rich guys bringing in dark elf mistresses are always having fights in public," the receptionist is staring at Zynne again. Also I think the receptionist has a lesbian fetish thing going on because she keeps admiring Zynne's massive boobs.

"Wait, there are others with dark elf girls coming in too?!" I asked.

"Eh?!" at nearly the same time Zynne is also curious.

"Well, its so rare for someone to see a dark elf or a foxkin girl that anyone that has one gets a lot of attention really fast. In fact, if you want to be famous, you just pretty much out yourself as a partner, spouse, or slave owner of something like a dark elf, foxkin girl, or fairy."

"Right, and you say there are other wenches, like me in this sh- town?" Zynne raised an eyebrow in curiousity.

I can't tell if that means she sees them as potential business partners, for usury, or as potential enemies. It's still that hard to read this girl.

"Right, the City Lord has a dark elf mistress. They fight all the time. There's two famous adventurers that got rich in this town that also have a dark elf mistress each. But they fight with theirs often too," the receptionist said.

(Is this a quest? Do I want to meet those guys??)

"..." Zynne is silent.

"It's interesting right? Only 4 dark elf hotties in this city, and you are the only one that gets along with yours," the receptionist is disturbingly too perceptive. I'm afraid trouble will come of this.

Next to me, Zynne is looking at her toes and blushing crimson. Her foot also is playing with mine. No dout this girl is thinking of naughty stuff again.


"Hey back on task. About those 3 job chits," I said.

"Right, sorry," receptionist-chan looks guilty.

"So which ones pay the most of the 3?" Zynne asked next. I can see a twinkle in her eyes on the aspect of gold analytics. She'd give dwarves a run for her money in greed.

"Well, let's see I'll pull up the job chit information. Those are chits #54, and #17 right?" she asked.

"That's right," Zynne leans forward on the receptionist table so far that her huge tits are being held up by the counter. Its the seductive 'boob shelf' move. It can only be done by kyounyuu girls.

To think I got this lucky with her...although the price for such a dream is a lot of pain to get that much gold.

"W-well I suppose I could let you have 3 jobs this time. But don't make it a habit OK?" the receptionist girl states while staring into Zynne's massive cleavage. I think the receptionist girl might go blind soon.

Now I know why dark elves are so high priced to buy! There are too many bonus features from owning them if you can get past the trying to conquer them part.

Because of the massive seduction factor, Zynne's charm and sneak attacks let us pick up 3 jobs instead of 2.

Job chit #54, 40 silver minimum payout, bonuses for the full value of ore samples. The job is to do an ore collection survey in quadrant 439B of floor 1. It's pretty far in there.

I'm worried about if we could normally get that far in and back in the same day but I have the movement speed buff. I'm going to seriously pay attention to that buff more now, that I can see it increases our ability to get gold and finish dungeon quests.

Zynne got a map and confirmed that this section will take 4 hours to walk to, under normal speed.

Job #17 is to secure a protection grid location spot in a T section of tunneling. The city workers are setting up an enchanted 'safe zone' for camping enchants. To keep the site secure, they want several teams to do kill counts in that area to lessen the load on the real protection team and mage group doing the real work. Job payout 70 silver + 2 health potions, and bonuses of 5 silver per kill count plus any bounty book bonuses for special monsters. 20 kills minimum in the area surrounding the city workers. This is tracked and confirmed using a special mana beacon that we'll have to carry around with us.


"That's a lot of jobs. Are you sure? There will be a lot of monsters in there, even if its just floor 1. Please be careful!" the receptionist asked.

I sort of feel bad that she's only saying be careful to Zynne.

Oh well,...this is why I have to acquire a lot of women. Life isn't fair.

"OK, we're just about good then. I'll take all 3," I confirmed again.

"Yeah, we need all 3 please! Please take care of boss darling for me!" Zynne is doing the puppy dog eyes + huge breasts on counter seduction pleading.

"F-fine. But don't get caught. If you get caught it wasn't me, but was the other receptionist girl, got it?"

"No problem!"

