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Dreamweaver Chapter 218 Part B






Shun POV, taking place the day before he and the others went in the dungeon in Chapter 218 Part A

Chapter theme; what is it like to work in a fae fortress and to hold a desk job there?





I stretched out and started to get dressed this morning after getting up from the bed that is begging me to stay a bit longer by its super comfort.

I’m a bit annoyed though because I wasn’t able to wake up to my harem members, since today is technically an ‘office’ day, basically I need to go to the office and work for the fae. It’s supposed to be worth the perks, but we’ll see. On office days, I have to go into the office that the fae gave me to help out. And I don’t want them knowing absolutely anything at all about my soul crystals or team members, or my summoning skills.

“Can I come with you please?” Asakura begged.

“Oh babe, you know I would love that. But I’m worried about them you know figuring stuff out that they shouldn’t, like stuff about you and me not exactly being light mana creatures,” I said as she’s still getting her clothes on, very slowly in fact to tempt me into staying ten more minutes.

Asakura next to me is topless and still putting on her trousers. “Please, you know I’ll be useful! Don’t leave me alone. I love you! Babe, nobody loves you more than me!”

“I, I know babe. I believe you. You’re the best,” I leaned in to give her another kiss.

“So let me go, also you’ll get hungry too. What will you do then?” she said, shaking her tits.

“You are so good and loyal Asakura. Thank you,” I gave her another hug.

Yes it was cheesy but she’s really that good and pure.

“Can’t you stay with me?” she asked.

“I wish I could,” I felt a lump in the back of my throat.

The worst part about a harem growing is that I have less time with Asakura.

“I-I’ll make extra milk for you, while you’re at work honey,” she said like a stay at home wife, as I’m getting ready to go.

“That’d be awesome. Lately I’ve been so thirsty,” I said.

“Hmm that’s not good. I worry about the influence of that box. The hunger is getting worse isn’t it?” she asked.

“Hey what’s your favorite kind of flower?” I asked.

“You’re changing the subject. The hunger is getting worse isn’t it?” she probed again.

I avoided looking at her in the eyes.

Crap, she’s too smart.

“It’s OK, I guess,” I tried to say but she’s shaking her head.

“We better do something about that. The hunger shouldn’t be growing,” she said worriedly.

Next to her Rina is still asleep in the bed under the covers. Are all catgirls bad at waking up in the morning, I wondered.

“Shun, you know I had a thought. When you get really thirsty, maybe you should think more about love instead of lust. Maybe like thoughts of romance. Think about how much I love you,” she said.

Pheromones helped start that but it’s gone beyond that. In a way it’s odd but I guess people really do attach feelings to each other. The pheromones were just a catalyst though. We treated each other right and didn’t yell or fight, so they were able to go farther than with other creatures that had them. That’s my hypothesis anyway. Because there was less to ‘forgive’ and ‘repent of’ we went further.

The line between lust and love is kind of hard though when you have daemon pheromones and a ‘daemon prince’ skill attribute kit inside you.

“Take me with you to work,” she urged.

“You know I can’t.”

“They must have something like what was that American holiday…take your daughter to work day or something?” she said intensity.

“Heh, that would be problematic if they found me screwing my ‘daughter’ in the closet or behind my desk.”

“Sounds fun,” she licked her lips.

Jeez, her face is so innocent looking even when she does that.

“Look, I love you too babe. You know that. But the fae already are magically superior and higher on the food chain than we are even with my super abilities. I can’t afford to let them know anything more that might be detrimental. It’ll take everything I’ve got just not to let them figure out what’s already happening. ,” I said.

“But, but…I don’t get as much time to go with you as Sunghee does! Because she can blend in more, she always gets more time with you. I wish I didn’t have giant tits. This is unequal! It’s not fair!” Asakura has latched onto my arm. She’s smothered it between her breasts and is trying to force me physically to stay.

“Mmm, but Sunghee can’t feed me. You’re the only one that can. Actually I need to fix that situation. I hope you can come up with a solution,” I said.

“Whatever…” she’s now mad.

