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Dreamweaver Chapter 222 Part A

Currently I’ve been playing with Ayumi. The other kind of play, not the incubus type this time.

We’ve been ironically just doing child like play of tossing a beach ball back and forth on the sand to each other. And this of course is in the dream state on the area that Sylvie’s used her reality manipulation to look like a beach front, complete even with waves of the sea…not sure how she did that. There’s obviously really not an ocean in here.

This is the life. People would kill for a lifestyle like this. It’s very relaxing and therapeutic. Also I consider it therapy, plus Ayumi and those with dark genes or influence can use relaxing behavior like this to help them see the peaceful non-violent side of life.

Around us the others are either resting or sitting on lawn chairs as part of the hotel’s connection to the beach. Sylvie is asleep on one of them close to me. So is Rina, who looks cute except for that drool coming out the side of her mouth.

But on the flip side, Mallory can’t stand the sunlight still and is afraid of it so she’s near us cowering in the hotel entrance in a way so that the sun can’t touch her….even if it is illusionary sun. She’s still staring at us though with us in sight.

“The sun in here shouldn’t burn her right?” I asked Ayumi.

“No way,” came the answer.

“So why is she over there again?” I waved her over.

“I think she’s still phobic about it. I mean come on, to her going in the sun they have a fear of it burning them like acid,” Ayumi said.

“I thought she had some resistance? And so real sun burns her but illusion sun doesn’t?” I asked.

“Actually she has a spell for resisting it. Did she not tell you?” Ayumi threw me the ball again.

She didn’t tell me that.

But I guess even with that Mallory can’t get rid of the fear.

I threw the ball back to Ayumi. She laughed catching it.

“Dude, we should so retire! We could do this everyday Shun!” Ayumi joked.

“I wish we could. The problem is that people aren’t going to leave us alone,” I said back.

“Are you sure? What if we were in some wilderness area?” she asked back.

“Yeah but any wilderness area would have monsters in it,” I replied throwing the white and red striped ball back.

She caught it easily. But she has to be careful her nails don’t pop the ball. “Well that’s one thing I guess. But you know monsters are scary!”

I snorted a half laugh before covering it up. She says that when she looks scarier than the others?

“What?” she asked.

“Oh nothing…”

“This is …fun. I miss being able to do stuff like this. Back home the beaches got to be too crowded, and some had pollution,” Ayumi told me with a frown.


“Yeah but this one looks so perfect. She says the water is real too.”

“I’m glad,” I said.

Still I felt like I hadn’t gotten to know Ayumi well enough actually. I took in her appearance as we’re playing catch with the beach ball.

She had still that very light purple skin tinge to her skin. But it’s a soft non-glaring effect that feels normal and soothing. Then there’s the large bull like horns coming out of her head, and a very athletic body with good muscle tone that is still feminine, black long sharp nails but not too long on the fingers and toes, and black inky spilling water like hair. The most obvious distracting feature are the neck and spinal porqupine quill like protrusions going down her spine almost to the ass, with her tail sticking out. These spike like protrusions are why she has a hard time with wearing clothes and has ended up in a permanent loincloth with bikini top like appearance containing an overly large swollen set of bosoms.

The tail spike on the end of her tail finishes up the non-human traits in a cute way that makes it so she can’t be disarmed. The tail has grown recently also, such that I think she could use it as a weapon now if nothing else was available. Come to think of it her horns were shaped differently when I first met her in her changed state also but they’d had subtle changes lately to grow more forward and look somewhat cooler.

It’s also calculated that to help her deal with the psychological changes and managing her urges and accepting changes that this is why we ended up with doing a beach front in the pocket dimension. This helps her feel less conscientious about that, and the other girls are dressed like her. It’s a perfect genius move to help all of them and Ayumi both while giving me awesome eye candy.

“Hey what was that?” I said. I felt a big tremor shake the ground lightly but with a dull wide boom go through the dream state pocket dimension while playing on the pocket dimension’s beach with Ayumi. The tremor was brief.

Damn it…what is it this time.

Jeez we only barely had a meeting not too long ago.

“I felt it too,” Ayumi said.

“Is that what I think it is?” Sylvie looked up.

“Damn it. Why can’t people leave us alone,” I sighed.

“I’ll protect you Shun. Let me help this time,” Ayumi said.

“I don’t want you to get hurt. I’m trying to keep you out of this,” I said.

“But its better if I’m a full partner like the others,” she protested with a grimace on her face. She throws the ball back.

I caught it easily but hesitated. We should stop and investigate.

“Let’s go check it out,” Ayumi said.

“Uh, sure…I knew that. But the others haven’t even hardly had a rest since we got together. They deserve a vacation,” both of us are looking where the tremors came from.

