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Just a note that if you read the synopsis, you will notice that there's a hidden partial plot item there. The plot isn't to defeat the Maoh like other stories. Part of the focus is just normally being an adventurer and some of the things will have to do with adventuring missions. People had been picking at this in the previous chapter, like two chapters ago. This is all in the synopsis. 

The plot is to help humans avoid extinction in this world. 

KIDNAPPED to Another World & Survive! And win, when humans are losing.

I don't have to have it be just like every other kill the Maoh story and I don't want it to be like that because that would be predictable. 

Thank you for your understanding. 

Dreamweaver Chapter 213




Naman POV, a grunt in Lars team



“So what now?” Lars threw up his hands.

The beautifully massive fire drakes and their spell caster and two other warrior riders are still out there. We’re lucky that not all of their force is there. But since we’ve been trying to wait it out eventually the enemy force has realized that we are a threat and they can’t ignore the island bubble of a caster’s barrier in their advance. So within the last hour two elite class fire drakes and riders landed right in front of us. And per Lars, these elite class fire drakes are a step up above the normal fire drakes.

So there’s going to be frontal collision between us and them. And it all hangs on this guy that we don’t even know, and who has no obligation to protect us.

Not to mention, we don’t know if any fae are still alive. We have seen in the last hour that at least one squad of their mage scouts was dispatched cruelly to hell by the enemy in front of us. We saw first hand, that even though the fire drakes are a lesser dragon, their fire breath attack is nothing to scoff at.

“This looks bad. They will eventually cancel out that barrier spell,” Detector said.

“No they won’t,” Shun said.

“You sound pretty confident,” I said looking to Shun.

“How do you know that?” Detector shot back while pacing around.

He ignored us? I wonder why?

Shun is still pouring mana out to reinforce the barrier so thick that the team can see a visible light blue energy thread and field going from his hands to the bubble. When the magic is this powerful, even us non-mages can see the mana leaving his hands in cloud like trails as it enters the barrier.

At the same time the enemy caster’s red fire flavored mana ray is still burying itself in the barrier. The red ray continued to intensify. The fire drakes concentrated their fire with it but the barrier held.

“Shit, this is bad. We’re like this sinking island in an ocean. And more of those freaky hell hounds are hanging out like just beyond shooting range,” one of the men said.

“That’s because they’re smart. They’re trained to be at the limit of crossbow range but are waiting for the signal to move in,” someone else said.

“I don’t like it either,” Lars said.

“That enemy spell caster has to be dealt with,” Detector said.

“So he’s the boss right? He’s in charge of those elite drakes?” I asked.

“Yeah pretty much. Fine, I’ll take care of it,” Shun said.

“What?!” Lars and Detector said at the same time.

“You heard me.”

“Wait, are you going to let him do that? We can’t let him leave, we all are alive because of this bubble sphere thingy,” I said speaking up finally. “Bubble dies we die. If this weirdo spell caster kid dies then the bubble dies.”

“But wait, you can’t. You’re our only chance to live!” one of the men said. I think his name is Durza. Our squad changed recently so some of the new guys I haven’t bothered to learn their names until I know they are the type that won’t die in the first battle.

“Durza is right. If you get hurt, we won’t even have a barrier,” another guy said.

“Yeah but when a second spell caster arrives then its game over. Two of them combining together to cancel my barrier would be hard even for me to fight back against,” Shun said.

“Ahh, that’s true too,” Detector said.

“How do you know?” Lars asked. He’s looking at Detector currently.

“I don’t know. It looks pretty iffy…The power level on that lizard spell caster is pretty high,” Detector said.

The men are silent while thinking about things.

“The fire drakes, can they breathe fire like normal dragons?” Durza asked.

“Duh, haven’t you been watching?” I asked.

“I meant is it as hot and deadly? Maybe it’s not so bad…” Durza has a mad look in his eyes. He’s clearly got something wrong with his logic.

“That’s a good question,” someone said.

“No, that’s a stupid question. Fire hurts. Period,” I silenced them.

