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Kidnapped to Another World Chapter 215 Part B

Dream State Pocket Realm

Shun POV

“Hey Shun! How was work today?” Mallory winked at me and is acting cute. Her innocence look really does look innnocent. And if you didn’t know it, you would suspect her least of anyone to be a vampire girl. She’s also puffing her chest out, even though she doesn’t need to. She’s hoping I’ll jump her and start ravishing her I think.

“Good and you?” I said.

“Hey don’t forget to say hi to me too,” Asakura embraced me in a big hug. The look in her eyes is less disguised than Mallory. She makes it a point to rub her giant boobs up against me and has a look like she wants to initiate something fun.

Hmm…her hugs are wonderful.

One by one I end up embracing the others. The pheromones are already working on them. Some of them squirm relentlessly and are trying to not be obvious about scratching certain spots. But because we never know when that scarred fae girl will show up, lately I’ve had them all wearing clothes.

Not just Mallory and Asakura are present, Sunghee, Sylvie, Rina, and Ayumi.

“You look stressed out. Did something happen out there?” Sunghee said.

“He was in some kind of siege until a little while ago. I could feel it,” Sylvie said.

The others are a bit jealous of Sylvie’s ability to feel what I’m going through in the soul link.

After some chatter I calmed them down.

And they’ve also fixed things and changed the dream state again. Now the arena is looking even more like a beach resort than it was starting to look like before. There’s now an actual beach, with wave surf, sea waves, and what feels and looks like an ocean…though I’m not sure how Sylvie built it exactly. There are also beach canopy umbrellas big enough to shield two or three people from the sun. Everything is well developed. Even the pier has fishing spots built onto it!

Then behind the beach is a hotel like building.

Currently we’re on the sand.

“Whoohoo! Clothes off everyone!” Rina shouted. Suddenly they are all following her.

And the rest of them are almost instantly in various states of half nudity if not more so…particularly Ayumi.

“So whose turn is it to sit on Shun’s lap?” Ayumi said while licking her lips.

“I think it’s mine,” Asakura said looking innocent.

“The hell it is. Even if it is your turn, those torpedoes will make him forget other people need a turn,” Mallory hissed in rivalry.

“Th-that’s not my fault,” Asakura said with innocent puppy dog eyes. But I’m not looking at her eyes…

“Mallory is right, but we still have to have an organized turn system. We can’t have anarchy,” Sylvie said.

“Sylvie’s right. No anarchy, stick to the turn system,” Sunghee said right after that with her hands on her hips.

“Right, I’m for that too but whose turn is it exactly?” Asakura scratched her boob openly to tempt me subtlely.

“Uh, no I’m pretty sure it’s not yours. And I know Ayumi was last time,” Rina complained with her arms folded over her chest. Both her and Ayumi are the only two with their bikini bottoms off still but it might progress further with the others from rivalry alone. Officially they are supposed to keep the bikini bottoms on.

The others give her odd looks. (She’d hid in the back to avoid being caught until now.)

Now Sunghee is chasing Rina, who is running away giggling down the beach to avoid Sunghee who is trying to force her to wear a bikini top.

Hmm, Sunghee kept her top on unlike the others…I guess she’s worried about anarchy like Sylvie.

“This is so peaceful. It’s wonderful here,” Asakura said with energy.

“I like it too. This is so awesome,” Mallory confirmed a cheerful smug look. She’s also staring at me and giving me a sultry leer. Asakura hasn’t noticed it yet but it looks like Mallory will jump me any minute.

“I just want to live in peace like this. We have everything we need here. Wouldn’t it be fun to just hang out here everyday?” I confirmed.

“I want that too,” Asakura confirmed.

“Well I do still want to get stronger though,” Sunghee said in opposition to Asakura and glaring at her for some reason.

“But nobody can get in here right?” Mallory wondered.

“Well I wish that were true, but somehow things do find their way to these pocket dimensions. You remember what happened right Shun?” Sylvie frowned at me. Jeez Sylvie is so tall. I find myself staring at her thin frame and long legs. It’s like a beautiful giantess.

