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Dreamweaver Chapter 215 Part A

I yawned.

Oh that’s right. I fell asleep from battle fatigue. When I woke up I’m in some kind of medical lab I think that looks pretty sophisticated and almost machine like from a technical world rather than from a fantasy medieval era.

It’s nice that I’m out of that battle site though. I want to sleep a bit more.

Wait a minute…I didn’t choose to go to sleep. Something had put me to sleep at the end when we were being flushed. As I look around the room it has this strange almost tech like feel of rows of tables of that crystalline stone material that’s got a blue tinge, just like everything else the fae make.

I’m…almost sure it’s some kind of mana extracted material probably mixed with sand and glass together. Their magic level is so big they could build using it for almost nothing. Or it might only be mana brought into physical reality, and not any type of illusion. That’s the one thing I’m sure of…whatever the fae build out of they build huge big cities and buildings despite being a smaller elf like build (they are shorter and slightly slimmer than elves though…but I can’t remember why I know that because they disguise themselves as humans that look too beautiful.)

Wait, why is it I know that? Did they mess with my mind?

I shook it off. Then I sat up slowly as I collected myself.

“W-where am I? What’s going on?” I stretched and got up from a bed.

“Oh sir, you’re awake! Wonderful!” a nurse hurried over. Yep, she’s fae too. I can’t see any fae parts or signs of being fae except that she looks TOO good to be really a human and that’s their tell.

“Who are you?” I said, playing along.

She gives me a long intense look over that’s well hidden. She was trying to read me like the fae do but probably thinks that I can’t tell because of the fae arrogance thing they all have.

“That’s not important. What’s important is that you’re OK. We already checked you out. You don’t have any damage. You’re free to go, but we didn’t want to wake you up,” she gave me a smile and then gestured towards the door.

“Go on, shoo,” she added.

“Uh, hold on a sec,” I said.

“No, go on.”

“Wait, what happened? I’m confused. The last time I checked the town was being like flushed away,” I said.

“Yeah about that. It’s one of the fae self defense strategies. Technically you weren’t actually flushed with real water, it was like half water see…but just you were in a massive illusion trap. Near the end the top brass put everyone that survived the flush to sleep with a huge team spell to concentrate its effectiveness and area over the whole fortress town which included both enemies and allies alike,” she said not losing her smile.

“Half water? That doesn’t make sense. Like an illusion?” I asked.

“No, not an illusion. It was pulled from etheria. That’s why it’s a half water state. But illusion isn’t even a quarter real, it’s less than 1% real but sometimes up to 10%. Oh wait, but I can’t say that. Shit, why did I say that…I should be more careful what I say…” she stopped herself.

Unconsciously she’d backed up too. It’s possible she was realizing I was influencing her with my pheromones. That’s dangerous when they realize it’s affecting them so I backed up too. Getting noticed is bad.

“But you just flushed your own town!” I said.

“The town is actually perfectly fine. That’s the beauty of it. What you guys were in was a simulation see. All of it was a simulation killing field to buffer things so that the town and nothing else gets killed see. Without realizing it everyone was put in a huge illusion to THINK they were in the real town but they actually weren’t. Even the enemies thought they were in the real thing. And the nature of the illusion cage is that there’s no real doors on it so you can’t tell there’s a way to cross over into the real town even if you see through it,” she said.

“But the simulation went twice right? There were two deluges, what was up with that?” I asked.

She nodded slowly. “Wow, you knew that? That’s odd. You’re odd actually. I’ve never heard of a human getting past the first deluge. Who are you again?” she’s suddenly very suspicious and looking at me intensely.

I changed the subject.

“So there wasn’t any deaths?” I said.

She flinched. “Well…the simulations can have deaths. We don’t like to admit it, but that’s why in the simulations someone might well…uh crap why am I telling you this? That’s classified.” She made as if too leave but I managed to smile and look friendlier.

“So…was the danger real? I’m confused,” I said.