“Shit. That sounds bad…” someone said.

“I’m going out there,” Shun said.

“Nobody is going to stop him?” I said.

Then Lars’ fist clenched around my neck to stop any mutinies. He somehow has decided to side with that Shun brat. But I can tell he doesn’t like it still.

“Dam n it,” Lars swore.

The men tried to restrain him but Shun had already made a move.

“Where’d he go?” they said.

“Oh my gosh, he casted dimension door through a barrier spell!” Detector cried out.

“So?” Lars said.

“That’s not supposed to be possible!” Detector shot back.

“What? He cheated then?” Lars is confused.

“Yep that’s a cheat for sure,” Detector said.

“At least we won’t die though,” I said kissing the barrier’s goodness and bounty in protecting us. Some would call it heresy but this is just desperate to be alive.

We then saw a blur of an image when one of the fire drakes collapsed.

“What the hell just happened?” Durza said.

“Life tapped the fire drake didn’t he? I’ve seen others do that,” Lars said.

“Yep,” Detector agreed.

“What the hell is that?!” Lars cried.

“I’m not so sure,” I disagreed.

“Um, wait a minute. You might be right. I don’t know what that was but it didn’t look like life tap,” Detector suddenly changed his mind.

It did happen pretty fast but isn’t he supposed to be able to identify this stuff? That’s his specialty…

A strange figure about nine feet tall had appeared next to Shun with for ears. She’d grabbed the rider that was standing at the edge of the building and lifted him easily, throwing him off the roof.

Shun continued to move after the fire drake collapsed. Detector then realized and explained to us that it was a two stroke ambush at the same time with that 9 foot tall creature hitting it the same time as a life tap spell. The rider of the fallen drake rushed him, but suddenly went flying back dozens of feet as it shrieked. Then the sickly bone crunching thud as it hit the ground.

After that it didn’t get up.

“I-is that a foxkin?” Durza said in shock.

“Um…feral foxkin,” Detector noted.

“Feral is bad. I remember reading about them,” I said.

But nobody listens to me. I have no street cred yet with these guys.

“How the hell do you know what a foxkin is?” Lars said.

“Well they make good dancers at the bars. Anyone who goes to strip bars can identify a hot looking foxkin. A lot of them got bought by bars and clubs specially for rich men because they have such good figures and flawless skin and alluring faces,” Durza said. He seems to be delusionally thinking about something shady at this point...

“Guess he’s got a point,” Lars admitted.

“Well the main thing is, aren’t foxkin playing for the other team? How do we know she’s on our side?” I said.

“It’s true that the daemon forces have a few foxkin working for them. But not all of them side with the anti-human alliance,” Detector side.

“Why did that happen anyway? They should all be on our side?” Lars grumbled.

“The Church of Gaia’s fault. When their scandal about stealing demi-human women for sex slaves was found out, a lot of foxkin ended up on the other side by default. They were victims of both sides when later it was found that both sides were doing shady stuff just like the Church of Gaia. It turns out tons of people target foxkin for sex slaves,” Detector said.

So that’s it…I’d heard stories but until he described it just now I’d had no idea.

“But she is a feral right?” Lars wondered. He seems unsure what to make of this.

“Wait let’s not be hasty. She IS protecting Shun. So she might not be on our side but she’s definitely not our enemy. At least not now?” Detector said it while standing there confused.

We continued to watch an exchange of blows that lasted for a long time with magic shielding and renewing of magic shielding on Shun and the foxkin girl while they fought and avoided the fire drakes and their riders. Sometimes Shun couldn’t move fast enough and the foxkin girl would use some speed burst magic to scoop him and herself out of fire breath danger or other claw swipes. It was beautiful to watch, but if we were to step out there we wouldn’t last even a second.

“I can’t believe this. I want to fight too. But I can’t because I’m not even in their class! This freaking sucks!” Lars said with huge anguish. “Instead I have to watch my men die!” he added.

The exchange of fighting continues to play out.

