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Dreamweaver Chapter 222 Part E

Lyra POV, near the Fae stronghold city

“We’ve been travelling for hours. I need a rest,” Jules asked.

“Stop whining,” I ordered.

“We’re so close…I can see people on the ramparts from here,” Edoard said.

“Yeah but the siege makes the last part tricky. Don’t rush anything. Here we have to be the most careful,” Lula told him.


Edoard is huffing a bit too though.

We’d been climbing for hours…while jealously that witch is just levitating along easily on her broom like it’s nothing. She even looks like she’s having fun while we sweat in the heat and endure it in our armor.

Traveling in armor bites too…but if you travel with your armor off then…bad things can happen.

Yet Lula looks like everything is fine.

Dang it…so jealous…

“Just a bit further and we can make camp for the night or stay at the inn after we get in the city,” Lula said.

Lula has this intense optimism that’s been growing the closer we get to the fae fortress city.

“We would have a better position if we can squeeze up into that box canyon near us for the night and then enter in the morning. That way we could save on inn fees,” Edoard suggested.

“Hm, that’s a possibility…I suppose. What do you think?” Lula’s innocent expression lingered towards me.

I’m still trying to figure out this witch girl. She looks innocent, cute, and young. But she’s very cunning. Every once in awhile the façade is exposed; then she covers it up again.

“It’s a good plan, I like it. That spot is more defensible and less visible. Since its afternoon it wouldn’t be bad if we can just manage not being found by enemy patrols,” I said.

“I don’t think having a campfire would be wise though. There are too many enemies near us,” Edoard replied while looking around us nervously.

“I can’t believe how close we are,” I told them.

They nod.

“I do need to rest. And if they interrupt my rest; so doing an all-nighter for 24 hours, won’t work for me. Mages can’t do that, neither can witches. I won’t be able to protect us,” Lula said.

“So I’ve been meaning to ask…is a witch just another flavor of mage?” Edoard asked.

The witch snorted. “We’re nothing alike. It’d be like comparing witches to mages like knight to a foot soldier.”

“That much?” I asked while scratching my head.

She nods, but doesn’t say anymore.

“But how are they different?” Edoard asked again.


We kept waiting for an answer.

“I don’t want to talk about that,” she deflected.

Is that because of the human distrust that she won’t tell us?

After travelling with us for weeks now we can tell she isn’t fond of humans. But she doesn’t like to sleep unguarded and so that’s why she brought us. It seems like the only reason that she might need us maybe.

So far, we’re only alive because of Lula.

What the freak is she?!

I know she’s a witch, but…

She’s too freaking powerful.

Enemy scouts and sentry patrols in this area are all over the place because of the massive black demon teeth shaped fortresses enclosed around this middle ground that is being sieged surrounding the fae fortress city with hills and mountains on one side.

Everywhere the siege is clamped down tight.

There’s no way we would have gotten this far without Lula. It’s a bit astonishing to see a slim petite girl that almost looks too young to leave the house wandering around smiling and dispatching evil like it was nothing.

I thought my skills were good. I killed an ogre this morning. And we dispatched a small orc patrol, only to turn around right when Lula had activated some huge chaos element energy blast that had vaporized a clump of about a hundred orcs and goblins.

Chaos element? I’d heard a rumor it was real but hadn’t seen it until now. Most mages think it’s still just theoretical.

Do watches have more element options than human mages do? I’ve never heard people with ‘mage’ job use anything other than fire, water, earth, and wind. And I’ve grouped with many of them…it doesn’t happen every day but when you do a bunch of temporary groups it happens a few times a month.

And then that gave me regrets. If only I was stronger.

And right now I’m worried because Jules I think is acting out negatively the last few days out of frustration for wanting the witch girl…in other ways. I worry about leaving him alone with her.

If it weren’t for the influence of the Church of Gaia, the knight kingdoms of my home territory wouldn’t have killed and persecuted witches. And if the Church of Gaia had done things differently then, they would have ended up employing them instead, and that would have saved lives.

