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Dreamweaver Chapter 221

In the Dream State pocket dimension…

This demon inventory box is too cool. Every night I get vivid transient reality experiences like this. And lots of dates too; today is going to be no different. I wonder which girl I’ll spend time with first.

“Sir, may I take your bags?” Sylvie joked, acting like a hotel employee.

What? What is this? How did she know about Earth hotels? They have a style way beyond ‘inns’ and ‘innkeepers’, or adventurers’ bars.

And she’s got a hotel like uniform on. Well…the skirt is way too short to be actually acceptable. But the rest of the uniform would fit in. She’s also gone for the kill by having the short skirt compound with her giant thin figure and long legs. With just that, her privates are barely covered on the hips.

“Wow, what the heck it’s totally different in here,” I said staring at the huge building in the dimensional pocket.

“Well I redid some things. We wanted to surprise you, heh,” Asakura bowed to me, standing next to her also in a blouse and black miniskirt, like Sylvie.

“Is that building real?” I asked.

“Well…it’s surreal. It’s not the same as the real thing. Isn’t it exciting? This is a type of you know…illusion crafting. And it’s right now only got one real floor. But I’m hoping to add to it,” she asked.

“So what’s it made out of?” I wondered.

“Well I don’t actually have building skills. So right now it’s actually made out of light and mana particles,” she blushed.

“Hmm, so it’s not a real shelter?” I asked.

“It is and isn’t. it will block out ‘rain’, if it were raining outside. But if you tried to damage it, the parts wouldn’t act like real wood or concrete,” she explained.

“Ahh, that makes sense,” Asakura said.

I felt like her now. It’s easier to understand it now.

“It’s …well…you know it’ll get better but we have to experiment a bit. And without having real construction skills…” Sylvie is embarrassed as she said it.

It looks real but is like a really expensive but more durable than real cardboard cutout?

“It’s still in the works. Some things are unfinished. It takes a lot so don’t mind the mess,” Sylvie said as we passed a hallway that had a sign saying ‘maintenance work in progress’ and ‘access prohibited’.

“So I want to have a conference. We have issues on the table to discuss,” I said.

“OH? We’d be happy to help. This way to the conference room, master,” Asakura said.

“Come this way,” she added again this time with seductive poses, taking advantage of showing off her cleavage and making them bounce.

So sneaky…she knows I’ll only be able to resist so long.

Gingerly I followed her and Sylvie into what leaving the hotel lobby.

Damn. This is nice. It does look and add to the Dream State dimension pocket comforts.

I guess it doesn’t need to be fully real since we aren’t exposed to the elements. We’re just trying to have a better life. So in a way it’s like living in an amusement park and wanting somewhere to rest. I can see why they did it.

It looks like something out of a James Bond movie hotel scene. It’s not made after a cheap hotel scene but something nice.

“Who came up with this?!” I said in shock.

“It’s nice right?” Sylvie said.

“I like that we managed to hook up one of Sylvie’s magic programs into a matter and energy simulator,” Asakura smiled as she opened the doors for me leading to what looks like a corporate conference room.

“Wow, so that’s how she did it,” I said.

“Yeah it’s cool. I had no idea Earth technology and living was so advanced! So when she started showing me from drawings and stuff we went right to work implementing things that Asakura drew for us,” Sylvie smiled.

She’s lucky Asakura had good artistic skills.

“It is good,” I noted.

“Maybe you can tell me more about Earth technology later, now that we know it’s not really a sickness,” Sylvie said with a nice smile. She’s of course referring to this world calling anything mentioned of Earth, being referenced as hallucinations from those with Otherworlder Syndrome.

Until now, nobody could show what things from Earth looked like. Of course they would think it to be a sickness. It’s possible that people with magic skills could use them to paint magic pictures of what was in their mind before now. But usually those people with such skills weren’t also ‘Otherworlders’. So people hadn’t really taken it seriously.

