Dreamweaver Chapter 216

Shun’s Gang…the next day

Sunghee POV

Shun didn’t give the fae girl an answer yet on putting the fae city in his dream realm.

Gosh I hope he doesn’t. Right now it’s like our own private amusement park. But if he lets others in then we’ll lose that won’t we? Or at the very least we won’t be able to go run wild like we currently do.

I have to try to convince Shun to reject that idea, even if I have to work extra hard. ♥♥♥

I think Asakura also feels like I do but she didn’t say it openly. And we can’t yet because Shun’s hearing is too good.

“Wow, this place is amazing!” I said while looking around the fortress city. This place made the dwarven citadel look cheap and poor. Everything here is built well and orderly. It almost even has a sci fi feel to it, though there aren’t any electronics here.

Shun hadn’t gotten a chance to really let us explore much before because of being obsessed with waiting until it was safe. This place has really wonderful shops and goods that are better than most of this world. Rather they still aren’t as technologically advanced as Earth, but the quality of the goods they can do is good. Plus they are good at preventing rot and decay in this fae city.

But Shun still worries about us being targeted. I can feel it by the way he walks with his hand always near his weapon and how edgy he is while biting at his lips until they are chapped.

Near me Shun is walking next to me. I keep trying to get closer to him. But as usual people are staring at us. I am trying to keep my hands off him as I’m closest to him, but it’s hard not to. I want to like plaster my body against his, but we have to fit in with the other people for now. He still doesn’t like too much PDA and keeps pushing me back.

“Not now, I need to keep my weapon hand ready,” he said just now as he kept me from rubbing against him.

“But it’s safe,” I insisted.

“No it isn’t. See that two or three thugs over there? They are watching us,” he said.

“That’s because they like how I look, not because of them wanting to attack us,” I retorted.

“We can’t be sure,” he said.

Well he’s kind of right. We can never let our guard down.

And what’s worse there are others with us now; a whole bunch of trainees that got assigned to Shun as the new leader of this small group as part of his fae promotion and receiving an official office. The trainees bother him since he doesn’t have time for them. Plus, we can’t tell if there are any frenemies in the trainee group yet, which he worries about. I can’t help but frown about it, but he’s already explained to me since this morning that we can’t do anything about it.

Shun’s name is starting to get out as someone capable. So people like to try to figure out why people with a big name are strong. In some ways adventurer names here are like brand names of businesses back home. Some blacksmith shops for example will peddle that they equip so and so the hero of the fire sword.

Whatever…there’s probably like thirty guys in this world all with a fire sword ability or title.

“Let’s check out that shop,” Shun said as he whispered to me to keep the trainees from overhearing. But they aren’t supposed to follow too close but they hope by watching him they’ll learn some secrets I guess.

“Hmm that one’s boring. It’s just farm goods,” I sniffed. “We could go back to our room…♥” I suggested in whisper.

“Not now we already did that this morning until lunch,” he said.


“We need exercise. I want to walk around. I feel cooped up,” he said.

I sighed.

“Is she glaring at us?” one guy said among the trainees.

“I think she is,” one said.

“No. I’m not glaring at you,” I said.

“Right,” he said.

“She is,” the other said.

“So where are we headed?” I asked.

“In front of the dungeon.” Shun’s response was clipped and sounded depressed.

“I don’t know if they are ready for that but it’s your call,” the half ogre sighed.

“But is that all?” I said.


“Well you used to talk to me more,” I said.

“True, but sorry I’ve been stressed out. I’m sorry,” he said.

“Yeah, tell me about it. I feel that way too. But I want to listen to you now like a good wife.”

“This romantic drivel is disgusting,” one guy said, and was going to go on but the half-ogre slapped him so hard he almost fell down and was dizzy for awhile. He’s very quiet now.

“Shun, aren’t I a good wife?” Sunghee asked.

“Yeah, don’t worry about that. And don’t worry about the others,” he said. I know he means Asakura and Fox, but the others probably think he means about having other hear our romantic talking.