“Unfortunately some allies did die. We’re sorry about that. But this way many more people lived than would have. The simulations aren’t perfect. But they do save lives. But when you die in a simulation your mind makes it real. That’s …well…you get it right? The salamander kin lizardmen have all been beaten and are hurting. They pretty much lost everyone they threw at us with no survivors. We made sure none of them left alive,” she added. There was a fierceness in how she related what happened to the lizardmen that reminded me not to mess with the fae.

“Wow. And …did we have many survivors?” I asked.

“Let me direct you to another staff officer for that,” she said diplomatically. She’d made a mental decision to not let me seduce any more information out of her. So I couldn’t press it. She was also making some distance between us.

I’d have to retreat.

Then she brought me over to another fellow wearing what looked like oriental robes. Still this girl looks just like the nurse, as if they are clones in face and build. Only her clothes are different.

So what’s with that? It’s another mystery. So do the fae have …mass produced human disguises? Or do the fae all look the same before becoming in their human skins?

“Hi there,” she shook my hand.

“What can you tell me about what happened? How many died? Come on tell me how this works,” I asked.

She cleared her throat but continued without showing any bad feeling. “Well …some people don’t deal with the mental shock of ‘illusion dying’ well even if they didn’t really die. So when they died in the ‘Illusion World’ enchant, their mind makes it real. But about half the soldiers survived. The townsfolk were under less stress so they had a 60% survival ratio of those that went through illusion death. And less of them went through illusion death than the soldiers so the town will be fine. If you think about it, our side lost about 4,931 which were mostly 90% soldiers while the enemy lost about 23,985 including many of their elite troops. So having non-fae does help us to survive this war. We’re sorry so many died. But if 4,931 humans died that means also that again that many soldiers still lived not counting officers and others that were pulled out early. We also have a gift for you. Unlike the others, you and your group were in no danger whatsoever because you used your special barrier spell applications. That was impressive by the way. We didn’t think any of the real people would survive the ‘illusion world’ enchant and it’s flooding. But you and two other teams did even though it was supposed to have been an IMPOSSIBLE to win scenario! Isn’t that amazing!” she said happily.

Yep, she acts just like the nurse except the uniform.

What does it mean though?

It could mean a lot of things.

And what’s this Illusion World enchant. Is it kind of like the dream realm except more illusion and less time space? It will take some time to research it.

“Walk with me soldier,” she gestured. I find myself walking with her. Then she pulls open a door and I look out. The sun is shining, and I find we’re in the real fortress and there are more people than before. That part was amazing. The streets here are definitely real full of vendors and all kinds of things.

What the hell. Stupid illusions…I thought our lives were on the line and it was so good and fueled by so many smart ass fae spell casters that we couldn’t even tell we weren’t in the real world.

Is this even real?

“This is the real fortress. For now you are free to go. But when you go back to your quarters they will give you a reward for doing so well. Don’t worry you’ll like it,” she winked back at me.


So I’m supposed to act like business is usual?

While walking back, I can hear vendors yelling things to try to get me to go over and buy their stuff on street stands.

I sighed.

Fae are strange. I don’t like that I was deceived, but it’s true that they did give us a chance to live. And they tried to maximize the survival rate and I can’t think of a better way to do that than how they did did it so I shouldn’t be upset.

Lars was right about them. They are pretty sneaky and secretive.

I find when getting back that our unit has been promoted. Lars congratulates me heartily while the others are feasting on roasted meat that smells heavily while they’re drinking. “Hey Shun! You have a package in your room for saving our asses! Nice job!”

Then he toasted me while all the room followed his lead. “And better yet, we’re all mostly alive!” someone cheered. That brought another round of cheers. Lars went off and is really happy unlike his grumpy usual self.

But right then I noticed something else. The guys that dropped dead for no wounds though really died I noticed. Their minds couldn’t handle pulling out of the illusion I guess.

Still I don’t feel like drinking. And I need to figure out this fae system. It was so real we couldn’t tell we were in some kind of illusionary system. So if it happens again, how will I tell?

