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Shun – Main Character – Looks like a lean but somewhat muscled Asian late teenage appearance, dark hair, and dark eyes. Has a lone wolf kind of look to him, but has progressed way beyond being a lone wolf. Short, and part of why enemies underestimate him, but in retrospect being underestimated has opened up significant loot opportunities. Really hates being called ‘support mage’ but tries to not show it, sometimes successfully.

Magic elements; daemon prince candidate element tie-in, artifact immersion (drawing strength and traits from demon inventory box), daemon race element links (minor) & associated daemon inventory box link, fae race element links (minor and doesn’t mesh well with the dark elements, hence has risks), protection and defense specialization skills of S class (major). Has begun to start a tie in with Sylvie’s magic skills due to ‘borrowed’ status with ‘soul link’ skill, but this may take a long time to fully develop.

Asakura – Thin slender build, has pursued physical fitness before coming to this world. Long black hair that spills like water down the back, dark hair, dark eyes, huge bust, round muscled hip, Asian genes, appearance, and complexion. The implanted gene overwrite from ghoul status made her eyes look a bit like slight red tinge around eye sockets, changed pupils to red, and has made skin complexion appear a bit more pale but not as pale as a traditional vampiric look. Before the ghoul gene implant her bust was already big, but becoming Shun’s only incubus food source has triggered giant bust enhancement over even what was big before.

People wonder why she teaches school when she could make tons of money in modeling or other opportunities. Sensei has a good heart and likes helping people, believes in the value of being a teacher, but because her family already was well of she never felt she had to prioritize wealth over choosing to be good. She has a non-rotting non-undead Ghoul implanted familiar-race status. (Ghoul type linked to types used commonly by daemon and vampire household comfort slaves. This type of ghoul is a living human with modified DNA due to daemon or vampire plasma and venom injections, which also sharpen appearance, longevity, and youthful look.) Access to immortality element possible but not complete through ghoul status provided that master stays alive. Has a drawback in that the venom injection from the master causes the receiver to be fanatically devoted to the master and have super enhanced libido;

Rina – Self proclaimed sex slave to Shun. Health has improved due to influence of magic and intervention. Shun’s sister…also Asian Japanese appearance. Has appearance of Asakura’s original body due to alchemy. Has a fascination with alchemy body modifications due to jealousy and desire to compete with Asakura…which said competition looks bleak for Rina, which is why she’s been trying to push Shun to accept harem lifestyle. The others don’t realize it has been her manipulations that implanted the harem concept originally with Shun.

Sylvie – two tailed foxkin girl. Foxkin look very much like humans except for no body hair, on the legs or armpits, and a bit thinner in build. Their active nature makes for foxkin to be naturally physically fit. Sylvie has inherited her mother’s looks, who was the perfect example of beauty among both foxkin and other creatures. When she became a ‘feral foxkin’ status from contaminated mana through Shun, via the daemon inventory box she was able to retain her willpower and had huge stat upgrades. She’s currently approximately 8 ½ feet tall, with a slim long legged long. One of her better features is her gorgeous long legs that appeal to others and the perfect hip/ass. Long silky auburn hair. 

Her magic is concentrated in gravity, and special distortion elements, which gives access to minor teleportation. She has a hard time with acquiring offense magic but does have a lot of power, possibly even enough to rival her mother at this point.

Sunghee – Adventurer class status, as well as high human status. Only has a few minor magic abilities such as a ‘cleanup’ magic skill, and access to a smaller, dumbed down version of ‘inventory box’. Has good combat skills, but is secretly extremely afraid of Doppel-chan and also Mallory. Has a huge bust but people tend to not notice it because she stands next to Asakura more than the others. Has several combat styles including an escape technique, dual wield, and a sword and shield style. She prefers defensive high survival style techniques. Still has minor trauma issues, but Shun’s pheromone soup has helped channel lust into overwriting it.