“You know Shun…you don’t let me be involved enough. It’s not fair. I’m a good wife too. I can be as strong as the others,” Ayumi cried. From the look on her face and her posture she’s been wanting to vent this for awhile. Also she’s got her hands on her hips over where her loincloth side buckles are holding the long strips of cloth together while staring me down.

Oh crud…Ayumi is starting a wife complaint scenario right now. Not good.

“Sorry honey. Whatever you want…” I started.

“You only let Asakura and Sylvie do all the cool stuff and smart things, that’s unfair! And Rina gets to play but has no responsibility. You are spoiling her and not me! And with Sunghee…that’s the most unfair because she can walk around in the human realm ‘unfettered’ without being called an evil creature. So she gets more time with you! You’re neglecting me as a wife!” Ayumi growled in her metallic voice.

“Sorry, I’ll try to do better. But I don’t know a way yet to prevent the fae and others from detecting your daemon race status honey. I have to solve that before I can walk openly among people with you. And you know I have reservations about other guys ogling my women. I know they’ll have their perverted eyes on your body and wanting to steal you from me. That’s anguish to endure for me too,” I said.

“It’s not fair! You aren’t listening to me!” Ayumi stomped her foot.

“I am I swear!”

“Am not!”

Already the protests of Ayumi are waking up Sylvie. That’s what I thought but then I realized the tremor had woken her but she was just still resting her eyes. I saw her ears flicker when the volume went up later.

“Uh, guys. We need to investigate the tremors. This is a bad time for messing around,” Sylvie told us gingerly.

Rina got up too but is acting sleepy.

“Right, sorry,” Ayumi said.

“…” I wasn’t sure what to say.

We started walking carefully towards where the tremors were coming from, after picking up Rina and Mallory. (I’d sent Asakura and Sunghee to guard my sleep in real time using a manipulation of summoning technique already after the meeting was over.)

We had a brief scuffle where the girls argued about who gets to stand closest to me while we march our girl gang posse forward. Well Ayumi called it a wife gang posse, but Rina was calling it a girl gang protect Shun posse.

I’m kind of spoiled in a way but it’s coming back on me with fights over silly stuff like this.

Then they argued about who would stand on my right side. Ordinarily its Sylvie or Asakura, but if Ayumi is unhappy that I’m giving the others favoritism then…somehow it ended up that I’m letting Ayumi be my right hand closest position. But I still have Sylvie on the left because her abilities are ideal for doing so.

“Can I hold your hand honey?” Ayumi wondered.

“No! I want to hold his hand!” Rina argued.

“Rina it really is Ayumi’s turn. She’s had less opportunity than we’ve had,” Sylvie said while patting Rina’s head.


We kept walking. As we’re walking Ayumi is trying to push her cleavage into my arm.

Rina tried to punch Ayumi for that but was grabbed by Sylvie before Sylvie noticed. I’m not sure what would have happened if the twitterpated Ayumi would have seen that…

“Sh! Quiet for a bit, until we know it’s safe,” I said. I waved the others to be more guarded.


“Buffs up!” I declared after stopping for buffs. This is for just in case. I don’t know if there’s actually any trouble but I have to find out.

Something happened here I think. Dimension pockets don’t just have tremors or quakes go through them for nothing.

“Please…I feel ….bad inside. All the other girls get to be with you more,” Ayumi whispered when she was begging to do the whole cleavage holding my arm thing…which is ridiculous except if the girl is hot. She sounded hurt in her voice.

“Uh…yeah…I get it,” I said back.

Dang it.

I do need to involve her more. But I also don’t want to be a…what’s that term… the wife’s slave?

I ended up holding her hand. The others are instantly giving laser evil eyes of jealousy to Ayumi. They have a natural tendency to do so already because her bust is so big with exotic features that are too perfect, and different from their own with beautiful darkness.

We walked a bit further.

Huh…I hadn’t realized the pocket dimension here in the dream state had grown so much. It’s growing by the day I think.

“Is it another invasion?” Ayumi wondered.

“I don’t think so. But everyone expect trouble,” I confirmed.

“Right…” Rina sighed. She’s the most nervous because she is weaker in combat than the others.

“It looks like the tremors came from Doppel-chan’s cage,” Mallory was the first to notice as she said it.

“I pity any poor thing that came close to her cage,” Ayumi said. With her being daemon race and saying it with true fear in her voice even someone who didn’t know better would take it with a grain of salt that something really terrible is in that cage.

“I’m scared. Do we have to go over there Shun?” Rina said.

Hm, I think Ayumi also said that because of all of them Ayumi looks the most …dark? Or maybe the most exotic is a better way of saying it. Mallory only looks thin Loli faced with huge boobs but that doesn’t make people afraid of her…though her fangs showing can.

