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Dreamweaver Chapter 211 Part B

Shun POV

We watched the infinite storm of water swirling around the glassy surface if the barrier spell. It was turbulent on a whole new level. The barrier didn’t allow things to get through but the force was so strong even the hard ground of the fortress was being swept away like sand outside the barrier near the edges.

“Wow, that’s amazing. I’ve never seen anything like it,” one of the soldiers with Lars said.

“Me neither. It’s like the water is such a storm that it’s like almost looking at energy,” someone said.

The half troll guy, Lars, is silent and moody next to me. He’s jealously seething while hoping I won’t take away his leadership. Yet he’s in control of himself for now.

He doesn’t realize I don’t want his platoon. The actual mystical quality and draw of magic pull at me more than wanting to control his men; I keep thinking how can I get more skills, and what skills I already have stronger.

“What is this?” someone said.

I’m silent, keeping my secrets to myself.

‘I’m just glad that I had the barrier up.’

Without the barrier spell up we’d be drowning right now.


Several thumps occur against the glass like wall of the barrier, and I can see something like draconic wings for a few seconds against the glass.

“Holy shit! What’s that?!” someone asked.

The men cried out in fear.

“Oh shit, we’re really going to die!” one said. I smell urine coming from his direction suddenly.

“Is that…” the half troll leader said but then stopped himself. He scratches his head. I heard something like muttering I think.

“What? What was it?” I asked him.

“Like I’ll tell you…” he grumbled.

But then he saw all his men are looking at him expectantly.

“F-fine. It’s some kind of lesser dragon. I don’t know which type though, since any kind of dragon sighting is rare,” he said.

“Shit, we’re going to die aren’t we!” one of the other men started bawling. “I should write a letter to my mom. If they find my body then…”

“Cut it out dude, we’re not dead yet. Jeez,” Lars squirmed giving that guy an odd look.

“This is pretty fearsome though. It’s like someone dumped a lake on those dragon things,” the guy nick named Detector said.

He’s not far from me.

We keep watching and waiting.

The water is so fast and furious that you can only see things in it when they are knocked into the barrier. Over the next half hour continuously, drowning lesser dragons of some kind and …riders I think…are also banging into the barrier. Then parts of smashed buildings collide with the barrier too.

“Wow, the water pressure was so bad that the buildings melted like sand!” another guy said.

“My gosh…how will we live?!”

There’s a constant verbal diarrhea of despair.

Yet I alone remain calm.

The half troll is calm but only to try to win over me. Inside he’s still seething.

I hope I won’t have to kill him. But if he crosses me it might come to it.

The water continued like this for a long time. The minutes ticked by but still the water pressure is so intense that there’s a forced refrigeration effect of the water vapor making the barrier and inside of the barrier chilled. Soon the men are rubbing their arms trying to keep warm.

Then they are fascinated when they see me summon people! But their eyes look like they’ll come out of their heads too at the same time.

“I didn’t know there was such thing as summoning people,” one whispered too loudly.

“What? What is that skill?!” Detector sees when I summon Mallory.

“I wish I could do that. Then I wouldn’t have to go to those brothels across town,” one jeered.

The others snickered.

I wanted to punch that guy out though. Its not like that. My people are precious to me.

“Fuck! He can summon people?! What the hell?!” another soldier is jealously leering at Mallory.

They all leer at Mallory…and her cleavage; which her shirt is mostly covering but there’s just too much draw. She’s wearing the summoned clothes that I get from the summon equipment box spell that I’d crafted.

(I like that spell. And I’m glad she didn’t show up without clothes on. That would be awkward.)

Before Mallory can say anything I put my hand over her mouth to quiet her, before she says something she shouldn’t. As a vampire, that’s a weakness she has. Without realizing she sometimes will talk about what she wants. (Afterwards I realized how dangerous that was. If my control had slipped even for a second I could have literally lost a hand.) Then I risked a mana tap from her.

I hear her mumbling trying to talk through my hand while the others stare at her.

“…doesn’t deserve a girl that hot…” someone muttered.

“How do you get to be a summoner of hot girls? I wish I had that job!” I heard another say.