“That was a mana tap that he did just now on them. Is he …I wonder…” Detector mumbled something. I want to ask more but it seems like if we’re not quiet the fight is so fragile it could tip either way with unnecessary distractions.

Maybe…just maybe…it’s amazing they are still alive.

“Race doesn’t mean evil necessarily about foxkins,” Lars said suddenly.

Oops. Him saying that is a sensitive issue since he’s a half ogre. It’s made it awkward for us to comment.

“For now don’t aggravate her. She’s obviously strong by the way she moves and I don’t want us to have too many things to worry about right now,” Lars added.

Then they were shocked when the nine foot tall foxkin then shot a lightning bolt into spell caster lizard man. And she did it while moving too. I don’t know too many spellcasters but it seems that if they can cast while on the run that’s rare. It’s not impossible to run while casting but only really good spellcasters can do it.

Somehow we’re watching something really amazing.

“I didn’t think a human could keep up with demi-humans superior strength,” Durza said.

“What?! Of course humans can keep up! We’re superior!” I said.

The others laughed.

“I don’t know if you realized it, but humans will be extinct soon. Everyone is stronger than humans,” Lars told me harshly.

“What? That’s…th-that’s not true!” I cried out.

“Unfortunately it is. Didn’t you know that’s the hidden principle behind the Magenta Report?” Detector said.

“Eh?...What’s that? I may have heard that somewhere?” I scratched my head.

“The Magenta Report is one of the only things accurate that the Church of Gaia does every year. Every year at year end they release a world wide report of how many cities were snuffed out by demons every year,” Detector explained.

“You should know what the Magenta Report is dude…it’s like the official declaration to the world,” Lars rebuked me.

“Yeah, everyone knows what that is,” Detector added.

They sound glum though. It sounds like for humans the Magenta Report is like reading how you are losing the war.

“By the way, it’s due to be released next week. Everyone’s worrying about it. But the one good thing it does is make human nobility less corrupt by making them stare in the face of death. They realize they have to do more whenever they see it,” Detector said.

“I don’t want to know anymore,” I said.

It sounds grim.

We continued to see the fight unfold. Not everything about it is remarkable because it’s slow. It’s mostly like….block block evade, evade, foxkin quick team teleport, occasionally a slash from home team against team baddies. Then repeat.

But then we just saw the foxkin slash a fire drakes claw off at the wrist with some type of magic cutter move. The drake screamed and then was rolling around in panic to try to get away. In the process it smothered its rider by accidentally rolling on top of him! He didn’t even get a full scream out before his life was crushed!

But then the death blow she’d intended to finish it off was blocked. And Shun had another narrow escape too because fire salamanders move slightly faster than humans. The enemy caster tried to fry him with another big mega fire bolt. He got away with some magic and evade combo that was a blur to me.

“He mixed a magic canceller move to stop the bolt. Nice!” Detector said.

“That was scary,” Durza said.

Then he tried to return fire with some weird shiny magic missiles.

Some of us groaned. “Shit, the fire salamander blocked it,” Detector said. He’s shaking his head.

“That might be the point though. He’s got his magic cancellation ray stopped. So she got what she wanted. He had to use all his willpower to stop the bolt from frying his ass,” Lars said.

“Ohhh,” Detector was shocked.

The figures kept fighting in the distance.

“Oh shit, here come more fire drakes,” Durza said. He pointed to something in the distance converging on this spot.

“How far out are they?” Lars asked.

“Maybe two minutes tops,” Detector said.

The foxkin was destructive with a vengeance.

The next fire drake over then took in a big gulp of air. Then exhaled a gout of fire breath that resembles hell manifested with streaks of heat so fierce we can see evaporation in the air like when you look in the distance in a desert. But this was more intense than that. It might be a special finishing move, or a trump card that the other fire drake had saved for near the end. But then it couldn’t wait any longer and decided to bake the whole area by swirling the fire breath in a fanning wide beam pattern.

But when the flames were about to hit them they suddenly were deflected before they could even get to the target.

What the heck just happened?!

“EH? Dimension door is that badass?! I never would have guessed that defensive spells trump offense so easily!” Detector exclaimed in awe.

