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So I'm kind of tired of Royal Troll Road.



Getting tired of the nonsense of trolls on here. Any little douche bag with a computer thinks he can decide to try to push you for a rewrite or change in the story because he wants an a Type A personality hero that is basically no experience with adversity. Or they want to crush a rival.

Stories where the hero has everything instantly are boring! I've already explained this many times. READ the fucking synopsis! It's about an underdog that's conquering adversity coming up from behind to beat the rabbit (did no one read the rabbit versus turtle race story when they were little?) So every time I get someone that doesn't read the synopsis they then do a bad review.

Most the trash reviews on this site are people that are narcissists or other writers, or little shits that have never been told no by mom and dad so they are spoiled.

I'm kind of tired of Troll Road.

I'm going to have this taken down and my all my other stuff probably to transfer and put everything up on a separate blog site. The attitude of readers on this site is that trolls win and admins don't care.

Who knows...I'm still deciding. But I'm tired of all the little know it all shits that don't really know anything and that don't even read the chapters or the full story but think they know more than me. I kind of don't care anymore about sugar coating it. Why would the reader think they can push around the author? And every jealous little writer wannabe goes and gives shitty 1 star reviews to another rival here.

Most recent review some dumb shit thinks he's telling me I skipped a chapter between X and Y. Really? So he thinks he knows more than the guy writing it about how many chapters there are? People do this thing called time skips. Or I can jump to where the excitement is. I don't have to write in every bathroom break along the trail. I can write WHATEVER the FUCK I want.

So to give you an idea I'm looking for a free site, maybe like a blog or something... that I can upload stories and chapters like a blog site or something. I'd like recommendations. It seems like people do multiple authors and stories on a blog right? I'd like something that I don't need to know programming. And I'd like recommendations below thanks.

Also to give you an idea what I'm working on too I'm trying to show a cover image for another story I'm working up. I haven't figured out how to put up an image on here for the cover. Maybe after I follow up with a new story location I'll put that up there.


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