How do you kidnap a whole school of kids to another world?!!



Not A Chapter, preview and good stuff...(survey & link to cover! Finally!)

The next thing I read, I'd like to see the following elements in regards to those world settings; (2 Votes max)
Sci-Fi, can be space themes, starships, or ground action with tech environments like lasers, gunnery, shuttles, etc
18.24% 18.24% of votes
Magic themed MC or Magic world
19.5% 19.5% of votes
Urban modern twist (Dystopian urban action sprawl)
9.43% 9.43% of votes
8.18% 8.18% of votes
Medieval type world.
8.81% 8.81% of votes
Many races, but can be in conjunction with the other elements.
20.13% 20.13% of votes
Demon world; can refer to how it looks or ruled by demons with humans as a minority
10.06% 10.06% of votes
Afterlife theme; what happens after you are dead with angels vs demons
5.66% 5.66% of votes
Total: 159 vote(s)

Greetings fellow readers...

Basically I had two things to accomplish here.

#1 Here is a link to get a look at the sneak peak of my next project! See below, also there's more than one pic. One is black and white and one is half color, half B&W. You can tell me which you like more. The second one I may use for a book 2 possibly.

# 2; Also there is a survey to probe reader interest on which projects to have sequels for next. (2 votes possible for survey, please use them wisely. Feel free to comment to explain your thoughts.)

Also, as you can see I'm listed on goodreads now but I've only got two small time projects there. Well they aren't really small but just I don't have a following on goodreads like I do here. I'm not sure how to build interest outside of goodreads. Any suggestions?

Also I have links to another story on my goodread profile that you can find links to for, "Ugly" my other story.

#3; I'm also looking into thinking about getting a cover done for the android story? Any input on this and what people would like to see for it?

A note from naosu

No worries I still will have a chapter up this week. And this story is still moving. So this announcement won't harm this story or pull away from it in any way. 

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