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Dreamweaver Chapter 223

In the dream state…

We finally finished the dungeon and then I went back to the Inn to sleep. That was the end of the day, but I’m lucky we got away from those scrubs. After they saw Sunghee, and Mallory they wouldn’t stop begging to be in our group. So it was stressful last night even after we’d finished the dungeon floor.

Before going to sleep I had Ayumi guarding my sleep in the real world. Since she won’t be leaving my inn room and I left strict orders for no one to come in then I think it will be OK.

When I faded out of reality and entered the dream world, Rina and Asakura are there to greet me. And just like a hotel they greet me like a government official or foreign dignitary.

Then we spent the next two hours making love. I also had to extract a lot of breast milk from Asakura since I was in a gorging phase for some reason. This part is time consuming but it’s a good type of time consuming.

Sooner or later we ended up with me visiting Sylvie after entering the demon inventory box’s pocket dimension.

“What’s on your mind?” she asked. Sylvie is giving me a hard stare and licking her lips.

“I need to get stronger fast. There are too many near death experiences happening. I want to be able to defend myself well,” I said.

I was referring to that one explosive blast not too long ago, which kind of shook me up actually.

“Good. That’s good that you recognize the need to climb higher. I can help you. Or do you have something specific in mind?” she raised an eyebrow.

“Well in the immediate near future, I see the need to up the equipped soul crystals. But I also have to leave enough people out of the dungeons so that I can have night guards or day guards depending on if I’m sleeping during the day or night. I think we need more people,” I said.

She sighed, “dang it. I was hoping for anything but more people. I already don’t get enough time with you.”


“OK, let’s work it out. Lucky for you I have some paper and an ink quill,” Sylvie said. Carefully she dipped it in the ink well and with beautiful calligraphy drew up our current party members.

But then Asakura came in topless and saw what we were doing. “Wait, draw it like this,” she suggested. And then elaborated the team combinations. “Put her here, and her over here. Yeah like that. Good. Right now you have the current combinations.”

Already Asakura’s intellect is helping a ton, though her uncovered chest with massive pendulus flesh and right nipple is dribbling milk all over the floor. The left one is too but not as much for some reason. I think she got so into wanting to help that she didn’t realize she’s leaking.

It’s totally hot.

Team A; Sunghee, Rina, Asakura, Sylvie, and possibly Haruka?

Team B (extreme scenarios only, possibly defense of dimension pocket?); Doppel-chan

Team C; Mallory, Asakura, Ayumi

Or maybe it should end up like…

Team C; Mallory, Asakura, Ayumi, and “?”

“So was there a particular concern you had about these setups?” Sylvie wondered scratching her head.

“Oh, I think I get it,” Asakura has spotted it already. “See it’s over there,” she pointed.

“Huh?” Sylvie said at the same time I also started talking.

“Basically if I’m using Team A then I can only equip 3 soul crystals for stat power ups. The crystal stat power up of stats is like a hidden buff series. And for some reason Doppel-chan can’t leave the dream state anymore. Somehow the upgrades make it so I have trouble bringing her out and for sure can’t use her crystal to buff up. I can currently equip 5 crystals. So that means I have two slots unused, which is like wasting energy by not having something,” I explained.

“Yep, that’s right. I thought so,” Asakura chuckled. She’s not really trying to show off but she’s excited that she saw the problem early.

“And with each soul crystal being a +10% in stats, that’s pretty cool,” Sylvie said with her tails twitching. Her eyes are also twinkling as she’s getting into this, ‘organize teams, and become rich and powerful’ discussion.

“Oh I get it. So we need two more crystals with girls inside to equip for you to power up from,” Sylvie mused.

“But that’s a lot more people because we need people both in the actual teams, and people for the power up stats crystal equipping also,” Sylvie frowned.

“Dang it, that’s less time together huh?” she added right after.

“Exactly!” Asakura and I said at the same time.

Asakura is so mind twitched that she only cares about pleasing me. It’s so cool…

“By the way, where are Sunghee and Rina?” I asked.

“Oh they are over in the gym, trying to get stronger,” Asakura said.

“Eh? We have a gym in the hotel?” I gaped.

“Yep, and a swimming pool too,” Asakura winked at me. Then she came over and sat on my lap…enough said there.

