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Dreamweaver 223 Part B

It takes some time to get up in the morning. But then I realized it's not because I'm
lazy. Its partly related to how my harem members keep bothering me so much to make
lots of love before going to bed each night.

Zynne is already trying to suck me off with a feverish look in her big wide eyes. How can she look so very captured, so quickly?!

Our inn room as always still has complaints from too many wild partying. Although
it's not really like that, I can't exactly explain that being an incubus is hard and
a tough burden to carry.

Summary of inn complaints, customer service log book if 'Rock Garden Adventurer's

-Verys of the Dark Shadow Fist, adventurer, 29 years old, single...

'Can you kick out those guys above me? I swear they are running some kind of sex
trafficking ring or something. They are so loud and going all night. In the morning I
have to tank for my party. And they expect me to reach our goal of getting to the 2nd
floor of the dungeon sometime this year! But how can I do that when those guys are
loud all night?!' It's so annoying!

-Miguel, adventurer, 39 years old, single, no I don't live in my mother's basement

'Can you lean on the guys in room 302? I swear they don't shut up! There's a nightly
party going on in there, I can hear the bed springs squeaking and them moaning all
night. And it's not fair?! Why can't I get a hot girl too!

-Davidian, geomancer, 19 years old, bachelor,

'Just so you know those guys down the hall I think are running an illegal brothel. I
don't know how they are doing it because I only see this one guy ever going in. But
somehow there's some high class ladies going in there. Is that even legal?' You need
a merchant's license for something like that right? And can we do something about the
noise at night?

I'm taking it easy today to break in the dark elf girl. But rather than being lazy this is pure long term strategy. I don't want to have a slow start relationship wise and this means literally smothering her in my pheromones today. Yet already things are turning out well, there's no hang ups manifesting, though her combat strength is very low. After a few days like this, I'll go back to business as usual.

Random Conversation #1 today (in my room at the inn near lunch time.

"Hey Zynne, come here."

Zynne starts walking over to Shun. "Yes, boss?

"Why do you do that? You keep calling me boss instead of Shun or husband?" I asked.

"So its...really husband then?" she looks at me with an expression like... 'Yes! I
have a life too now! I can be happy too!' The incubus pheromones do help with near
instant relationship startups. Plus this girl is so innocent. It feels so cheaty

"Yeah, yeah, I guess saying husband isn't bad. You could th-think of it like that," I
said while trying to contain my happiness.

Asakura won't be too jealous I hope. I know Sunghee will be, but she won't take it
out on me or her, but instead on monsters.

I'm not sure how...maybe it's the stiffled environment, or lack of instant
gratification technology in this world, or a blend of things but Zynne seems
accepting of me!


She's now leaning forward while leaning on her arm with her palm under her chin while
staring at me. "I...could get used to that."


"Yeah...your eyes are so pretty. I don't know why but that color seems so alive," she
says with pink tinging her cheeks. And her mouth is hanging open just a bit while she
stares at me. It's a sign the pheromones are really strong.

"H-how do you feel about being my woman?" I asked.

She swoons. "Oh ...really? I'm s-so lucky! I-I'm so blessed! A-are you p-p-proposing
to me?" she starts crying in joy. did she get right to marriage?

Oh well that's not bad. I don't like renting. It's about owning. And to own, you have
to really admit to each other openly and in your mind that its permanent. If you
don't, deep down inside both of you know it and the loyalty is cut off.

"S-so your really OK with me? I haven't k-k-killed enough people for a good dowry
though. I-is that r-really f-fine?" Zynne is blushing and embarrassed. Her face is
cute like that.

Oh wait, she mentioned killing. I can't get distracted.

"I don't want you to kill anything. Don't go that route. I also picked you partly
because I want you to adjust to my culture and not to do everything like other dark
elves," I hurriedly said.

"D-dark elf culture we're supposed to prove ourselves as warriors as part of showing
the other spouse's parents that we can defend the family honor and provide for their
child," Zynne explains with slow earnest tones.

"Well we'll prove each other by survival. Also the resources it took to get you kind
of prove that I can handle myself. Plus, I don't want you killing anyone unless its
like evil critters like orcs and goblins," I ordered.

She's already swooning again, and reaching up like she's going to kiss me. I think
the pheromones are making her a bit drunk. This is her first time really being around
them. And unlike the others she sort of went from nothing to full blast strength
while the others had small doses while my power grew.