Sunghee originally was brought to this world several years earlier from another the same group that brought Shun’s school to this world. She is from Seoul, Korea originally. And has many years adventurer experience and has leadership experience including team tactics. When Shun isn’t around or is unavailable she is the most equipped to lead in combat coordination situations.

Mallory – vampire girl, many centuries old, and that has helped her to work on and fight against the difficulty that vampires have with self restraint. She is torn between loving Shun and wanting to take his place as a daemon prince, or in her case princess. Also has a big bust, and much to Sunghee’s chagrine has made Sunghee into 3rd place of bust size. Mallory is extremely short and light weight with an innocent lolicon face, but would have been considered a very adult body, if not for height lending illusion of looking younger than she is. In a sick and twisted way, whoever targeted Mallory initially for vampire status, probably thought she would look like the ideal predator to lure in others. She is extremely experienced, strong, and fast, but not good with team situations. During team situations she has to hold back a lot for fear of injuring the others or losing control. She is currently worried of what will happen when her vampire parent finds her and Shun together. Noticably pale skin enough for those skilled in vampire detection to tell what she is instantly, and black hair and nails. 

Gyle; knowledgeable and many crafting skills as a weaponsmith and tinkerer. Has an exploitive personality but avoids direct confrontation. Was adventuring with Shun but was consumed with jealousy near the end that he couldn’t have Rina and that Shun gets all the women. It’s unknown where he left to after separating from Shun. His departure shortly before the dwarves became suspicious of Shun hints of possible but unconfirmed involvement. He his his dark dwarven status from Shun and secretly pursues an agenda with his clan against light races. This last fact, hasn’t been revealed to Shun yet.

Dwarven hero Svinn; dark dwarf hero but only recently acquired hero status; has had a reputation for being a dwarven champion and saved several communities in the last ten to twelve years from goblins and orcs.

The War Twins; two dwarven arch mages specializing in attack magic and the other in utility magic that are responsible for the current safe and positive growth status of the Dark Dwarven Empire. They are responsible for Shun’s arrest and being sent to prison.

Demonologist name: ???; name unknown. This person has noticed Shun and is hunting him, but is also conflicted by compulsion to dominate but also to pursue business agenas. It’s likely that further plot developments will occur in conjunction with this person. However, this person is exceptionally dangerous and smart, but unwilling to reveal himself openly.

Mage Cassius; fire mage, old but still powerful though he is weakening due to old age; also has problem with over stressing his mana core in trying to survive the dungeons. This person has high status in the Dark Dwarven kingdom even though he is a human.

Saiya – Earth mage trainee. Has earth sprite pet, weak magic status. Has lesbian tendencies but is very beautiful. She doesn’t realize her lesbian tendencies are coming from fear of how men have treated her in the past and not reflect of her true self. She is currently heavily in debt and trying to avoid becoming a debt slave. Her and Akira are having bad personality conflicts at the moment from her rejecting him.

Akira – was turned into a satyr race after coming to this world. He doesn’t realize that the satyr genes have made him have trouble with anger. He has is ready to snap also because satyrs have enhanced libido but his ‘appearance score’ took a dive when he was ‘satyrized’. He has powerful unnaturally high strength and attacks, including a disemboweling kick. No magic status, warrior build.

Lotti; one of the very few emperor class witches to have ever lived on this planet, age unknown but believed to have 6 or 7 sisters. Has daughter named Lula who has an unhealthy fascination with Shun. Uses body alteration, polymorphing, mind magic, and bending reality as primary magic focuses. She has never been beaten in battle despite being hunted for hundreds of years and near infinite mana pool. Even Shun’s mana pool pales in comparison to hers. She has an obsession at rebuilding the witch kingdom and an unnatural hate for humanity because of the genocide against witches which has depleted the witch population. The witch population in her lifetime has suffered from tag team raids by two human kingdoms simultaneously in the past when she was younger, which is yet to be corrected. Note; both class and race are witch. Her chief butler cat and most loyal servant’s name is Jeeves. He has embraced abandoning humanity to fanatically devote himself to licking Lotti’s feet literally.