But then when I went to put on my shoes she grabbed me again and started wrestling me. It took a few minutes to get loose when she was literally begging and crying while trying to make me drag her around to give in and let her go with me.

I shouldn’t be mad. But it’s a lot of energy to fight off a hot girl with vampiric ghoul pet race status; (not to be confused with undead ghous which are different). They are really feisty and the vampiric ghoul pet status makes them very obsessive to whoever they belong to.

The wrestling?

It happened because she’s the most loyal of all the girls in a lot of ways also. I mean she was the first one that I started to really love and love me back.

In the end I had recall her as a summons, through my de-summon technique. It was hard seeing those tears too. This ability really messes with my head sometimes too because when something loves you it becomes hard to say no to it, and then you feel responsible for it.

Rina and Asakura were both de-summoned before I left the inn room and checked out.

But even with the hastle its cool to have a girl that likes me that much. That’s why I’d never choose to go back to Earth, even if I had the chance to.

Technically the office they gave me has a bed and sleeping area alcove built into it, but I don’t usually sleep there because of worries about spying, even if I might be being paranoid. So today I left the inn, waving good bye to the girls after we had a really good breakfast and lots of love.

I finally got to the security checkpoint with its many guards for the inner military fortress inside the city fortress. But it was a bit annoying because the outer guards hadn’t really encountered a human going into their fortress before. There’s a bunch of guards in what look like enchanted and magic equipment on all of them, that is somehow standard and uniform on all of them. Then to top it off they have uniforms very similar to 17th century British soldiers with tricorn hats. But they also have the crystal blue instead of the red too. And they also have full body shields too, made of the same stuff.

Actually it’s kind of easy to mix up fae guys with elves in a way. They look like elves with pointed ears and all that, except that they have the builds of humans. And the heights are different too. Fae are shorter than elves, ranging around just barely over four feet, but sometimes getting as tall as five feet. They look like they should eat more too and are too skinny, but that’s just how their gene profile makes them even when they do eat a lot; so they can fly. It’s also hard to miss the wings, which elves don’t have. Their wings themselves are like dragonfly wings but fold down their backs vertically with four of them making up a set.

I couldn’t help but notice that a lot of the guards have scars on their bodies in various places. Could that because fae live so long? And everyone has been fighting for survival in this world.

Next to them is a magic scanner and ID platform, similar to a metal detector but it’s a floor pedestal instead. And you have to go over it to get in. It covers the whole gate way, so you can’t cheat through it.

“Hi, here’s my paperwork, I’m here to check in,” I said.

“OK, we’ll have to check you for weapons,” one said.

“But I’m a mage, so what’s the point,” I countered.

“Yeah a likely story! Your paperwork says ‘support caster’,” one of the scoffed.

These guys don’t get it.

Why does everyone look down on support casters too?

“Wait, is this right? We’re supposed to really let this guy in?” one guard is heard saying to the other. They aren’t really trying to hide their words from me.

“I don’t know, this is confusing to me too. How did a human looking guy get security clearance? When I pull up his stat page I see a question mark on the race tab of my screen,” the other guard is saying back.

It does look like they have some kind of air screen inspect system up. Then a couple of other guards came over and are debating too whether or not to let me in. For now they are ignoring me while trying to inspect my stats.

Wait, how much are they able to see?

“Hmm, something is off with that guy’s stats. Why is the magic stat so high? The magic pool is unreal! That’s higher than human thresholds are allowed I thought right? Remember when we did the training on being nice to humans?” one guard whispered to the others, but whispered too loudly.

“You must be looking at the wrong stat dude,” the one said to the other while still checking me over.

“No, I’m not. I’m not some rookie,” he said back to the other.

They don’t really care if I hear I guess.

“Yeah weird huh? That magic stat is high even for elves, which he’s not. But I don’t see any elf blood in him. What’s this glitch?” the one guard leaned on what looks like an enchanted lance.

“Meh, humans all have trashy gene pools that are all mixed up. I’m surprised we don’t get an abomination every now and then,” one of the other said.

A what?

I’ll have to ask Sylvie about that.