“Every day at the beach, I can live with that,” Ayumi said in her metallic voice.

I’m tempted too. But this world really is under ruin and under siege.

“Shun, you have to remember this is a war torn world and falling into ruin. If you stay here all the time we will all someday die. You have to keep on your skills even if you want to hang out here on the pocket dimension beach,” Sylvie said with a head of calm reasoning.

“You’re right…” I sighed trying to not stare at Asakura’s chest.

“I’ll do what Shun wants to do,” Asakura said. She sat next to me on one of the beach chairs but that intimidated the others more. They ended up getting closer to me too.

We can still hear the commotion of Sunghee chasing Rina down the beach now faintly, who is giggling. “No, you can’t stop me!” I heard Rina in the distance.

“Kora! You jerk! You’re trying to cheat the turn system!” I heard Sunghee.

Wow those two run fast. It’s funny to watch them running around chasing each other though.

“Those two sure are energetic huh?” Mallory said.

Then I noticed Ayumi is lightly trying to curl up and start sleeping on one of the beach lawn chairs next to us. I think something about her gene turned species makes her like soaking up the sun.

“Wow, she’s asleep already?” I said.

“Not yet…but …feel sleepy…” Ayumi yawned out.

“Well it can’t be helped. It took tons of energy for her to add her power pool to make and change this place,” Asakura said.

“Yeah we all helped, with Sylvie doing the actual shaping. We just added our mana to hers,” Mallory said.

“Wow cool,” I admitted.

You can’t tell this is a pocket realm, except for the unnatural peacefulness that seems too perfect. The other details are flawless though.

“Yeah this is like wow. It’s so different now. I can’t even tell this is a dream state anymore. If I didn’t know that I would think we’re on some deserted island,” I said.

“Yeah that’s the goal,” Sylvie said.

Our heads looked over at hers.

“Eh? Oops I wasn’t supposed to say that was I?” Syvlie blushed. “I’m so sorry!”

“I wasn’t supposed to know that?” I raised an eyebrow looking to Asakura.

“Well it was going to be a surprise,” she said.

“Well it’s still so amazing it’s like a surprise,” I said looking out over the beach.

This is a piece of heaven. If I can just stay here forever.

I don’t really need anything else. If I have this then I can just spend my nights here and my days outside will be like my day job acquiring more power to support this place.

Then next we all took our places sitting on the nice white lawn chairs. In order Sylvie is directly to my left on her chair. Then Asakura is next to me on hers, but she’s sitting on her side facing me as she stares at me non-stop because of the pheromone soup.

But Mallory and Ayumi didn’t want to be farther away from both of us so Mallory is somehow sitting at the foot of my chair staring at me in a dreamy state. And Ayumi ended up laying out a towel on the ground between Asakura and I.

Sunghee and Rina are still chasing each other on the beach. Only this time now they have reversed and Rina is chasing Sunghee to try to steal her bikini top. She almost had it for a second.

“Ehh…but how did she imagine something from Earth?” I wondered aloud looking to Asakura.

“Sylvie can see glimpses of your memories sometimes. I think that’s how she did it. Sometimes she’d ask me the names of things she’d seen and I had to describe why it was like that,” Asakura said.

So the soul link ability is getting stronger! I wonder what other stats it can give me? I’ll have to investigate this more.

“But will this be enough? I worry but, what if you suddenly one day have the desire to go back home? What happens to us then?” Mallory wondered.

“Why would I want that? I have you and the others here. This is heaven here now with you,” I coughed out. I left out the part about being with hot babes and true love too. Since the pheromones simulate true love in a way that’s true.

But sometimes we don’t always make out and have sex only. I like to enjoy the peace. Like right now…

“Hey can you keep that on for just a bit longer? I want to enjoy the moment,” I asked Mallory and Asakura who were taking off their bikini bottoms. I don’t mind staring at them. In fact normally I like staring at their tits. But sometimes I want to feel like a family and not only like sex is in control.

“Uh, OK,” Mallory winked.