“Hang in there. This will be over soon,” I said.

“No you don’t understand. I’m not scared of the invaders or whoevever got in here. I’m scared of Doppel-chan,” Rina said.

The others are nodding.

Well I can’t blame them. Actually I’m still a bit afraid of Doppel-chan too.

“I…I don’t want to go in there Shun. She’s terrifying,” Sylvie’s tails twitched in fear.

“Maybe the rest of us can wait here?” Rina suggested.

Then we saw the cage come into view after getting into the arena zone.

“I-I think I shouldn’t go forward anymore. S-sorry Shun! Please don’t think I’m unfaithful! Please!” Ayumi kept bowing apologetically. Her knees are shaking a bit too.

“Eh….eh…I-I’m at my limit too,” Sylvie said.

What? Her too?

“This is the place where the tremors were,” I confirmed.

“Dang, I was afraid you’d say that,” Rina sighed deeply while looking like she’d pull out tufts of her hair.

“Oh shit, you don’t think she got out did she?” Ayumi said with a terrified expression.

“Fuck…” Rina swore in fear. She’s sweating bullets.

So is Sylvie. Sylvie is too stressed out to even say anything.

“But y-you have c-c-control over her right? Didn’t you do that sleep upgrade on her awhile ago to make her more docile?” Ayumi asked.

We did test that system…but it’s not actually been tested when REAL mayhem, or danger is around actually.

“Yeah but still…” I stopped in mid-sentence. My hold on Doppel-chan is light enough that I can’t risk saying anything that sounds bias.

“Y-you’re on your own for approaching the cage Shun. We’ll wait here,” Sylvie said.

It took me a few seconds to steel my willpower.

Carefully I approached Doppel-chan’s cage while a pit in my stomach is acting up and making me very, very nervous and queasy. This can’t be happening can it? I thought I had her under control. Last time I’d been this close to it she’d been whining about wanting more ‘nectar’.

Carefully I inspected the cage. I shook the bars with my fist and they didn’t budge or wobble. But I wouldn’t have gotten that close if she was awake. It would be like trying to pet a man eating lion.

No damage. Good.

I stood there standing still about ten feet from the cage walls. The cage is bigger so it’s not inhumane and she has plenty of room to move around.

Still…as I look over it something isn’t right.

Shit…did she do a prison break? Wait maybe I’m jumping to conclusions.


When I looked over my shoulder, Sylvie, Rina, and Ayumi had retreated and ran away. They weren’t under attack but they were just too terrified of this girl to stay close.

I looked back forward.

She’s missing…

Fuck, fuck, fuck…

The beautiful but terrible Doppel-chan is not in her cage.

But how the freak did she even get out?

As I inspect the bars on the golden cage and walk the perimeter I don’t see any holes in the fencing. Nor is any of the fencing weak or compromised. None of it will shake or move out of place when I test it.

How did this happen?

I moved carefully as I walked the entire perimeter going slowly with extreme guard.

Where the hell?

Oh jeez…if this girl gets out this will be a damn mess.

Then I felt that feeling like I’m about to wake up. Crap. I wanted to resolve this before I woke up. But it seems the night is almost over. I feel my body moving on its own…

I had just woken up. Now I’m back at the inn.

More heaven ensues.

This daemon inventory box or demon inventory box is kind of fun. Last night I had a feast in the dream state with the harem members. Now this morning Sunghee and Asakura are with me in our room in the Inn. One of them on each side of me with both giving me heavenly warm mamory pillows pushed up against me.

“Hey Shun…it’s breakfast time,” Asakura teased. She’s lifting one of her monstrously heavy tits up my mouth. “You want to drink straight from the tap right? This is my favorite part,” she giggled.

I don’t care how cliché people say it is, but kyounyu girls are awesome…especially being able to have my breakfast like this. Ravenously I start sucking away while Asakura squirms in euphoria. Somehow she kind of gets off when she’s feeding me this way.

“I wish I could do that. So unfair,” Sunghee sounded sad and pitiful. She has to just watch while pushing up behind me in a behind hug.

“Someday he’ll figure out how to transfer the effect. Don’t worry,” Asakura said.

“Whatever…I don’t need your pity! Most people think my size is extreme. If it weren’t for you being here I would be considered a tit girl. But next to you anyone looks flat chested!” Sunghee growled.

Awhile later we ended up going down to the Inn dining room area where the other adventurers are.

I froze.

There’s a familiar feeling and scent here. I’d almost missed it when we came into the dining area. The daemon inventory box has had a strong effect in changing my genes. And because of it I can feel something is off here.