“So let’s check what your options are and what you can do. If we have enough money then you can buy a slave crystal with a girl already inside,” Sylvie said.

“Eh…is it cheaper that way or more expensive?” I wondered.

“It’s cheaper to buy them inserted. It has a fail rate on inserting souls into the crystals. And the fail is for summoner compatibility as well as for actually putting the soul in the crystal. By the time you are successful you have a chance for the crystal to break or for the soul to escape,” Sylvie frowned.

“Eh? They can break that way? No way,” I said.

“It’s true,” Sylvie shrugged.

“Well this means we’ll just have to be efficient. How much gold do we have again?” Asakura is rubbing her tits against my arm.

“Hey cut that out. He’s trying to think and concentrate. There’s no way he can do that with you like that!” Sylvie shouted.

“Right…sorry but I can’t help it…he’s so wonderful,” Asakura pouted. She didn’t stop leaning her leaking boobs into me though, just that she stopped rubbing them. If she’s not careful I’ll end up in a milk bath.

“Well let’s see, in my notes the amount of gold you last had was 196 gold 51 silver 57 copper, before you went to prison with the dwarves. Do you still have that much? Or did you get any other equipment that I don’t know about?” Sylvie raised an eyebrow at me curiously.

“Yes I have that much. I haven’t spent any yet because I want to organize it together with the maximum brain power invested into our choices. We also have the soul crystal chit, that the fae gave me when they thought they’d stolen Mallory from me,” I snickered.

“Hehe,” both Sylvie and Asakura thought it was sneaky and giggled.

Then I had to slap Asakura away who was trying to impale herself on my rod in the middle of serious business. “S-sorry I lost my head,” she apologized.

It can’t be helped. Hanging around incubi too long does this to people.

Sylvie had also recently lost her shirt at some point, but somehow I’d been distracted by Asakura to not see it.

“It’s OK, but this is serious business first. We can’t take chances especially with that other ‘competitor’ I met recently,” I said. I have a feeling our meeting won’t go much further. We’ll need to satisfy their urges soon and for some reason the pheromone is unusually thick right now.

They became sober in remembering the ‘competitor’ we’d run into recently. They can’t disguise the uneasy in their eyes whenever he comes up or is mentioned.

“So we need to go look at the black mage’s black market ball again,” Sylvie noted.

“OK, let’s do it. But you will have to remember what your current team configurations are. Without comparing it with that it’s useless to do more. What you choose has to fit with those patterns or you’ll just end up with a big mess on your hands.,” Asakura said while leaning sexily on her side.

“Oh man…I don’t think I can wait,” Asakura groaned staring at me.

“Hang on a bit longer,” I rebuked her.

I also had to stop her and Sylvie from playing with their nipples, until business is over.

“You know soul crystals are going to cost a lot. It could help you but two more of them could wipe out your savings even though you are pretty much wealthier than most feudal lords are at this point,” Sylvie warned me while winking seductively at me. Who is she kidding. She’s ready to make love right now and is even stroking herself.

“Umm….yeah…let’s take a break,” Sylvie groaned at nearly the same time as Asakura, both of which are stroking their lower privates.

“I-I can’t wait!” Asakura said before throwing herself at me.

An hour later somehow I managed to get a break to pull up the secret market ball interface. As I grip it the interface opens showing the market screen.

It’s finally time to investigate more choices. And I need to also prepare for any ‘competitions’ with this new competitor incubi that we’d run into by having more battle strength in my teams than he has.

Sylvie snuck up behind me and is sitting around me from behind like an armchair as she leans forward into my back. And with her tall stature actually this is pretty awesome. “If you need my help I’ll help you.”

She somehow stayed well behaved even though I’m using her as my arm chair, in the same way some people would see awesome cool pics of other demon lords on dragon style thrones. In the end, using a sexy giant foxkin girl as a throne is way cooler.

I filter through the tabs. This isn’t my first time going through it, but it’s amazing how extensive it is. Potions, alchemical ingredients, land, wizard towers, castles, magic rings, magic necklaces, magic clothes, armor, weapons, soul stones empty, soul stones full, captured spell books (somewhat expensive), grimoire pages (expensive!), tailor made spell books (also somewhat expensive!), and slaves escape protection added, and then another category of unspelled for escape protection.