“Hmm, maybe…could it be one of those deals where someone like has a grandmother or grandfather that’s an elf or fae but the rest is all human?” one guy guessed.

“Oh that could be it too. Nice work! That must be it,” the others agreed quickly.

Whew…I guess they aren’t too suspicious.

They are still debating or not whether to let me in though.

Then I see them raise their com to call a supervisor. They made it sound really serious and official but it was just a security check in.


“Sir, we have a 237 in progress at the gate. Can you tell us what we’re suppose to do?” the head guard said into what looks like a crystal radio piece hanging from his neck.

It took a minute for the reply.

“You guys are supposed to let him in. It’s that Shun guy, the support mage. They gave that guy an office…he works here officially now,” the crystal radio receiver bounced back.

Fuck…so tired of being called a support mage.

“What? That can’t be right. I think we heard it wrong,” one guard said.

“Sir, can you repeat that? The signal didn’t go through properly,” the guy holding the crystal radio said.

“You heard me. Let. Him. Through. Those are our orders,” the radio receiver crystal piece said.

“This is so weird boss. He’s a human though…” one of them whispered into it.

They think I can’t hear them.

But while that’s happening one of them came over to me. “Sorry about this. We’re not trying to be jerks or anything. But this hasn’t happened before. It’s confusing them a lot.”

Eventually the superior officer guy came down. “Sorry Shun. I’m so sorry! Please don’t be mad at this set of idiots!” he bowed over and over.

“Oh don’t worry about it,” I managed. “But you know I’ll have to come back to the office often. You better tell the others, so I don’t have to go through this later this week,” I sighed.

Eventually I ended up taking a long series of stairs up through the inner fortress towers up all over the place.

Seriously this is fucking annoying. The innermost tower is huge and like several hundred yards tall and wide. So I seriously spent a good half hour just getting a work out from going up and down stairs. Then I got lost several times because the place is so big.

I also got tired of hearing, “…isn’t that a human?” types of whispers when other fae saw me. And true to form a lot of them actually got scared when I was close.

“Don’t hurt us please!” some little kid fae said. He might be a noble’s kid, which would explain why he’s in here.

“Junior! That’s so rude! All humans aren’t bad,… I think…” his mother rebuked him and spanked him right in front of me.

“Please don’t mind him. Sorry, he takes after his father!” she bowed before me and ran off carrying him a bit too quickly to get away from me. It was obvious she was scared.

Eventually I got to my office.

Man that was a lot of stairs. I need a nap just from walking up all of that.

Wow, this desk is cool actually. I sat back leaning back in the chair and propped my boots on the desk.

Maybe I should take a nap.

I’m not sure what they want me to do here actually. I’m just supposed to report for duty here. And I have a private office, not an office in the mid floors or lower floors where all the others are crowded together and can see each other.

This place is so quiet and peaceful I could sleep all day. And it’s so spacious and luxurious.

In about an hour another fae girl came in the room. She’s dressed like a secretary girl with a military uniform, but this one has a mini-skirt instead. She also has nice tan long legs with good muscle tone.

“Whew, I was almost late,” I heard her mutter.

She’s walking towards me. Why is she doing that? This is my office. It must be a mistake.

I coughed to look away. I can’t get caught staring at her but she has a nice face and body. Actually all fae have hot bodies, although the women look pretty similar to each other similar to bees in a beehive.

“Shun, I’m your personal assistant and secretary Ness’ryn’dyl. I salute you on behalf of the fae realm and the Fae Royal House. I look forward to serving you and our realm!” she sounded really stiff like she’d been forced to say it or was really like one of those ‘duty or die’ overkill personalities.

“Ahh, who are you again?” I cringed. I didn’t mean to but I didn’t like this surprise. I had been wanting a no contact unless I have to policy with them; the less contact with the fae the better, so they don’t discover my other abilities and the daemon prince status.

She I think was confused by my horrified look. In turn that confused her. She restated her name and official position as my personal assistant and secretary.

“What? What is this?” I heard her muttering.

“Uh they didn’t tell me I had an assistant,” I said with a frown.