“There are drawbacks though. For example, your barrier fence technique while powerful, isn’t big enough to cover a building this big. You might not even cover your own suite even. Not to mention this building is mostly made of illusionary like particles and could be attacked as in targeting the material supporting it,” Sylvie said.

“I see…it looks so real though,” I scratched my head.

“But there could be a way to harden the mana to increase the durability right?” Asakura asked as they fell into a discussion while we’re walking.

“Oh, of course. But that will take a bit of time. I’m working on that now,” Sylvie said.

Carefully they led me to sit at the foremost conference table position at the CEO head.

“So I’ve already called the others to report and we can then conduct the meeting,” Asakura said.

“Eh? Really? How?” I said.

“She has a minor short range telepathic message spell. I uploaded it into her through a ‘sacrifice skill’ scroll that I’d saved up, even though she’s not a mage because she’s your tactician. You need to have her able to reach you first and foremost since she’s the smartest of us,” Sylvie said.

Wow, Sylvie did that…amazing. I kind of wished she’d used the sacrifice skill scroll for me. But I do have a lot of skills actually, and Asakura could use more utility. I understand why she did it for her. I was surprised that jealousy and Rival Wife Syndrome hadn’t gotten in the way though.

But I found out she can only do the limited telepathy like once or twice a day. And it’s very, very limited like I said. Plus, it’s not an infinite two way stream like a chat room. It’s basically a one time ‘magic texting’ function, probably mostly for only urgent things and very short sentences. It could be used for like saying, ‘help me’ or ‘help we’re being attacked!’ or ‘we have a meeting now!’ but not much more than that.

One by one the others came and sat at chairs around the conference table. Naturally I had to give them hugs and kisses first. It’s interesting too because we had the long separation of them being asleep while I had my access to the dream state cut off.

Finally we got down to business.

“Wow, are we all here then?” Asakura asked while in my personal assistant, secretary mode.

She actually is the perfect personal assistant / secretary.

I like this.

And it’s interesting also to sort of mold the rest of them into an organizational flow chart, similar to corporations’ officers. Plus, if I keep at this then I can get them to boost their teamwork skills…which still could use a lot of improvement.

Left to right around the table I have Asakura to my immediate left and then Rina, with Sylvie after. And on my right I have Sunghee, Mallory, and Ayumi in that order. Somehow Sylvie even put up ‘executive summary’ handouts with bullet points to each of them, but those were probably also made of light and mana particles too. Of course Ayumi has some challenges with wardrobe still and with her neck and tail spikes so she’s standing up with her tits straining against her bikini top. We didn’t invite Doppel-chan because she has to stay in the sealing cage to keep her power under check. Lastly I’m sitting at the head of the table facing the right and left lineups.

Sunghee will be my night guard outside the dream realm actually but I’ve summoned her to this meeting specifically for a short time. After that I can send her back.

We first discussed the assassination attempts. First there was a discussion on this world’s tactics that are typical which was led by Mallory. This was necessary because the standard tactics aren’t just like how Earth military does things. Anything goes.Then after that Sunghee had a turn going over a few things, but didn’t have as much to say as Mallory. Sylvie mentioned magic adaptations for assassination tactics and boosting defense.

Its pretty much decided that I will need to have my people moving around with more than just runic shielding up now. This will be a pain in the ass and less energy efficient, but it’ll be better than someone getting hurt or dead. If possible we go around in full buffs now all the time.

We even wrote it up as a ‘corporate policy’.

But the discussion on assassination tactics wasn’t for us to follow and apply but for defense against such tactics. The last thing I wanted was to turn my group of honey flowers into hired killers with no honor. I had a dislike and hatred for assassination tactics because they have no care for innocents or if someone is good or evil in picking targets. And here in this world, all innocent standbyers are typically killed by daemon or human assassin agents as a means of protecting one’s identity too, I learned.

These bastards need to pay!

Finally after explaining it to them for a bit we started to be able to discuss solutions.