And just like that, we walked away with the 3 jobs.


But when leaving we went through a dark alley.

On purpose...

In the process, by only having 2 people in party, me and Zynne, we got targetted by some thieves.

With full buffs up on both of us, we took the purses of 5 thugs, and got free income. I'd gotten this idea from remembering it happening in the dark dwarf town when we first got to this world. It wasn't even hard to dispatch the muggers. If they'd had their way probably I would have been killed, and Zynne...a fate worse then death. So we had no mercy.

I want to make a bunch of money starting from now. The dream of a room of dark elf concubines seems impractical but I still want to reach for the impossible starting today!

And not to mention, that my skills have grown a lot in the last few months. With defense buffs, I'm reaching a level of being 'hard to hit'.

This was a perfect situation for Zynne to see strength in her 'boss darling'. She only had to watch while I massacred and knocked out the thieves. Because it's self defense, even if its baited, we can't get in trouble with law enforcement mages. Plus, doing this scenario with a dark elf with huge tits, further baits them from both the massive bust, and because a lot of people want revenge or just have plain hatred for dark elf girls.

Zynne lifted the purses of the thugs that we'd killed and knocked out in self defense. "Nice! This guy was living large boss."

Deftly she moves around helping me collect any valuables and gear.

Their gear was mostly crap.

But it's easy, free money.

"Good. Make sure you don't miss anything," I coached while she's picking through their stuff.

"Oh, I found something interesting," she said suddenly.


"Also his purse has two other purses in it!"

"So, that doesn't mean extra cash though? Why is that important?"

"From a spying perspective, we now know this guy robbed at least two other people today before we put him down. So you did a good thing darling!" she smiles up at me sheepishly. When she does smile at me, usually her eyes end up staring at a particular part of my anatomy though. I know this because Asakura does the same thing.

"Boss darling?" she smiles up at me.


"Can we do this again near the bar? We'd score big there with the same trick. The alcohol factor would totally increase the 'lure' factor," she purposely made her chest bounce when saying that at a certain wording.

"Maybe...I'll think about it."


"So you've done this before huh? When you suggested it, and your mannerisms now I started to wonder..." I began.

"Yeah it's true. This is easy money for someone strong like you!" she smiled again with a huge blush.

"Just don't go overboard. I don't want to hurt anyone that doesn't deserve it," I announced.

"Of course! From the perspective of the 'law', you get 'noticed' when you harm people you shouldn't. So I don't want that either. But it's free money darling?" she gives me a lover's smile while doing seductive poses.

Somehow her reasoning is flawed but she's a sweet girl still in many ways, even if she's troubled.

Already I can see that dark elf girls have seduction poses practiced more than any other beings I've met so far. Like Zynne likes to do one in particular where her nipple is almost exposed. But she stopped doing it around other people when she realized how strong I was. She still does that one now too, but only when it's just me and her.

"What's the total at for the seized cash?" I asked.

"Um, almost done counting it..." she's spent too much time staring at my hip I think.

"Make sure you don't lie to me. I'll know," I said.

"Well you are my darling honey. Would I lie to you?" she gave me pleading eyes and pose #4 again.

I'm not sure if she would or wouldn't lie. I've already strip mined her sanity with pheromones but you can't be too careful with dark elves.

(I'm not sure how many total seductive poses there are yet. But there's at least 6 seduction poses she uses that I've noticed that she routinely uses on me. Although to be fair, she's learned to only do the really risque poses with me alone.)

"14 silver, 59 copper," she announced.

"That's not much," I frowned.

"Eh?! But that's about 10 days of inn fees and meals?!" she's surprised with wide eyes.

"That's not really a lot. If you kill an ogre for example, you can get 2 to 5 gold each on the bounty depending on what kingdom you are in," I told her.

"Eh?! You've done that before?" she's very interested.

I have to be careful though. I want her to fall for me not my gold sack.

"Stick with me, Zynne. I can teach you to make some really money. I can get any gold amount I want, but only loyalty really counts. Real family and loyalty are what matter" I yawned.

