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So I had a few thoughts on the differences between normal books and web novels to share with you...

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By contrast, I don't think web novels have to follow the same format as long as the story makes sense and is interesting and fun to read. Also the web novel chapters are more like book episodes on their own in a lot of ways. 

I hope to stir up awareness that there can be more than one type of acceptable format of how to do books, rather than just what 'commercial stores' want you to think is the 'doctrine'. 

PS part B, part C reflects that I'd written stuff after this before this chapter sometimes but didn't want to spend hours changing chapter titles for a dozen chapters after this one...although sometimes its also true that I just divided a chapter that was too big into two parts. 

So after this it might start to be more common to see part B or part C etc...also because sometimes I just get an idea and I'll think...oh hey I should write more about this or that concept...

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Dreamweaver Chapter 222 Part C

Inn, rented room 39C after the incident of meeting Nero …

“You did what?!” Mallory couldn’t help but shout. She stands there where I’d summoned her in the rented room of our inn. I did notice that despite her outburst, she’d avoided the window or going anywhere near it because of sunlight coming through the open drapes.

It’s been about two hours since meeting with Nero. I’d then gone back to our room.

It turns out that using Sunghee for anything today is totally useless. This is because of the double lust auras going at the same time from both Nero and myself. I’d originally thought that Sunghee had really high willpower, and that was probably true. But the lust auras of two incubi around her have turned her mind into mush, and made her go into a mating frenzy. In fact, I’d barely gotten her back to our room in time while she was trying to rip her clothes off.

Then I spent the next two hours trying to calm Sunghee and Asakura down from the overdosing of the pheromone and lust auras of two incubi.

It was only then that I finally got Asakura also calmed down, though I’m not sure if that pheromone mess had affected her indirectly or if she’d just decided she’d enjoy the benefits of having ‘the day off’.

Now Asakura is letting me use her tits as giant pillows while Sunghee is still riding on top of me bouncing up and down mercilessly. I guess, I just have to just let her get it out of her system, but I think the ‘roughness’ she’s displaying is going to make herself sore. In fact, she might even end up with a lot of friction burns in certain places even though there’s plenty of lubrication.

Asakura is saner than Sunghee is right now but…she’s currently obsessed with rubbing her breasts on me in the form of some weird sensual massage. And she’s not coherent either.

It was around this time that I’d summoned Mallory. And that was because she seemed like the most likely of any of my travelling companions to know anything about daemon races like incubi. I didn’t like summoning her in the fae fortress city but it was necessary and risky to not have any feedback on how to deal with the opposing party, the incubus. The risk of someone raiding the inn could be therefore, less than the danger of underestimating this guy.

Now Mallory is pacing the room as I explained the situation to her.

“You idiot, Shun! Idiot! Stupid! Do you realize what you’ve done?!” Mallory cried out.


Up till now, I’ve never seen Mallory act out against me. Normally she’s got this attitude of like sidekick to boss type of worship, looking up. I guess this is a reflection of how bad this enemy is, not Mallory’s real displeasure with me. This is like when a loved one needs to vent verbally but doesn’t really think you are stupid.

“Huh, I don’t get it,” I said.

“The lust aura that a incubi produce is a massive level of aphrodiac and pheromones in a subtle cloud,” she explained.

“I think I knew that already,” I said.

“Yeah, but what you didn’t know is that it can be poisonous for the minions of one incubus to enter another’s lust cloud! You idiot!” Mallory said fiercely.

“What?! Are you sure?!” I asked.

“Yes, I’m sure. This is so annoying!” Mallory is pacing the room.

“There’s no way I could have known that,” I said.

“Well that’s why Sunghee and Asakura are messed up right now. Look at her! She can’t stop! She’s going to hurt herself!” Mallory pointed out Sunghee trying to almost injure herself in ahegao mode.

I’m confused still why Asakura got affected. Maybe she just was too close to me mentally and stuff rubbed off on her?

“How bad, in terms of poisonous?” I said while trying to sit up but I was pushed down by Asakura and her tits in my face, even while Sunghee was still going at it in cowgirl rugburn style position.

“Just look at them! They could be like this for weeks!” Mallory said.


Well…is that such a bad thing?

Hm…well I do need to still work up my skills and power. Being idle a long time will contradict that goal.

Dang it…having incubus genes is so hard.

