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Dreamweaver Chapter 222 Part B





The visual standoff continued for almost a full minute as we stared at each other in the adventurer’s inn and dining area.

The magic coming off both of us alerted us to each other. If there are other magicians nearby they might not know what type of magic it us coming off both of us. Just knowing magic doesn’t give you automatic knowledge about other types that you haven’t studied before. And any magicians would not immediately know a new scent that they were exposed to.

But we would identify and know similar scented magic as our own. And I already know I’ve been implanted with incubus genes.

So it’s clear what the guy in front of me is.

But how did he get in here?! It’s amazing that he got past the fae security that already have high magic skills of their own!

This means, this guy’s skills are…

“What’s going on…?” Sunghee asked. She looks agitated now. She can tell something is up. Then her sight followed where I was looking at.

Still, I didn’t look at her, but I stared ahead. My eyes have locked with that other guy.

“Shun, what’s wrong?” Sunghee asked.


Sunghee is smart though and alart. She sees how tense I am. She releases the catch on her sword scabbard, in case she has to quick draw.

“So it’s like that huh? I’ll protect you, but what’s the threat?” she mumbled as she’s trying to see which table I’m looking at.

Then the other guy…the rich nobleman stood up. He uses his handkerchief to wipe and dust himself off.

“What? Is it time to go already? But we were having so much fun,” one of the girls with him whined. She’s dressed like some kind of exotic dancer in a medieval style bikini. The other girls with him are also dressed the same. And it seems like this guy has a thing for blonde girls.

Still, their quality isn’t as good as Sunghee or any of my girls. So, there’s no temptation to steal them. Sunghee alone is probably an 8.8 on a scale of 1 to 10 of beauty. This guys’ girls are probably 7 scores or 7.5 scores. You’d think a daemon class creature might get better quality but it’s actually not that easy to find a girl of high quality on any street corner that isn’t already taken. Plus, if he was trying to mix beauty but still having fighting ability that’s even harder…which I suspect is what he did.

There’s another one with her pouting, servicing the other ‘master’. She’s also pushed out of the table booth so that their master can stand and approach us. “Why’d you stop me?!” I heard her whisper in a whine.

Then I saw there wasn’t just two, but actually three girls. I presume that the third had been under the table this whole time giving him a blow job. “Master…?” she cried out in anguish that she had to stop. I’m glad we didn’t see his junk, but it wasn’t any surprise what he was up to. Then she had to button her shirt up.

“Wh-what is this?!” Sunghee exclaimed in nervousness. She suddenly understands slowly that this other guy might be similar to me. I can tell she’s afraid and she has a right to be. In fact, as soon as her eyes locked with this other guy, she hid behind me and is shivering while pushing her face and chest into my back.

As we see each other it’s like all the oxygen drained from the room, because our senses are tingling like crazy.

The other daemon masquerading as a human is standing now about five feet in front of me. His glamour is good. He looks and acts like a perfect disguise of a high human raced person. I actually could take a few lessons from him in turning up my appearance’s level probably.

So far not very many adventurers around us have noticed something is off. They certainly regard this as unusual in how we’re talking, and probably that both of us look a bit too perfect in the genes compared to normal humans.

But then again, they probably see fights and fist bumping all the time down here. And this guy is still masquerading as a gentleman.

But the glamour around him is only keeping others from telling what he is when they don’t already suspect something. As I start to see through it, I realized that this guy does have a pair of horns on his head.

“Greetings. Would you care to dine with me?” he flashed a malicious smile as he’s regarding me coolly. He doesn’t take any sudden moves or try to approach me further. He’s being very careful, for good reason.

The slightest move by either of us could result in a blood bath. And he probably could take out like half the people in this room. I know that because just using the pheromone soup he could do that.

I’d purposely tried to contain my pheromones though that’s actually quite difficult.

“Who are you?” I said. I couldn’t hide in time my reaction of my nose and eyes scrunching up as I regard him suspiciously.

“You can call me Nero. And these are my entourages. And my bodyguards also,” he waved his hand at the three beauties that are all leaning against him.

As he introduced them, two of them waved at us. The third is trying to get back under the table again, ignoring us. She looks a bit spaced out.

Several nearby tables are jealous of him. But in this world polygamy is accepted by the rich and nobles. So that by itself doesn’t out him. Plus, the glamour and whatever other subtle crowd control spells he’s using.