“Well, this just reaffirms my concern earlier that you need to upgrade runic shielding’s spell protection constantly and more than all of your other skills combined. If its solid then all of your other battles will work out,” Sylvie said.

“Wait, what? The magic shielding technique you use is runic shielding? I knew you had a strong technique but didn’t realize you had THAT particular type of technique! Wow, that spell is rare and badass. Most mages only have a normal shielding that doesn’t use an interlocking rune system! So cool!” Mallory glowed in admiration looking at me.

Hmm, she’s smart. Because she’s not a real mage I guess she’d missed this somehow but that’s not that surprising since she’s a monster non-mage. For being a non-mage she’d picked up somehow that runic shielding does interlocking runes in it like chains. Not even a lot of mages pick that up. It’s why that technique is so strong.

“Eh? Is that so good? And how do you know what that means when you aren’t a mage?” Rina is puzzled and looking at Mallory with distrust. Actually the distrust is obviously Rina’s jealousy going rampant again.

I sighed inwardly. This will drag the meeting out some more.

“Well naturally even I have to stay in current events. Vampires have to study how to fight mages, so I’m aware of some spells and spell systems but not all of them. Actually mages are often the only ones with any chance against a real vampire. Well that’s only if they reach a certain strength which is hard for people to do these days. But mages do fight us in later stages often and we’re used to help control them from toppling local lords often, as we can easily take on several normal warriors at once. But we tend to just be able to go over the basics. We only have a bit of magic after all, and that’s because vampires fear mages as opponents if they can hinder and debuff us to take away our strengths,” Mallory explained.

“Hmm, so the strategy against vampires is often to debuff them?” Asakura wondered.

Mallory’s facial expressions showed she didn’t like where this conversation was going.

“They don’t like you to point that out,” Sylvie noted Mallory’s discomfort and lack of a response.

Then Mallory gave Sylvie an odd look.

But the explanation was still a bit lost on Rina who is spinning on the conference room chair. “Whee! I love this place! Maybe we can make a whole city down here Shun. Can you make a beef jerky store next?”

“Ignore her for now please,” Mallory said.

“Ugh…shouldn’t have brought her to this meeting huh?” I said.

“Can you not do that right now? This is a serious talk,” Asakura asked her.

She’s still spinning on the chair. Does she realize her mini skirt is hiked up a bit too far when she does that because she’s sitting with her legs over the sides of the spinning chair…or maybe she’s doing that on purpose?

Rina frowned as she realized what I said. “Dude, that’s not fair. I mean…I never thought I’d see a building with running water and electricity again!”

“Eh…yeah, um, how did you do that again? You mentioned a bit but the light switches work? Is that mechanical or mana powered?” I asked Sylvie.

“Ahh, that’s a minor spell trigger actually. It’s not real electricity and running water though but just magic switches. It’s set so that you are actually just flicking the trigger for a light spell stored on the wall, on and off when you do the switch. It’s the best we could come in being close to real electricity with a tanked charge that will allow for a certain duration. And so on, same thing with the water,” Sylvie smiled.

“But why a hotel and not a castle? A castle might be more protection,” I couldn’t help but frown.

“Can we do that? I mean…a castle would be totally badass,” Sunghee said.

The others nodded.

You really gain more prestige as a true vampire if you have a castle. It might help my vampire family accept you as my spouse Shun,” Mallory has a dreamy look on her face.

The others instantly have jealousy flinches going through their faces.

“Hey, focus. Back to our goals here,” I snapped my fingers to remind them.

“Right…” Asakura is still frowning. I noticed as a point of rivalry she’d subtle like pulled her shirt down a bit more to increase the skin volume on her cleavage factor. The others will notice this move soon.

“A castle would be more defensive though right?” Sunghee asked thoughtly.

“We’ll have to wait a bit on that. We’re going to do it absolutely, but we…well…I hate to admit it but I haven’t learned how to harden the mana particles enough yet. Right now I can go for the appearance of it, but the actual material would break under even a normal martial arts kick,” Sylvie said.