Dimension what?!

It took me a minute to comprehend this. Lars later told me dimension door is a mage escape…usually. He didn’t know some people could use it for offense since most use it to run away.

Then we saw three full arrays of magic missiles blast the fire drake in the head from Shun while the enemy was trying to figure out where he and the foxkin landed.

“I think he stunned it! Sweet! I didn’t know you can stun with magic missiles!” Detector is excited again.

“Stun with a weak ass magic missile? How?” Lars is baffled.

It must have to be pretty hot and powerful to do that right?

They ignored me when I asked that.

Then there was another trump card move done by Shun we hadn’t predicted.

Somehow Shun when casting the dimension door had instead of basing it next to himself to walk through had put it next and in front of the fire drake’s mouth right before its flame breath attack went off! The other fire drake collapsed into flames and death as suddenly it’s engulfed in flames where the other end of the door had opened up above it. In effect, he’d used it to divert fire drake A’s attack right into fire drake B’s head!

“Oh my gosh…” Detector is stunned.

“That’s genius!” Lars exclaimed.

“That is pretty good. And the other fire drake will need a few minutes to refill its gas bladder before it can use its next flame attack. He might just make it,” Detector added.

Then the huge skinny foxkin girl then threw the next fire salamander kin rider off the roof for a second comeback move. We heard it screaming as it hit the ground from five stories up. Then its neck and back are shattered plus its brains are on the hard rubble strewn street.

“Jeez who the hell is that with him?! She’s strong,” Durza said.

“I told you it’s a foxkin,” Lars said.

“Duh, we talked about that already,” I said.

“Foxkin aren’t supposed to be that strong, or that tall,” Durza said.

“She’s strong as hell,” another guy said.

“Are you sure he’s a support class? This is seriously fucked up,” Detector said to Lars.

“His paperwork does say support class,” came the reply.

The enemy fire salamander kin was then put under a pincer maneuver with the foxkin girl on one side and Shun on the other.

“Why did they do that instead of both concentrating fire on the front?” Detector asked.

“Some mages have a weak rear shield. They divide his attention too and can distract him from seeing everything going on at once too. This is a good tactic for them to try,” Lars said. “They didn’t teach you that in sensor school did they?” he added.

The fire salamander kin countered Shun’s offensive spell. He’s somehow keeping up and not a push over himself. His offensive spells are scary fierce and look like they’ll obliterate this Shun guy but somehow his defensive spells somehow hold, though I don’t know how.

Then Sylvie hit him from behind with magic missiles. The magic shield of the enemy held up under the hit, but was damaged. It forces the enemy caster to adjust himself and his strategy. He whirled and boosted the energy in his shield while at the same time releasing his own magic missile barrage.

“Wow, he can double cast,” Lars exclaimed.

“This is still a fragile situation. If they even get a minor blow from those drakes it’ll be the end of them from the knockback of a huge creature pushing them down,” Durza warned.

And he’s right, so I’m worried.

“Come on…stay alive…” I heared him mutter under his breath right after that.

“What’s keeping the hell hounds back?” I wondered.

“The fire drakes have a minor dragon fear. But because they are a lesser dragon it mostly affects animals. But see how they are watching near the edge of the perimeter? If they slay the fire drakes then we’ll have to worry about two hundred hellhounds all coming at them at once. And if they die the barrier fails,” Detector said.

So that explains it. I had wondered why the hellhounds weren’t also helping. They are still killing all over the fortress but won’t come near the fire drakes even though they are the same team.

“Hmm I think I get it. He’s able to reinforce his magic shield but the second spell can’t be offensive it seems. See, he just reinforced the skill again. He’s somehow doing two magic shields at once over each of them. That’s why they aren’t burned,” Detector said revealing another stunning genius move by our benefactor.

Even as they are saying it, the enemy caster did in fact renew his shield too. So the enemy has magic shielding but not two layers of it. And at nearly the same time he shot back at the foxkin girl as they continued battling.