I don’t like surprises. This will complicate things.

And what will happen if Mallory or Sylvie smell some other girl on me from work? Fuck, they might accuse me of cheating, just because they have sharp sense of smell.


“Well this is how it is sir. I was surprised too. We have to deal with it. Its orders from the top,” she said apologetically.

“I can’t really use you. I’m sorry,” I said.

“What?! What the hell?! How can a human reject me? I’ve got superior genes. What the hell?!” she’s muttering stuff like this to herself. Then she’s pacing back and forth. She then stiffened a bit. And I felt something.

She…just now was doing telepathic contact with someone wasn’t she, probably to confirm what to do I think.

She won’t leave in other words.

“But I don’t need an assistant,” I insisted.

“Sir, my orders are absolute. Even if you say no, my orders are to stick to you like glue,” she said firmly and angrily.

“What? That’s a bit close…” I stammered and blushed.

“Oh wait, that sounds bad huh? But they really do want me to be your close personal assistant and be with you always. Argh…I always say embarrassing things. I’m so sorry!” she bowed and apologized while blushing.

I don’t think she means romantically. Maybe they don’t trust me and she’s a chaperone.

“But I really need my isolation. I need privacy. That’s why this won’t work. And you fae are too interconnected. I wouldn’t have any privacy. Plus, look at me, I’m a human. There’s no way, you will accept a human. You are doing this because you are forced too,” I said softly trying to be nice.

“Hmmph! We’ll see about that! I won’t fail this assignment! I never fail! I have a 100% mission pass rating! I was assigned to this job because I don’t let failures happen!” she insisted a bit hotly.

She’s…kind of hard to deal with. This girl is beautiful but has a very stiff, rigid type of thinking built in her personality.

And to prove it she walks right up to me and sits on the corner of my desk facing me.

“But really…”

“I said NO! Whatever your argument is, I was assigned personally to this job. I won’t accept a failure!” this time she practically shouted it.

She even used some kind of magic laser ray to nuke the secretary chair in front of my desk, so she had to sit as close as possible on top of my desk. The chair is…well it exploded into wooden bits. She was being forceful and ambitious to prove we had to be close literally. But she went a bit overkill.

That’s interesting…so you probably can’t even piss in this place without the fae guards knowing something is up.

Then after that we had to file an incident report when the fortress guards came into my office wondering why their ‘sensor’s picked up a magic ray going off. The incident report was similar to a city police form that an office might use for accidental weapon discharge. This fae girl had to fill it out while looking really apologetic and embarrassed.

A couple of times the guards asked if it was really her that set off the nuke ray and not me, with her covering for me.

Finally they were gone.

“Jerks…they were racial profiling! They assumed it was you because you were human,” she angrily said while pacing. She ended up complaining pacing in front of my desk as she vented.

Hmm, this girl is really hotheaded actually. Even more than any of my other team members so far.

“Well I don’t mind. Actually a lot of humans really are scum. Sorry to say it, but you have to be able to pursue the law and investigate people,” I said.

That got her mad at me in turn.

Finally we got down to business about 30 minutes later.

“So what are our orders of the day? What business do we have?” I asked.

“Oh right boss. Hang on let me check,” she said.

Then somehow she’s interfering with my personal space. She picked up a clipboard out of her own personal dimensional pocket and then came over to stand too close to me sitting on my desk corner again with her long legs seductively sticking out.

“So the research department is requesting you to do some research for them on…” she started to say but I interrupted her. She’s scrolling down the pages and going through the notes.

“Hang on sir,” she added.

“Type up an official letter to them for me. Make sure it has the appropriate letterhead for our department and status. I’d like you to firmly deny their request and with official stamps etc,” I said.

“Sir! But they are the official fae realm magic research department! How can you?!” she gaped at me.

“Just do it.”

She hesitates and looks confused. “Aren’t you worried about them you know…firing you sir?” she asked.

“Actually I was asked to work here by that scarred fae girl. I actually have my own personal projects that take up all my time. So I might prefer it if they fire me since this is kind of an obligation. My schedule is pretty full already,” I said.