This is happiness and bliss but it’s like living in a bubble and I have to be careful of noticing things around me outside the bubble and have more awareness of my environment. And they are technically my wives, not someone on the street. Shouldn’t marriage be happy…?

“So what are you thinking?” Mallory asked me suddenly. I think this is partly her own side wanting to claim me, so she wants to know what I’m thinking.

Oh right…she’s not yelling at me anymore. She seems worried about if I’m upset at her now. I can’t tell her what I’d just thought. She is already fighting jealousy and her teeth are grinding.

What should I say…

“Well…I’m sorry Mallory. You’re right. Help me to understand this better please. Tell me everything you know,” I said.

“Hmph! Good, now you understand better! This is the right attitude, so I can explain further,” she kept pacing and I realized she wasn’t angry at me but rather this whole time she’d been scared and nervous but her pride wouldn’t let her show it.

“Basically what you didn’t realize down there is that you were just in a battle with that incubus Shun. It wasn’t a friendly meeting but a test! And ignorance was also a weapon in the fight. He probably figured out you didn’t understand fully what was going on right when he first spotted you. So that guy is more dangerous than you could imagine. The peace treaty is a farse! Of course he would want that treaty also! You came so close to losing everything down there!” Mallory said.

“Really? But he seemed sincere.”

I sighed…I had a feeling what Mallory’s next response would be. I just hoped she wouldn’t rebuke me too much.

She waved a hand like a teacher telling a student how they’d been naïve, “incubi and succubi always want non-lethal non-physical battles Shun. You must always remember that. To them, this is always about willpower battling and who has the most loyal followers! You have to always remember that! From the beginning the treaty was to disarm you and conquer from within, not to help you!”

“I wish I’d known that. I feel naïve,” I said.

“Well there’s no way you could have known. A normal human might never run into a succubi or incubi their entire life. And it’s normal for most species to reach out to want to know where they came from, who they are, and where they are going. Family and species bonds are part of that, just with incubi that doesn’t work well. You can expect any of your kind to be automatic confrontations similar to this from here out. You are lucky I’ve dealt with them before…although it was limited…” she sounded insecure suddenly.

“So you had business with them before?” I wondered.

“My …vampire parent, was a woman named Cecilia. She’s …very dangerous, so there’s no way in hell I’ll take you to meet her. I also hope she doesn’t realize where I’m at or she might want to repo me. Even now, a meeting with you and her would only result in your death. At any rate, Cecilia raised me as a fledgling vampire in a large medieval city called Shardburg.”

“Shardburg huh? You should tell me about that too,” I murmured.

“You are going off on tangents Shun. Just listen for now…”

“Right…” I cleared my throat and prepared to listen.

“Shardburg was a populous major port city in the Northwest on the coast of the Wyrm Sea, near where the Church of Gaia operates and the other knight kingdoms. In fact, its part of the Empire ran by the Church of Gaia, and bordering on the knight kingdoms in that area. Shardburg itself had two rival vampire factions. Cecilia’s brother had one. And her cousin ran one in the neighboring town. Cecilia and her brother both had their own covens and were locked into a massive power struggle. For hundreds of years they were at each other’s throats constantly trying to one up each other.”

[Huh…she said knight kingdoms as in plural. I recall that Sunghee’s apprentice Lyra and Sunghee were operating in a knight kingdom, but the details are fuzzy. I have enough to think about focusing on what Sunghee is telling me.]

[And did she say Wyrm Sea? I wonder what that means…]

“One day though, a newcomer came to town. At the time, I was young and didn’t understand a lot. The newcomer surprised us because he had vampire slaves. This was an affront to us. A vampire seeing other vampires in slavery, is like ‘abomination’ and ‘blasphemy’ to us. We aren’t likely to save the ones in slavery you see…we’d be more likely to end their lives, but the idea of someone enslaving us is like anathema to us. And that’s also a big deal because vampires are stronger than most creatures, so for someone to enslave us makes us highly wary indeed…”

“Suddenly the rivalry between Cecilia and her brother ended abruptly to face this newcomer! Immediately both of them teamed up to sack him. They gathered their forces and renewed a non-aggression temporary pact cease fire. Finally the day came that they would throw down this newcomer. We also thought he was alone and without allies and that was a mistake that we would regret. And for all intents and purposes he seemed weak.”