Two fire drakes down, with one of them dead and one disabled which fled. But there’s still one and the major enemy spell caster who isn’t too shabby either.

“Jeez, if he can do that he will be hard to kill!” Durza exclaimed.

The fight continued with both of them shooting back and forth on both sides. It feels like they will go forever like this. They got lucky that the incoming fire drake platoon from another area was diverted by a fae ambush mage team. But soon another enemy group will come and it will be game over. Shun at times stopped to renew the shielding on both himself and the tall foxkin girl. He’s very protective of her and somehow can cast his spells quite fast though he doesn’t double cast like the salamander kin.

“There’s no way they will be able to fight another enemy team and this one combined. I think they are at their limit. They might die. See the foxkin girl is tiring out,” Lars observed.


The foxkin girl bounds left and right trying to use rubble for cover whenever she can but the enemy caster’s skills are too good. In the end she’d have died several time over without Shun’s shield magic skills.

The foxgirl then shot another lightning bolt. It blasted the fire salamander’s magic shield wide open. He even realed back and forth like a drunk, barely staying on his feet after getting pushed back. His clawed feet left scratch streaks in the turf where was he was standing on the roof too. Then he somehow renewed his focus on his shielding, temporarily unable to fire back.

Shun uses that as an opening and then weakened his shield from the other side.

But then another target showed up.

“Oh man, a second fire salamander caster just arrived solo! They are finished! The fire salamander casters are too strong!” Durza wailed in despair.

“But that second caster looks wounded from another team probably,” Detector said.

We saw him approaching. He was wounded but according to Detector this guy’s magic isn’t depleted which is seriously bad.

I’m not sure but he might be right. If one fire salamander caster can take on both of them and give them trouble then I’m worried about the others that are still incoming.

The second salamander kin caster attacked Sylvie directly but she was too fast. She countered the new caster’s offensive spell using some kind of spell technique of cancellation and then ran behind a column of rubble to dodge the first caster’s strike as they tried to concentrate fire.

“Oh my gosh. They are trying to do a crossfire ambush!” one of them exclaimed.

The next few minutes passed with both the foxkin girl and Shun trying to stay alive while this time being on the defensive.

Another fire drake and rider arrived at that point too but both were killed instantly by foxkin releasing some kind of freaky volcano style half erupting mana sword burning through both enemy targets in one shot. Still, I have no idea how she could hold such a hot energy weapon without vaporizing herserlf in the process. And the energy weapon itself looked heavy and hard to hold while she slowly burned both targets to death while they are screaming, even the fire drake being a massive fire element and with some fire immunity melted under the heat of it still.

We thought it was game over but it seems that the feral foxkin girl had another trump card! Amazing!

Then the foxkin girl put it away while she’s breathing hard and sweaty like she’s just ran a marathon. It’s obvious that move took a lot out of her.

“Holy shit! What was that?!” Durza exclaimed.

“Signature move maybe?” someone asked.

“A last ditch save all maneuver hidden at the last second but probably uses a lot of power. They lost a shit ton of mana doing that. That might hurt their ability to survive,” Detector whispered.

“Jeez, he took out that whole caster and fire drake at once. But hey only two casters left right?” Lars said nervously.

“So the fire drakes are dead. But two casters remaining,” I muttered.

“I don’t like it,” Durza said.

“Hey what’s that?” Lars asked.

Detector looked up. “Huh?”


“That thing.”

“What thing?”

“It looks like a water nozzle of some kind in the middle of the sky. And its shit…that thing must be huge!” Lars said.

“Its…like before huh?” Detector said.

We remember we saw that before.

So is this round 2?

“Oh wow, that is big. The opening is like water tower sized on just the circular circumference but I can’t tell what it does?” Detector scratched his head.

“That’s…what the fuck?!”

“It doesn’t look natural. It’s obviously some kind of fae program spell they must be running but it looks off,” Detector said.

“I agree. It looks bizarre sitting there in the sky like that,” Lars said.

“Oh shit!” it just started dumping tons of water!”

“A-are we getting flushed again?” Detector said suddenly.





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