“Aren’t you going to introduce us?” Nero asked. His eyes flashed towards Sunghee hungrily.

“No thanks. We’d prefer to be alone,” I said.

“I’m …scared…I-I don’t feel good with this guy so close to us. Can’t we leave Shun?” I heard Sunghee whimper and whisper while she shivered into my back. She’s restless with her legs also wrapping around my side and left leg.

“Master, who is this guy?” one of the trio blonde girls asked their master, Nero.

“Nobody important right?” one of the other blonde girls asked.

“Is he…like us?” the third blonde asked him from below the table. I think I saw her head bobbing back and forth.

“Please dine with me. It’ll be my treat,” Nero flashed his teeth at me hungrily again.

“I’m scared…” Sunghee cried out.

“How about if I promise a cease fire?” Nero offered.

“What do you want out of this? What’s your angle?” I asked suspiciously again.

“I’m just curious, that’s all. We don’t often meat our own kind. Get it? It’s a joke…meat our own kind haha,…ah you probably don’t like jokes like that,” Nero sighed.

“Haha, funny,” I growled at him.

His joke also makes me nervous.

“Come on I promise a cease fire. In fact, I’ll pay you to meet with me even!” his eyes are shining with excitement.

“You’ll pay us? That doesn’t make sense. I think also you’ll try to steal my women,” I growled back.

“OK, fine. I promise, just to talk I’ll pay you. Also I offer a permanent cease fire, and I won’t steal your girls. Cross my heart and hope to die,” he sounded annoyed.

“Can you put it in a magic contract?” I asked.

“Bastard…fine…I’ll do that even,” he growled. He sounds impatient and annoyed. But he’s not doing anything threatening. But still I noticed he doesn’t have a visible weapon hanging from his belt. But that makes me more nervous because it shows how confident and strong he is, to not even need one when walking around town.

This guy…is he a boss level monster?

He looks mad. But he’s curious about me too.

I wonder what this is about.

It took us about ten minutes for him to write up a glowing paper magic contract. We both signed it in blood. And it was legit, Sunghee also confirmed it for me. Under the terms of the contract, he can’t try to seduce my women, he offers a cease fire of not being able to attack me directly using himself or direct party members…though it doesn’t cover mercenaries or secondary party members. And he offers to pay me 10 gold just to meet with me; the real ‘meet’ this time and not ‘meat me’ instead.

“10 gold? Something’s up with this. Why so much money just to meet up? This is weird Shun,” Sunghee whispered.

“That’s a lot of money,” I said.

“It is a lot of money,” Sunghee nodded.

“Heh, small change for me. I’ve got a lot of money,” Nero shrugged it off like it was tipping a waiter.

Finally we sat down together.

“So what’s this about?” I asked.

Also I noticed in meeting with this guy Sunghee is afraid to not be tightly touching me. She’s hugging me like a baby almost while sitting in my lap, legs wrapped around my waist and with her head and neck in the crook of my neck. I suspect deep inside, she feels the charm aura coming off this guy. And to counter it, and because she can tell something is off she’s hugging her chest against me wrapped around me.

But it’s also a power struggle I realized.

If my girl stays on me while facing another of my kind…that might be what he’s trying to watch. He could use it to figure out if I’m ‘worthy’. And the longer we sit together, the more I suspect it. At the same time his girls are getting more antsy than Sunghee. And while talking with this guy, one of his three blondes disappeared under the table again. Probably she’s doing more mischief like she was doing before we came in the room.

“Well we don’t meet our own kind often. I was curious. I don’t recognize you. I’d shake hands but I’m busy,” Nero said.

His girls are under each arm pressing their bodies against him. He has each of his hands blatantly inside their shirt collars fondling their boobs, which are generous apple sized stuff but a lot smaller than Sunghee’s.

I’m grateful I didn’t bring Asakura down here. She would have had a bad reaction. And her bust size would probably have forced a duel with this guy.

Sunghee is dead quiet still while hanging onto me.

I studied him for a bit.

“So what’s an incubus doing in a fairy stronghold?” I asked with a sneer of aggression.

If this guy is here to mess with people, I won’t let him leave alive. Also he never asked for the cease fire to apply to me but only to him. Ah, crap I just remembered there’s a self defense clause in it that if I attack him it’s nullified.