Lula – Lotti’s daughter, the pheromone soup that she caught a whiff of from Shun has really made her more loopy even than Rina though she is in denial about it. She is extremely obsessed with Shun on mind break levels, but is dangerous because her magic level is too high to control on her own. She downplays her magic level and refuses to cast some skills because she has trouble controlling it. Her mother is extremely upset over her disappearance and was secretly using her against her realizing it.

Lyra; the team doesn’t currently know her except for Sunghee. She was Sunghee’s apprentice before she was captured by the Orc Boss and before meeting Shun. Lyra has recently discovered Sunghee is alive and wants to find her. Since losing Sunghee, she has achieved leadership status with her knight allies. She has two apprentices even though most knights only get one, due to the high number of people that constantly beg her to train their children. Leadership chits, has bested several high ranking daemons personally. Possesses adventurer class, leadership plug-in chits for adventuring, and a super rare class ‘light sword’ ability.

Leif, Nayan, Rox, Sox team; team of newbs and poorly equipped adventurers that briefly encountered Shun. Their suicidal leader Leif nearly had them killed many times over but they survived by miraculous accidents…so far. It is unknown how long they will survive the obsessive Leif. They were reported missing recently after taking Leif ‘back into the fold’.

Stan, Kitty, Vennie, Forsythe; team of adventurers that stayed at the inn when assassins tried to take out all the adventurers at the inn preceding a goblinoid invasion and saved by Shun team;

Gnome Village; gone…no longer exists. It has become a goblin spawn pit for breeding the next generations dark forces. The dark dwarves want to do something about this but are already stretched thin.

Cid; a necromancer captured with Shun and who participated in a Goblin King sponsored bounty raid on Shun. He currently imprisoned in a slave crystal. He is known to have vast resources of low powered undead which he keeps in a dimension bag to overwhelm opponents by sheer numbers. His raid against Shun was led by Varren. Also Tregg the half-ogre cannibal participated. These other two perished and from them Sunghee received the high quality black bastard sword she now currently uses to fight.

Kesshar; a leading veteran adventurer and community advisor in the white dwarven community and the oldest known veteran adventurer to still be living in the most hostile place on the planet; the Great Deep, where the white dwarven city ekes out its survival.

Lars; half-ogre that has pursued reforming himself and trying to be good but still struggles with it similar to how alcoholics struggle with alcohol. He feels and is unfortunately doomed to not be able to best his inner ogre that makes him lash out when certain triggers are around; women, meat, and violence. He has masked how much he is struggling with these issues from the fae, but is afraid he’ll snap any day now and go on a rage of violence. Currently holds an adventurer’s license, and has several leadership plug-in chits into his license for team, squad, and raids.

Dark Dwarven Kingdom; this is one of the first and only remaining bastions against the advance of evil races on this world consisting of the orc kingdoms, goblin kingdoms, and daemons. This kingdom is also thriving and prospering but under siege with four main provinces the size of a kingdom each and a large swatch of territory. The Southern Province capital was the source of many of Shun’s activities and where he was imprisoned. It is believed that the dark dwarf population on this planet to be rather high comparatively for how many sub-species there are considering that there are 7 dwarven sub-species and that dark dwarves are only 1 of those. Shun and his group have only discovered one other sub race for dwarves so far besides dark dwarves.

Dwarves; current sub-species types are; Deep Dwarves, the Ancients (unknown if currently existing or extinct), Mountain Dwarves (traditional good dwarves), White dwarves or albino dwarves (unique sub-species that has mixed with and living with rabbitkin, separated from other dwarves. These have evolved sufficiently separate to become their own sub-species type), Dark Dwarves, Casteless (those who have lost their houses by becoming refugees or losing their homes, and have therefore many of which don’t know their heritage or where they came from.), and the Mystics (sub-species of dwarves that evolved early on separately than the others to fully embrace magic and have much higher population of mages and magic among them.)