There are several problems with it. If I cast or summon my harem members, will they know? It seems that they monitor the whole fortress, down to the smallest ant. So they’ll know if I summon a dark race person won’t they? But will they do anything if I summon someone mild and non-threatening too like Sunghee or Rina?

“Sir, if you could come this way? I’ve been directed to show you to your new quarters,” a young woman in an officers uniform bowed before me. Overall the military uniform she’s wearing and the others resemble something from 17th century Britain during the revolutionary war with elaborate coats with nice looking material and tri-corn hats. They are rich and stylish though, not ugly or dirty. Everything smells of a higher culture here.

Something about those fae… I need to figure them out.

Hmm, so it is a medieval era still.

Still, no guns is both good and bad. From a magician’s perspective that’s good because a magician wouldn’t want someone to be higher than they are. But from a survival against evil critters perspective no guns is harder.

“Sir? Come with me please,” she smiled again to get my attention again.

“OK, let’s go,” I said.

She marched and went down a dozen corridors and then somehow I find myself in one of the inner fortresses. In this new area of the fortress there’s more of the fake human fae all over. They are all quick to notice me because I’m a real human though. But the whole time they are trying to still blend in. They won’t really talk to me much though.

This is…wait…I think this is like on the inside.

That hits me like a ton of bricks.

What will being on the inside with the fae mean?

“Eh? Are you sure you’ve got the right place?” I asked.

“You’ve been promoted sir. They’ve also transferred you to another unit. In effect, you’ll be working with higher ups and other spell casters now. And alone sometimes too but it depends on what’s needed. They’ll expect a lot from you but don’t worry its better pay and opportunity too!” she then saluted after stopping in front of a particular door.

“Sir, please memorize this door number. This is your room. Here’s your key. No one else has access to this room or this area. Also people on the outside aren’t permitted on the inside. No exceptions. We hope you like it!” she said.

“Thank you!” I said.

Carefully I pulled out the key. Keys like this are interesting and I’m already wondering about the technology of the fae. The key itself seems to be made out of crystal and fits against a notch in the door. I’d thought it would be a work office but I think it’s like a mix of office, work lab, and residential quarters.

As I activated the door it opens up into a huge spacious room with a luxurious huge bed with silk draperies and sheets. Around the room it looks like a mage’s workshop even with all kinds of bookshelves, a few big bulky looking trunks, art and large portrait pictures of beautiful sceneries on the walls, and though they are now empty, several desks, and a broad work area. One of the desks looks especially big while across the room one seems to be in the corner, with another one in one of the other corners over a polished marble floor.

This place is very rich looking. Even a modern person from a modern era would be impressed by it.

I find a letter on the desk addressed to me.


You are now an officer. This means you will be working with the special projects squad in trying to squash the demon advances! We don’t promote very many humans but this is a turning point! If a non-fae can become a real game piece to help us win the war then we’ll gladly help you go forward and advance yourself. Along with greater power comes greater rewards! In the big black trunk you’ll find a nice bag of gold as appreciation for your efforts. Also, we’ve made the opportunity to gift you with a few magic spell scrolls, if they are unusable you can exchange them through the head office to something more to your liking, but we did take into account that you are a protection specialization mage.

Tomorrow we will have you meet and choose a few apprentices to take in and train while showing you the ropes of your new duties.

Welcome to a life of luxury and pleasure among the fae!


Admiral Xtaphyr

P.S. Officers get cool toys.

P.S. S. Please don’t wait too long to open up the trunk marked “B”. it would be bad for you to wait too long on that. Trunk C also has a nice surprise in it. We’ve also left you a nice wizard staff made by the fae especially for your use on the main desk. This is a gift for your services and for your outstanding conduct, which carries a +10% bonus to protection specialized spells and buffs.

This isn’t good. If they make me an officer then I have to do more right? They’ll push me more and expect something out of it. So maybe this would be a good time to skip town.


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