He’s a tricky bastard and smart as hell.

“Don’t worry I won’t harm any fae races here. I just want to retire,” he shrugged.

“Retire? You think we’re stupid? I have a hard time believing that,” I said.

“I can assure you I just want to retire in peace. I’m tired of having to duel people twice a day just to keep what I earned on my own,” he said.

“Really? Why here?” I asked aloud.

While we talk, Sunghee bit my shoulder and is sucking on it through my shirt.

Huh…an odd reaction.

“I was living in the fortresses of one of the daemon princes see. I was wealthy, powerful, and had tons of women under my call. I have it all,” he emphasized the last part.

“So why leave a good thing?” I wondered.

He seems pissed.

“Basically I realized the more you concentrate daemons together the harder it is. Those that are evil prey on each other. Then you know, I saw one of the hero candidates parties! It was so amazing! They all respect each other! And nobody touches the hero candidates girls! Right then I knew that’s what I wanted!” he explained.

“Wait, heroes are real too?” I asked.

“Heck yeah! There are tons of them though. It’s a specialized class. There are hundreds of ‘hero candidates’ for their class on this continent, just like ‘mage’, ‘adventurer’, and so on. I’m not sure if its an inherited thing or something you qualify for with stats though,” he shrugged.

“Yeah, small details…I don’t know either,” I admitted.

“If you find out let me know OK? I’d love to get some hero candidate women,” Nero winked at me.

OK that was creepy…

I realized its from the lust auras coming from both of us. Sunghee is acting like she wants to start masturbating but can’t. So she’s shivering a bit while clutching onto me. Her legs wrapped around my waist tightened a bit also to push her hip against mine.

“So back to before…you won’t harm anyone here?” I asked.

“I promise! Just don’t turn me in OK? That’s why I offered the 10 gold,” he smiled trying to look innocent.

“I don’t know…it sounds like a big risk,” I mused.

“Please! I’ll be good I swear! Actually, I’ll raise the stakes! How about 10 gold per month!” he added more to his poker game.


Shit that’s a lot of money.

What do I choose?

But his charm and lust auras are powerful.

“But how do you define harm? You won’t steal married women or virgins? But, what about the others? You no doubt have other girls too?” I asked.

“Ahh you got me. Yes, I do have other women. I have like 34 girls in all here. But that’s enough to keep me occupied, I swear! One of which, is a fae girl but she was disclosed about what I was before I netted her! I swear on that too! I don’t need to tempt girls too much if they are already horny you see…? And she wasn’t married. She was a drunk and I made her give up alcohol. I healed her liver too! And she needed a family, and I hope to turn her into a breeder slut,” he proudly proclaimed.

I dislike how he labeled her…but …what’s the best thing here? I can’t decide in anger.

“When you say it like that…it’s hard to think you are a villain,” I observed.

Sunghee is trying to hang onto her sanity while dry humping me subtle like. This guy’s girls are already losing control and probably will start disrobing any minute now. I can hear her squirming but trying to hide it while she hugs me.

“We better hurry. But you know, I was wondering about something else too. Your lust aura is more powerful than mine. How can that be?!” the Nero guy stared at me in shock. He seems to be sizing me up.

“It is? How do you know which aura is more powerful?” I wondered.

He shrugged. “The reaction of my women shows me that the two of us together for very long won’t be good on any sane women in the room. So we’ll have to cut our meeting short soon. But I’m sure your aura is stronger. That’s why I wanted to do a peace treaty also. But I should have put in a non-competition clause, dang it. I’ll do that next time…”

So he does have impure motives. The treaty was only because he thinks I’m stronger?

So is he a small fry then?

I shouldn’t have done the treaty with him, damn it.

Then he sniffed the air. “Yeah…I’d say you are…wow, what have you been eating?! You are pretty strong compared to me. Oh well,…guess that’s what I get for leaving my clan.”

Actually what do other incubi eat? Do they only eat women? And is there power ‘power’ or ‘stats’ if the girl is a virgin?

I have so many questions but I have to proceed slowly with this guy.

“You left your clan? How do I know that’s not a ruse to try to disarm me?” I growled.

“True…I suppose someone might say that just for kicks huh?”