Gnomes; exist on this world but don’t have kingdom of their own. Known to commonly be under the umbrella protection of dwarven kingdoms in exchange for taxes and upkeep throughout the history of this planet; prefer living underground like dwarves.

Lizardmen; these people are smarter than people realize and do have the ability to band together, but don’t often form their own governments. There is a vast and extremely large fire salamander kingdom at the moment however, so they can be extremely ambitious when they want to be or when hungry enough. However, most lizardmen prefer to live in the cities of others rather than rule directly. They also like rural areas and living independent, preferring wet and tropical climates. Very few sub-races like desert or other climates with low access to water with the exception of fire salamanders; they view troglodytes as being somewhat related to them. Lizardmen don’t have any taboos about cannibalism over their own species. Those lizardmen that inherit the hunger/food gorging gene tend to be extremely ambitious.

Light elves; believed to be extinct on this world. Used to be the primary organizers and defense against the daemon invasions on this world through time around a thousand years ago or more, but were betrayed by a dark dwarf led faction until their power was broken and their cities taken.

Dark elves; exist and thriving in several hidden underground cities. The party and others know very little about them other than that they are dangerous and cunning. It is known that they value independence and seem to not be in league with the daemon factions only due to this reason, since it’s known that daemon races will and do commonly enslave other folk and even their own.

Daemon races; multiple races, sub-species exist, thus there are many and varied appearance archetypes for these types. Most of them appear to be humanoid in nature but not all. All sub-species posses’ horns and tails, some have cloven feet, but others have toed feet like humans, not all have wings. There is variance in regards to how evil they actually are but their mana origin comes from the other planet trying to merge and take over this planet’s true original mana source and that inevitably pulls them into conflict with races that possess mana matching that of the planet’s original mana source. Ayumi’s current appearance and daemon status is only one sub-species type among these and one of the milder less hateful sub-species.

Celestials; believed to exist and living on this levitating mountains that circle this planet’s equator. They do not like to associate with mortals but do fight against daemon folk constantly. Appearance appears to be much like high humans, except with feathered wings much like how people would perceive angels.

High Humans; a race like humans but not actually homo sapiens. Gene types of humans and high humans have big differences in them. For one, high humans age extremely slowly after hitting puberty. Will retain features much like they look like a young person even until old age; believed to live up to three hundred years or more but much rarer than current humans. Its believed that 1% of the human population is high human. High humans can be born from two high human parents but a high human parent with a human parent is no guarantee of having a successful high human genetic inheritance line. Have higher mana affinity than normal humans, and therefore higher chance of magic skill potential. The drawbacks of being a high human are that they are often targeted for sex slaves or slave minions because of their having good stats.

Beastmen; several species of beastmen exist on this world. Unlike other worlds beastmen can only breed with their own sub-type. This means that they won’t be sterile per se in trying to reproduce with a person of another sub-species or outside their species but that successful chance to reproduce will be extremely low. The current known beastmen sup-species types of this continent are; ratmen (aka wererats), rabbitkin, foxkin, cat people, wolf tribe, pigmen (often mistaken for orcs but not the same), minotaurkin aka cowgirls.

Phallic wyrms; the last surviving race of a dead God that was killed by other creator Gods; because their creator is dead they have lost the ability to reproduce but have survived by Frankensteinian organ transplantations through magic and through their phallic sheathe biological evolution system. They are hideous in nature and temperament. While these creatures are very strong, they are few in number and hide deep in the Earth to avoid detection by others. Others know of this species having exited Millennia ago but believe them to be extinct.

Fae; very little known among mortal races about them by purposeful intent by the fae. A few species have been identified but next to nothing known such as, water nixies, pixies, and fairies. They are not the same as elves. They are the most secretive of any group on this world, except for the daemon princes themselves.