“You can tell me about your problems,” I said.

He stopped for a minute while we’re walking down the street and cleared his throat nervously before resuming walking.

“Well, to be honest I feel so much pressure. Like so much pressure I feel like I could snap one of these days. That last fight here they flushed us and we were in some kind of illusion simulation where the whole town died except for only the people under me and my protection. And we barely survived. I feel like there’s no rest here, no matter what I do,” he sighed.

“They at least cleaned up the town,” the half ogre added apologetically.

“True but that’s because it was an illusion bubble we were in, not the real town and the enemy couldn’t tell that,” Shun said.

“Oh right,” half-ogre said. He’s confused and I think the others are too.

“I still don’t get how they made it look and feel so real,” I heard him mutter under his breath.

“I know. I’m sorry. Here let me make it all better,” I said. I ended up hugging Shun and giving him a kiss. This isn’t sexual energy though but like a motherly comfort. I kept hanging onto his arm after that.

Plus it’s comforting, because with a hot body like mine and huge boobs all the others won’t quit staring at me. (Well not as big as Asakura’s but I don’t have any competition besides her.) So I only feel safe when I’m holding onto Shun. If he weren’t here I’d be afraid to be around this group, though strangely the half ogre seems to respect anything that ‘belongs to Shun’.

“Just remember I’m the primary wife,” I added.

“It’s not a competition,” he said.

“Yes, it is. Believe me…”

“Don’t you want to shop for some clothes?” he suggested.

I gave him a scandalized look. “What? Less clothing is better actually.”

“No it isn’t,” he insisted.

“Well I suppose we still have to blend in,” I grumbled.

There’s a steady tramp of booted foot from the others walking with us and behind us. The days of going solo with Shun are unfortunately gone. This retinue thing was already too big when it was just us. Now with these others…what a mess.

“Any ideas how we can ditch the trainee followers?” he whispered.

“Not yet. But watch for an opportunity. The problem is they’ve been in this city longer than we have. So if we run they know the map better,” I replied.

“Oh…that’s right. Good thinking,” he admitted.

And what’s worse I still haven’t had a chance to get used to this fae prison town. Everything here is made from that blue crystalline material; I think it’s materialized hardened mana, or that’s Shun’s theory. And all of the streets, and buildings are made of it, though there are ways they can change its color to varying shades of blue to white and in between but mostly shades of light crystalline blue. It’s beautiful but strangely almost like a mix of a nightmare and reality.

Actually if I stay here forever I will be definitely sick of blue.

“That’s so wrong. Why do you get the hot girl?” some guy asked.

“That’s so unfair right?” another one said.

“I want a hot girl,” another said.

The trainees are noisy. And they stare too much. I can’t even bend over without someone trying to look down my shirt, or up my skirt. This constantly happens, but I don’t like it happening in big numbers like this or with too many people having us under their eyes. It makes me really kind of panicky, but if I hang onto Shun’s arm then I feel less panicked.

They are all leering at me again. Probably also they haven’t seen this style of a shirt shorts type garment that I’m wearing now, which are based on an Earth design of short shorts.

“Shut up. No disrespecting the boss. And nobody touches his women got it?” the half ogre guy said. He had just arrived and was now disciplining the trainees. I don’t remember his name. He’s one of the new people with us, but he’s been demoted and put under Shun. And his whole team was changed except for Shun too, with a ton of new recruits added. But somehow they are trying to be Shun’s followers. He already has too many followers with us fighting over him all the time, so this is useless.

And it makes me jealous. I want to have alone time with him now where we could maybe…I shivered.

Ugh…can’t think about that right now.

The half ogre is interesting though, because he’s following Shun like a puppy while being twice his size. He seems to regard Shun like some unstoppable figure, and looks up to him like a kid. Considering he’s a half ogre that’s really weird.

“Hey are you going to teach us those moves you did earlier?” he asked Shun.