“Tell you what, can you tell me where to hook up with hot girls that look like her? She looks exotic. Not very many have that whole almond eyes, tan skin, and black hair thing. It makes me a bit jealous,” he nodded at Sunghee.

“Sorry, she’s taken.”

“You won’t consider letting me buy her?”

“Are you asking to die young?” I threatened.

“Uh sorry about that, I’m trying to fight my nature…really,” he assured me.

It took a minute to calm us both down.

“So stay away from my girls…”

“I don’t mean her. I mean similar to her,” Nero smiled again with his fake smile.

Bastard…that smile is so good it could disarm most people with his fake innocence mixed with the glamour.

“The others like her I’m claiming. Sorry,” I shrugged acting like it was nothing.

“What? You can’t claim all of them!” he fiercely said.

“I can in this city!” I said protectively.


“It’s impolite to grind your teeth in front of another,” I sneered.

“But to claim the city for yourself…” he looks defeated.

“Well you did say I was more powerful,” I shrugged.

“Fuck…I shouldn’t have said that. But you have to be reasonable! I need water to cross the desert!” he whined.

“I said no!”

“That’s so not fair…”

“So, why did you leave your own lands and clan? I deserve to know if you are a threat and I’m protecting this city by the way,” I stated.

“Right…fine…let me explain. It won’t hurt to give you a few details,” he sighed.

“Basically I got tired of the other incubi stealing my girls. It’s so unfair you know? And then when you go next to your women and find out some other asshole fucked her. That just makes your blood boil! I hate that! So I left after it kept happening,” he looked tearful.

Part of his glamour made me want to be sympathetic but I resisted it.

“That is pretty gross. I wouldn’t like that either,” I admitted.

“I know right?! Who the hell steals other daemon’s women?! I wanted to kill those guys. I even did one of them a number by cutting off his thing…he starved to death right after.” Nero is looking at his nails without a care in the world. “But then you know more of them just kept doing that and there’s like 8 of us in my clan.”

“Uh, the truth is you are the first other incubi I’ve met. How does this work?” I asked.

“Eh? You’ve never met another?!” he looked at me with wide eyes.

“Well yeah…” I shrugged.

“In the future I wouldn’t reveal that. But well, you are stronger than me. So I won’t act against you. Basically incubi exist but are one of the most hated of species…I mean that’s no surprise since some of us steal other people’s women you know? I mean I don’t personally…” Nero went off rambling for a bit.

“So are we a male race only or do we have women of our own species? How does that work?” I wondered.

He shook his head. “We aren’t the same species as succubi if that’s what you are asking. But they are closest to us in genes. We are a male only race and just take females from other species to reproduce. And yes there is a demon lord in this world if that was your next question. Most women that have incubus husbands are very, very happy however! None of us need to rape to get women! In fact, reverse rape from women brutalizing us is common. Oh yeah, and we usually mate for life.”

“Really? Mate for life? I wouldn’t have thought that,” I noted.

“Well its because we’re sex addicts…all of us,” he blushed.

“But what happens when we get old? Or when our women get old?” I asked.

“Well if you keep strengthening your magic, eventually your venom will promote anti-aging. That’s also why very few women want to give us up. Plus, we’re good at melting their minds during…”

“That’s good enough of an explanation,” I said to cut him off.

“But I haven’t…”

“That’s enough!”

“But I do need shelter here Shun. Please let me stay. The thing is our own kind steal from us. That’s the down side. We often can’t resist killing each other and then snapping up the spoils,” he said.

“I see…but others steal each other’s women? I don’t like that,” I frowned.

“Yep, none of us do. But we’re wired that way. So we have a hard time fighting it. We can’t handle the temptation not too. Even when I don’t want to…it’s hard. Your black haired girl for example…you shouldn’t leave me in a room alone with her. I don’t trust myself,” Nero said, surprisingly honest.

“That’s good of you to warn me.”

“Touché! I just don’t want to start out bad you know? You can trust me!” he chuckled in a way that sounds like a villain boss.

“I get it. So these three how did you get them? Are they triplets? You didn’t force them did you?” I asked.