“So we’re going to use the hotel setup for awhile? I kind of like the style,” Rina said while spinning on her chair some more.

“Actually that’s the genius of it see…the whole hotel is a giant trap. The differences in aesthetics will throw off anyone coming in. That will help hide any traps. People of this world will be thrown off by how the feel, look, and architecture are different. That will give a massive boost in our favor against trap detection. You saw it has ten floors right? Well the plan is to have ten floors eventually,” Asakura is leaning forward to explain.

“Hey you need to do up a few more buttons,” Sylvie growled.

“Err…well I can’t. it makes my shirt too tight,” Asakura blushed.


We lost a minute of bickering as they fought over making Asakura cover up her aureolas more. I guess I didn’t realize how daring she’d gotten.

“So basically it all comes down to needing more research on mana hardening,” Sylvie restated to get us back on track.

“And all floors will be identical?” I asked.

“Yes, but not identical in trap locations, so that someone won’t be able to memorize one floor’s traps to void all the other floors work,” Asakara said.

“Right, that makes sense. This is good,” Sunghee is taking notes I noticed.

“I should take notes too huh,” Ayumi’s metallic voice said.

I noticed Ayumi has been quiet this whole time because I think it’s hard for her to reign in her daemon race’s nature and high passion. She’s basically staring at me non-stop since I’d entered the room. It’s distracting from the meeting, but she’s decided to stand near the back so the others don’t notice.

“Well nine of the ten floors are copies of the other real floor but filled with traps. We’re going to try to add them also, and can get around building materials using dimension pocket magic science. We actually suspected that someday someone would try to come in here and take you by force. So we’ve been preparing this whole time. In essence this is going to be a trap fortress with tons of fake floors designed to kill invaders. So yeah…don’t go on the other floors but only on this one until I give the all clear and work out how it works,” Asakura finished explaining.

“Hmm, but what if the enemy anticipates which floor I’m on by observing this place?” I asked.

“That’s the beauty of it; the floors will be set up to shift every day once at 12 AM! It has counter espionage traits setup,” Asakura is energetic and smiling.

“So is that why dungeons shift? To prevent espionage of the traps?” Rina asked.

“Yes, that’s right. Actually there’s several reasons though including keeping the defenders on their toes too so they don’t get complacent,” Sunghee answered.

“Eh? It shifts all the time or will shift only when it detects a threat? Isn’t that dungeon magic?” I asked Sylvie.

“Umm well it’s not easy to do and setting it up we had to have a huge mana capacitor system set up. But I do have a lot of mana…well not as much as you of course. Very few have as much as you. But my element is altering reality. So this much I could do, though it’s not entirely real. We set things up so we can have this place be a place to deter and stop invaders. Or to just buy time, while we whittle them down is enough. We do know that sooner or later someone will show up to find and fight back for taking the demon inventory box from you Shun. It’s inevitable. So from now on we have to think how to protect you in here,” Sylvie looked worried.

“You all were worrying about this?” I asked.

“Especially Mallory is worried about it though she won’t admit it. I was worried too but only Mallory and Sylvie could implement doing something about it. I was able to contribute some ideas,” Asakura smiled.

The others nodded.

“We have to be ready to defend you Shun. It’s only a matter of time,” Mallory stated.

Everyone seems to be in agreement of this too.

“And you were all in on this?” I asked Sunghee.

Sunghee is often involved in the big things going on.

But to my surprise this time she shook her head no. “Nope. This was all them this time, Sylvie and Asakura specifically. I do think it’s a good idea though. They are right. Some day it will come out in the open I think about what you are or what you have or, at least being a target. They might not fully realize what you are but realize the greed of a nice juicy target to rob see. Ever since that one goblin mage got in here and almost beat us I’ve been worried about this in the back of my mind. But there was so much going on that I had to worry about other things first. Thanks by the way,” Sunghee bowed to Sylvie and Asakura.