“I can’t. It’s a very particular type of rare magic. You’ll have to find your own way. I can’t transplant magic abilities into you,” Shun said frowning.

“But that’s not fair! You have the cool moves! We only have like non-magic or bare minimum magic weapon techniques!” another protested.

“I want to be a mage; being a normal human sucks. I just have this sword and shield,” one trainee said.

“I know right,” said another trainee.

“Mages get all the high life. It’s so unfair,” another complained.

“You’re lucky you even got a shield man. What if you were in a border town with poor management and only got a pike and a dagger?” the half ogre told him.

“Does that happen?” someone asked.

“It’s not supposed to. But under human or non-fae rulers, life is cheap. The fae at least have good management though they can be selfish in other ways,” Lars said openly. He’s proud of the fae the way he said it though he’s not sugar coating it.

Also he’s not wounded anymore, so that’s good. But he does have a few new scars. Those that survived the last battle have some scars too even though it was a supposed ‘simulation’.

“So they basically just got to this town?” I whispered to Shun.

He nodded. “Since a lot of people still died in the illusion. That’s why the new troops too. So they are trying to get me to train the trainees but I don’t know how to train anyone. It’s different for soldiers and mages too. We have to reform the teams and retrain everyone before the next demon invasion wave hits the town.”

“But it was an illusion, why would they die?” I asked scratching my head.

“It can’t be helped. Their mind thought they were dying and some of them had weak minds, plus their mind made it real. So they ended up really dying. We lost about a third of the troops to it all totaled up,” the half ogre said.

“Wow, I didn’t realize it was that many,” Shun told him.

“Yeah sorry about that boss. I checked the figures this morning before I organized things for you,” the half ogre said. He handed Shun a clipboard of different notes. Apparently while Shun and I were making love this morning in our room, he’d had the half ogre be his errand boy.

Surprisingly the half ogre doesn’t seem to mind.

“Hmm, yeah it looks like you did good work. Thanks for your efforts,” Shun said to him.

The half ogre looked pleased but then they had to shut up the other newbs. He is currently acknowledging Shun as leader. But I don’t like the look in his eyes when Shun isn’t watching him. There’s still a darkness there under the surface.

“Quiet, quit yapping,” the half ogre yelled.

But that didn’t stop them. They are like little kids. After the talk of training and acquiring skills they are all greedy and want to be taught some uber skill or something.

“So we need to get stronger.”

“Teach me! Teach me!”

“I want a skill!”

“Is there a skill that will let me summon hot babes like Sunghee?” someone asked.

“Shut up dude, that’s the boss’s girl! You can’t say stuff like that,” the half ogre almost put his fist through the guy’s eye.

“If Shun is on our team we can do it,” another said.

“So he’s going to power level us? Cool!”

“So you are going to teach us to fight in the dungeons?” one of the other guys following the half-ogre spoke up.

“Shut up, it’s my turn to speak,” another said.

“Guys, you need to take turns talking so we can get through this. No more outbursts and raise your hands to talk,” Shun said tiredly.

This is a damn mess. It’s hard to keep track of all these recruits. There are like 17 of them, plus me, Shun, and the half-ogre for a total of a platoon of 20.

They still kept talking, but then the half ogre screamed at them to shut up or he’d cut their nuts out. It got really quiet then. Finally we stopped walking when we got to the trainee dungeon. It has some fae guards around it, and is one of the only places in the fae prison castle that you can see real fae walking around, according to Shun.

Now that I look at it, I see he’s right. There’s something not quite human about those guards and they are a bit too slim to be human, but their helmets are full head covered so we can’t see their faces or features. And no skin shows on the rest of their bodies and armor.

We stopped walking finally when we got to a place near the dungeon but off the street and behind a building.

“So what’s the plan?” I asked Shun.

“OK guys, this is how it’s going to work,” he finally decided to address us.

“Yes boss,” all of them are at attention now.

“So you guys suck. You need to learn the basics first. You can’t do well without the basics. So that’s what I want you to do,” Shun started.

They are all groaning. They wanted him to teach them magic.