“I didn’t know you could summon people?! What the hell?!”

“I thought he was just a support magic guy? What is this??”

“You’re right I saw the boss’ dossier…it says support magic. Is summoning and support magic the same thing?!” someone whispered.

It feels like…it’s strange to hear people talk about you like you are larger than life.

I quickly desummoned Mallory. It was risky bringing her out but she has such strong life force that I have to use her for mana tapping.

The others won’t stop staring at me now.

“Can you teach me how to be a summoner?” Detector whispered to me later.

“It doesn’t work that way. You either can or you can’t. Sorry,” I said.

“Come on man, how can I not want that too?” he is holding my sleeve too fiercely. He’s being way too pushy.

I stared angrily at him for a few seconds and he shrunk away. “Uh…right, sorry my bad. I won’t bother you again.” He coughed and retreated a few steps.

Over the next hour I cycled through the others, as we waited for the water level to go down from the flood.

Or …I guess its kind of like they flushed the town huh?

Sylvie was the next hour. (This attracted way too much attention. They wouldn’t shut up. Foxgirls are popular in this world for a lot of reasons and their beauty is too much for most people.)

Then Sunghee again…she can handle it and looks the most normal so it won’t attract attention.

Asakura briefly was the next hour. I’m lucky she was wearing clothes. But I had to risk using her because Ayumi looks too demonic in nature to not attract negative questions.

But Asakura attracts too much attention because of here bust. I had to stun a guy that tried to touch her. Then I had to threaten to kill two others, who couldn’t resist wanting to touch a girl with giant tits.

Hours later we finally got through it.

But then something strange happened. It happened while the water had become still and was draining. It even was still enough and clear enough to see a lot of dead bodies floating around on what looks and feels like the bottom of an ocean, (with a city inside it).

One of the men inside the barrier with us just dropped dead suddenly.

“What the fuck?!” someone said.

“What did you do to him?!” one of the other soldiers demanded.

“I don’t see any life threatening wounds on him. A few scratches maybe…how could he have died,” another said.

“This is getting weird,” another said.

The other soldiers I think are suspicious of me mostly because of the fact that they want my stuff. They probably think I’ve got magical treasures hidden in my gear somewhere to steal. People don’t distrust wizards and magic in this world; instead they covet everything they have. Everyone wishes they could do magic in this world, I remember. But if you aren’t born with it, you can’t.

“It wasn’t me. Look at him. Something odd happened. Also look, he’s only got a few scratches on him. He’s barely even bled compared to the rest of you,” I said.

“Bullshit!” another accused.

“If you object, I can let you out of my barrier. You don’t have to stay,” I said.

That shut them up.

We watched as the water level continued to decrease over the next hour. But it’s still a mess and past the top of the barrier. We can see sunlight coming down from the top of the water.

That’s an odd thing too. Sunlight coming down in a lake isn’t bad or unnatural. But in a real flood the water wouldn’t be this clear; it would be swamp mud wouldn’t it?

But then another guy dropped dead too, not long after.

“What the hell?!”

“What’s going on?!”

“No! Am I next?! I don’t want to die!” another screamed.

“What’s going on?!” Detector shook my sleeve until I was about ready to cut him down.

“Sorry, I was out of line. But what do you think is going on?!” he desperately pleaded with me.

The half ogre guy also is looking to me for answers.

“I …don’t know. But they shouldn’t have anything wrong,” I concluded.

“What about oxygen deprivation?!” Detector asked.

Shit…what a mess.

It took ten minutes of calming the rest of them to make them realize they weren’t dying of oxygen deprivation from the barrier spell. That shouldn’t happen, I’m sure of it. I’ve used the barrier spell plenty of times before. In theory the barrier would supply its own oxygen, but I hadn’t tried to prove that.

“The symptoms for oxygen deprivation are different than this. Look at them. They dropped dead while looking just fine,” I said.

“I hate to admit it but he’s right. It wasn’t oxygen deprivation,” the half ogre admitted.

“How do you know?” Detector asked.

They both looked at me.

I shrugged. “Look I’ve used barrier before like crazy and to practice with it. I’ve never had any fatalities or problems. I’ve also had a team in it and not just solo. This isn’t my fault.”

