Dear Author!!!


...X( X( X]...


You have betrayed us! We march against you to right our wrongs! You have stolen our shotacon and lolicon birthright and given it to the dogs!!! This is war! Your story pisses on the rights of shotacon and lolicon lovers everywhere!

How dare you use body modification in your story! This is an outrage! This is blasphemy of the highest degree! We shotacon and lolicon lovers absolutely detest kyonyuu and other giant boob body modification! Other body modification also is an outrage! We protest the usage of giant breasts in all forms and stages! This is an insult to all people everywhere in the shotacon and lolicon community! We also protest against MILFs in stories, and hot mother daughter action being seduced by the same main character! (even if you haven’t added that part yet, we know your tricks!)

That’s just it! I won’t read your story anymore! We only will go for stories with every girl being a lolicon under age! All characters should also be under 18 years of age! Yet you have wronged us in this also.

#*@(*#@*@9 [email protected](*#(@(*# @*(*(!*()#)*$(*@()@#)!!!

Also what’s up with Shun not having any LGBTQPBASS friends?

(Author note; I think by PBAS, he might mean; Pedophile, Bestiality, Anal-lovers, Sheep lovers, Snail-ophiles…)

Body modification isn’t real! And how dare you use alchemy in a story without an alchemy license! I will report you to the board of directors for alchemy in a story without licensure, or insurance! I know you have no insurance for this story, another violation.

I petition you for a re-write! Instead Shun should go back to maybe becoming some kind of snail mutant! That would be hot! And if he can have like 36 penuses with all functioning workability that would be awesome too; with being able to use at least five per girl at the same time on all harem members. (Five from two going in their eye sockets!)


And how dare you make Rina’s body modification look like a super hot teacher with giant boobs! That absolutely is a crime against readers! We’re boycotting your story!! Never again will we read a story that has hot cowgirl action scenes with breast milk, mind control, ahegao scenes, kyounyuu girls, giant foxkin hotties, Sora Aoi look alikes, and vampire girls with huge tits, making Askura feel like Sora Aoi even though it’s not mentioned, and other wickedly sinful sexy harem stuff!

We also will be campaigning to ban harem stories with our friends! We petition harem writers everywhere that we protest Rina having body modification to look like Asakura, just because some people think Asakura was hotter than Rina originally!

Also we protest ahegao scenes in all girls. How dare they like to feel that good when they aren’t lolicons?! Only lolicons are permitted to have ahegao expressions! Ahegao expressions are only allowed in LGBTQPBASS scenes!

We also have noted the other protests of your other reader from [a certain dwarven hero in the Southern Province] , whom you mocked previously, and we will team up with him to bring you down! We pledge our protection to him and his clan in uniting against you in a propaganda and trade war against you! You will fall, and we will steal all your lands, women, and riches.



User [email protected][email protected]$73rn_xXX





This letter has 199,214,179 LGBTQPBASS likes and counting!

This letter has 129,547 dwarven likes and counting!

47 Rabbitkin disliked this letter!




Disclaimer; the Rabbitkin environmental protection agency mandates disclosure that shotacon behavior of any kind is illegal in Rabbitkin lands and communities. Only dwarves permit that filth...and we would not share our women with them willingly.

A note from naosu

Also...I was out of town for a conference over the 3 days of last weekend, so sorry for late post. We will have a chapter this week still. Thank you for you understanding. 

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