Fae Fortress; there is actually more than one Fae Fortress, but the Fae have kept up an illusion to most of the world that this is the last one. However, it still is one of the last six city fortresses, with one other having been destroyed about a hundred years ago. There was a recent beach community sacked hidden in a pocket dimension but it did not yet have a fortress. The fae have been secretly researching magic technology and spells to overwrite and steal in transit summoned people from Earth that the followers of darkness have been using.

Merfolk; little is known about them other than that they are believed to exist on this world. They have no contact with land dwelling people. They avoid all contact with the surface and live underwater. Extremely secretive!

Triton; also living underwater and a different species than Merfolk. Also very little known about them. Also extremely secretive!

Vampires; humans, and high humans can be made into vampires but it is unknown if other races can be turned into one. It is believed to be much harder or impossible for non-human races to become one. It is verified that beastmen cannot be turned into vampires and thus are used against them often as slave troops by others. Vampires can gain some magic but not easily. They will be much stronger and hardier than humans but are very vulnerable to sunlight. The vast majority of them live underground. They are immortal on this world, but recent reports by researchers indicate that there are several species of vampire types and not just one. They do war among themselves more often than any other creature because of their greediness for protecting their territory.

Egyptian faction; this faction is currently resisting the world invasion of dark races but doing so by despicable means of blood sacrifices. Led be dark mages that study intensively the magic code, which led them to the other world summoning rituals. Millennia ago this faction was somehow transplanted from Earth. They still periodically practice the summoning ritual despite knowing it ruins the world that it’s summoning people from. Then when a ritual is completed they enslave all possible for slave labor and for slave soldiers. They haven’t lost territory to the dark races currently because of their desperate methods but the other world summons does ruin their land slowly because of massive side effects, which is still a well kept secret by a select few at their top leadership.

Yayoi faction; humans, led by a high human ruling shaman class among fort like cities among the frontier; has often defensively warred with neighbors due to expansion of others. Less numerous than the Egyptians and all of its neighbors but has several hidden shaman ruling class skills that have kept this faction alive and surviving well.

Fae faction; common strategy is to set up pocket dimension forces using near infinite magic power and resources. This group doesn’t like mixing with mortal races but maintains their stance of being the inheriting caretakers of this world, now that the light elf faction has been destroyed. Precisely why the light elves were destroyed is also now doctrine on why fae will not live in the world directly but instead setup bubble dimension pocket cities and fortresses. Currently they are losing against the daemon hordes despite holding immense power and immortality. They replenish numbers very slowly and this has been one of their drawbacks. The separation of the fae into light and dark factions has also led to the weakening of their power, and if this had not happened they would be winning instead.

Vyskland Empire; A somewhat medium small sized human kingdom in the north that has much of its organization broken down into vast armies of knight and paladin classes almost exclusively; They are not doing so well against the daemon hordes and have suffered immense losses but still possess substantial battle power. They have lost about a third of their total territory to daemon invasions over the last three hundred years but are currently holding their own. Their current ruling class is hoping for some alliances with other peoples to help recover their lost territories and stave off annihilation. Note; both Lyra and Sunghee have lived in the Vyskland Empire area. It is unknown what will happen when Lyra tries to get Sunghee to go back to help out the Vyskland Empire.

Orc and Goblin Kingdoms; they currently have many and varied all across this continent and others. There are too many to mention with their own specialized economies and lifestyles. The orcs and goblins are not unified into one faction but will strangely enough band together even across race with other goblinoid races to almost automatically fight against and conquer humanity because of their hatred of humans and other demi-humans.

Goblin King; rumors persist of a unique Goblin King much smarter than other previous goblin kings who has conquered unprecedented amounts of territory within the last year. He also possesses vast wealth and supported by four great powerful shaman magic users called the Big Four. Shun has encountered one of them and was lucky to survive. This strange Goblin King’s true name is not spoken and a well kept secret but dwarven spies report of a great plan he has to take the whole continent for himself. Due to intervention by other goblin shaman’s the shaman of the big four that Shun dueled is believed to still be alive.