OK, let’s be smart.

196 gold 51 silver 57 copper to work with.

I check the breakdown.

What I need is more servants and allies. I can stack the soul crystals on myself. And I know I need two more. With two as the goal, I’m trying to not go bankrupt and still have funds to supply and take care of a big team. It’s actually dangerous to be bankrupt or low funds when so many girls are dependent on me to shelter and feed them and ward of unforeseeable problesm.

And if I have two new team members as a possible goal then won’t I be able to bounce around between one being used as a soul crystal +10% stat boost and one in actual team front line configuration? And maybe I need to pick something that has some defensive standing too that won’t just get wrecked in one hit or run away.

OK, what are my price ranges?

Goblin slave range; 1 gold to 10 gold depending on quality.

HAHA, what a joke. Weak, pathetic, and ugly…but well someone could do it.

It’s not my fault, the page defaulted its sorting to show the more less cost easy to replace minions first. I’m sure in the past that people have tried to drive up the price of goblinoid races on the black magic market, but the simple fact is that you can go out and capture them and they are in infinite supply; so there’s a limit to what you can do to mess with their prices.

Not to mention they are the least trustworthy as minions.

Orc slave range; 5 gold to 15 gold which also depend on quality…

Ogre slave range; 50 gold and up…doesn’t seem to have a fixed end point for the maximum range if you go as far as hero level stats.

I suppose it’s possible someone could see ogres as a high class front center group foundation position. But the truth is that they would turn on their owner’s easily. Inevitably at some point an ogre would challenge the boss of the team for leadership because of greed and sex drive impulses.

Ugly humans start from 10 gold and go from there…anywhere up to 30 gold

Humans aren’t bad but age quickly. And a lot of them have trouble with loyalty more than other races actually.

Come to think of it…are humans an evil race like goblinoid races are? Every other race tends to protect each other and look out for their own more than humans do…

I’ll never figure this out with wandering thoughts though.

I went back to the magic catalog pages…

Pixie, 50 gold to 60 gold range; water nixie 70 to 75 gold range, fairy 5,000 gold range and up. Merfolk and tritons sold out…(they weren’t sold out last time I was looking on here.)

Wow, seriously that is some serious cash flow for those. I hadn’t thought they’d cost that much. But I suppose some people are really stuck on the fantasy of other world minions and rarity. Especially the rarity trait drives up the price on a lot of these exotic races.

It’s just not easy to be an up and coming monster overlord is it?

I sighed.

Strange…I wouldn’t think the fairy battle potential would equate to 5,000 gold. There must be some other hidden reason for it. I’ll need to come back to that later. There’s something there…some secret there to exploit, I’m sure of it. But that will have to wait for another time.

Wererats (currently requiring special permits because of disease, price not visible and won’t let me select these; magic quarantine?), Rabbitkin 40 to 50 gold range, Wolf tribe 60 to 85 gold range, Pigmen 4 gold to 13 gold range, lizardmen 10 gold to 20 gold range, cat people 50 gold to 83 gold range, gnomes 40 to 60 gold range, dwarves 80 gold to 130 gold range with emphasis on the higher costing ‘items’ being those with the best crafting skills, etc.

Then I got the more rare stuff.

I can feel my fingers twitching and I’m getting nervous now because its so exciting.

High humans (100 gold to 150 gold), vampires 300 gold and up (DAAAAMN I had no idea that’s what they went for. I should have paid more attention last time), foxkin 1,000 gold and up (inflated price?), dark elves (1,500 gold and up), and minotaur girls (sold out!)

Fudge…if the prices are this bad I won’t be able to do as much as I want.

Because of the war it seems that sale and promotion of daemon servants is illegal and banned. But at one point it looks like it had been allowed previously. Some merchant notes implied it sale of daemon races may come back.

Ahh, the pain…I had totally thought a girl that could match Asakura’s build would be the ultimate fantasy…guess it won’t happen. Last time minotaur girls were sold out too. But the pics listed here they look really hot and with similar profiles as Asakura. And it seems that minotaur girls are always sold out and never up for sale for some years it seems.