Then people like Lula wouldn’t be so pissed off, traveling with us. She tried to hide it, but every now and then Jules would try to poke the bear.

Now the knight kingdoms struggle to keep humanity afloat with almost no help.

And I think the plains of the beastmen tribes are hoping for us to fall. They think if humans are gone, that they will have their turn of dominance next.


But I’m glad I’m searching for Sunghee now. If I hadn’t used my influence to do this job I probably would have been sent to war against beastmen. And that wouldn’t have gone well; the heads of the Church of Gaia in influencing the knights don’t understand that beastmen have different values than humans and our leaders do.

Beastmen don’t even seem to value money as much as we do. Sure they keep it and are smart about not throwing it away. But they aren’t driven by it, like humans. But they have other flaws instead.

Now having Lula among us, I can see the place of humans in this world is shrinking by the day. We only breed faster than the others…except for orcs and goblinoid tribes…which Lula is dispatching while we move through a patch of grassland.

Then later, the same thing happens only the enemy patrol is a group of about twenty ogres with Lula again. While skipping happily we watched her snatch up the ogre’s purses. We just watched in awe.

“I didn’t even see those…the grass was too tall,” Jules said.

“Sh, quiet. We can’t afford to have anything sneak up on us,” I hissed.

This is scary. The grass here is so tall anything could come out.

I hadn’t even gotten my sword out before Lula had ended the threat.

This witch girl is strong…and very scary.

We realized then that the middle territory we’re in is a death trap. But Lula is navigating us around weak spots in the patrols and troop lines.

“Wait a minute. How do you know which way to go?” Jules growled. He’s looking at Lula.

“Well I just trust in peace and love…” the witch girl said with a smirky smile and twinkling eyes.

“That’s not an answer,” I scowled.

That just made her laugh.

“Is she mocking us?” Jules whispered.

“…I don’t know…” I said.

“I heard that,” Lula teased.

“Seriously…that girl’s got it bad…something’s wrong with her head. I’ve never seen anyone so obsessed,” Edoard whispered.

“At least she’s in a good mood,” I noted.

“True,” Edoard agrees.

“Don’t give me that shit! You know something! How do you always know where the weak spots in their lines are?!” Jules nearly shouted.

“Dude, keep it down. There’s like a thousand enemies within five miles of us. If they hear you shouting we’re toast even with the witch,” I ordered.

Jules can be a dunce sometimes.

“But she knows something! She’s got secrets! Freak! If the Vyskland government had people like her, we’d not even lose the wars! We’d be invincible! We need to recruit her! We’ll force her to work for us! Yes, we can make this happen!” Jules insisted while squeezing his gauntleted fist in the air.

“Dude…she can hear you…” Edoard warned him.

“Don’t get me wrong, I don’t really like humans. Do you know how many witches humans have killed? Seriously it’s like why even bother…you guys are mostly all killers. Why would I save humans, when you kill us?” Lula growled back.

Oops…Edoard and I froze in our tracks. We’d learned to watch for mood swings like this. Lula was so obsessive and one track minded that when you got her upset you needed to back away fast. In this case, Lula’s innocent and happy smile is gone. Right now her eyes are blazing with anger. I can see her glowy blue eyes intensified at Jules…who is being a dumbass and doesn’t realize he’s triggering it.

“But you can save thousands!” he insisted.

“I just want to find Shun. You knights can do what you want. I’m only taking you along as a favor by the way,” Lula glanced at her nail cuticles and acted like Jules was a nobody.

What did she mean by that? Does she know something?

Then we had to calm them down from fighting as he tried to shout at her.

“But tell us how you know where they are! You have some enchant to know where their troops are! With that weapon alone we could win the war! Please!” Jules insisted.

“You humans think it’s always about wars huh…if only you would make peace with the other races we would have stopped the goblins long ago,” she rolled her eyes.