“Then the first wave went in. Imagine our shock when we lost. Then further shock when not a single survivor of the raid came back! This was even more confusing! But luckily Cecilia was a tactical genius and had expected trouble. She had a massive survival trigger system of anticipating more than one way of attacking and defense through both wins and exploiting losses also. But her brother wasn’t so lucky…”

“Hmm…go on,” I urged.

“Her brother’s best soldier and captain Zethia, was captured in the first wave’s movement. Also Zethia’s younger sister was also taken, who was a lieutenant. Cecilia on the other hand, had sent two lieutenants which she also lost. But she hadn’t sent in her best pieces like her brother had, but had covered it up by senting in a freshly made ‘newborn vampire’ pack. Overnight, her brother’s power crumbled, and Cecilia gained the upper hand, though at the time she didn’t want a win like that because her brother’s power crumbling that way meant less survival for both of them in the face of the new threat. Yet both sides were baffled by how this newcomer had taken some of their best pieces.”

“Both decided to scout it out, and even use outside resources. They hired mages to spy on the newcomer and report while also focusing on evasive trap labyrinths and building up underground defensive fortifications.”

“Underground? Why not in buildings though? I thought vampires preferred cities,” I wondered aloud.

“It’s smart of you to notice that. We do prefer living in buildings in the cities directly. We like the convenience of modernism, plus the instinct of ruling over the weaker races makes us acclimated to take their treasures and use them to decorate our lairs. Plus, we don’t often have our own industries because vamps are obsessed with having cattle…if you know what I mean. We want the cattle to do the work. Anyway, at this particular time period the Church of Gaia was considered too strong to take unmitigated risks like sleeping and living in the cities directly in the years before the newcomer came. So instead, at that time it would be common for us to buy a house, using our slave resources, and then tunnel under it slowly into our own labyrinths and tunnels to go deep beneath it and set up traps and defensive networks.”

“Wow, I wish I’d known that,” I mused.

“This is why it’s common for dungeon lords to acquire vampire servants very early on. We have a lot of experience in this matter and tend to be more trustworthy than dwarves. We’ve had to study how to protect ourselves from intruders for centuries to avoid them exploiting our inability to go out in the sun for very long,” she mused.

“I thought you can go out in the sun?” I said confused.

“Vampires will die if out in the sun too long. We won’t completely vaporize when we hit the sun usually. But we can only handle a number of minutes equal to a fifth of our age,” she said.

“What?! Really?! There’s a formula for it? This is interesting…”

“Yeah but vamps will kill you just for knowing this. So don’t ever talk about it again openly…” she rolled her eyes.

“So if you are a 100 years old, then you’d be able to handle about 20 minutes of sun?” I asked.

“Yeah, it’s fairly standard, although poor eating and near starvation periods cut into that.”

“And I’ve never heard this in any of the myths…isn’t that weird?” I asked.

“No, that’s because we kill anyone who finds this secret out. No exceptions. And we’re going off on tangents again. Focus!”


“Well you also said vampires being more trustworthy than dwarves. That can’t be right,” I said in confusion. It’s true that we’d had dwarf setbacks, but vampires obviously have a lot of dangers.

“Oh right, I should explain that. Yes, vamps tend to eat our allies. It happens once in awhile and we can’t help it. My bad! How would I know this or that minion was that weak! But we’re still more trustworthy than dwarves in terms of a high powered demon lord or daemon prince. We are OK with serving the strong and genetically made to accept a strong leader. But dwarves are genetically modified to be tempted for gold, even if the owner of the gold is dangerously too strong to steal from. Do you get it now?” Mallory asked.

“OK, that makes sense.”

“To make a long story short, we found out from spying that the newcomer had somehow befriended the troops that we’d sent to take him out. We knew something was off about this right away. It shouldn’t happen like that. So we dug a bit deeper. In the initial report, another disturbing detail was only the females had been spared in that initial wave it seems. There was no details at all of any of the males in the party being with that group under the newcomer’s arrival. But none of us knew what it meant, except that it was really bad.”

“We then decided to try to parley and negotiate with this fellow…only the two girls we’d sent to do the parley and deliver the message in writing didn’t come back either,” Mallory explained.

“Too late, we realized that an incubi is incapable of cooperating with others typically. Their abilities and exuding charm make them vain and prideful. To them, dominating others is how they gain power, so sharing territory isn’t even possible. Everything to them, is about snatching up power and game pieces. The more women they hold the better.”

“That’s crazy!” I breathed out in surprise.