I want to weep that minotaur girls aren’t available. This world is so unfair.


Hmm, so first off the <free monster> exchange chit I got from the fae should be used for the most gain. After all they are paying for this. It could be used for anything up on here too! They didn’t realize what an awesome gift they gave me, thinking that they’d stolen Mallory from me.


“Master, focus please…” Sylvie reminded me.

“R-right, I meant to…” I stammered an excuse.

So I should make that happen. As I go through the pages, it does seem that the cheaper price ranges are for the males in nearly every species. The higher costs go with the females and the good looking soul crystals, as I’ve confined myself only to soul crystals that won’t have a chance for escape.

In the end everyone wants sexy monster girls. So it makes it harder and more competitive.


Well…the choices are pretty awesome. And there’s still a lot doable with the exchange chit.

But for that free chit, I couldn’t help but look at dark elves. Who wouldn’t want a dark elf pet?

I tried to go past it. Maybe it was this resistance thing that I didn’t want to admit dark elf hotties are superbbbbb!!!!!

“U-uh, are you OK Shun?” Asakura asked from nearby.

“Y-yes honey,” I chirped.

“You look a bit excited…”

“W-well it’s going to be OK.”

“If I can do anything…special for you…anything at all, you’ll let me know right?” Asakura is giving me a very sincere distraction pose while a foot away.

It’s a trap. She’s trying to stop me from looking at the dark elf hotties. But it’s so hard when giant boobs and large milk dripping nipples are less than a foot from my face.

“P-please wait honey…I have to….f-finish this…” I barely resisted.

Asakura is sitting nearby still trying to show off and attract my attention and frowning quietly. She squirted more milk out just then too.

Damn it…how am I supposed to focus?!


Somehow the temptation of hottie dark elf chics gets my mind working again into how to greedily score one for my team. I think I have a fatal character flaw for dark elf hotties. This is like Superman with kryptonite.

I scroll into their tab using the buttons on the screen. OK, let’s see…I now see filters. I can tell it to not include any dark elf girls for sale with diseases or abnormal conditions. I can also screen for certain classes.

(It’s interesting though that they won’t automatically show you if you don’t ask it to screen for diseases, etc. I’m lucky I thought of thinking about this.)

Amazingly enough there are 17 dark elf girls for sale. 2 had been removed from the previous figure of 19, due to some sort of infectious maladies that I’m not going to risk it over.


That many?

I should reduce it further. So far the price range for those is from 1,600 to 2,150. The difference was that the male dark elves seemed to be the ones in the 1,500 to 1,600 range.

Wait, my exchange chit will cover this cost right? I begin to get worried. But so far it looks like it is possible. But I’ll have to see how far it will let me go in the ‘checkout’ area when I put the exchange chit in. Somehow I’m praying my guts out that it will work, so I can get my new dark elf hottie.

Still, what’s interesting is that dark elves seem to have good stats, not just in appearance and breast measurements. At least that’s my conclusion based on the fact that most of them come from irregular classes. I can see one summoner…she looks batshit crazy so I’m not going to pick her, plus she’s old and no teeth. It’s weird though that the madness didn’t necessarily look like it was from drugs, but instead looked like it was from pure rage. But because she’s a summoner she commands a high price.

Below each has the name and class listed. I can bring up pics too but I’ve filtered that out to look at what will help battle potential first. I’m going through this somewhat obsessively. And of course the sellers put the girls’ names up too, in order to add to their appeal.

Normmynya ranger class, Estevyn’nya fallen paladin, Mirr’elle enchanter, Borkryssle fighter, Nayviss red mage, Stor’elli fighter, Merviss necromancer, Kaitrell’ne mage, Xivrine geomancer, Zynne attack mage, Varesh knight ( who claims she’s a gladiator).

“Master, I think you drooled on the black ball. That’s not good for the magic connection,” Sylvie whispered in my ear.

“Oops…that didn’t happen,” I said in denial.

“Of course it didn’t. You are just overworked honey. You deserve a reward after this,” Sylvie is hugging me from behind in an obsessive way.

Foxkin girls really do understand…

Oh right…can’t let myself get defocused. Damn incubus genes require a manual on not letting your sex drive make you crazy sometimes.


So back to dark elf hotties. This page is calling to me. I can feel it.