The girls eyes widened a lot and suddenly she looked shocked. “Wait, what? I didn’t expect you to say that. The scarred fae girl hired you personally? What?! That can’t be. Are you lying?! How could she be interested in a …h-human.”

Now she’s getting mad.

And I’m pretty sure she almost said, ‘lowly human’ or something else similar.

I stare back at her angrily.

“If you want to be my secretary, you have to be able to side with me and believe in me as an equal. If you can’t do that you won’t be able to do the job,” I said.

“What?! You can’t fire me! I was assigned to you personally!” she hissed.

“I never said I was hiring or firing you. But if you can’t believe in your own boss and want him to prove everything to you then you aren’t fit for the job description. You can work in another department,” I replied.

“I can do this! I have a higher score on the qualifying exams more than any other secretary! I worked hard for this, even if you are a …h-human,” she hissed back, getting mad again.

I really wish she wouldn’t sit so close with her skirt riding up like that. She’s kind of thin and willowy above the waist but her legs are a big distraction. Fae girls have nice legs.

“Look this isn’t working for me. Can you just take the day off or something?” I groaned.

“Wait, no please! I’ll do anything! Please don’t make me leave! I really do want to be a good personal assistant! Please! Please give me a chance!” she begged.

Still this is a bit weird.

I think she’s doing this for the wrong reasons. Her pride is forcing her to do this.

“If you do what I ask then you can stay,” I said.

“OK good. I’ll type up the letter for you now. But I’m really confused. Why are you rejecting them? They are above us in prestige. They aren’t used to being told no. And you are the low man on the totem pole. Aren’t you worried about consequences?” she asked.

“Of course I am. But think about it. Is it really ethical to ask someone to go research and give you a free spell sets or abilities just because you are high in power and that guy walked in with different abilities than others you are usually around? And you are doing it through posturing of inequality?” I asked.

She nodded. “Actually that makes sense. It’s just that they are kind of high up and connected with the top brass.”

“But you see my point.”

“Yes, you are right. I’m worried they may protest or cause trouble though. Should I sort of soften the blow with you know brown nosing?”

“Nope. Be firm. Tell them they are ethically in the wrong too and abusing their position. And make an official carbon copy with a copy of their original request to the legislation department or whatever you guys have for that,” I said.

I think she paled a bit.


“Just do it. You are signing my name anyway not yours. So what do you have to worry about,” I said.

“That’s true.”

She pulled out a crystal and began using it to type up the letter. I was a bit fascinated to watch. The fae typewriter is a thought writing crystal that uses mana. They use it almost like a ‘printer’, but they do it on real paper. I guess paper is a clever tool to them, so they still use it for official correspondence.

“OK, I’m having a messenger come to the office to have it both letters delivered,” she confirmed.

“And both letters have a copy of their original request, labeled exhibit A for reference?” I asked.

“Oh right. Let me fix that.”

“It’s important they are in so the complaint and denial are understood in their explanations,” I reminded her.

“Actually, yeah you’re right.”

It took another five minutes but she did that too. Then the messenger brought them both out.

“What’s next on our ‘to do’ list?” I asked.

“The fortress Public Relations department wants our opinion on ways to win over more of the human population for the war effort. They also want to bring in agricultural jobbers now too, so we can have other resources mobilized when the time comes. Since you are a human, and we’ve never really had humans working with us before, they thought this was a good idea to ask you about how to win more of them over and get more adventurers to work and relocate here to this fortress,” she read the written request to me in summary.

I did notice she was translating it directly from the fae written language to the common tongue though. I think she paraphrased a few things to.

I stopped to think about it.

“Sir? We need to file a response. This one is really important and not an abuse of authority either. The fortress defense rests on winning over humans and others because fae reproduce slowly,” she said worriedly.

“OK are you ready? I’d like you to take this down. You can formulate a response with these ideas…” I sighed.

“OK I’m ready!” she gave me an aggressive overachiever smile.

This girl is all ambition I think. I don’t even know if she has emotions besides anger and ambition.