Of course Rina is still spinning in her chair. And that’s odd because she has the hot body of the adult Asakura but is acting still like a teenager. Oh well…she is half listening I think. And with her sitting Indian style now on the chair as it spins a lot of her cleavage and lack of underwear are showing…which I try to not notice.

“This could be good. I like it too. We can make a secret lair and gauntlet setup of more than just one building later on too,” Ayumi’s metallic echo voice said.

“So I did arrange a few key defensive positions. If we’re invaded you should activate Mallory and Ayumi first. They have the highest attack power here except for Doppel-chan. But I guess we can’t have Doppel-chan running around still,” Asakura said after the fact.

The others cringed at the mention of Doppel-chan. It’s clear that everyone is still unnerved by her lack of being able to function as a normal person and obvious danger level.

“She can be the killing cage for a gauntlet like run. They’d be horrified by what she’d do. Even I’d be afraid of seeing that,” Mallory pointed out.

“So you did this by calculation? How did you work it out?” I wondered.

“It seems that Ayumi has raw blocking and defense damage mitigation. We tested her abilities and she can take hits because of the daemon body and sort of shake off most the damage. In contrast Mallory uses more evasion and speed to avoid enemies, kind of similar to Sylvie though a bit better defensively but less attack power than Sylvie. This is why we’d figured out that summoning those two first could be a good advantage, provided that you aren’t out in the open where others can identify them to hunt you down,” Asakura explained.

“But doesn’t Sylvie have more attack power than me?” Ayumi wondered.

“She does, but Sylvie is actually defensively weak, compared to you two. And she has to be careful of using mana. She depends on some dodge , mixed with kiting with high run speed to stay ahead and away, and evasion. But a high powered enemy has a chance to get through that. So even though she’s the tallest girl here it doesn’t mean that she’s invulnerable. Plus being a mage didn’t help in defense beyond just magic defense techniques, which she doesn’t have a lot of. She can handle the smaller engagements but anything seriously powerful she shouldn’t be tanking,” Asakura said.

It’s actually good we talked about this. I don’t have a lot of counter and block techniques also.

“OK, I get it,” Ayumi said with a ‘hum’ and a nod. I can never get used to that metallic voice.

I really should research daemon species more also, soon.

“So after that I get Sylvie out in a self defense skirmish?” I guessed.

To my surprise Asakura shook her head. “I actually recommend you keep Mallory and Ayumi together but use the others as a separate team to keep them fresh. Or you could even switch from team A to team B. And your last fall back position is Doppel-chan’s cage, which is good since you are the only one of us that can safely be inside it without her becoming violent,” Asakura said next.

“I thought you were trying to calm her and that the upgrades made her manageable?” I asked.

“She is manageable…to you, but not to us. And if she even sees us give you affection, can you imagine what she’d do if she reacted in jealousy? That would be really bad. Her loyalty is to you as the daemon prince candidate remember and not as a human, which you technically aren’t anymore. So you can use her but not deploy her with us or other people without a LOT of trouble occurring. So be wary,” Asakura said.

“So would it be best to make more buildings in here first, or just finish this one building first?” I asked them.

They discussed it a bit but Sylvie wants to make a laboratory to study how to increase mana particle hardness and durability. Then they’ll end up adding a second floor to the hotel with more traps. They had a hard time not wanting to divert the plan and ditch the hotel for building a wicked Dracula style castle though.

Mallory almost cried on that part.

Weird girl…

“So we basically have an invasion counter plan then. I like what you did. Good job,” I congratulated Asakura.

Also I gave her a special title as my ‘military advisor’. She naturally is happy and in tears, giving me hugs while bouncing up and down excitedly. That in turn is making me horny because her giant boobs are pushed against me while the others are jealous.

“Well I guess she’d be excited. It isn’t every day someone earns a title,” Sunghee explained to the others that are glowering at her…


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