The rest seem to be the ones that have abnormal conditions, other than the ones I’d already scouted out above and with the names I’d already noted down. Sometimes with conditions and abnormal statuses that happens with any creatures here, no creature is immune from mortal perils though some are more resistant than others. And the fact they are up here means they were taken or captured in war, so it’s likely the ones holding them aren’t taking good care of them. They can get diseases from things they were exposed to, PTSD, malnutrition, cage related problems, battle wounds that don’t heal right and so on…

If I’m equipping this person as a stat up crystal then I need someone that has good stats. It will also probably be ridiculously hard to win over a dark elf as a romance target so I probably won’t be able to use this crystal much aside from stat up equipping.

But I can try and it doesn’t hurt to try.

Mages would complement my stats. And I already have a lot of muscle in the form of Mallory and Ayumi. But it can’t be a mage that can’t defend itself either. Mages with no defense and no armor ability could die fast if I do this wrong.

I narrowed it down to the mages and then checked them again. Another thing odd about dark elves is that they don’t study magic only but all of them seem to be outfitted as fighter mages. That is radically different from the other races’ point of view on classing and builds.

Hmm, so my choices are narrowed to; Mirr’elle enchanter, Merviss necromancer, Kaitrell’ne mage, Xivrine geomancer, Zynne attack mage, and Nayviss red mage.

I took the necromancer girl out of the list. I’m not into that. And when I’m mating with a wife I don’t want to be worrying about getting the black plague because she’s playing with dead flesh. And the playing with dead bodies sounds gross even if there were protections for that sort of thing.

The Kaitrell’ne mage girl is also bald so I took her off. I think it would be hard to bond with a bald girl, because this seems to be self inflicted as some sort of hate ritual along with self inflicted hate symbols carved into her own skull skin (that suggests mental illness though her papers look legit and clean.) I can’t be sure if she did baldness because of war trauma or just because of bad genes, but I suspect its some sort of madness thing which some dark elf chics seem to be displaying when you read between the lines.

The geomancer would be good for money but I have to focus on battle power, so regretfully I took that one off though she’s not bad looking and has a great bust. She’s not the only one with an awesome bust though. Sigh…this is hard work. If I make a bad choice or screw up I could hate my life with some party member that has an awful personality.

Mirr’elle enchanter, Zynne attack mage, and Nayviss red mage are my only choices.

The sellers have to list any problems, or you can ask for refunds or discounts later and nobody wants that. In the first place, they might try to kill you for asking for a refund. And it’s bad for them to get a refund too.

So I went over their papers again.

Mirr’elle is a battle enchanter that’s pretty good. But it seems that she has a bad habit of cutting out the eyes of victims she captures and eating them with some belief that you can try to steal parts of an enemies’ soul power this way. This is the one flaw she has on her paperwork. Plus her previous owner noted that she’d purposely pee herself and make her clothes smell to avoid sleeping with the boss (I can’t blame her for that.) She grew up privileged in a wealthy nobles’ house in a dark elf city but when her house fell from power she was sold into slavery. She mentally couldn’t cope with slavery and acts out in various ways. But her seller claims she’d be an awesome sex slave with the right mind control enchants to prevent harmful behavior to herself and others. Or she could work for a magic laboratory or research group.

Yeah problem child, if I ever saw one. Seriously…

It’s almost tragic in a way. A lot of the dark elf hotties have this sort of tragedy and fallen from grace type of feel to them, but still with beauty and intelligence…not to mention I did notice that bloodthirsty seems to be a common trait among them.

Huh, what’s this?

I found a legal description on one of them that is pretty interesting and shocked me.

What surprised me just now is that with the right government paperwork, a slave dark elf hottie girl can really walk free in light cities without getting you in trouble. I found this statement on one of the more credible and skillful sellers’ legal description area. It’s lucky I read that, because this was sort of the icing on the cake to make picking a dark elf girl really viable.

And then I was able to confirm it, with a similar statement and even a how to section on another seller’s product description. (Although he warns that yes, you really can have them out in the open, you can sometimes get attacked for it, since they are considered usually an evil race…but the demand for them as king and prince concubines was what opened the door for the ones under slave enchants to walk openly in good aligned cities. But the bottom line is weird things can happen when you have them out in the open even though it’s legal.)