Instead this is like boot camp.

It’s actually taking a long time but we set up an obstacle course after getting permission from some of the local fae guards. They complained that they already had an obstacle course, but Shun said this is a hell obstacle course that will make theirs look like a pre-school. And he wants changes that will promote good growth that I think are closer to what Earth’s boot camp systems will look like.

I was amazed when I saw it. He spotted a vulnerability in that the training camps for this world focus too much on ‘class ups’ and gaining a good job and not enough on survival! But for him to spot that right away on the first day assisting the fae was amazing.

But that made some unfriendly waves too. The fae don’t like non-fae suggesting new ideas. But somehow I think the friends of that scarred fae girl whispered something to make the changes happen.

And now this is where we ended up.

So we have ten of the recruits doing digging in the field and moving earth around. Then suddenly other trainees from other officers decided they liked this obstacle course with mud and battlefield obstacles better too. Within an hour three other platoons are here and people are noticing it.

They whisper and question about it at first. But then when they found out the backer is a guy on the leaderboards for top rank they changed their mind and started studying the course.

The others are doing sword slash patterns in the air to train their movements with magic, sword, or whatever their job class is going to be AFTER focusing on the survival elements first. Like this we keep going all day.

I was asked to help out, but to be frank I’m feeling a bit lazy. I called out comments from a comfortable chair, with Shun nearby also in a chair while we sip fruit drinks and eat the good of the land. It makes the men hateful and jealous but that’s how prestige works. There’s simply a reason Shun was asked to help make this place better.

Sometimes he calls them out. “Number…what’s his number?” he asked an aide with a clipboard.

“47A sir.”

“47A pick up the pace. Also when you go over the fences, you have to be fast and stay low or an archer will pick you off. Keep your shield up higher centered around your chest and head area, not your knees!” Shun called out.

Shun is watching over them with a critical eye, while me and the half ogre stand next to him. I didn’t notice when but Lars had approached Shun from the other side recently.

“So like this, we’ll put an endurance running obstacle course here. Then I want a sword practice field with training golems and permanent illusion soldiers against them here.”

“Permanent illusion soldiers? Can we do that?” the half ogre wondered.

“Actually that should be doable. But will the top people follow through is the question,” I answered.

“Didn’t the fae already put them through a basic training though?” The half ogre asked.

“Are you kidding? They rushed them through a basic two week sloppy course where everyone passes automatically. And everyone is only focusing on jobbing up instead of surviving a hell field of blood. I checked their records too after you brought them over this morning. There wasn’t enough feedback of what they were doing wrong and needed to improve on, and no one on one tutoring. In part, the officers are living the good life and get better salaries. After they get promoted to being an officer there isn’t enough follow up on having the human or other non-fae officers really working the troops hard to be battle worthy. In part this is a communication issue with the fae because of race boundaries being difficult to understand,” Shun said.

“Oh I get it now,” Lars agreed with him.

They go back and forth while I suddenly realized what was going on.

And it’s true the fae aren’t trying to be lazy or short change non-fae but the same training methods don’t work that they use because fae are a magic species and their entire physiology, habit, and biology are different, too different from humans and others like dwarves and beastmen too.

The fae were turning Shun into some kind of leader?


But I hope not. We like having free time with Shun alone without interruptions. ♥

Quest alert! Without fail I have to sabotage Shun being promoted so we get more time in the sack.

I couldn’t be sure how high they would allow him to go yet, but it’s a possibility. I would have to stomp this threat out. Maybe I can get him disqualified from leadership somehow? If he’s spending time with other grunts then there won’t be any time for his harem girls and me the primary wife. And I can’t have that.

So it’s unfortunate but I’m going to have to get Sylvie help me sabotage this mess. Sylvie and I are the only ones that can walk around in pure daylight of the fae fortress without being arrested because all the rest are somehow dark mana or dark race themed. And the fae will sense that using their detection abilities.