“Yes, but it taught us a lot. Cecilia was smarter and stronger than any vampire I’d ever met. And she decided to take all her troops and move to a different town. Less than a week after the move, we heard her brother had been executed in the street by somehow a mysterious tip off to the Church of Gaia, disclosing his hidden base and how to get through all the booby traps.”

“There’s only one way they could have gotten through the traps right?”

“Yep. Several of the captured minions this incubi was holding all knew how to get past them. But there wouldn’t have been a way of being able to change the traps so easily without spending a lot of time and resources. Cecilia was right to move. But it showed us how cunning and vile an incubus can be. At the same time we received that report, there were also other reports of nuns disappearing from the Church of Gaia also.”

“What would he want with nuns?” I wondered.

She shrugged, “the nuns are often support class mages. Not a lot of them gain a lot of power though because they aren’t usually active adventurers. But needless to say that whole town rapidly destabilized through only one such incubus taking up residence Shun.”


“Yeah, you should be worried. So that talk in the inn dining area, this guy was trying to steal your women. Only, he didn’t anticipate that you’d have a more powerful aura than he’d have.”

“Wow…so that’s why Sunghee wouldn’t look at him directly?” I wondered, glancing at her. She’s now sucking on my tool and still in a feverish, sweaty state.

“Probably she didn’t realize why she didn’t want to look at him. But it means she and Asakura are loyal and extraordinary game pieces. But that might make him want to target you even more Shun,” she explained.

“Damn…this sounds bad.”

“It is. But there’s some good news about this. You can use holy water to flush out the poison and delirious effects produced by the incubus. The bad news though, is that this guys’ aura is pretty powerful to even affect Asakura indirectly like it has. That means he’s strong. And it also means that her ‘ghoul’ status makes her ineffective and unnaturally weak to incubus fights.”

“Crap…” I didn’t like hearing that.

“So yes, he’d steal her instantly and could grab Asakura if you use her in town while this guy is running around,” she growled.

“So I need more people,” I frowned.

“Unfortunately yes, but the problem is that cementing loyalty really strong in someone powerful enough to let them resist an incubus’ lust aura ability is no easy feat. It takes time and real feeling for that to develop. You can’t just counter it with your own, except when real loyalty is present. And if you run into this situation too often, then it could theoretically turn the brains of your women into mindless sex sluts too,” Mallory shrugged.

“I don’t like that idea either,” I mused.

“Just be glad I remembered how to deal with this guy. Cecilia used to talk about how to counter them all the time after that because it was the closest she ever came to losing…”

“So long story short, we have to send someone to go buy holy water. That isn’t expensive is it?” I wondered.

“No, it’s not too expensive. But you can’t step in a church with your incubus genes. And I can’t go either. You’ll have to send Rina to do it,” she couldn’t help but frown.

“What’s the typical price of holy water?” I asked.

“Give or take 1 silver per vial. And you’ll likely need several vials to clear out the poison, for each girl. But with the ghoul status of Asakura, you’ll likely have to cushion the holy water from burning her by infusing it with ‘elixir’. And that’s not going to be cheap!” she explained.

Huh…I guess the ghoul status does have a few negative points, but this is the first time considering it. Well part from the ghoul status giving the ghoul servant OCD about their master…

“I can’t just let them get it out of their system over time?” I asked. “It is funner this way…”

“But you risk their minds being damaged Shun. Asakura is already kind of obsessed with sex even how she is…”

“Right…OK, what will elixir cost?”

“Probably give or take 10 gold.”

Crap…so the money I got from that guy is going to be all gone. And this same thing could happen every time I run into him.

Damn it!

So I’d have to plan on using different women every time I ran into him as guards. But if I show up to meet him with no bodyguards, which also could get me killed too.

“Won’t the barrier spell work to protect me next time I meet him?” I wondered.

Mallory shook her head. “Unfortunately no. the barrier is clear and that means eye contact. Incubus can breach barriers for some reason with their skills. So in the end, every skill has its nemesis. Barrier is weak to sex auras produced by incubi and succubi for some reason.”

“Are you sure?!”

Crap, barrier was my ultimate move!

“I’m sure. We tested it…I don’t want to talk about how badly that went right now…please…” she seemed troubled by saying this. There’s obviously some story there, but I can’t just rip it out of her. I hope she’ll tell me more later.

But damn! Mallory is a more valuable game piece than I could have ever have imagined. She knows all kinds of things, and has practical experience in both tactical non-combat movements and combat situations.