I moved onto the next one.

Zynne; looks like an up and coming mage but very young. Age 78, height 5’ 4” violet eyes, and long white hair with well tanned skin. Looks like in human years about 18 years old but her paperwork actually states 78 years old as elves age much slower. Not much else there to work with. She has very limited spell repertoire and appears to have recently become a trainee but certified as passing the beginner fighter school and beginner magic school.

Equipment; bikini panties, alluring sleeveless low cut V neck halter stripper top, and high heels. Punishment whip free with purchase!

Basically she’s a newbie. Her stats are high so she’d do well and start up pretty quickly with a bit of work but she would need some training.

It also seems bikini panties and high heels are standard issue for dark elf girls but not necessarily for other races.

Nayviss; I open the paperwork and look her over.

Wow, what a find.

Nayviss; Age 213, height 5’ 7” steel-gray eyes, long white hair with tan skin. Former general of dark elf forces, but had a tragic falling out with her former boss over seducing the owner’s husband probably related to trying to climb the power ladder. Noted for creativity in battle, strong sense of battle strategy and a strong win loss record is also in the registry. Ambitious and lots of power, and variety of spells…many of which are destructive…

Comes equipped with full enchanted mage robes, staff of power, plus standard issue bikini panties and heels…

Nayviss is powerful I realized. One of her spells is one of the coveted ‘grimoire’ type. She also has a covenant chip.

Eh? What’s that? I’ve just found out something new.

I had to use the help command to look it up. Covenant chips (crystal of some kind that’s worn?) are basically a sworn to keep the peace token that some races can use to be on the streets of places like a fae city or stronghold without being arrested or killed on sight. Still, guards might ask about them.

Oh right, this is what those other guys were saying in their selling notices, but just didn’t use the name for the actual technology.

Let’s do that.

I check that the interface will allow the chit I got from the fae as payment.

OK, Nayviss. I’m going to buy you. I don’t like slavery but I need cool minions so I can become a badass and rock the world. Plus, since you are a dark elf hottie girl I can’t resist. And if I don’t buy you some other jerk will torture you for life and make you happy. But all of my girls are happy.

So let’s do this…

Enter into the harem!

I click on the buy button.

“Please confirm your purchase?” Click [Yes] or [No].


“Ouch!” as I’m about to buy her I get bumped into from behind. Then somehow I faceplanted into the screen. “That hurt…” I moaned.

“Oh! Sorry! I’m so sorry Shun! I was looking for you everywhere,” the voice I almost didn’t recognize.

Wait, what the hell?

Turning around I find the scarred fae has knocked into me from behind.

How the fuck did she get in here? And this is really awkward timing.

“Eh? What are you doing here?” I rubbed my back where it felt like the bitch jabbed me with something.

“So, sorry Shun. Please forgive me really! But this is important,” she gestured wildly while flitting around in the air via levitate with broken wings that make an odd sound from not being able to buzz correctly.

“Something happened?” I guessed turning to face her.

“Yeah, the daemons are doing another attack soon. And we need you. I wanted to get you personally. Please help us!” she pleaded. She has a weird smile on her face and bright intense eyes. She’s giving me an accepting and even friendly smile.

This is suspicious. She’s like trying too hard…something is up.

“OK sure…” I sighed.

But then I looked back at the screen. Crap!

‘Congratulations on your new purchase!’ reads across the screen in big bold lettering. But the problem is it shows a close up image of my purchase. Somehow when the Scarred Fae girl bumped into me, and instead of purchasing Nayviss the ultimate killer and champ its bought Zynne the newbie fighter mage girl instead.

A few seconds later I feel the soul crystal plop in a slot in the inventory box. The exchange chit has already gone through. It’s a done deal.

Damn it…

Did she do that on purpose???

I think she did. So was she preventing my success or failure with avoiding Nayviss?

Zynne isn’t bad…actually Zynne looks a bit happier and has less ‘I’ll skin you in your sleep’ vibe to herself.

Maybe this is a good thing.

Zynne’s boobs are bigger too. And they do sort of hang out of that open short sleeveless vest.

I guess this can work.

Now about delivery…


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