The Queen of Tribulation; the giant mother spider bigger than a house that resides in the Great Chasm…This creature has almost destroyed the home of the white dwarves several times throughout history. Also posses unnaturally long life, possibly due to intervention of magic or eating mages.

Junior; the youngest phallic wyrm who dueled with Shun several dozen times losing each time due to Mallory’s protection. He has memory problems sometimes from having his memory reset by his brethren. Despite being their youngest he is still several thousand years old.

Sylvie’s mother; looks exactly like Sylvie except blonde, and her height reflects Sylvie before Sylvie became a feral type evolution. Shun hasn’t met yet and thus unknown status and personality type.

Church of Gaia; a corrupt faction bent on eradicating daemons from this world. Unfortunately early on they became infected with lust for wealth and sex slaves profiteered from their conquests of conquering evil. Since then they have trouble identifying true targets from targets for wealth acquisition. This group is currently sponsored by several kingdoms for help in eradicating evil and non-Gaia mana from this world. There are still some good truthseekers and righteous among them but also many bad apples. Shun had a near death miss with this group. (Around chapter 164)

Assassin groups; not enough is known by the population as a whole yet to know who they are or where they come from other than that wherever there is a city of wealthy they seem to gather.

Adventuring classes and jobs in this world; the current known and accepted classes among the various races are; fighter, knight, paladin, adventurer, barbarian, buffer, enchanter, slaver, ranger, necromancer, mage, red mage, green mage, summoner (rare), archer, scout, thief, strategist, hero (extremely rare and race based, each race having a set # of its own hero slots per world), and general (rare). It is believed there are also extinct adventurer classes that have been lost to time, just like some races have become extinct; healers being one of them, though buffers still exist.

Lyra; Str C+, Agi B-, Con B+, Int C+, Wis C , Appearance B+ , Attack B , Defense B+, Health B-, Mana C-

Lula; Str D-, Agi C+*, Con D+ , Int A++, Wis B+, App. A-, Attack B-, Defense A+, Health C- , Mana S-

Sylvie; Str C, Agi A, Con C, Int A-, Wis B-, App. S, Attack A, Defense B, Health B-, Mana S

Asakura; Str B-, Agi C+, Con S, Int A+, Wis A+, App. SS*, Attack B-, Defense C+, Health C-, Mana C-

Rina; Str C, Agi C-, Agi D+, Con D, Int C-, Wis C-, App. B+, Attack D, Defense C-, Health D, Mana C-

Doppelchan; Str S-, Agi B-, Con S, Int C-, Wis B-, App. A, Attack S+, Defense S-, Health S, Mana B+

Ayumi; Str B+, Agi C-, Con S-, Int A, Wis C+, App. S, Attack A++, Defense S, Health A+, Mana B-

Haruka; Str ,? Agi ?, Con ?, Int ?, Wis ?, App. B+*, Attack ?, Defense ? Health ?, Mana ?

Sunghee; Str C, Agi B-, Con C+, Int C-, Wis B+, App. A-, Attack B-, Defense B, Health B-, Mana C+

Mallory; Str A-, Agi S, Con D-*, Int B+, Wis B-, App. S, Attack S- , Defense S, Health A- , Mana B-*

Shun; Str C+, Agi C+, Con C, Int A, Wis S+, App. S*, Attack C-, Defense S++, Health C , Mana SS

<Stars indicate hidden affectations>


Average human villager; Str C-, Agi D+, Con C+, Int D-, Wis C+, App. D+, Attack D-, Defense D-, Health B-, Mana D-

Average dwarven villager; Str B+, Agi C Con B+, Int B-, Wis C, App. C+, Attack B-, Defense C-, Health C+, Mana D-

Average goblin; str D, Agi D-, Con C+, Int D-, Wis D- App. F, Attack C-, Defense C+, Health D-, Mana F-

Average ogre; str A+, Agi D-, Con A Int D-, Wis D- App. F+, Attack A-, Defense C+, Health A, Mana F-






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