But Sylvie is resting right now partly due to the changes she’d done to the dream state area…and so she can be ready for problems of sudden attack there which we’ve learned are almost a guaranteed possibility.

Although I still haven’t figured out why the fae can’t or haven’t found out Shun has some dark mana? Perhaps that’s a detection blocking skill from the daemon prince ability set of skills? The scarred fae did give him that accessory to block them, but can we trust that? In a society where everyone has magic will someone see through the ruse?

I need to figure this out. This is getting out of control fast.

Later we went to the dungeon. Alone…

Shun managed to ditch the recruits by going in a dungeon portal section that was beyond their requirements. Ayumi, Asakura, and Rina were summoned while we fought in a gnoll dungeon.

A few hours later we turned in the loot.

We approached the adventurer’s guild loot department receptionist desk with bags of loot. We’re also sweaty and exhausted. But only Rina is with us now since he’d de-summoned Asakura and Ayumi before returning through the dungeon portal.

“Wow, nice piece. The kobold fur is in high demand by the weavers guild. I can offer you 2 silver a piece for them,” she offered.

“You can’t do 2 and a half?” Rina suggested.

“Nope. And if you’re agreeable the fire element coal is also a good price due to the blacksmithing guild loving this stuff. But not a lot of groups can penetrate into that floor well. I can offer you 5 silver 20 copper a piece. Is that OK?” she asked.

“We have actually a second bag for that,” Shun said. He then snapped his fingers and Rina put the second bag on the counter.

The receptionist girl’s eyes widened with greed. “Oh nice. We’re so grateful for your help!”

“What about this, I’m not familiar with this type of ore?” Shun asked her handing her a piece of something that looks like silver but isn’t. It’s a lustrous silvery white like ore I guess. We found several hunks of it on gnoll bosses that Shun had vaporized with the mana sword.

“Wow, you found palladium ore?!” she exclaimed a bit too loudly.



“Paladium ore?”

Several other employees heads all shot up at once. Near us other adventurers are stunned too. I don’t like all the sudden attention. Half the room of adventurers is listening in now and you could hear a pin drop. The room’s noisy atmosphere is completely reversed.

People want money. That’s the reason.

“Hmm what’s the deal? Is that ore special?” Rina whispered in my ear.

“I don’t know. I never learned smelting. And because goblins and orcs go for mines, I wasn’t in a hurry to join a risky venture,” I said.

Others are crowding around.

“Can we see?” I heard several ask.

We found out palladium ore is worth a lot.

We’re going to make a lot of money today. ♥ This is part of why I’d wanted to be an adventurer class. ♥ But nothing good had really happened until I met Shun. It was hell until then, which is why even without pheromone soup from Shun, I’d still follow him.

“Let’s see, how much money did we make again?” I asked.

Shun whispered in my ear so the others didn’t hear. “Nice, 12 gold in one day. This is got to be better than the ogre hunts and less dangerous. Maybe tomorrow we should go hunt for this stuff too,” he finished.


12 gold in one day; at this rate we’ll be rich!

In Earth terms…a normal joe on the street might make a few silver a day. So making this much means like 2 or 3 months of wages made in less than half a day, considering we were training people first. Plus Shun will get a stipend as a commissioned fae realm officer, plus other perks and bonuses.

“Um…several people are giving us hateful jealous looks. We need to get off the street before we get robbed,” Shun whispered to Rina and me.

But what’s going to happen with that scarred fae and her business proposition? That’s my real worry. This money we just made will just add more evidence to her and the other fae that Shun is the real deal and safety through him is unavoidable.

Tch…it’s getting harder and harder to not share him with others.

There are still a few unknowns though.

Gnolls aren’t good at mining.

So did they take the ore from dwarves or someone else down there in that dungeon? Do they have a slave troop force working the mines for them? Was it just chance they had it today or would they have more still if we raided that same dungeon level again?

The evidence seems to suggest they have a slave labor force. But if I tell Shun that I won't have as much time with him in bed.



I have to tell him. It's the right thing to do.



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