I hope it won't wreck her mind...that'd damage my investment. Even if it tames her a
bit I don't want any trouble.

"Does that include humans?" she asked while tilting her head to one side.

"We try to not kill humans. But I am aware that some humans are trash. But we don't
want to have stains on our souls," I explained.

"Well...I should be mad. That sounds like something a light elf bitch would say but
somehow I don't feel like getting mad. I just want to..." she slurped her tongue over
her lips while staring down at my package.



"And you do like when we make love right?"


Oh there's some excitement and a twinkle in her eyes.

"Er...can we go for a round now?" she pleads with a smile.

"Hmm, but you didn't answer the question about the boss over husband title," Shun
states back to her.

" dark elf culture the boss is a bigger title and more prestige than
'husband' or darling. So ...calling you boss fits. But hubby or darling is good too,"
she said.

She then proceeds to sit on my lap. Wow, it feels good. Dark elf girls are cool. She
has style and crosses her legs without taking her eyes off his own eyes. She also
does that silky hair toss thing that some women do for sex appeal. And her default
outfit only being the bikini panty and the high heels is only making it more
distracting to not stare at those huge cantaloupe like bulges up top.


The others really are going to be jealous.



Then the kissing begins.

An hour later...

"Zynne, there's something I wanted to ask."

"Yes, b-boss...I mean boss darling," she's blushing fiercely now and somewhat strung
out in his lap, all the strength is gone from her legs and there's a lot of fluid
leaking out below.

Boss darling? I didn't know a title like that was possible. It's kind of cool though
the way her voice trembles while saying it.

Also, I know I shouldn't think of it this way because it's totally evil, but I feel
grateful for the demon inventory box making me able to capture women's hearts with
the pheromone skills.

"Wh-what was it you were going to ask me a-again? We don't have to talk business n-
now. We can go again if you want boss darling," she huffed in breathy husky lust
filled tones.

Well, there are so many things to research from her! I just realized there's
literally TONS of things I want to know.

"How is dark elf magic different than human magic? What differences are there?"

This I'd been curious about for awhile, but got distracted about.

"Well for starters, dark elf buffs focus on stacking and duration time, rather than
stat buffs."

"Wait, wouldn't that make it weaker?" I asked.

She nods drunkenly, while leaning against me. Her bare chest is against mine while
she plays with running her hands over me. " be fair, we focus on doing stuff
with spell buffs with focus on like duration most. This has been the way we do it for
years, and years and over Millenia our system adapted this way. So instead of a few
minutes or a couple hours max of a buff and constantly 'resowing' the buff, we want
the buff to last a full day at least. So initially we'll start with lower stat
increases on buffs, but less chance of them coming off early. And we then chain them
with other things."

"And that works?"

"Of course! Think about many adventurers have died trying to fight bosses or
while on a dungeon floor when their buffs ran out in mid-fight? It happens right?
Some boss fights can take longer than the buff duration time when the buff is newly
cast also!" Zynne adds.

"That's true."

She nods and seems pleased that she's gaining some kind of favor.

"But did you come up with this yourself or is it like a cultural concept in your
society's educational system?" I wondered.

"T-to be honest its something taught in dark elf adventurer schools and society."

"And can you give me an example?"

She pauses for a second. She's still a bit wobbly, but then changes position to not
exactly be in side lap position but instead now she's got her legs wrapped around my

We better finish the discussion soon or...

I better get my answer...

"Basically it starts like our racial magic system twists the buffs, like half and
lower stats on the buff, but twice the duration. We also have chain woven spell
enchants to stack."

Wait, half the stats? I don't necessarily like that part. But I must be missing
something because she seems like she's explaining something really awesome in her
mind. Something doesn't fit right.

"OK? How? Please tell me more."

"You use runic shielding yes?" she asked.

"That's right."

I"m surprised she figured that out though. She must have only seen me use it when we
were getting some food supplies while out in town, since because of assassin
incidents in the past I don't go anywhere without buffs on.

"With most adventurer mages, they'll use 'defense up!' Its' the standard normal
default defense buff. It's also one of the first buffs support magic people get,
whether or not they are a support mage or a hybrid class mage."

"Oh right? I didn't know that."

"Didn't you read the guide book? There's a quest to get it for free!" she insists.

"There is?!"

Well there was that trouble with being kidnapped to this world, and the gnome and
dwarf distractions...

Although because of enduring that hardship our party...has a strong base

"Yep. I feel sorry that you didn't find that out."