“You’ll have to send Rina to get the supplies,” she cringed while saying.

“Freak…why her? Why can’t I send Sylvie?”

She shook her head. “Sylvie stands out too much. She could be spotted and cause an escalation with that other incubus, who is certainly watching you very closely right now. And also right now this guy will be mobilizing his pieces and trying to ferret out your nests and hiding places; Which also means that we should switch inns tonight or tomorrow and also set up dummy lairs and empty fake inn rooms around town also. The pieces that are rare are going to attract him more and be noticed easier, you don’t want out in the open. Sylvie looks like a 10 star girl. There’s no way he won’t notice her also because of the foxkin status…which pretty much everyone wants to kidnap those by the way…so even without an incubus running wild around town I wouldn’t let her out.”

“But Rina…gets distracted sometimes when money is around,” I responded.

“Yeah I know. But in her heart she’s loyal and trying to win you over. Even when she borrowed from you it wasn’t to get stuff, but to get more noticed by you instead. So she’s one of the few game pieces that you have that can blend in with the crowd also. She will be noticed for being pretty but she can pass for a human in a city that is about 70% human. That’s the best bet. You’ll have to send her right away…” Mallory mused.

In a way this is scary.

I realized I have some serious deficiencies right now. Too many of my harem team members are dark raced or something that shouldn’t be out on the streets alone. Sylvie would be targeted for kidnapping easily. Sunghee is currently incapacitated in a sex frenzy. Kyounyuu Asakura has a blend of issues making her unsuitable to being on the streets. Mallory, Ayumi, and Doppel-chan would be detected by the fae magic detection nets; not to mention what would happen if Doppel-chan is next to civilians…I shivered in fear.

Damn it.

I need to get more women that can blend into society easily that are ‘good team’ or light races.

So we sent Rina out to get as much holy water as she can carry and an elixir.

It was surprising to find out ‘elixir’ is a real item though. In most stories it’s a kind of a myth.

I should find out more about ‘elixir’ and any other failsafe type medicines actually as a future survival goal.

Then we began planning other details.

“Hey you know you’ve been forgetting to open up that one box,” Mallory said.

“Right…I’d been distracted,” I said tiredly.

“Also I want to tell you that you can’t use that staff the fae gave you,” Mallory frowned and is looking at me with that stone cold dead serious look that means business.

“What?! Why the hell not?! That thing is a massive magic treasure! It will amplify my skills by a ton!” I said.

“And if anyone sees it you will be targeted by everyone in the continent for robbery and murder. The idiots didn’t think about the consequences of giving you a wizard staff on ‘artifact’ level,” Mallory glowered.


“Yep. Undoubtedly it will be a game changer piece. But if you use it now, it will attract trouble. So for now, I’d emphasize hiding it for awhile. You can use the staff any time you want. But it will be better for skill progression to avoid using it for a bit while you train anyway.”

“Fine…” I couldn’t help but show my disappointment in my tone.

In the end she’s right. I decided to put the wizard staff that the fae gave me into the demon inventory box’s slots.

That thing is also too pretty to carry around. I swear it might have its own aura projecting from it. And it also glows when there’s no light around. When I picked it up though, I realized the staff has a type of telepathic link that connected with my mind. This in turn revealed more of its stats.

The staff has beautiful stats and somehow the fae had missed some of them, perhaps a bit also from being afraid of using the staff themselves. But that by itself raises questions because why would they have avoided touching such a beautiful piece? Is it cursed somehow or does it have some hidden negative effects?

This is a world where gaining stats any kind of magic power or any power makes you bleed, and cry to even chase after. People would kill for a staff with its effects. When I picked it up I went over it; +10% bonus to protection specialized spells and buffs. But there was another hidden effect also that somehow they’d missed. It has a skill called ‘Blast Nullification’ built into the staff, that when you charge mana into it, it can ‘swallow’ incoming nukes. But that works only if you can pay the mana cost.

Still also there was something eerie and weird about the staff, almost like it felt dangerous and lethal to the holder to even pick up. I’d missed it at first, but my deep intellect picked up on this fact when holding it. If someone had less intelligence they might have missed it.

This staff has a curse on it…not the good kind, but something that can kill the wielder I realized.

No wonder the fae didn’t want it.

After putting it away, I calmed down a bit realizing Mallory is still talking to me.