Overall the dining area looks like a medieval restaurant. It has a huge dining section with tons of tables. And several waitresses carry plates and food from the back kitchen area. Adventurers of all kinds and even a few locals are here in many of the tables. It looks like a busy morning.

And because of that I can’t tell which …person that the scent I’d felt came from.

What was that?

This could be bad…

“What is it? What’s wrong?” Sunghee holding my hand asked.

“…” I didn’t say anything yet. My eyes narrowed as I scanned the crowd.

Asakura was still waiting in the private room we had. But Sunghee needed real food. We’d also bring some up to Asakura when Sunghee was finished.

This …what’s happening now, also shows that my incubus traits are blooming well. But that’s not a good thing.

“Something’s off here. I smell…what is that?” I wondered aloud.

“Well let’s sit down. If you are looking around like that you’ll attract attention,” Sunghee whispered while leaning against me and holding onto my arm.

We ended up sitting down at a private table, that was a bit farther from other people. This is typical for us so that others don’t stare at my women the whole time. Although sometimes local women stare at me too.

I still felt that strange faint smell.

But what is it?

It’s not Doppel-chan. I still am worried about that.

While I’m obsessing over it, a waitress came over. “How can I help you? Are you ready to order,” she gazed at us ready to take our order while looking at us like a newly married couple.

Sunghee is still leaning up against me even at the table and holding my arm. “Are you ready honey?” she asked sweetly.

“Oh that’s so sweet. You just got married recently right?” the waitress asked.

“Yeah we did. He’s so sweet! What a great man! We’re still in the honey moon phase. It’s so awesome!” Sunghee gushed verbally. She can’t hide the excitement on her face and is openly like a schoolgirl on caffeinated drinks almost as it were.

“Oh that’s so cool! I hope I find someone good too some day!” the waitress squealed and is looking jealous of Sunghee with occasional glances at me.

“Oh you will! You have nice looks too. But just find someone good with a pure heart,” Sunghee joked.

“You think that’s really the trick?” I asked.

“Absolutely,” Sunghee insisted.

The waitress sighed. “Sometimes I wonder if real love ever happens. The world seems too twisted up sometimes…Oh right, I should take your order before my boss accuses me of slacking off.”

Ahh crud, I should probably move away from her ASAP. My pheromones are having an effect on her. But she’s not really someone I want to attract. She’s kind of pretty but below Sunghee’s level by a long shot.

“Let’s see, I’ll have Set A, but with extra trimmings and dressing,” Sunghee said.

“Any ale?” she asked.

“No, but maybe some juice and some cold water that looks clean in separate cups,” Sunghee said.

“Got it. Good, thank you!” the waitress said.

“And I’ll have the Set C, but hold off on the dressing. Also same drinks as Sunghee,” I said.

In actuality what I’d ordered would actually be smuggled up to our room for Asakura’s breakfast since it didn’t do me any good to eat human food.

“Thanks,” I added.

“No problem. Can I interest you in a desert?” the waitress asked.

Sunghee is giving me puppy dog eyes.

“F-fine,” I agreed.

“Yes!” Sunghee shook a victory fist.

“Oh for your deserts do you have a …” I froze in mid-sentence.

There it is. It was like my attention was ripped away from the conversation with the waitress. My senses had nailed it.

The strange smell I was smelling earlier but had wondered about is coming from two tables over from ours with a small group that was sitting there. I’d been so stressed out about Doppel-chan going missing though that I’d not been in the right head to notice it.

There…at that table.

There’s a gentleman there in richman’s noble clothes with two adventurer women with him. Both women are high class, beautiful women dressed in adventurer’s trousers, and other fully clothed gear except for a bit of cleavage showing at the top from a few buttons undone, probably for their man to peek at. But something is off about them. I can’t put my finger on it.

They stand out. They are too good looking and too well to do, unlike a lot of the other villagers and even some of the adventurers here don’t have expensive stuff like that. I think the silk shirts of the women are super class A expensive.

And as I’m looking over they are staring back at me with wide eyes also. They’d noticed me right after I noticed them.

I froze seeing them see me.

They froze too seeing they were spotted.

They can’t stop staring.

I blinked while not sure what to do.

What is this feeling…?

It’s clear that none of the three are humans. But that doesn’t necessarily mean they are a threat. But they are dangerous for sure.

“We’re good no desert actually,” Sunghee covered for me by saying to the waitress.

That table…they look like high class high humans of great beauty among the man and the two women. But they aren’t human. In fact, I’m pretty sure they are daemons of some kind.

What is this?

Uh oh…they got up and are approaching our table.

Damn it…

Why do I get so many troubles…can I really tackle two big problems at the same time?


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