"Well I didn't have a good foundation to start up. We were being hunted from day
one," I explained.

"Eh? Tell me about that," she's very interested. Although I think it was because of
one of those weird dark elf fantasies involving masochism and hunting. I guess a lot
of dark elf girls have odd fetishes.

But inside her heart is still a girl...and she's still mostly pretty innocent. I
think anyway.

"Eh...first tell me what I need to know."


She kissed me again deeply with a lot of tongue.

"Stop distracting me!" I insisted.

She giggled. "I-I couldn't help it. Your so delicious darling."


Is she trying to get the upper hand with me? Dark elf girls are cunning. You can't
turn your back on them.

"The rescue the villager quest you know? It comes with a standard issue 'defense up!'
free buff enchant."

"What? Rescue the villager?"

"There's always a 'rescue the villager quest'. There's tons of them with many
variations. They always show up," she explained.

"Wow, I wish I'd known about that one!" I groaned.

"Sorry, I'd have told you if I was around then," she said.

"Let's go back and do it."

"You can't. It's like newbie level only. Then it becomes unavailable," she frowned.

"Damn it!"

I feel upset. I want that free buff. I want to collect all the buffs if I can.

"Well, plainly speaking, your runic defense shielding is way more powerful than
'defense up!' anyway. People covet and kill for a runic shielding formula, that's why
I noticed you had it because I'd researched it in my hometown's library. So don't
worry," she pats my cheek. I can't tell if she's serious or trying to rub salt in the

"So do most dark elves do this twisted stats thing like you have with the half stats,
and more duration?" I asked.

I'm still not sure how I like that idea.

"Yes, it's our racial magic system! That's also why the demand for dark elf girls. We
alone with almost nobody else can do the stacking track. The secret about it is that
it makes buffs more 'stackable'! So in the long run we get more! We twisted our magic
for it, but we pay for it in other ways when we solo because our buffs are less then.
But overall the price is worth paying as long as we don't have to solo. This is part
of what shot the price of dark elf slaves through the roof," she explained.

Buff stacking...sounds cheaty. And its another evidence that humans don't know
everything. What other secrets do dark elves know? Maybe I should get more dark elf

Yeah that sounds good...

I could...

"Master? You sort of look distracted," Zynne's hand touched my shoulder. And she's
sort of leaning up against me.

"Oh right...sorry."

"Hehe, your funny."

"OK, that's interesting about the buff stacking."

"Yes it is," she adds.

Then she further explained that it would affect her buff stats being halfed, but it
wouldn't half the stats on mine. So this made things more clear.

When person A and person B cast buffs on each other. If person B is the dark elf,
only person B's buffs would be lowered stat effects with extended duration. Both
buffs would take effect.

But normally when neither is a dark elf, there would be normally one buff being
vastly more more dominant than the other. It could either rewrite everything or if
both are skilled magicians then there might be only a really small sliver like stack
effect of around 10%...

And that's assuming there isn't other advanced magic skills that I don't know about
yet, which could change things again later.


She initiates kissing again.

It's lucky she caught me alone. She'd make the others jealous.

"So...I have a request."

"Uh oh..."

"It's n-not that b-bad. Kind of..."

"I'm not going to kill someone for you," I said.

"N-not that, really."

"Really, really? or are you playing with me?" I asked.

"Hehe, your sharp; definitely not a human!" she said with twinkling eyes again.

At some point her bikini panties got pushed to the side.

"Let's go again darling!" she winked at me.


"I have a request though! Please!" she insisted.

"You belong to me! Not the other way around!" I ordered.

"Please, just one request! Please!" she's already melting from my pheromones.

"Ahhhhh,, that's so....good. DOn't stop....ah....but I have....I have one

I'll have to punish her. It's suppose to be me owning her, not the other way around.

But finding out that dark elves have a racial buffing cheat was worth it. That's a
huge game changer! Most parties can't use more than one buffer at a time. But if I
have her mage skills go towards buffing then...


But now it makes sense. Why else would their price be so high? And plus, the dark elf
girls for sale on the black magic market seemed so confident and strong. This is no
doubt part of why it felt that way.

Zynne began crawling up over me again as we relaxed on the bed again. "Boss
darling...please let's go again. Because it's our honeymoon!"


I definitely don't want to go back to Earth. Those other people that I got kidnapped
to this world with in my school are nuts for wanting to go back home. Well, I don't
really know if any of them are still alive.


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