“Oxygen deprivation symptoms also would be like turning blue in the face or something. Also acting funny and fainting or with seizures,” the half ogre Lars said looking angry and sour. The look in his eyes is kind of spooky too.

“How do you know that?” Detector asked.

“Before I was converted to the light I used to choke people to death. It was kind of fun. I could do it to get high, but a human wouldn’t understand,” the half ogre said.

Neither of us wanted to talk after that.

What would you say? Nobody can even look at Lars in the eyes.

But we did note that both the guys that dropped dead were acting completely normal before they died. Well scared normal, but nothing else beyond being scared.

Still there was something odd going on out there besides the water.

As it settled we could see buildings that looked like post World War 2 Europe except flood bombed instead of fire bombed. The mud and sand is everywhere too. Around the edges of the barrier the sediment has brought the ground level three feet higher than the ground inside our barrier.

“Wait…something’s not right…” Detector suddenly said looking out.

“What?” both the half ogre guy and I said, glancing over to watch him.

“I can feel something is still out there. There’s still an enemy…a magic user I think,” he said stiffly and very scared.

“Really?” I said.

I think that guy can detect at a much longer range than I can; probably because its his specialized skill and one of his only skills. I also should train up detection huh?

I was nervous…more nervous than normal because we couldn’t see anything! We were flying blind!

“Why can’t we see him?” I asked. I began to get nervous.

“I don’t know. Stealth magic maybe? If so this is bad. If he can survive that mess we’re screwed,” he said.

“Can you beat him?” the half ogre asked me fidgeting nervously.

“I don’t know.”


The barrier suddenly shook and cracked in several places on one side. The water sloshes around a lot too but by now the water is gone in a lot of places.

“the frick?!” I exclaimed.

Barrier is NOT supposed to crack!

The explosion hitting the side was a giant lightning bolt that made even Sylvie’s lightning bolt look small by comparison. This was an intense flowering blast that wasn’t concentrated in a small area only like hers are.

“That’s bad…” Detector said.

Then we saw it.

A figure is walking over the mud somehow wearing some kind of magic users robes and carrying a black wizards staff made of coral. The guy is also some kind of fire salamander like lizardman. He’s similar to the bodies of the riders that we’d seen.

He keeps approaching, getting closer and closer.

“Brace for impact!” I cried out.

Then he shoots out another lightning bolt. The blazing intense lightning bolts flicker huge light over the whole valley, or so it seems. And he’s so supercharged that rather than a white-yellow color, his lightning is tinged an odd violet-red mixture.


The barrier shakes so intensely that our ears hurt. I felt the vibration even with my eyes.

Somehow the barrier just barely held.

The fire salamander mage continues to approach. He then speaks in some unknown language, mocking us. One after another his lightning bolts add more damage to the barrier spell, cracking it in a lot of places. Still the barrier is holding up. But there’s two big carbon scored black charred spots on the glass with the fractures.

I wanted to think its amazing barrier is this strong, that’s its still holding even while damaged.

But why heck, is it even damaging period?!!!

Wait, a minute, its never been damaged before. PERIOD!

“I-Is this going to hold up?!” another guy asked.

“I don’t know,” I said calmly considering my next move. I have to think how to avoid check mate and two moves ahead, not just one move.

“How can you not know?!” another screamed.

This annoying guy, I might just have to discipline these scared people.

“Well…I’ve never seen someone even damage the barrier before. Just who is this guy?” I looked at the fire salamander mage. He’s now about fifty paces back, lobbing lightning bolts at the barrier like crazy.




Somehow we’re all on the ground diving for cover.

Will the barrier break?

It can’t take all that damage forever…


If anything the blasts are getting more intense.

“Don’t you think you’ve done enough. We won’t let you have your way with our town,” a new voice said.


That voice…wasn’t the enemy’s. It’s a newcomer. He’s not the one shooting the lightning but come to investigate the lightning bolt shooter.

Uh oh…he might get curious about my barrier ability too come to think of it.

Our heads flickered to look to the right to study this out.

And also the enemy also stopped to look at that person.