“I can imagine. It’s hard work being fucked to near death by tons of women every day,” she mused nodding at Sunghee and Asakura, who are still working on me.

“Be quiet…”

Instead she giggled. “Right, so the box the fae left you…”

“Let’s open it,” I agreed.

“You didn’t lose it, did you?” Mallory asked.

“It’s not my fault! I had a lot on my mind!” I blushed in embarrassment.

“By the way there’s a key for it,” she handed me the key.

“How the hell did you get the key?!” I demanded angrily.

“Sorry boss. It’s just that…well it fell on the floor behind the desk when they gave it to you and I was the only one that noticed it.”

“Right. Thanks for looking out for me. Sorry I doubted you,” I said.

I feel pretty embarrassed, but I’d been stressed out worrying about a lot of stuff, and trying to practice my skills lately. There’s also the fact that incubus lifestyle kind of makes you distracted…cough…

“It’s OK. Just remember, who your best supporter is,” Mallory gave me a wink and a thumbs up.

After accepting the key immediately I could feel the power and a feeling of coldness radiating through the key.

The key itself is gold with a pearly white handle of some kind of beautifully carved mineral material. I don’t even have an idea what kind of material it is, except that it resembles pearl, but isn’t pearl. And there’s a glowing rainbow pulse of magic in a crystal in the centerpiece of the key.

“That key…”

“Yes, that’s a treasure too. The fae are really intent on winning you over Shun,” Mallory told me after sitting on a nearby chair with firm posture and obvious interest.

“I can’t help but be curious…” I admitted.

“I’m thinking the box and the key together can be used. They might now know you have the….you know what…type of inventory box with its strengths. This could be a good chance for you,” Mallory advised.

I turned to the box, which is in the corner.

The box is pulsing with the key.

Mallory moved towards the box and cleared away things on it. A few days ago when I’d first gotten the box, I’d found that it wouldn’t fit inside the demon inventory box due to some kind of incompatibility. I have no idea even why it wouldn’t fit because the demon inventory box had tons of slots and infinite capacity. The only reasonable explanation was if the this ‘fae inventory box’ was too similar to the ‘demon inventory box’ to allow them to be put into one another.

“Well…hurry boss. I’m really curious right now,” Mallory rubbed her hands together greedily.

But it wasn’t easy moving around with Asakura and Sunghee still disrobed in a sweaty mating frenzy trying to grab me, rub against me, and service me. But oddly I realized that my aura is powerful enough they completely ignored one another and Mallory to only obsess over me.

“Can you push the box closer to me?” I asked.

“…tch…greedy boss aren’t you?” she teased but then winked at me.

I think Mallory also wants to mate too. Somehow the lust aura has also affected her, but she’s had practice by resisting her drive for blood. So she’s resisting. And she’s also curious about the white pearl like box that’s now in front of me.

I had to push Sunghee and Asakura away to get to it, but instead they just went up to my back instead to rub themselves against me instead.

Here it is…I’m finally going to open it.

I pushed in the key. There’s a feeling of magic electrocuting me briefly but not in a powerful way. It was more like a slight small charge like static except all over me. Then the lock clicked and realized.

“Huh…that’s a gene lock. If anyone else besides you had tried to open that, it would have killed them,” Mallory mused.

“Go on…you can do it,” she nudged me forward.

I then pushed the lid up.

Instantly the room is flooded with light and energy pouring out of the box. It takes a minute for the energy to settle and the light to go back to normal.

When I turned around Mallory was hiding under the blankets. The light had scared her, probably because she can be burned by some kinds of light.

As it settled I looked down.

I stared.

I blinked a few times.

What the freak is this?!

Below me in the box, now that the lid is open I can see three elf coffins. The coffins themselves are gold with designs of twisting vines and leafs containing encased clear translucent crystal panels of some long forgotten high tech design using magic.

Inside each of the three coffins is an elf woman sleeping in death.

This…what the hell is going on?!


Elf women?

What the hell am I supposed to do with a bunch of dead elf women?

“Fuck…sh-sh-shut that lid now!” Mallory hissed.


“It’s fucking dangerous, that’s why! Shut it! Shut it now!” she repeated.

“They’ll smother won’t they?”

“No, they are in stasis! Shut it! Hurry! Before they wake up!”

What stasis?

“But wouldn’t waking them up be good?”

“Not in the middle of a freaking demon apocalypse era! Hurry!”

I sighed.

Mallory is right.


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