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Dreamweaver Chapter 222 Part D







“Hurry! Shut it!” Mallory cried out. Her facial expression is in full panic.

What the heck?! Aren’t vampires supposed to be calm and composed?

Something isn’t right here.

I glanced between her and the elf coffin box, but she’s still gesturing wildly with wide eyes.

“What’s the big deal? It’s just…elf coffins. They are kind of cute actually. I want to get a better look at…,” I said.

“Shut it now!!!” Mallory is really upset.

So I shut the box.

I had misgivings at first. But isn’t it true that Mallory is reliable? And for her to be reliable despite her endless lust for blood is something else too. Plus, it wouldn’t hurt to find out what she’s upset about.

At the same time the massive light aura seeping out of the box was shut off, when the lid was secured.

“You want to tell me what’s going on?” I asked with my arms folded. I’m currently standing in front of the box.

Near me, Mallory is acting like a cat hanging from the ceiling, except backed up against the farthest wall.

“You don’t get it Shun. It’s not the box, it’s what’s after the box! There are elf hunters out there. It’s known that they are supposed to be extinct. But there’s a reason for that! People hunt them!” Mallory insisted hotly.

“Elf hunters?” I asked slowly.

She gave a long slow nod. “Right…elf hunters. They are almost more trouble than the Church of Gaia.”

“Right…I get that part…unless there’s more?” I wondered.

“Of course there’s more!” she hissed.

Then she began pacing. She’s also afraid of getting near the box, but that might be due to elves and vampires having some kind of intense enmity and natural rivalry.

“A lot of elf hunters use global search enchants powered by the most advanced skill mages, Shun. Think…about what that means…they could have triggered a location ping when you opened the box!”

“Crap…are you serious?!” I glanced at the box again.

Dang it…I didn’t even get a good look at the 3 elf women because the crystal coffins had the glassy surface a bit fogged up.

“We need to leave this building fast. And don’t lose that box!” she insisted.


“Now! We have to take the box and get out fast! There’s no time. The global search enchants don’t only focus on cities, but also on specific areas. Remember, high skill advanced magicians are in on it.”

“What?! That’s cheating!” I insisted.

“Of course it is. But they are called ‘elf hunters’ for a reason. The enchants are done by high class mages, the best in the land. Everyone wants a piece of elf!” she cried.

“So…those fae bastards gave me a cursed box is what you are saying?” I said.

“Yes! Don’t you see, they tricked you! By giving you the box, your greed would be triggered into watch dogging it for free. I mean, who wouldn’t jump at the chance to have a bunch of elf hotties under their thumb? Just like this they’d been playing people of probably for years! They don’t pay security costs on ‘elf treasure’ see? It’s a ploy because the box is too dangerous for anyone to hang onto permanently. They keep you on it as long as they can while secretly just watching. At the same time, the fae get to not have their own resources cut up and exhausted in the process,” she explained.

“*#&*(~!” I swore in frustration.

“How did you hear about it? You aren’t just saying this because you are jealous or want more time with me?” I asked.

She rolled her eyes. “Look Shun, you are awesome as a lover. I’m yours. I belong to you. You are not just a daemon prince candidate to me. At first, when we first met I wanted to take your spot. But now I’d fallen hard for your… ‘charms’,” she glanced down at my waist while saying this part. “I am totally yours, I don’t even care if you have an army of women and hundreds of harem members. But if you can keep me satisfied in bed I’d appreciate it. Right now though, I’m being totally honest!”

Wow, Mallory’s loyalty is really awesome.

I wished I could have recorded that moment. That was the closest thing I think a vampire girl could say in terms of love.

“So what now boss?” she glanced at me for a decision, but she looks really afraid.

We both glanced at the box, but this time both of us have a healthy respect and fear of the ‘elf box’, which is what we call it when we’re alone.

“But doesn’t casting a global search spell cost a lot?” I wondered. “How can they afford that?”

“Normally it shouldn’t be profitable. But people wanted to jump in on hunting elves before they went extinct to try to use their blood to produce immortality serums,” Mallory said.


“Immortality serums? Is that real?” I asked.