Nero laughed. “Heh, actually no but they look a lot alike. I’ve always wanted the triplets fantasy you know but it’s too hard to achieve it. Everybody wants a triplets fantasy! It’s fucking awesome bro! Ah, yeah that’s an imp joke…fucking awesome, get it? Ahh, you are hard to get my jokes to work on. Any way... I did find triplets once but none of them were adventurers and one of them was fat, so I worried the other two would get fat also. So I kept searching all that time. Eventually I ran into these three through my broker. I’ve got a great broker by the way if you ever need one. These three are all licensed adventurers with a similar appearance. It’s kind of like ‘COSPLAY’ for me you know?” he winked at me.

Weird guy…

I guess he wants cosplay licensed adventurer girls more than he wants powerful women. And this guy is rich….

But the problem with dealing with him is that he…

“So you have other sets of triplets too, don’t you?” my eyes narrowed as I said to him.

But Nero is surprisingly a bit peaceful.

“Heh, you got me! I collect triplets through buying sex slaves you know! I pay a guy a lot for it. It costs tons of money but when you are immortal, who cares?! And to top it off I’m ‘rescuing’ them from other daemon lords by buying them up! If I hadn’t bought these three they would have gone to a goblin king!” he whispered playfully.

Shit…I guess…that’s hard to argue against.

Any woman would rather take an incubus husband over being raped to death by goblins.

But there’s so many details here that I don’t know what to ask first. I could ask about clans, history, where we came from, how many of us there are, political alignments, combat strength of the average incubus…the list goes on and on!

My head is swimming!

“Incubi are immortal?” I stared in surprise.

“Oops…I shouldn’t have said that huh? It’s not something we tell people. Look what happened to elves right? They told everyone they were immortal and alchemists decided to steal all their blood. Now there aren’t any light elves left,” he stopped to French kiss the girl on his right.

“Hey focus please. I have so many questions,” I said.

Nero is an interesting guy.

But I don’t think I can trust him. It’s part of the nature of daemons, incubi, and succubi to only respect strength and he didn’t really care that I knew that. He wants to let me know as part of ‘homage’ to a superior Lord.

But, it’s in their nature to not be able to control their natures.

And also the same approach won’t work for me as for Nero also because he’s loaded with cash and I’m only loaded with a bit of cash. So I have to find my own way.

I found out a few more facts.

There are several incubi groups that are all trying to out-recruit and kill each other. Their murderous rivalries are fierce with the winner taking all; obviously females start fights when they talk about who gets what.

Incubi are supposed to be immortal but most don’t live past their first hundred years, due to bloodshed. In fact, according to Nero the curve shows the most deaths around the 20 to 70th birthdays; well that’s if he’s telling the truth. Incubi often have many children, but for some reason they are sterile under they reach their 100th birthday.

Succubi like incubi and try to mate with them often, but this is ill advised since the pheromone effects on each other make both pairs insane often for weeks at a time. A lot of them die in mating frenzies like this when enemies sneak up on them. For this reason succubi and incubi try to avoid each other.

Imps often try to steal from incubus, both from treasure hoards and to snatch up their women. It turns out imps are a racial enemy of incubi!

Both succubi and incubi are also few in number compared to other species…which other races are grateful about.

Nero claims, there are enough girls to be found through ‘rescuing’ girls from being sex slaves, and from slavery that will be ‘very grateful’ when released. But it’s also true that he’s using his pheromone soup mixture generously.

But still girls being passed around for awhile by monsters before being rescued are not going to be very good quality. So his suggestion of infinite ‘supply’ this way is kind of gross. Woman taken by goblins for example, tend to have brain damage.

The proof of some of his wording that incubi don’t have to force girls, is that several nearby girls are eyeing him openly and sitting very close by.

I feel torn about what to do about this.

Do I turn in Nero? Or do I kill him myself? Or do I leave him alone?

I need to know what he knows ASAP!

But I also can’t let him run around under cover committing crimes either!

What if he corrupts all the hot fae girls…before I can? Wait, that’s not what I want. While thinking such thoughts I realized I needed to control the inner nature of my daemon side trying to influence me.

I do want to be good.

But it’s true that any force that tries to take him in, he could very quickly overwhelm and put any females into a mating frenzy with him and make them his pets.

And is he a spy for the nearby daemon siege operations?

In the end, we also had to cut the meeting short so our women wouldn’t short circuit from two lust auras going crazy over one another in their heads. I had to carry Sunghee back to our room carefully while she was trying to rip her clothes off near the end.




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