“I-is that true?” Edoard asked nervously. His eyes drifted to me though.

“I don’t know…?” I guessed.

“Guess again,” Lula corrected.

“Uh…probably,” I sighed. The truth was I felt she was right but didn’t back her up.

“Witch! Give us your spells! Please! We need them to survive the goblins! Please!” Jules is now begging. It would be making her mad except for his getting on his knees has calmed her a bit…but only a bit.

“Sorry about him, he’s young. I’ll discipline my squires better. Please, Lula, he doesn’t speak for all of us,” I said. Being nice is the only way I’ll get through to this girl I think.

Edoard is afraid to even speak but sometimes glances at me as if to say, ‘do something! Calm them both down!’ He’s the smart one, knowing when to shut up.

“Damn you witch! The Church of Gaia was right to punish you!” Jules said after she rejected him again.

My gosh…this idiot…why did I bring him again? His common sense factor is so low it’s negative. And that’s unfortunately too common in rich nobles…but they pay the bills.

Oh right…his parents were funding my life with bonuses and such…

“I’m sorry that some of your people have suffered Lula. But I can try to be a good ally with you even if there’s trouble,” I said.

“You will? How do you know that will hold up?” she asked.

“Well I’m promising you we’ll guarantee your safety with us,” I said.

“You swear it?” she regarded me carefully. But there’s something odd about her gaze. She seems like she knows some big secret. Her attitude is a bit too knowing, but not prideful if that even makes sense.

“I don’t like this,” Edoard whispered.

“Yeah, I swear it. We will guarantee your safety with us and even put our lives on the line to make you safe to meet this Shun guy,” I said.

Lula is suddenly laughing. But it’s a harsh laughter not something light or merry. It’s almost like…she’s against us.

“We’ll see about that,” she said finally.

“What’s that mean?” Jules asked me.

“Can’t you at least teach our mages that spell for finding and knowing enemy troop placements? I know you are using some skill like that,” Jules started it again.

Edoard grabbed him and muffled his mouth with his hand while wrestling him to the ground. Then I hear Jules acting like a pansy for a few minutes while Edoard is trying hard to not punch him in the face.


“I don’t really think you can promise me anything Lyra,” Lula concluded.

“Huh? But we really want you as a permanent ally and not just for this trip only,” I insisted.

“Yeah, but you see…there’s one small detail that might kind of piss you off…” Lula is looking at her nails again.

“Detail? About what?” I didn’t like how this sounded. Her tone of voice was off.

“You see,…uh…I found this out only a day or two ago…but you see the thing is my Shun is travelling with your Sunghee. She’s with him like now even and might be why she hasn’t talked to you. Why is that? And can you handle that without getting all murder crazy?” Lula said. She looks me in the eye firmly.


“What….?” Edoard froze in wrestling Jules.

Jules threw him off while I’m standing there.

I want to go run up and choke the witch girl.

How long did she know that? How did she know that?! What the freak?!

Is…Sunghee captured by this Shun guy? Why is she with him and not me?! What’s he doing to my Sunghee? What the freak is this Shun guy doing to my master?!

This…I need to blame Jules. That’s…

That might be the only way to appease my anger right now. I can barely think straight.

“You really should calm down,” Lula told me.

“I can’t…why didn’t you tell me this earlier?” I scowled and confronted her.

“Yeah, but you see my people have suffered at the hands of witches for years. I’ve seen tons of them cut down,” Lula said. She’s said stuff like that a lot today.

“Why are you telling us this now?” Edoard said. He’s giving her a sharp look for some reason.

“Well I’m trying to decide if you are a threat before I meet Shun. If you are angry and want to hurt him then I’ll have to kill you before we can go in the fae city,” Lula smiled a strange wicked looking smile as she’s exchanging her flying broom in her dimension inventory.

Oh crap, is she going to kill us?

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