"EH?! Well I don't know about that. But if you can take care of me and give me a better life then...maybe this isn't so bad," she stands there looking down thoughtfully. I think she's guaging this for real.

Wow. Maybe I am reaching her.

"Let's go."


I turn around and see she hasn't moved yet.

"Boss darling...I have a reward for you!" her seductive tone again sounded as my eyes caught up to her.

As I look up she's already flashing me from below with her legs spread wide and her loincloth skirt pulled to the side. She's winking while showing me something beautiful with pink lips that's not on her face.


Because of certain events we entered the dungeon late.

(Today's team in dungeon was; me, Asakura, Ayumi, Zynne, and Mallory.)

[Buffs used; movement speed, runic shielding, resistance to elements & magic, circle of protection, weapon damage buffs]

But we returned around 4 AM with all 3 jobs completed.

Job results;

Job #47; no survivors. We got the dead rookie mage's cape back, which was being used by a goblin shaman. He also had the rookie mage's staff, both of which were the tuned keys for the tracking beacon. 1 gold, 40 silver earned.

Job #57; 3 ore samples. Zynne wants me to let her take an ore and mining skill class, but I don't know if that's just a fleeting thought or a deeply seeded desire. 40 silver gained. We didn't do well on this one because we lack a miner or geomancer skill person. Still, we did make some cash even if it wasn't a lot.

Job #17; 29 monster kill samples taken; we also briefly helped the protection grid spot where the city workers were located at. One of their mage apprentices was killed. They'd also lost 2 knights, and 3 soldiers were wounded. We waited for backup to arrive and got a bonus for keeping the job from failing and filled our kills easily. We got another bonus for killing a goblin beetle cavalry, which is in the kill bounty book and got an extra 20 silver for it. 2 gold 15 silver, 2 health potions.

2 adventuring teams didn't come back alive today. 1 was from job #47. The other was from #17. We found this out because it's standard procedure if people don't come back to ask the other teams on joint-team job chits if they saw such and such group in the tunnels.

(Both job chits #47 and 17 are multi-team jobs, aka joint-team jobs where teams work separately and on their own but for the same goals. Sometimes these types of jobs can come into conflict with one another.)

Because of insistent begging, Asakura, Ayumi, and Mallory agreed with me to let Zynne and I bait more thugs to reverse rob outside the bars in the red light district of town after we'd handed in the 3 job chits. It was small change, but we netted another 23 silver this way.

I wonder if we should keep up doing the reverse robbery strategy? People wouldn't mind us cleaning up the criminal elements of the city. And even fae cities get criminals and muggers because of how they sponsor humans to military roles.

But still, I wonder if we'll be able to keep doing this trick. Sooner or later it will get out in the criminal underworld to watch out for a dark elf, and mage companion killing muggers around town.

Per Zynne, reverse mugging is basic economics for dummies for new adventurer dark elf girls, (it seems to work better for the females).

Now thinking back on it, the traditional wear of dark elf girls wearing busty bikini like tops and loincloth skirt type clothes with high heels makes sense. They wear that for a reasoning. Zynne calls them 'bait uniforms'.

Even for a newbie, Zynne has a lot of secrets and research for how dark elves adventure and their own tricks on wealth building that they keep from other 'cultures' (prey).

I plan to milk all of these secrets out of her literally. As long as I keep her pumped full of pheromones there's nothing I ask her that she'll say no to. In fact, she's more eager than anyone except for maybe Rina about obsession in mating.

Dark elves are hard to read though. She's not really a tsundere type. She could possibly be a 'deredere' type personality. Today and yesterday she's always hanging on my arm, and trying to smother me in lust. I can't tell if she's an exhibitionist with how often she's flashing me though, or if that's only because of the pheromone soup I've been injecting into her.

Let's see...although it isn't realistic...if I did the reverse muggery operation with Zynne everyday, that's free income. And with that free income if I averaged 10 silver a day 5 days a week for a year...I wonder how soon I'd be able to buy another dark elf hottie like Zynne?


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