There’s a sudden intense battle of willpower.

The figure standing there almost looks like a childlike elf. But I know better. It’s not an elf. It’s something else…is this the true appearance of a fae? He’s also a bit shorter than a human too. He’s…hmm what four feet or four and a half I’m guessing? But the distance might be making me guess wrong.

He is wearing a long robe with a hood with his face peeking out, and also like the other fellow he has a wizard staff.

“I shall dispatch you immediately. Your plans to take our fortress won’t work. You’ve stayed too long and spoiled your welcome. Not only that, you have revealed yourself to us. Now there won’t be any escape for you or your kind fool,” the elf childlike fae said.

“Fool! Among the fire salamander clan, I’m second to the master Charr-Suei Fantail. Only he can best me in combat,” the fire salamander mage spat.

Then without any warning, he speed casted another bolt so fast I almost missed it. The streak was faster than the others, and probably intended for only if he met resistance.

But the fae wizard is just as good.

Immediately before it hits, an energy shield of transparent light appears in front of the fae mage. The blast hits the shield, and is completely absorbed. And it could be….it almost seems like the energy shield is strengthened by absorbing the spell. Not even a speck of damage went through.

The fae mage is standing there with a determined angry look. “You dare to try to fight me?! I won’t go easy on you.”

I can feel the ground shaking and tremoring, but can’t tell what he did. The fae mage activated something that’s shooting through the ground. Right before the fire salamander was ready to shoot off another lightning bolt it then hit.

Suddenly a huge fist of earth exploded under the earth grabbing the fire salamander violently and strangling at him from the waist down. The fire salamander is shaking violently from shock, and …I can’t be sure but I think at least one of his legs is crushed as he’s dangling up high in the air being crushed by that huge arm that came from the ground.

But he’s still got too much fight in him left.

“Nice try. But not good enough,” the fae wizard said.

Wizard duel?

The fire salamander kept his cool but is annoyed. He then tried to shoot lightning bolts into the earth arm that’s holding him up like a torch twenty feet up in the air.

(Hmm, that’s a cool trick. I’d like a spell like that but do you have to have earth element to use it?)

Then he shoots off three more lightning bolts, which also hit the shield. Then a few more hitting the earth arm but it still won’t let go of him. The ground and earth of it seem to partly absorb some of the bolts energy.

“So you think you can beat me? Naïve aren’t you?” the fae mage said.

But just like that two more fae wizards dressed in the same get up appear.

They appeared right when the fire salamander used a cancellation skill to get rid of the earth arm dispelling it. But in the process he fell like fifteen to twenty feet down to the ground making him limp more than he was.

“I felt a disturbance…” the first one said as he appeared on the left.

“I just killed two other fire salamander mages boss. You should be proud,” the one on the right said to the main original caster.

“Tch…outnumbered. Fuck this,” the fire salamander said.

“How many troops does your boss have? And strongholds? Tell us and we’ll be lenient,” the main fae mage said.

“Fuck you!” the fire salamander spat and coughed up blood. He’s not doing so well. That cough sounds like something is ruptured inside from the fall.

“If you cooperate we could spare your life. Just tell us what your boss is planning and his strengths. We can protect you if you work with us,” the main mage said.

“I’ll never talk. (throwing up blood)…you’ll never stop us. We’re stronger than we’ve ever been in all our history! So are the others!” he hissed.

Then he activated some kind of escape skill, leaving a billowing black cloud of smoke. Within seconds both him and the cloud of smoke are gone.

“What does he mean by others?” the second mage assistant asked.

“I don’t like the sound of that,” the first assistant said.

The main guy gestured over to us. “Before you say too much, we should deal with them first.”

Then the three fae mages turned to us.

“Tch…they have seen us. Not good boss,” the first said to the main guy.

The second gives us an odd look. Of the three she’s the only female. “Well, I guess we’ll have to erase their memories huh? Sorry about that,” she said.

She then waved a wand in front of us.

I suddenly felt like I’m getting sleepy.

Fae mages…powerful…have to resist though…

And that Detector guy…probably…trouble…too curious…

Come on…don’t go to…sleep now…urp….


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