She snorted and is playing with her silky long hair. “Well I think it is. I’m not an alchemist though. But years ago there were theories that vampires originally might have had something to do with the immortality serum made from elf blood.”

Dang it, I hate when she’s acting all tempting like that. It doesn’t help that her mini-skirt is so short and she’s got one foot with knee bent planted against the wall with a lot of upper thigh showing off…

I looked back up at her eyes trying to avoid the temptress’ traps.

“So is that true?”

“I don’t know. It’s an interesting mystery though. Who knows, maybe someday we’ll find out,” she shrugged.

“That sounds like something useful…and interesting. But we don’t have time for it now.”

“Regardless of its true or not people pay mountains of gold for elf blood and immortality serum ingredients. It’s not something you can ignore as not having some ring of truth to it, due to the prices of those ingredients being both high and ‘stable’. If it were a hoax then the price would have bottomed out at some point. Instead they keep going up,” she explained.

“Wow. I never knew any of this,” I complained.

“Yeah, like that but more. That’s why the global search enchants are so powerful. With demand for immortality supreme, all the rich and wealthy want into it. That’s how merchants can gain stat gains without being adventurers!” she hissed. Then she gave me a head flick.


“You deserved it! You just put us in danger, by opening that darn box Shun!”

“By elf hunters huh? Is that a group or like a job class similar to knight, martial artist, healer, mage?”

“It’s both. And it won’t surprise you that they are connected to the Church of Gaia.”

Chuch of Gaia again…somehow those guys have their hand in everything. They get more suspicious every day.

“So you said something about wealthy merchants gaining stats through money? Tell me about that,” I said.

“We don’t have time! We need to move this box! Now! And we have to do it before we end up having a blood bath here. And you can’t put that box in a dimension pocket inventory system because it’s an artifact box itself!”

My headaches are getting bigger.

At this point I de-summoned Sunghee and Asakura, who were sleeping from being passed out in exhaustion.

Still, there’s hope. If I keep the box shut it looks like a normal looking container box.

I ended up lifting it over my shoulder. But it’s a lot of weight. And the box is bulky so carrying it in front of me will just make my back hurt. I’m lucky it does have a handle though, so I can sort of sling it over my shoulder and back.

Fudge, this box is heavy! Maybe because of its artifact status it’s like that.

“You might be able to warp reality around it to push it to a smaller and more manageable size,” Mallory guessed.

“What? How?!”

“Because it’s an artifact,” she said in follow up. She pointed at it.

So I tried it.

We were lucky we didn’t lose any time doing that.

“Wow, it worked!”

Somehow the box got a big increase in heaviness by shrinking it. But it did get smaller. But it’s like carrying a 50 pound Rubik’s cube in my jacket’s inner pocket. And that affects movement and combat like that because its such a big weight.

It turned out Mallory was right!

We stopped back to have me switch Mallory with Sylvie and Rina as guards.

Today is going to be rough.

“Hey Shun! Can we go back to the room? ♥” was the first thing out of Rina’s mouth. She gave me a playful wink and blew a big kiss with a sexy pose.

“I like that too!♥” Sylvie said in a husky voice. Sylvie leaned way over pretending the ceiling was too low. Although that part was true, she’s obviously trying to get me to look down her shirt and winked at me on her own also, complete with wink and sexy voice.

Jerks…they are double teaming me.

Both are hugging me. I fight to control my senses and willpower.

“We have to go now. There’s no time for this. We’re in danger!” I ordered.

Both of them can feel the edge in my voice and straightened out.


“What?! And no time for fun?!” Rina is dour and mad.

We geared up fast.

As we’re leaving the inn and had barely checked out, we turned the corner outside the building and begin walking down the street trying to blend in, just in time to see a mad rush of some full group of crazy looking adventurers storming in the inn with hostile expressions, weapons drawn, and…

Wow…we’d have been caught up in that if we’d left the inn even 10 seconds later than now. We’re just lucky that they don’t seem to have our descriptions. They have blockaded the inn entrance preventing anyone from leaving it seems I caught with my eye as we edged away.

“What the freak?! Those guys have bandit masks on!” Sylvie whispered hurriedly.

“Does that meaning special?” I wondered.