Asakura is more embarrassed. “I’m sorry, if I…”

But then Asakura stiffened. “But our tops are already off right? So why not the bottoms too?”

“You didn’t do anything wrong. I just wanted to talk. And sometimes I want to make sure my brain is in control of our relationship,” I said.

“Gotcha’, I was wondering about that too sometimes,” Asakura said.

Still she is facing me, and not realizing how swollen her aureolas are.

But the peace was suddenly interrupted….

There’s a sudden tearing of energy in the sky not far from us. It’s like really bright almost like a welding torch, hurting the eyes. Then something like cloth tearing open is how the sky looks about ten feet off the ground. As the tear widens and opens up the air picks up huge wind along the beach area.

This is weird. That’s definitely irregular and not normal.

All of us suddenly are drawn to the tear. Even Rina stopped chasing Sunghee.

“Dang it. I didn’t get a chance to screw you yet. Those bastards are going to pay for interrupting us,” Mallory hissed with more venom than I’d heard in a long time in her tone.

The others agreed a bit too quickly.

“Um, get your weapons and gear up,” I ordered.

The tear continues to grow.

“Ahh man, we can’t even have a day at the beach…” Asakura complained.

“I knew this was too perfect. Something was going to happen,” Sunghee said after running up towards us.

“I’ll make them pay for invading us…whoever it isss,” Mallory said.

Ayumi’s eyes narrowed. “I’ll protect you Shun.

“What could tear the sky though? That’s probably magic right?” Asakura wondered.

A head peeks in the tear.

A huge demon’s face slips through with glowing red eyes, flames cover his head and hair especially in a wild mane with huge claws. The body looks somewhat reptilian in nature with sharp teeth and horns that are long over the head and neck as the rest of the body emerges.

“So…this is where you’ve been hiding. No matter, you won’t escape,” the growl is deep and powerful.

But then as soon as he’s pulling himself through something unexpected happened!

A blast of lightning like energy envelopes him from some attack from behind! The energy crackles for a long five seconds, paralyzing him as he’s unable to move. Then finally his body turns lifeless and begins dissolving into ash that’s blowing away with the air after the body fell on the beach. It was a huge giant body as big as a skyscraper, so that in turn makes a ton of little ash particles falling down.

“The ash touching us won’t infect us with anything will it?” Ayumi asked.

“I doubt it…” I said.

“What?” Ayumi is confused.

“I’m confused…who killed it?” Asakura asked.

“It was something on the other side of that tear,” Sylvie noted.

“Um, this is odd,” Mallory said. “Whoever did that is powerful though…I can feel the mana aura dripping through,” she snarled. She’s resumed a sort of feral pose almost, while hunched over.

Then a head pokes itself into the the tear in the sky.

“Oh hi, I guess I should have known that guy would come here. It’s not a big surprise,” a child like fairy like head is looking at us.

“She looks familiar,” I said.

“Uh she does…but from where…” Asakura wondered.

“It’s me. I changed to my battle form. That’s why I look familiar but not like before,” the fairy like being pulled through the tear and then as soon as she’s through she zipped it up like it wasn’t even there. It was bizarre seeing it, but the peace of the beach area is restored. And the violent wind effect is gone too.

“Ahh, she’s the scarred fairy right? Since her body form is different I’d almost missed that face,” Ayumi realized.

“Yes, that’s me!” she took a bow while still hovering in the area using levitation (because her wings were torn off awhile ago she uses levitation instead of wing flight.)

But this body is enlarged and doesn’t show the scars from earlier. Instead this one looks about just past four feet tall.

Sunghee and Rina are too shocked to say anything. They are very curious though. Some of my team are still getting dressed but Asakura and Mallory have forgotten their topless right now.

“So this is a battle form not a real form?” I wondered.

“That’s fascinating. I was wondering the same thing,” Asakura looked at her with a scientific eye.

The scarred fae (or fairy) gave her a bow. “Thank you for remembering me, Miss!”

“So who was that guy you killed? Demon?” Ayumi wondered with her hands on her hips.

“I see you still have this kid, and the vampire girl. I hope you are careful with them,” the scarred fairy chided me like I was naughty.