“So basically just do what you promised. Don’t break promises. Treat them equally even if they are lower pay and so on. You can also have a slightly lower tax rate than their own home grounds and funding or finance projects to help them get settled that are competitive. If they see you treat them well and accept them then they are more inclined to believe you. Also you might could try some kind of program of liberating slave relatives for adventurers committing to a 2 year contract and so on. And help with relocations too. You can’t really expect them to cross the deadly violent continent on their own to come work here do you?” I asked.

“What? That’s asking a lot sir. Do you have any idea how much mana it costs for sponsored relocations?” she bawked and looked at me like I was crazy.

“It costs less than a dead fae that would have been fighting in their place,” I told her.


“You would get a lot more people signing up with altering the relocation packages especially. The biggest obstacle would be crossing the various parts of the continent alone in the deadly wilds. You’d have a huge fatality rate in the wilds too just trying to get them here,” I noted.

“But we only do relocation costs for veteran high powered adventurers,” she insisted.

“But don’t you pay a very similar mana cost to teleport 2 people or 3 people with you on pickups compared to 1 person pickups? It’s really only a slight mana increase to stack on additional people in a teleport,” I said.

“What?! How did you know that?! Nobody knows that!” she stared at me in awe.

Hah, I’ve got her. Plus what I said was true. I’d figured this out from my soul link with Sylvie, although Sylvie isn’t fully teleport specc’ed really.

“There’s no proof on the math for that,” she said defensively to recover her position.

“Stop bull shitting me. I know this for a fact,” I said.

“What?! How?! Your file doesn’t show you possessing teleport abilities. You’re a ‘support mage’,” she spat back angrily. Again she re-crossed her legs while sitting on the edge of my desk less than two feet away in that tight mini skirt; so distracting.

“Actually I should tell you …” I stopped in midsentence.

I almost was about to risk saying I had a foxkin girlfriend. But then I worriedly stopped.

“Sir? And?” she asked.

“What’s this about my file? You guy have a file on me?” I said suspiciously.

She blushed and looked apologetic. “Well…if it makes you feel any better we have a file on everyone sir. I have one. So does the lowest guard.”

“I guess that’s true. But how do I know what’s in the file? How do I know I’m not being spied on?” I said.

“Well we’re fae sir, it’s pretty much a rumor among the other races that we spy on everyone. But we only do so to win the war with the daemons,” she said apologetically.


“Sir, um…have you seen the map?”

“What map?”

“The map of the area outside the fortress?”

“No. I’d like to.”

“OK here,” she then used the same writing printer crystal that she’d used to do letters to do a holographic image of the surrounding area of the valley outside the fortress.

I can see the white tooth fae fortress.

And surrounding it are more than a dozen smaller black tooth fortresses with similar shape but looking somewhat tainted somehow. I can also feel the mana coming out of them.

And strangely enough, the mana feels a lot like my own when I’m using daemon prince skills.

“Look, I’m sorry if we offended you, really. But we don’t have a choice. Each of those fortresses is a small daemon country almost in army resources pointed at us at any given time. The only reason we stay alive is by intelligence and spying. We have to know more about everyone, before they do it, and when they are planning to do something. That’s also why we were shocked that the military was bringing in a human support mage to work with us. Most humans just can’t take on daemons. Even us as high powered magic fae have trouble fighting a real daemon. Pound for pound they can easily kill us. We’re outmatched and outnumbered,” she explained.

This is the first fae I think that’s been totally honest with me. She’s not hiding her fear or the tone of fear in her voice. As she describes the valley around us and the enemy encampments I realized that most fae are expecting attack at any given day.


This desk job is too much.

They want me to do the impossible; help them avoid annihilation when they are outnumbered by at least 10 to 1 if not more than that. It might even be closer to 30 to 1.

“Hey is there a restaurant near here? We should have an early brunch,” she said.


“I’m so thirsty and hungry,” I accidentally said. Oops…that slipped out.

“Good, so we can talk over brunch and go over the other business items to go over,” she smiled.

I frowned.

She’s …too much…very ambitious. I’m pretty sure to her I’m more like a machine than a person, to help her achieve her goals.




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