“Bandit mask is an equippable item, only usable by outlaws! They are made by inserting darkling essence into equipped items. The effect doesn’t give much battle protection, but the big special effect is not being able to identify someone as an outlaw,” Sylvie explained.

“How’d you know it was that type of mask and not something plain?” Rina asked.

“Mage here…I can feel the aura. And I’ve seen people use those a lot,” Sylvie huffed as we kept moving.

We see more armed people running past us. They are trying to scan the crowds, but except for Sylvie’s status we are dressed pretty normal.

A few merchants on the street peddling wares or moving goods in horse pulled wagons saw this all happening too. But none of them can do anything.

“Wait, what?” Rina is also trying to comprehend what’s happening.

“Don’t look, just act like a travelling passerby!” I growled while turning her forward away from the inn that’s getting smaller behind us in the street.

Already the sounds of blood spilling and murder are coming from the inn. We hear screams and fighting. And then also a body fell out the window into the street after a glass window exploded with a lot of noise; even far away you can tell something is wrong. And as it’s happening two other big groups of ten adventurers each stormed into the inn.

Passersby are calling out for the guards. There are also cries for help.

“Shouldn’t we help?” Rina asked.

“We need to hide. That might just be the first wave,” I said.

“Hurry Shun, we need to put some distance here. They will probably put up road blocks too!” Sylvie said.

We made an effort to blend into the crowd. We tried to avoid the open streets and were going down the alleys.

“Weird…this is so weird,” Rina said.

Freak…that elf box is almost more trouble than the daemon inventory box!

“Yeah, can you believe it? I think some of the fae are in on whatever you ran from too, Shun,” Sylvie pointed out some fae guards doing body searches on people.

“Shit, you can’t let them search me!” I said in fear.

(Sylvie and Rina don’t know the full details yet. I didn’t have a chance to explain it.)

But it’s weird that some fae gave me the elf box. But others are trying to take it from me?! What the hell is wrong with that…


Ahh, more than one fae faction at work; light fae and dark fae. Now I remember.

If my hunch is correct then…it’s possible the dark fae, found out where the light fae were hiding the elf box before it was given to me! That would explain the sudden abrupt giving me the box, with no warning!

And if the price of elf immortality serum or elf blood serum ingredients were high enough that could create this kind of anarchy.

It’s almost like someone dumped a huge mountain heap of gold in that inn! And now everyone thinks there’s something there! Only there isn’t! So the global search enchant pinged a very precise location, but wasn’t powerful enough to ping specific people or images, which is why we’re still alive!

Already we heard adventurers, bandits, and guards all fighting at the same time while we were trying to get away! More of them kept arriving running down the street as we make our way farther away.

Within two minutes, it’d turned into a full scale riot.

“It’s…a riot?! Wow, even in the fae stronghold a riot can happen?!” Sylvie breathed out while we’re running down alleys.

We didn’t stop for anything, but fled that whole section. We jumped over backyard fences in residences, avoiding streets all together. We hopped commercial building fencing and gates while people yelled at us. We even dodged running into children playing in the road.

“Slow down…out of …breath,” Rina breathed after awhile.

Then we saw flames in the distance.

We’d gotten pretty far from that section of town but still this fae stronghold town is huge!

There the street were that inn was, is now on fire. Several buildings are lit up.

We kept hiding and staying low trying to breathe.

As we’re doing so, I cast ‘regeneration’ on Rina.

We see water mages deployed by the government, flying on brooms releasing water jet streams from above into the burning buildings. They’d appeared in twos and threes at first. And then finally there ended up being about two dozen of them, with most of them either levitating, or riding magic carpets, or looking like fake witches.

So the fae city has its own magic fire department too…

Then I had to explain what was going on to the other two.

“We need to find an inn. I don’t want to sleep on the street Shun,” Rina said while tugging my sleeve.

“I recommend against an inn. The inns will be watched too much, if you’ve really got elves in there Shun,” Sylvie said worriedly.

“So …we’ll have to go over another option then,” I sighed.

“We’ll probably have to rent a small manor, something with a good fence or wall around it,” I concluded.

“Really? Do we have enough money for that?” Rina sounded really happy and has twinkling eyes.