“I love them. They love me. I can’t sacrifice that, and I’m keeping them in control,” I said.

“Good enough…I suppose that will do. It’d be best if the other fae don’t find out about them though,” the scarred fairy sighed.

“Um, can I touch her?” Rina asked.

“No, and that’s rude,” Sylvie told her.

But the fairy gave her a light slap. “No way!” Then the fairy in her battle form levitated out of reach of Rina, who is trying to jump up and grab her but can’t because of her being out of reach.

Sunghee in turn is getting amusement out of Rina’s playful antics.

“Um, so basically that guy was hunting you. I’d tried to throw him off your tracks for awhile but he’s been smelling the mana pocket. He was hunting you for weeks I might add. Every time you’d go to the dream state he’d catch your scent. And because you have more minions than before and you’re more powerful the smell kept getting stronger. I’m so sorry, I couldn’t keep him away,” the fairy said.

“So how long was he hunting us?” I wondered.

“Hmm, at least a month? Beyond that, I’m not sure,” she shrugged.

“And you didn’t think to tell us? How many more like him are there?” Mallory growled.

Mallory’s comment made me stiffen. And Asakura gave me a hidden urgent look. She has something she wants to tell me in private I think.

“That’s a good question,” Ayumi said after her.

Now the girls are looking at the fairy suspiciously.

“Well…I wouldn’t have let anything happen. I was trying to not have you worry so much. Sorry,” the fairy said.

“But the question remains…this place can really never be truly safe can it?” Asakura wondered.

“Possibly, wait I don’t know. I’ll have to study that out,” Sylvie said. She appears to be in deep thought. “I really should ask my mom too. She knows more about dimension pockets than I do.”

“Let me think about that first. It might not be good for your mom to know about us,” I said.

“But Shun could just capture Sylvie’s mom right?” Rina said with a perverted look.

“There’s a limit to how many girls he can have,” Mallory hissed with a look in her eye that was dangerous.

Rina shut up after that.

“There are others like him also smelling this place too right?” I wondered.

The fairy looked down and looked guilty. “Well….uh….yeah.”

“How many?” I asked.

“Let’s just say…less than twenty?” the fairy said with a hopeful apologetic look like she was giving an excuse.

“And how many of those are a real threat?” Asakura asked after that.

“Well…less than twenty on that too,” the fairy said stiffly.

“Great, so we’re in danger all over again? This is just like the gnome village,” Asakura scowled.

“It won’t be like that. We’re more powerful than before. We have better abilities too. We can preserve our way of life and our ‘realm’ peacefully without giving up,” I said confidently.

“Shun’s right. We’ll kill whoever messes with us,” Mallory looked a bit too intense while saying.

“Probably shouldn’t say it like that in front of a fairy,” Ayumi whispered to her, and I overheard.

“Uh…right. Well uh…self defense is OK,” Mallory said while blushing.

“Self defense is OK. I agree with you. God would want you to protect your families but just to not seek killing easily. Protection is universal on many worlds in being OK,” the fairy said.

“You agree with her?” I said aloud as a thought.

“Of course. Every creature has a right to life if it’s not harming others. We only harm demons because most of them aren’t capable of a concept of cooperating to share the world with others. But if they did then we would tolerate them,” she said.

“There must be a purpose to your visit though,” I said.

“Yeah I was thinking the same thing,” Asakura said.

“Well…that’s true. But I was trying to think about how to word it right…” the fairy said.

“Uh oh, she’s going to ask you something.”

“Uh…how do I say it…” she looked really nervous.

“Uh, she’s about to ask us something difficult isn’t she?” Ayumi asked Asakura in her metallic voice.

“I think so…” Asakura cringed.

I cringed too. (Maybe Asakura’s personality is wearing off on me.)

“I’d like you to think about putting one of our cities inside your dream realm,” the fairy said.

“Wha…” I’m too stunned to think about it.

Is that even possible?

Holy SHIT! That is a major surprise. That would really turn our lives upside down too.

All of us are standing there with out mouths agape.



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