“That does sound nice,” Sylvie agreed.

I frowned.

I’d wanted to save funds for like something like acquiring more crystals and more ‘human resources’.

The next day we managed to nearly break even after spending 10 gold and several silver on elixirs to treat Sunghee and Asakura. But I think it was just a coincidence that an elixir costs 10 gold and the incubus guy tried to

Sylvie is acting as my bodyguard. And Rina is with us.

Sunghee and Asakura are in pain from too much exertion yesterday. They may be out for a couple days even. The heal skills helped some but they’d pushed the limit, so actual joints are stressed out and a rest would be good.

But twice people tried to pick pocket us around town.

Sylvie thinks one of them was trying to put a tracker on us, to grab her specifically. With her size, Sylvie sticks out because of the height and when walking around the markets.

“Where are we going again?” Rina asked while following us around like a puppy.

Sylvie stayed even with me while we’re walking.

We’d spent the night in that alley.

“We’re going to see the fae. I want to ask that scarred fae girl about the…you know what…” I said.

“Hmm, that’s a good idea,” Sylvie agreed.

“What makes you sure she knows?” Rina asked.

“She knows…that one knows just about everything going on,” I said.

“Hm, she is a bit spooky about stuff like that,” Sylvie whispered.

Twice we had to go through security checks trying to get into the fae security headquarters. But unlike the other checks this one is for identification and not for ‘plundering’ someone.

The checks are a pain though.

Strangely it’s like a magic metal detector.

“Clear…you may go ahead,” the gate guard urged.

At length we got past two such security checks, and ended up in a security lobby that resembles the lobby of a police station only with a medieval theme.

Then we had to stand in line. There’s a lot of people with claims here trying to get attention in line ahead of us.

Near us a farmer is accusing his neighbor of beating his ‘ass’, the farm kind of ass.

One guy is claiming the city water mages damaged his house and wants compensation.

Another is accusing someone of sleeping with his wife and he wants them both locked up or beheaded. The wife is with him defending herself…but to be honest a lot of people would rather sleep with a sheep than a woman built like that…

Finally it’s our turn to speak to the receptionist.

We approached the front desk carefully together.

“Don’t leak any details unless I give the OK,” I whispered to the others before we got within earshot of the pretty receptionist, who looks innocent but might not actually be.

“Hi, I’m here to speak with the ‘scarred fae’,” I said.

The fae receptionist in human skin stiffened a bit.

I guess people know who the scarred fae girl is even if you don’t have her name.

“I’m afraid that’s not allowed sir. I’m sorry,” she bowed apologetically.

“She knows who I am. I also know she’s part of your government,” I stated. Then I did the same request.

“I didn’t know she was in their government too,” I heard Sylvie mutter.

The receptionist girl looks really nervous, “I’m sorry sir. If there’s some other request you have I’d love to help. But I can’t help you with that particular issue…”

“But she knows us. We have something serious to talk to her about,” Sylvie spoke up next to me.

“Maybe I can help you instead? You can tell me the problem, and I can steer you to the right people,” she smiled a bit.

“It’s confidential. I can’t speak of it here,” I said.

“Well I’m afraid I can’t help you. Next please!” she called out to the person in line behind us.

“Actually, we would like to talk to a supervisor,” I requested.

She stiffened again. “Fine…just a minute.”

We watched as she went to a back desk and began talking to another fae in human skin. Then that guy stiffened when she was whispering something. Then both looked at us directly with cold eyes.

“I don’t get a good vibe from those two, Shun. We should leave,” Sylvie said.

I waited a bit longer.

But again the same thing.

We’re being blocked from talking to anybody but crony types.

What the hell is going on? There must be some way of reaching the scarred fae girl. She’s the only one we can trust with this also. She’s the only one we can talk about the ‘elf box’ with.

I want to get the story on what the hell this thing actually is, and who the 3 elf women are; and how to prevent the elf hunter global searches from picking us up on their mage radars…without a solution to that, the 3 elf women are only liabilities.

This is so maddening. I've got 3 gorgeous elf women but they are in coffins and I can't even use them yet?! I want to rip my hair out right now.




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